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04 May 2019

Muhammad Thaha, Dean

Fakultas Teknik

Universitas Hasanuddin

Jl Poros Malino, Borongloe, GOWA, ID 92171

RE: ABET Initial Accreditation Review Visit

Dear Dean Thaha:

This letter confirms the dates of 10/23/2019 – 10/25/2019 for the upcoming EAC of ABET visit to
Hasanuddin University. The purpose of this visit is to evaluate B.Eng. in Civil Engineering and B.Eng.
in Electrical Engineering programs for initial accreditation. Please note that there have been rare
occasions when the visit dates need to be changed due to health or safety reasons. If this should
happen, ABET will work with you to make new arrangements.

Thank you for your confirmation letter regarding the ABET Team's visiting schedule to the Faculty
of Engineering, Universitas Hasanuddin for the Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering Study
Programs on 10/23/2019 to 10/25/2019. At the moment we are preparing the pick up
arrangement for the arrival of the EAC of ABET team. We are ready to work with you to make new
arrangements in case we face difficulties at that schedule.

This letter summarizes arrangements that should be completed prior to the team’s visit. We can
discuss these arrangements in more detail when we visit at the EAC Institutional Representatives’
Day in July.

We will do our best to make sure that all the arrangements completed before ABET team arrives.
Furthermore, about the visitation at the EAC Institutional Representatives’ Day in July, We are
waiting the results after the meeting.

Visit Team—We do not yet have the assignment and acceptance of all program evaluators who will
be joining me on the visit. Once we have that, I will send you a complete team roster. I understand
that you are willing to accept observers on the visit. I will inform you as observers are assigned to
the accreditation team.

We are glad to wait information of the assignment and the acceptance of all program evaluators
who will attend the visit soon.

Team Travel and Local Accommodations—The individual members of the visiting team will arrive in
Borongloe, GOWA, Indonesia, at various times from 10/21/2019 – 10/22/2019. I would appreciate if
you could suggest the airport we should fly to. I will ask each PEV to inform you of their travel plans.
Your assistance is requested for making hotel reservations for a block of rooms at a convenient hotel
for the nights of 10/21/2019 – 10/25/2019. Please confirm the housing accommodations directly
with each team member, including the actual dates they will arrive and depart. Also, please arrange
for transportation from the airport to the hotel and for any transportation required on-campus or
from the hotel to campus or restaurants. Please note that we will also need a meeting room in hotel
for team meetings on 10/23 and 10/24 (as detailed in the schedule). We would like in the meeting
room to have projection capability from our laptops.

We offer the transit preferences airport weather in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport,
Jakarta or the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. Meanwhile, we suggested you to transit in
Jakarta rather than in Bali due to there are many choices of flight’s time to Makassar.
Furthermore, you can take flight direct to Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar,
South Sulawesi.

We will arrange the travel and accommodation during your visit in Makassar City and Gowa.

Team Meeting Room—The team will require a conveniently-located conference room to use as our
team meeting room while on campus. We ask that this meeting room be equipped with four
computers with internet access (wireless access, if available, is always appreciated), one or two
printer(s), a copier, and a shredder through the duration of our visit. We would also appreciate easy
access to technical support in case computer-related problems arise.

We will provide the Meeting Room as you requested where located in Gowa Campus. The detail of
Meeting room as follows:

1. A convenient conference room at the 1st floor, the CoT Building (Center of Technology)
2. Four Computers with internet access (wireless access)
3. Two printers and a copier
4. A shredder

We will provide the technical support in case computer-related problems arise.

Visit Language—Section I.D.1.g. of the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual states that ABET
conducts all reviews in English. Please submit all documentation including the self-study reports,
transcripts, supporting documents, display materials, and correspondence in English or with an
accompanying English translation. If program faculty members, staff, and students are not
conversant in English, we ask that you provide a translator to accompany each team member during
on-campus interviews.

Regarding visit language requirements, we have prepared all documents in English. We will also
prepare translators during on-campus interviews.

Self-study Reports—Each program evaluator will need the Self-study Report, including all
appendices, for the appropriate program. I will need the same material for both the programs. In
addition, please include copies of or links to your catalogs and other appropriate institutional
publications. When observers are assigned to the team, they also will require copies of the Self-
study Report. I will communicate those needs as soon as observer assignments are confirmed.

(yg dimaksud catalog atau terbitan dari universitas yg isinya info mengenai unhas, bisa minta
dibuatkan link ke file yg berisi katalog)

We will provide the Self- Study Reports (SSR), all appendices, link and the catalogues for you, each
program evaluator and observers.
Transcripts—Transcripts from six graduates of the most recent graduating class from each program
are to be sent to the evaluator for that program. Transcripts should be generated post-graduation so
that they clearly show all courses used to satisfy the degree requirements and document degree
completion. The transcripts should begin with the letter “E” in the alphabetical listing of last (family)
name of graduates, extending through the alphabet as necessary to get six. If there are fewer than Commented [S1]: Need clarification
six graduates in any program, please send the transcripts of all graduates in the program. In addition,
please send me copies of these transcripts for each program for which you are requesting
accreditation. If desired, you may redact names and replace them with a code that would enable
team members to reference the records of an individual student. Include with the transcripts any
other information needed to demonstrate that the graduates satisfy published graduation
requirements. Documentation should provide the relevant rationale in all circumstances in which
individual transcripts vary from the published curriculum. Examples include curricular exceptions
and course substitutions, evaluation of transfer credit, and waivers of published prerequisites,
among others. Please include a copy of or links to the relevant curriculum for cases where the
curriculum followed by the student is different from that described in the self-study.

…………………………………….Mhn dilanjutkan sampai selesai (LPMPP dan Task Force Prodi lebih tahu)

We will send the six graduates transcripts as you requested.

Display Materials – Section I.E.5.b.(2) of the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual states that
evaluators will review samples of displayed course materials including course syllabi, textbooks,
example assignments and exams, and examples of student work, typically ranging from excellent
through poor. You may use these materials to demonstrate your compliance with the Engineering
Criteria and to amplify information in the Self-Study Reports. In addition to course materials, you
may wish to use display materials to demonstrate your processes and procedures related to
continuous improvement, for establishment and review of the program's educational objectives, and
meeting the Page 3 of 4 Letter to Dean Taha-04May19 requirement for a major design experience.
You may also include available material related to supporting areas of mathematics and basic
sciences, including a display of textbooks used. It is the institution's choice as to what specific
materials are presented to the team members.

We will prepare samples of displayed course materials including course syllabi, textbooks, example
assignments and exams, and examples of student work, typically ranging from excellent through
poor. We will also prepare material related to supporting areas of mathematics and basic sciences,
including a display of textbooks used.

Visit Schedule—I have enclosed a suggested schedule for the visit. Please consider this schedule to
be tentative and flexible. We can discuss in greater detail at the EAC Institutional Representatives’
Day in July. Typical components of the visit schedule are summarized below:

Facilities Tours and Display Material Review—We ask that representatives from the college and
each program be available 10/23/2019 (Day 0) afternoon to provide a brief tour of your facilities.
The duration of these tours will be determined by the individual evaluators in collaboration with
your program heads, but tours typically last only 60-90 minutes. We ask that you focus these tours
on facilities used for teaching (of undergraduate students). The program evaluators will also require
time on 10/23/2019 (Day 0) to review display materials.

College Presentation—Time is available on 10/24/2019 (Day 1) morning to permit you and other
institutional staff, whom you are free to select, to meet with the entire visiting team to discuss the
general aspects of your engineering programs, and any changes the team should be aware of since
the self-study was prepared. The presentation should be primarily concerned with those aspects
common to all the programs and the ways in which your programs have addressed the accreditation

Team Chair Meetings—As team chair, I would like to visit with the rector, vice rector-academic
affairs, and administrative representatives from the office of the registrar, admissions, assessment,
career services, finance, and other areas as needed. As much as possible, I would prefer to schedule
these interviews on 10/24/2019 (Day 1) so that 10/25/2019 (Day 2) morning remains open. I will
work with you to finalize my schedule.

Program Evaluator Meetings—Each program evaluator will need to interview department head,
faculty, students, and, as appropriate, staff in the program. As much as possible, we would prefer to
schedule these interviews on 10/24/2019 (Day 1) so that 10/25/2019 (Day 2) morning is open for
any needed follow-up visits and for teamwork time. I will ask each Program Evaluator to coordinate
their visit schedule with the program head.

Support Program Meetings—I will ask each program evaluator to interview representatives from
support departments such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and humanities
and social sciences, or facilities such as the library and computing center. Coordination of these
support program meetings may require your assistance.

Visit Luncheon—The luncheon on 10/24/2019 (Day 1) is the one time when you will be free to
entertain members of the visiting team, should you so desire. Often institutions use this luncheon to
contribute to the review in some way, e.g., by involving members of the college and/or program
Page 4 of 4 Letter to Dean Taha-04May19 advisory boards or alumni. You may also wish to invite
representatives of the supporting departments who will be meeting with our program evaluators.

Team Lunch— The mid-day meal on 10/25/2019 (Day 2) will include only the ABET team. We ask
that you please arrange to have this meal delivered to the team meeting room.

Exit Meeting—The team will provide an oral summary of the visit findings to you, Rector Dwia
Pulubuhu, and any other institutional staff you wish to include on 10/25/2019 (Day 2) afternoon.
This meeting will give you the opportunity to provide supplementary information or to correct errors
in our understanding of Hasanuddin University. We are presently scheduled for a 3:00-4:00 p.m.
meeting. Please inform me if the time for this meeting changes. Thank you for your assistance and
for attending to these visit arrangements. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or
concerns you may have. You may contact me at +1 316 993 3134 or abusmmasud@gmail.com.

We agree and support your suggestion about visit schedules and arrangement.

Abu S. M. Masud
Engineering Accreditation Commission
Chair, Hasanuddin University Evaluation Team
encl: Draft Visit Schedule
copy: Visiting Team Members
EAC Chair
EAC Editors
ABET Headquarters