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SCHOOL YEAR 2019-2020



1. “CLEAN YOURSELF, To enhance the 1. Gardening at the 1. Will help the
CLEAN THE SOCIETY” awareness to lifestyle side of the classroom, students to be aware
(Physical Education & and environmental cleanliness of of surroundings & with
Health 1st Quarter) health issues surroundings, with the the help of
help of cleaning maintaining the
physical fitness of the surroundings will also
student is enhance by enhance the physical
cleaning and having fitness of the students
a garden. with the awareness of
having a clean and
beautiful environment
II. “Dance for your To be able to 1. Showcase the 1. To promote lifestyle
fitness” FESTIVAL OF demonstrate the talents in dancing and weight
DANCE understanding of the using different types management through
(2ND AND 3RD QUARTER) classical music and of classical music as dance and
promote an integration. understanding
students/community classical music which
fitness through will help the students
dancing. to become aware of
their current fitness.
III. “I’ll be your Hero” To demonstrate 1. Individual & dual 1. To help students be
(P.E and Health) understanding of sports aware of the actual
Injury prevention lifestyle and weight 2. First aid as simulate risk of misplays and to
safety and first aid management to at the game proper. help student to react
with the active promote community 3. Role playing for the in an actual
recreational activities fitness and simulation of actual accidents that may
(individual & dual understanding of the scenario about occur during the
sports) concepts & principles different types of activities.
of safety education in injury and how to
the prevention of react.
intentional injuries.

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