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Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Aspirants J&K, Jammu


Electrical Engineering aspirants seek probe on standing equivalence committee decision

against AICTE norms regarding AE electrical posts

Engineering departments are specialized fields wherein engineering graduate/ diploma

professionals are hired as per the relevance. Whereas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir the
recruitment rules in PDD were altered according to the convenience of Top politicians and
bureaucrats wherein the inclusion of Electronics and communications branch in the core power
sector is one such example. Nowhere in the country electronics and communication engineers are
working in core power sector at the positions meant for core Electrical engineers. However, after
the advertising 44 no. Of AE electrical posts in 2013, Jammu and Kashmir public service
commission after due deliberations with UPSC and PDD department found this grave mistake in
recruitment processes. Thereafter, PSC Rejected the candidature of electronics and communication
engineering aspirants on the basis that the said branch in not equivalent to Electrical engineering
based on recommendation of Engineering courses governing body AICTE, UPSC and PDD. This
decision of PSC didn’t go down well with electronics and communication candidates as they
enjoyed the BLUE EYED treatment of previous governments.
Therefore the matter of expulsion of candidates vide PSC order no:- PSC/DR/AEELEC/2013 dated
20-08-2015 didn’t go down well with the E&C candidates and they approached the honorable High
court in Sachin Tickoo vs JKPSC case SWP No. 2379/2015 which was later vacated.
Thereafter JKPDD constituted a technical committee wherein a meeting was convened between
all the chief engineers and DCP power wherein a decision was taken to have a cadre of AE
ELECTRICAL (core engineers) and a separate cadre of ELECTRONICS AND IT WING. Now in
2019 after the advertisement of 58 no. Of posts of AE ELECTRICAL (core branch), ENC
candidates have been manipulating the decision of their ousting and thereby creating the
atmosphere of injustice. It is pertinent to mention here that PDD as per technical committee have
decided to make a SEPARATE WING for E&C and IT wing on the pattern of power giants like
POWER GRID, NHPC, Punjab power etc.

Given the above facts, rather than demanding for the posts of AE Electronics from PDD, the
Electronics and communication candidates are trying to sneak into AE ELECTRICAL posts based
on their past blue eyed treatment. But when their irrational and arbitrary demands were turned
down by PSC & PDD the Electronics and communication candidates influenced the HIGHER

The equivalence committee has commissioner secretaries as the members of the high powered
committee, but an arbitrary decision was taken by the junior officers of the rank of undersecretary,
department secretary, additional and special secretaries wherein without consulting AICTE the
decision was made to allow E&C CANDIDATES. The minutes of meeting of the
EQUIVALENCE COMMITTEE clearly show that not even a single commissioner secretary was
present in the meeting decision was made to favor electronics and communication candidates.
REPORT(PDD), AICTE GUIDELINES, the commissioner secretary higher education withheld
this decision.

Now given the current circumstances, a hoax has been created by E&C candidates
alleging injustice but in actual AE electrical posts are meant for electrical and equivalent branches.
E&C being different branch is eligible for the post of AE ELECTRONICS (Electrical Engineering
being in eligible for this). The way forward is to streamline the recruitment rules so that the
efficiency and performance of PDD is upheld.