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Foods that fight arthritis pain

Millions might reduce joint pain by adding or eliminating specific foods.

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ITHRjTIS IS THE umbrclla word oroduction and accumulation of
- .or rheumatoid anhritis, osteo. inflammatory chcmicals in joints.
llanhnds anci orhcr oippling concii- - Villains that trigger inflammation
esPeciallY corn
tionr thal plape 37 millionAmericans" arc omcgaf fats
Pain is thc main symptom, alongwith
oil, rcgular sa{Ildtrcr aod sunflowcr
swollen, stiff and sometimes disfig- oil, ptus producls oade with those
urcd joinrs. Common medical rreat. oils and saturaicd animal fat in
ments arc drugs and joinr rcplacc-
dairy products and mcal'
ments. But what you eat also can r viagrrrul mE u]tll- Norwegian
make a big difference. rescarch found that witching to n vcg'
eurian diet (also cxcluding milk and
cggs) lcsscncd anhritis Pain and
nhrffioid arthritis oifr'ci symptoms in fl) pcrccnt of sub'
In this autoimmunc diseasc, the body iccts. IGsiarchen credit eliminating
attacks itself, inflaming joints. It mcat fat, brrt also suspecl fruits and
slrikcs more women than mcn. vccetables havc undefined benefits
r Rsll ott nEJEE lt's kcy to knov that r ircesEcnEts' Ukewise, spiccs such
rcme fats promote inflammation as turmerig cloves and ginger have
and others cool it down. The best oroven anti-infl ammatory activily
anti-inflamrnatory fat is fish oil, also banish research founcl that dailY
knowrr as omcga-3 fat. lt dccidcdly cooking,with frcsh ginger root (about
dcprerscs thc production of a highly I teaspoon choPPed) or ealing Pow'
inflammatory agent, rcsearch shows. dcred gingcr (lcss than I teaspoon rt
Morcover, l0 well-conduaed studies day) helps relieve symproms in some
find that consuming fish oil helps aoolc. Bc cautious if you arc on antt'
relicve rheumatoid arthritis, s:ys baiutanu: Gingcr thins the blood'
Joel Kremer. head of rheumanlogr r A nlu ilnU 0rl0 olltitl. Eating
at Albany Mcdical College in New rhc wrong fmds ovcr time could tri{'
York. In a rcccnt Bclgian rtudy, r
gcr dclaYed and chronrc allergtc
about half of a group of rhcumatoid rcaaion, Prwoking arthritis sYmP-

anhrids paticnts,ta&ing fish oil wcrc toms, Somc saY the chances arc no
ablc to cut thcir doscs of paintillcrs. morc than 5 perccnt. But a l99l Brit'
t eating fish also can stillc bh sludy found sPecific foods Pro-
ir,. -.nmation. Swiss invcstigators vokcd inhritic iYmPtoms in morc
measured cellular changcs and con- than half of a group of patients. lr{osl
cluded that four to sh meals of fish oornon arlprits: dairy Productt' com
each wcck equalcd thc bcnefits of and whcat. Rcscarchers have induced
r 0O E,g hrt to s& lbl meaBa reelq r 4UOC|II|! fltd othttnlJ8&nal signs of inllammation by simply feed'
thcrapcutic dors of fish oil.
elpedally s6lmon, saniln€s, mad@r01. $pphmfiAtc u$d h 0u btst soll€r ini padcnrs srilh and some Patients
A daily dose of 3,$0-5,000 milli- albscol€ n na aod h€ttln8. Eat hG ot Iheffiut$ &rc. Rcs.ldt $m ttsY
grams of omega-3's (about 10.17 hsvi contro[ed anhritis by avoiding
I'cggtablg ard spicsssdl as gnget 3ewtctlMt of cadlagr,ere
capsules) is generally cffective, pro-
&irv fmds. ln r 1985 lsrlrli strrdv'
Cclcrf gced eacs Sout a fo.m of symfrbrft 1.8!n
ducing noticeablc bcncfits in thrcc womcn who gavc uP milk had :r i(l
months, Kremcr finds. Studies also
arfidtF. accqdlnSto one 6QcrL I fllslluU06 'UwGc
(lomab6, eegrlsot
ncrccnt rcducrion in sYmPtoms'
r 000ttnl oliv! and catda olb" bdl pcfpt'$silt! Potlto.d atl i wrrnl E xo. This antioxidant is ;r
show you'rc not as apr to devclop thc
Suppleortfit diet ui$ flshd capsllhs. blamsd by to$p tor calrslntatfi.t'tis strong anti-in{lammatory, says Maha'
condition if you car a lot of tish.
fia'?ups.lhttds no Gs.atdl to dcv MurthY, Ph.D.' of thc Nutraceu-
Spccific vcgetablc oils (black cur- I llldD com oil, regulat safioyet and
spportllre ldca, buttierel no ham ln
rant, cvcning primrose. flaxseed, $otlourt oil; ayokl matgadnes. salad rical Ncnrork of Canada- Also. whcn
aoidlngbo lbo4 itlou itd it holglt L you consume lots of fish or fish oil'
boragc sccd) counter inflammation, drelsln83 and matonnaisca msdo lllh
but thcy arc less porent than fish oil. thGa oib. D|DP orsemtelY t€stld meat Ja nCupahanthr o/StoP Atist vou nced exra vitamin E for propcr
r olls n AU0l0, Eating good fat is not Ayoit tricat, cottt and dalty poducts if NslHrr rainMnillaPrtn irrun. functioning saY Tufts Uni-
enough; it's impcrativc also to cut too slsg€cl dl€, aggraate pur anfuits. tlv May 9I I k tc 4 USAWEEKEND. vcrsity rcscarchcrs' The daily dos-
down on "bad'fat that incites the agel 4fi) lU vitamin E.

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