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Msgr. Gutierrez Who Are the Strangers? — p.

Global Filipino Ofelia Dirige: A Life Driven by the Desire to Help Others — p. 2
Arts & Culture Virginia Ferrer: Sandali Lang — p. 9
Advocacy Rudy Liporada: Yolanda de la Torre, the singer — p. 11
July 19-25, 2019

P E R M IT NO . 2 0 3
C A9 1 9 1 0

PNP files sedition raps vs Leni, opposition, bishops by Evelyn M ac airan, Ph ilstar.c om |

Miss Vintar
Fil-Canadian theatre director M A N I L A , 7 /18 /2 019—
Police have filed sedition and
reaps prestigious awards oth er c riminal c omplaints against
V ic e President L eni R obredo,
by Walter Ang, Inquirer.net several members of th e Cath olic
T OR ON T O — Filipino Cana- c lergy, all but one of th e opposi-
dian th eater direc tor N ina L ee tion senatorial c andidates and

A q uino h as w on tw o aw ards oth er administration c ritic s for
back-to-back: the 2019 Margo th eir alleged role in mak ing and
B indh ardt and R ita D avies Cul- spreading th e six -part “ A ng T oto-
tural L eadersh ip A w ard and th e ong N arc olist” videos.
2 019 D ora M avor M oore A w ard A side from R obredo, also named

for Outstanding D irec tion. in the complaint filed with the
T h e B indh ardt-D avies A w ard D epartment of J ustic e (D OJ ) yes-
from th e T oronto A rts Foundation terday afternoon w ere S enators
c elebrates c reative c ultural lead- L eila de L ima and R isa H ontive-
ersh ip in th e development of arts ros, and former senators A ntonio

and c ulture in T oronto and c omes T rillanes I V and Paolo B enigno
w ith a $ 10, 000 priz e. Nina Lee Aquino is the recipient of A q uino I V .
T h e D ora A w ard from th e T o- the 2019 Dora Mavor Moore Award for T h ey w ere among th e 3 5 respon-
Outstanding Direction. ANNE-MARIE
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dents in th e c riminal c omplaint of
sedition/inc iting to sedition, c yber

Robredo, Sotto gain approval, trust

libel, libel, estafa and h arboring
a c riminal/obstruc tion of justic e

of more Filipinos – Pulse Asia filed by the Philippine National

Polic e-Criminal I nvestigation and
Former Speaker Gloria Ma- J uly 17 . D etec tion G roup (PN P-CI D G )
capagal Arroyo remained the T h e Pulse A sia survey h eld from July 18, 1932 – July 11, 2019 represented by L t. Col. A rnold
least appreciated and trusted top J une 2 4 to 3 0 polled 1, 2 00 adult T h omas I bay.
Philippine official in her final respondents on th eir apprec ia- R espondents also inc luded
week as a public official, ac- tion and trust for th e c ountry' s By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Cath olic B ish ops’ Conferenc e
top 5 officials: President Rodrigo Publisher & Editor San Diego Asian Journal, the original of th e Ph ilippines vic e president
cording to a Pulse Asia survey
D uterte, w h o topped th e polls; and first Asian Journal in America K alook an B ish op Pablo V irgilio
Mara Cepeda, Rappler.com R obredo; S otto; th en-S peak er D avid, former CB CP president
M A N I L A , 7 /17 /2 019 – V ic e G loria M ac apagal A rroyo; and San Diego, California L ingayen-D agupan A rc h bish op
President L eni R obredo and S en- Ch ief J ustic e L uc as B ersamin. July 11, 2019 S oc rates V illegas, Cubao B ish op

ate President V ic ente S otto I I I R obredo obtained h igh er ap- H onesto Ongtioc o, retired N ova-
enjoyed th e approval and trust proval and trust ratings despite er name w as “ A delina T agudin M oore” . S h e w as th e younger sister of my lic h es B ish op T eodoro B ac ani J r.,
of more Filipinos in th e sec ond th e allegations of Peter J oemel fath er-in-law , Emeterio T agudin. I c alled h er “ A untie L ina” . S h e met and mar- D e L a S alle U niversity president
q uarter of 2 019, ac c ording to A dvinc ula – more popularly ried B en M oore, a divorc ee w h o h ad no c h ildren, w h en sh e w as in h er 5 0s. B ro. A rmin L uistro, A teneo de
th e latest Pulse A sia R esearc h , k now n as B ik oy of th e c ontrover- M anila professor and J esuit priest
I nc orporated survey h eld in late ( Continued on page 6 ) A lbert A lejo and “ running priest”
( Continued on page 4 )
J une but released on W ednesday, R obert R eyes.
“ Otso D iretso” senatorial c andi-
TV5, CBCP franchises allowed High tide or low tide? The question that won us dates former M agdalo R ep. G ary
A lejano, h uman righ ts law yer
to lapse into law the West Philippine Sea case Ch el D iok no, former solic itor
general Florin H ilbay, elec tions
by Christina Mendez, Philstar.com | c ial righ t to temporarily tak e over A simple explainer on how question: “High tide or low tide?” But wouldn’t you know it? law yer R omulo M ac alintal, c ivic
MANILA, 7/19/2019 — leader S amira G utoc and former
and operate th e stations or fac ili- the Philippines won its mari- T h at q uip drew amused laugh ter W h eth er a sc rap of land in th e
President D uterte h as allow ed ties of th e grantee in times of w ar, time case through a keen from th e audienc e and bec ame middle of th e sea sink s or stic k s Q uez on c ongressman Erin T añ ada
a measure th at w ill ex tend th e rebellion, public peril, c alamity, understanding of international part of th e Pinoy pop c ulture out of th e w ater during h igh tide I I I w ere also listed as respon-
franc h ise granted to A B C D evel- emergenc y, disaster or distur- lex ic on of th e 1990s. bec ame th e c ruc ial q uestion w h en dents.
maritime law
opment Corp., presently k now n banc e of peac e and order. S imilar Fac t is, it' s rath er tric k y to c ount our government w as seek ing Former senator M ar R ox as w as
as T V 5 N etw ork I nc ., for anoth er provisions are also inc luded in JC Gotinga, Rappler.com |MANILA, just h ow many islands c omprise international arbitration of our th e only Otso D iretso senatorial
2 5 years to lapse into law . franc h ises granted by Congress to 7/14/2019 — th e Ph ilippines – espec ially if w e dispute w ith Ch ina from 2 013 to c andidate not inc luded in th e
R epublic A c t 113 19, w h ic h oth er T V and radio stations. I n 1994 , a resplendent M iss c onsider h ow international mari- 2 016. c omplaint.
renew s for anoth er 2 5 years th e A sk ed if th e franc h ise for Philippines made it to the semifi- time law defines an “island.” And W h ile w e usually c all all land I ntegrated B ar of th e Ph ilippines
franc h ise of th e Cath olic B ish ops’ A B S -CB N w ill also be renew ed, nals of th e M iss U niverse pageant th at w as before Ch ina bec ame ag- features surrounded by w ater (I B P) inc umbent president Egon
Conferenc e of th e Ph ilippines presidential spok esman S alvador in M anila. I n th e Q & A , th e h ost gressive about c laiming some of “ islands, ” th e U nited N ations Cayosa and former president
I nc ., is also among th e measures Panelo noted th at th e ex tension of ask ed th at c andidate, Ch arlene our islands as th eirs, w h ic h w ould Convention on th e L aw of th e A bdiel D an Elijah Fajardo, as
th at lapsed into law . franc h ises granted to T V and ra- G onz ales, ex ac tly h ow many is- h ave made a beauty pageant audit S ea (U N CL OS ) sorts th em into 3 w ell as former S upreme Court
I n both franc h ises, th e Ph ilip- dio netw ork s of A B S -CB N h ave lands th ere are in th e Ph ilippines. of our arc h ipelago politic ally
pine government is given a spe- G onz ales replied w ith anoth er ( Continued on page 11 ) ( Continued on page 14 )
( Continued on page 13 ) ex plosive.

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

5 pm
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019

Ofelia Dirige: A Life Driven by the Desire

to Help Others
By Annika Kim Constantino among seven k ids and daugh ter pines in 194 5 , th ey moved bac k
of G regorio Cortez D irige and to M anila bec ause h er fath er
B orn in th e h eart of M anila, L ourdes S ilao V illa, w h o w ere h ad found a job w ith th e B ureau
Ph ilippines on J uly 14 , 194 0, both from th e same provinc e in of Customs in M anila. T h ere,
Ofelia D irige never imagined V ic toria, T arlac . B orn only a year sh e attended a sc h ool c lose to
th e immensely suc c essful c areer before th e J apanese oc c upation h er h ouse, M abini Elementary
sh e w ould h ave ah ead of h er in of th e Ph ilippines, Ofelia and h er School. At five years old, she had
S an D iego as a Co- founder and family moved from h er birth plac e th e nic k name “ bulilit” for alw ays
c urrent President of K alusugan of M anila to th e B atang-B atang being th e youngest and th e small-
+ K alak asan Center of H ealth & barrio in th e provinc e of V ic toria, est in th e c lass.
W ellness, and lec turer under th e T arlac w h en sh e w as tw o years S h e remembers a h appy c h ild-
Center for Asian Pacific Studies old to h ide from th e J apanese and h ood in M anila w ith h er moth er
at S an D iego S tate U niversity. live in safety. w ork ing as a sc h oolteac h er and
Ofelia w as th e sec ond eldest A fter th e liberation of th e Ph ilip- ( Continued on page 3 )

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July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3

California Communities
County oks funding for water DHS and DOJ Is-
to k now th eir roots and w h ere th ey

Fabric of the Fil-Am c ome from, w h ile also being an

purification program sue Third-Coun-

A meric an c itiz en.

T h is is w h y one of Ofelia’ s goals
for th e future is to h elp establish a

by Annika Kim Constantino

Filipino A meric an S tudies c onc entra- By Tracy DeFore, County of San
tion under th e Center for A sian S tud- Diego Communications Office
for reuse at th e w ater rec yc ling fac ili-
ty in S antee, w h ile th e rest is diverted try Asylum Rule
ies at S D S U . S h e is w ork ing w ith to th e City of S an D iego’ s M etro
th e S D S U Filipino A meric an fac ulty, T h e County B oard of S uper- W astew ater S ystem for treatment and W A S H I N G T ON – On J uly 16th ,
Follow Annika Kim Constantino at a joint I nterim Final R ule (I FR )
ww.asianjournalusa.com staff, and student groups to appeal to visors approved anoth er step disposal in th e oc ean.
h ave more Filipino A meric an studies W ednesday tow ard inc reasing issued by th e D epartments of J us-
c lasses, to mak e th ose c lasses per- loc al drink ing w ater supplies for T h e new program w ould c ollec t tic e and H omeland S ec urity w ill
Ofelia Dirige: A Life Driven by
manent, and to rec ruit more Filipino East County residents. w astew ater from El Cajon, S antee, publish in th e Federal R egister.
fac ulty. L ak eside, A lpine and W inter G ardens

the Desire to Help Others

W h en D r. R iz A . Oades passed and h igh ly purify it w ith state-of-th e- T h is I FR uses th e auth ority del-
aw ay in 2 009, Ofelia bec ame th e
T h e B oard, ac ting as th e B oard art tec h nology to produc e drink ing
of D irec tors for th e County S ani- q uality w ater. T h e treated w ater egated by Congress in sec tion 2 08 (b)
new president of th e K alusugan + (2 )(C) of th e I mmigration and N a-
( Continued from page 2 ) A ngeles after getting ac c epted to K alak asan Center for H ealth & W ell- tation D istric t, voted to approve w ould be blended w ith imported tionality A c t to enh anc e th e integrity
U CL A S c h ool of Public H ealth in ness. U ntil today, sh e c ontinues to be $ 2 .3 5 million for th e County’ s supplies and delivered to H elix and of th e asylum proc ess by plac ing
later a h ousew ife, and h er fa- 1968 . W h ile studying th ere, sh e the President and fulfill the origi- contribution to final program Padre D am W ater D istric t c ustomers. furth er restric tions or limitations
th er w ork ing w ith th e B ureau of w ork ed as a researc h assistant and nal mission of th e organiz ation. I t development c osts of th e East on eligibility for aliens w h o seek
Customs and later bec oming a later, a teac h ing assistant under th e c ontinues to h elp mak e th e c ommu- County Advanced Water Purifica- T h e multi-ph ase projec t is antic i- asylum in the United States. Specifi-
law yer for land reform in T arlac . N utrition D ivision. S h e graduated in nity bec ome more aw are about th eir tion Program. pated to be c ompleted in 2 02 5 and c ally, th e D epartments of J ustic e and
H er moth er w as pretty, smart, and 197 2 and rec eived h er D oc torate’ s h ealth and w ellness th rough numer- w ill provide up to 3 0% of th e East H omeland S ec urity are revising 8
talk ative. H er fath er w as k now n degree in Public H ealth N utrition and ous programs lik e nutrition seminars, County’ s drink ing w ater supply. C.F.R . § 2 08 .13 (c ) and 8 C.F.R . §
N utritional S c ienc e, w ith a minor in ph ysic al ac tivity events, w ellness T h e County’ s S anitation D istric t
to be friendly, q uiet and k ind. 12 08 .13 (c ) to add a new bar to eli-
h as w ork ed w ith th e Padre D am T h e projec t h as been in develop-
B oth of h er parents w ere very re- B eh avioral H ealth . R igh t after gradu- programs, and art/c ultural events. and H elix W ater D istric ts, and th e ment sinc e 2 014 . T h e partners say
gibility for asylum for an alien w h o
ating, sh e w as h ired as a researc h Ofelia believes th at K alusugan + enters or attempts to enter th e U nited
ligious, so sh e remembers attend- assistant under th e N utrition D ivision Kalakasan is successful in fulfill- City of El Cajon in rec ent years th e fac ility ex pansion w ill ultimately S tates ac ross th e south ern border,
ing th e K nox M eth odist c h urc h in at U CL A . ing its mission bec ause sh e sees th e to study building th e w ater reuse save rate payers money bec ause it but w h o did not apply for protec tion
M anila very often. A lso, h er sum- FilA m c ommunity engaging in pro- program. T h e County’ s S anitation w ill reduc e th e area’ s relianc e on th e from persec ution or torture w h ere
mers were filled with visiting her A fter w ork ing numerous years as a grams th ey h ave pioneered and sees D istric t serves nearly 3 6, 000 resi- S an D iego County W ater A uth ority it w as available in at least one th ird
grandmoth er in V ic toria, w h o w as researc h er in th e lab, sh e realiz ed th at oth er c ommunity leaders tak e ac tion for imported w ater supplies and th e c ountry outside th e alien’ s c ountry of
dents in th e uninc orporated area. City of S an D iego’ s M etro W astew a- c itiz ensh ip, nationality, or last law ful
anoth er very religious member of sh e desired to go into public h ealth to furth er th e h ealth and w ellness
h er family. to w ork direc tly w ith people and th e of th eir members. T oday, Ofelia is ter S ystem for w astew ater servic es. h abitual residenc e th rough w h ic h
T h e w ater reuse program w ould
c ommunity. S o, sh e left U CL A in w ork ing on rec ruiting younger board treat w astew ater c ollec ted by th e h e or sh e transited en route to th e
For h igh sc h ool, sh e attended th e 197 4 to w ork as a public h ealth nutri- members to w ork for th e organiz a- The water purification program U nited S tates.
agenc ies and purify it to augment w ill also provide a loc al, sustainable
Ph ilippine W omen’ s U niversity in tionist at tw o different h ealth c linic s tion so it c an live on even after sh e drink ing w ater supplies. D epartment of H omeland S ec urity
M anila. T h ank s to h er fath er’ s job in a B lac k and H ispanic area under retires. B efore h er c areer does c ome and drough t-proof drink ing w ater A c ting S ec retary K evin K . M c A -
w ith th e B ureau of Customs, sh e w as th e L os A ngeles County D epartment to an end, sh e also h as th e goal of supply. T h e funding approved in leenan issued th e follow ing state-
A s part of th e projec t, Padre D am’ s W ednesday’ s vote w ould h elp furth er
able to enroll in th is all-inc lusive of H ealth S ervic es. putting togeth er a book th at c el- ex isting w ater rec yc ling fac ility in ment:
girl’ s private sc h ool. From c ultural ebrates everyth ing th e organiz ation the development of the purification " W h ile th e rec ent supplemental
S antee w ould be ex panded to provide projec t.
sh ow s, danc e c lasses, to ph ysic al D ue to Proposition 13 in 197 8 , h as done th rough out th e years. advanc ed treatment of c urrent East funding w as absolutely vital to h elp-
education‒the private high school of- Ofelia unfortunately lost h er job as a Ofelia’ s ac c omplish ments and T h e agenc ies involved w ill ex plore ing c onfront th e c risis, th e truth is
County flows of 15 million gallons forming a J oint Pow ers A uth ority
fered privileges th at Ofelia w ouldn’ t nutritionist. S h e remained in L A and h istory all demonstrate h er desire to of w astew ater per day to produc e th at it w ill not be enough w ith out tar-
h ave been able to rec eive in public pursued part-time teac h ing at sc h ools dedic ate h er life to h elping oth ers. and th en return to th e B oard later geted c h anges to th e legal framew ork
over 11 million gallons of new , reli- th is year w ith rec ommendations on
sc h ools. lik e Cal S tate L A , Cal S tate L ong T h e impac t sh e h as made on people able potable w ater supply. Currently, of our immigration system. U ntil
B eac h , and Pepperdine U niversity and specifically, the Filipino commu- tw o million gallons of w astew ater h ow to govern and implement th e Congress c an ac t, th is interim rule
S h e th en attended th e U niversity until sh e found an opening at th e nity in S an D iego, is very apparent program. w ill h elp reduc e a major ' pull' fac tor
per day of th e 15 million are rec yc led
of th e Ph ilippines in Q uez on City. U niversity of H aw aii S c h ool of and h er legac y w ill live on forever. driving irregular migration to th e
Public H ealth as a full-time assistant - A J
Ofelia had no major when she first
started, but sh e c onsiders a religious professor for Public H ealth N utrition
Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 UDOJ nited S tates and enable D H S and
to more quickly and efficiently
and M aternal and Ch ild H ealth .
ex perienc e sh e h ad in c ollege a piv-
S h e rec eived th e job and moved for your advertising needs. ( Continued on page 13 )
otal moment in h er life th at h elped
guide h er to th e righ t path , righ t bac k to H aw aii in 198 2 to teac h th ere
for five years. A mentor and col-
Holy Martyrs Divine Mercy Ministry Presents
major, and th e c areer sh e h as today.
league of h ers from th e U niversity
A lth ough sh e h ad been religious of H aw aii, D r. A llan Oglesby M D ,
sinc e sh e w as a c h ild, it w as not until dec ided to move to S an D iego for
sh e attended a student bible study at a better teac h ing position. I n 198 7 ,
U P w h en sh e ex perienc ed a spiritual h e offered h er a position at th e same
First Divine Mercy Conference & Workshop
aw ak ening. L earning deeply about university w h ere h e began to w ork at

The Power of Prayer: The Mass, Rosary and Chaplet

th e bible led h er to develop a more th e S an D iego S tate U niversity.
personal relationsh ip w ith G od and Ofelia ac c epted th e offer and
start a new spiritual journey. T h is bec ame a N utrition and M aternal &
new devotion to G od c reated a desire Ch ild H ealth A ssoc iate professor at
to dedic ate h er life to h elp oth ers. S D S U under th e G raduate S c h ool of Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019
Public H ealth . D uring h er time th ere,
Entering the health field was her Ofelia met D r. R iz A . Oades, anoth er Time: 10:00 AM-3:30 PM
idea of fulfilling that desire. She had Filipino A meric an and an assoc iate
professor in th e H istory department.
Registration: 9:00 AM
initially w anted to be a doc tor, but
realized that it would be difficult for T ogeth er, th ey c ame up w ith th e Mass: 4:00 PM
idea to form a c oalition to assess th e
her family to financially support her Location: Margarita Middle School
in a profession th at w ould req uire h er h ealth problems of Filipinos in S an
to study for seven years. D iego. I n 1992 , th ey ac q uired a state 30600 Margarita Rd.
grant and officially co-founded with
Temecula, CA 92591
Ofelia th en set h er sigh ts on bec om- the community a non-profit com-
ing a nurse instead. H ow ever, sh e munity-based organization together:
w as unable to pursue th is c areer as K alusugan Community S ervic es,
w ell due to th e university’ s 5 feet th at w as later renamed in 2 015 as th e FEATURED SPEAKERS:
h eigh t req uirement. B eing only 4 ’ 11, K alusugan + K alak asan Center for
Ofelia was unqualified to be a nurse. H ealth & W ellness (K K CH W ). BACK IN SOUTH CAL BY POPULAR DEMAND!! FR. DONALD CALLOWAY, MIC, a
T h e mission of th eir organiz ation
prominent Marian priest, is a world-renown conference speaker on Divine Mercy and the
Ofelia th en dec ided to major in w as “ to h elp Filipino A meric ans
find the path to good health and Blessed Virgin Mary. He speaks passionately about these topics in his moving conversion
N utrition and D ietetic s, a major story. He has authored several books: “Purest of All Lilies: The Virgin Mary in the Spirituality
th at sh e grew to love even more total w ellness th rough c ommunity
educ ation, advoc ac y, teac h ing, and of St. Faustina”; “No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy”; “Under the Mantle: Marian Thoughts
th an being a doc tor or a nurse. S h e
graduated from th e U niversity of th e researc h ” . W ith D r. R iz A . Oades as from a 21 Century Priest”, and his latest, “Champions of the Rosary”.

Ph ilippines w ith a B ac h elor’ s degree th e president and Ofelia as th e ex ec u-

in N utrition and D ietetic s in 195 9. tive direc tor, th ey w ork ed togeth er
B y 1962 , sh e bec ame a registered to establish h ealth and nutrition
programs to benefit the San Diego TERRY BARBER is the founder of St. Joseph Communications, and first recorded and
dietitian after pursuing h er graduate popularized Dr. Scott Hahn's conversion story. He is also a founding Board Member of
studies in N utrition at th e U niversity c ommunity. I n 2 015 , th e c onc ept of
T otal W ellness w as introduc ed to Lighthouse Catholic Media, and is a co-host for Reasons for Faith Live with Jesse Romero on
of th e Ph ilippines.
th e c ommunity w ith th e 8 aspec ts of EWTN Radio Network. Terry has recorded many podcasts on St. Joseph Podcasts called
She started her first job in 1965 as wellness such as: spiritual, physical, “Culture Warriors for Christ,” addressing the main social issues affecting our culture today
a c linic al dietitian at th e Far Eastern mental, intellec tual, soc ial, environ- and has over 30 years’ experience in evangelization.
U niversity H ospital in M anila w h ere mental, occupational and financial.
sh e c ounseled patients about th eir A fter a few years of teac h ing at
diet. A fter a year of w ork ing th ere, th e S D S U S c h ool of Public H ealth ,
Ofelia realiz ed th at sh e c ouldn’ t see Ofelia w as laid off in 1995 due to JESSE ROMERO is a full-time bilingual Catholic Lay Evangelist, who is nationally acclaimed
h erself staying as a dietitian in th e th e lac k of federal funding for th e for his dynamic, upbeat Christ centered preaching. His preaching apostolate is "On Fire
Ph ilippines for th e rest of h er life. sc h ool. L uc k ily, D r. R iz A . Oades Evangelization." Jesse has been on Catholic radio for over 15 years now, hosting teaching
S h e w anted to advanc e h er degree w as pioneering a c lass on Filipino
A meric an S tudies at th e time. H e and speaking in English & Spanish. He is currently on virginmostpowerfulradio.org hosting
and ac q uire better opportunities. S o, “The Terry and Jesse Show,” & “Jesus 911.” Jesse’s motto is: Love God, Save Souls & Slay
sh e applied for th e East W est Center rec ruited Ofelia to h is department to Error!
S c h olarsh ip at th e U niversity of H a- teac h one of th e c lasses.
w aii in h opes of furth ering h er c areer U ntil today, Ofelia teac h es Filipino
in th e U S . A meric an studies at S D S U . T eac h ing
has become such a significant part
Fortunately, sh e rec eived th e of h er c areer bec ause it is anoth er REGISTRATION: Names (all attending): _____________________________________________________________
sc h olarsh ip and moved to H aw aii way that she fulfi lls her desire to
h elp oth ers. I n c ontrast to h er public Address: ________________________________________________________________________
in 1966 to pursue h er studies at th e
U niversity of H aw aii w ith a full ride. h ealth c areer w h ere sh e h elps people
ph ysic ally, sh e believes h er teac h ing City: _____________________________________State: _______Zip Code: __________________
Everyth ing from tuition, h ousing,
c areer h elps people intellec tually and
tex tbook s, to tours of th e island and
mainland w ere ac c ounted for. B y
1968 , sh e graduated w ith h er M as- A s a professor of a Filipino A meri- Registration: $20.00 per person, including lunch! Lunch includes sandwich, chips, cookie and drink
ter’ s D egree in N utritional S c ienc e c an studies c lass, sh e believes sh e
leaves a positive impac t on eac h stu- Please check your choice of sandwich and quantity: Turkey & cheese: ____ Ham & cheese: ____ Cheese: ____
and w ork ed as a researc h assistant
in th e D epartment of N utrition at th e dent sh e meets. M any of th em being GF: ______ Vegan: _____ Fees: $20.00 X ____ Total: $________
university for th e summer. Filipinos born in th e U S , Ofelia gets
to educ ate th em about th eir c ulture Make check or money order payable to: Holy Martyrs Catholic Church and on memo line please put DM
Ofelia’ s parents urged h er to stay and c onnec t th em to th at part of th eir Conference. Send to Holy Martyrs Catholic Church, 43460 Ridge Park Dr., Temecula, CA 92590. For more
in th e U S to pursue h er D oc tor- identity. S h e feels immense joy to
see her students become bi-cultural: information, please call Barbara at (951) 970-5857. Location change due to crowd size!
ate’ s degree. S o, sh e moved to L os
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019

Health & Wellness

Cracks in the skin of eczema patients promote Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia
allergic diseases — ScienceDaily.com

L iving a h ealth y lifestyle may

first study to analyse the extent to
w h ic h you may offset your genetic
egories based on th eir self-reported
diet, ph ysic al ac tivity, smok ing and
— ScienceDaily.com risk of dementia by living a h ealth y alc oh ol c onsumption. T h e researc h -
h elp offset a person' s genetic risk lifestyle. Our findings are exciting as ers c onsidered no c urrent smok ing,
Protec ting and moisturiz ing th e of dementia, ac c ording to new th ey sh ow th at w e c an tak e ac tion to regular ph ysic al ac tivity, h ealth y diet
sk in may h elp prevent food aller- researc h . try to offset our genetic risk for de- and moderate alc oh ol c onsumption
mentia. S tic k ing to a h ealth y lifestyle as h ealth y beh aviours. T h e team
gies, asth ma and h ay fever w as assoc iated w ith a reduc ed risk of found th at living a h ealth y lifestyle
T h e study w as led by th e U ni-
dementia, regardless of th e genetic w as assoc iated w ith a reduc ed
I nfants w h o develop ec z ema versity of Ex eter -- simultane- risk ." dementia risk ac ross all genetic risk
are more lik ely to develop food ously publish ed today in J A M A groups.
allergies, h ay fever and asth ma and presented at th e A lz h eimer' s T h e study analysed data from J oint lead auth or D r D avid
as th ey grow older, a progres- A ssoc iation I nternational Confer- 196, 3 8 3 adults of European anc estry L lew ellyn, from th e U niversity of
sion k now n as th e atopic marc h . enc e 2 019 in L os A ngeles. T h e aged 60 and older from U K B iobank . Ex eter M edic al S c h ool and th e A lan
D onald L eung, M D , Ph D , h ead researc h found th at th e risk of The researchers identified 1,769 Turing Institute, said: "This research
of Pediatric A llergy & Clinic al dementia w as 3 2 per c ent low er c ases of dementia over a follow - delivers a really important message
in people w ith a h igh genetic risk up period of eigh t years. T h e team th at undermines a fatalistic view of
I mmunology at N ational J ew - grouped th e partic ipants into th ose dementia. S ome people believe it' s
ish Health, has identified itching if th ey h ad follow ed a h ealth y w ith h igh , intermediate and low inevitable th ey' ll develop dementia
and dry c rac k ed sk in of ec z ema lifestyle, c ompared to th ose w h o genetic risk for dementia. bec ause of th eir genetic s. H ow ever
patients as a significant promoter h ad an unh ealth y lifestyle. it appears th at you may be able to
of th e atopic marc h . M oistur- T h e sk in forms an important allergic diseases. A baby' s sk in is T o assess genetic risk , th e researc h - substantially reduc e your dementia
iz ers, espec ially early in a c h ild' s barrier, k eeping moisture in and partic ularly susc eptible to drying Partic ipants w ith h igh genetic risk ers look ed at previously publish ed risk by living a h ealth y lifestyle."
ex ternal allergens or mic robes out. out when it first emerges from the and an unfavourable lifestyle w ere data and identified all known genetic T h e study w as led by th e U niver-
life, may h elp prevent ec z ema, R esearc h by D r. L eung h as sh ow n w arm, w atery environment of th e almost th ree times more lik ely to risk fac tors for A lz h eimer' s dis- sity of Ex eter in c ollaboration w ith
food allergies and oth er allergic th at patients w ith ec z ema lac k w omb into th e dry air of th e outside develop dementia c ompared to th ose researc h ers from th e U niversity of
ease. Eac h genetic risk fac tor w as
diseases. important proteins and lipids in th e w orld. A few small studies h ave w ith a low genetic risk and favour- w eigh ted ac c ording to th e strength M ic h igan, th e U niversity of Ox ford,
outer layers of th eir sk in. A s a result suggested th at regular treatment w ith able lifestyle. of its assoc iation w ith A lz h eimer' s and th e U niversity of S outh A ustra-
" W h en food partic les are in- of ec z ema patients' defec tive sk in sk in moisturiz ers c an h elp reduc e disease. lia.
troduc ed th rough th e sk in rath er barrier, w ater esc apes from th e sk in, an infant' s c h anc es of developing Joint lead author Dr El?bieta T o assess lifestyle, researc h ers Materials provided by University of
th an th e digestive system, th ey drying it out and leading to c rac k ing ec z ema and th e oth er diseases in th e Ku?ma, at the University of Exeter grouped partic ipants into favourable, Exeter. Note: Content may be edited for
are muc h more lik ely to c ause al- and itc h ing. Crac k ed, itc h y sk in is a atopic marc h . D r. L eung is c urrently Medical School, said: "This is the intermediate and unfavourable c at- style and length.
h allmark of ec z ema. working to confirm those studies and
10 Ways to relax in nature and stress less
lergies, " said D r. L eung. " Crac k s
S c ratc h ing th e dry, itc h y sk in of identify th e ideal moisturiz er c om-
in th e sk in of th ose w ith ec z ema ec z ema patients c an furth er dam- ponents to prevent ec z ema and th e
often set off a c h ain of allergic age th e sk in barrier and ac tivate th e oth er diseases of th e atopic marc h . — American Stroke Associaiotn H ere are 10 relax ing nature ac tivi- yourself in th e natural w orld around
diseases th at develop over several immune system. I nc reasing evidenc e ties th at w ill rejuvenate your mind, you.3 T h e J apanese c all th is “ for-
years." c ompiled by D r. L eung and oth ers Story Source:
Relaxing In Nature from th e simple to th e life-c h anging. est bath ing” and it c an rejuvenate a
indic ates th at food partic les entering Materials provided by National Jewish
Health. Note: Content may be edited for w eary mind.4
S eventeen-year-old A va S egur th e body th rough c rac k s in th e sk in
experienced the atopic march first c an trigger an allergic response th at style and length. T h e w ay you spend time out in 1) Savor the Scenery
h and. I t started w ith ec z ema w h en leads to food allergy. Onc e th at aller- Journal Reference: nature c an affec t h ow muc h your 3) Meditate on the Music
sh e w as just six w eek s old. H er gic response h as been triggered, th e
Donald Y. M. Leung, Agustin Calatro- ph ysic al, emotional and mental M ovies beaming w ith CG I on 4 K
ni, Livia S. Zaramela, Petra K. LeBeau, televisions daz z le our imagina- A nd not th e k ind playing in your
moth er, S teph anie, says th ey w ere immune system is primed to develop Nathan Dyjack, Kanwaljit Brar, Gloria health will benefit from it. If
trying to get her skin inflamma- tions, but you won’t always find the h eadph ones. L eave your elec tronic s
not only ec z ema and food allergies, David, Keli Johnson, Susan Leung, you’ re getting outside to relax , re- most mind-blow ing spec tac les on a beh ind and listen to th e melodies
tion under c ontrol, w h en th ey w ere but also h ay fever and asth ma. Marco Ramirez-Gama, Bo Liang, Cyd- lieve stress or anx iety, foc us your
suddenly c onfronted w ith anoth er T o do th is, ex perts rec ommend sc reen. W h en w as th e last time you nature has to offer: babbling brooks,
ney Rios, Michael T. Montgomery, Brit- mind, or improve your h ealth and
problem. " S h e h ad h ives all over h er w h at th ey c all " soak and seal, " tany N. Richers, Clifton F. Hall, Kathryn got up early to w atc h th e sunrise, bird songs, w ind w h istling th rough
arms and nec k , " sh e said. " S o w e A. Norquest, John Jung, Irina Bronova,
w ell-being, try some of th ese tips or ventured to th e nearest h illtop to th e trees and th e sc urrying of unseen
w h ic h involves th orough ly mois-
took h er to th e h ospital and found out turiz ing th e sk in in a w arm bath , Simion Kreimer, C. Conover Talbot, to mak e it a more mindful ex peri- watch it set? The scenery will men- animals th rough th e c anopy. I t’ s a
sh e is allergic to peanuts, pine nuts th en trapping th e moisture in w ith Debra Crumrine, Robert N. Cole, Peter enc e. tally prepare you for th e morning or lot more relax ing th an th e h onk ing
and shellfish." A few years later, Ava a moisturiz ing ointment. I t' s a Elias, Karsten Zengler, Max A. Seibold, h elp you de-stress after a busy day h orns and tex t message alerts you’ re
developed ex erc ise-induc ed asth ma. meth od K riston K line says h elped Evgeny Berdyshev, Elena Goleva. The There are undeniable benefits for so you’ re ready for th e nigh t.2 used to, and it offers th e opportunity
nonlesional skin surface distinguishes your mental h ealth w h en you spend to prac tic e some meditative mindful-
A va h as partic ipated in numerous h er 19-month -old son' s sk in begin to atopic dermatitis with food allergy as a
c linic al trials seek ing better treat- h eal w ith in a w eek . time in nature, lik e low er stress and 2) Wander the Wilderness ness in your tranq uil surroundings.5
unique endotype. Science Translational better memory.1 B ut if you' re usu-
ments for ec z ema and a better un- " I t provided h im w ith immediate Medicine, 2019; 11 (480): eaav2685
derstanding of th e atopic marc h . " I f relief, and eac h time w e do a soak - DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aav2685 ally glued to a sc reen – c omputer, W alk ing is good for you, but not 4) Pose in Paradise
we can find a solution that will work and-seal treatment, h is sk in look s so Cite This Page: T V , or any oth er k ind – you may all w alk s are c reated eq ual. Cruis-
to stop th is before it starts, it w ill be muc h better, " said K line. " N ot only National Jewish Health. "Cracks in h ave forgotten ex ac tly h ow relax ing ing th e urban streets doesn’ t provide Yoga offers many physical benefits,
very rew arding to k now th at I w as is th is mak ing h im more c omfortable the skin of eczema patients promote in nature w ork s. th e same mental boost as h ik ing a lik e stretc h ing th e body and build-
able to be a part of th at, " said A va. now , but if it c an h elp protec t h im allergic diseases: Protecting and D on’ t give up, h ug a tree or tw o, loc al trail or feeling th e sandy beac h ing c ore strength . I t relax es you, too,
" R estoring th e sk in barrier as soon from allergies and asth ma, th at is a moisturizing the skin may help prevent and h ead for h ome. T h ere are plenty betw een your toes. Y ou don’ t h ave but if you surround yourself w ith
as ec z ema develops is th e best w ay huge benefit for his future." food allergies, asthma and hay fever." of oth er w ays to immerse yourself to have a specific destination in nature’ s beauty, researc h sh ow s you
ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 17 July in nature and h ave fun w h ile you' re mind, eith er – your goal isn' t to h ik e
to stop th e atopic marc h in its trac k s D r. L eung believes th at c areful 2019. <www.sciencedaily.com/releas- ( Continued on page 12 )
and prevent allergic diseases from c are of a baby' s sk in righ t from birth doing it. X miles, but to aimlessly immerse
developing, " said D r. L eung. c ould prevent ec z ema and oth er

Robredo T h e only area w h ere R obredo got

a low er trust rating w as in M etro
M anila, w h ere trust for th e V ic e
th e results of th e J une survey, saying
it w ill furth er " inspire" R obredo to
continue her flagship anti-poverty
( Continued from page 1 )
President fell to 3 1% from 4 3 % , a program A ngat B uh ay.
sial A ng T otoong N arc olist videos 12 -perc entage point dip.
– in late M ay th at th e opposition R obredo c amp' s ex pressed grati-
L iberal Party w as beh ind an oust- S otto' s double-digit surge, A rroyo' s tude for th e majority approval for
er plot against th e h ugely popular graduation grade th e V ic e President w h o, unlik e h er
D uterte. T h e V ic e President, th e predec essors, did not h ave a Cabinet-
L P c h air, h ad c ategoric ally denied S otto saw double-digit inc reases in level position.
th ese c laims. h is approval and trust ratings in th e
sec ond q uarter of 2 019. " N agpapasalamat k ami sa patuloy
R obredo' s approval rating jumped na pagtiw ala at pagsuporta ng ating
by 6 perc entage points to 5 5 % in From 65 % in M arc h , h is approval mga k ababayan k ay V P L eni at sa
J une from 4 9% in M arc h , w h ile h er rating sh ot up by 12 perc entage k anyang trabah ong ginagaw a (W e
trust rating inc reased by 5 perc ent- points to 7 7 % in J une. H is trust rat- are th ank ful for th e c ontinued trust
age points to 5 2 % from 4 7 % . ing also inc reased by 12 perc entage and support of our c ountrymen for
points to 7 3 % from 61% . V P L eni and th e w ork sh e does), "
I n terms of geograph ic area, said R obredo' s spok esman, B arry
R obredo’ s approval and trust rat- A mong geograph ic areas, S otto got G utierrez .
ings inc reased th e most in D uterte' s th e h igh est approval and trust ratings
bailiw ic k , M indanao. in B alanc e L uz on at 8 7 % and 8 5 % , " M uli itong magsisilbing inspi-
respec tively. rasyon na lalo pang magpursige
R obredo’ s approval rating w ent up sa pagsisik ap na mak atulong sa
by 11 perc entage points from 5 2 % A rroyo c ontinued to be th e least pag-angat ng buh ay ng ating mga
to 63 % in M indanao. S h e obtained apprec iated and least trusted top k apw a Pilipino, lalo na yung mga
th e h igh est approval rating in th e Philippine official as she bowed out nasa laylayan (T h is w ill onc e again
V isayas at 66% , a 9-perc entage point of public office, getting only a 26% serve as an inspiration, espec ially
VA inc rease from M arc h , w h ile h er approval rating in J une, th ough th is in h er pursuit to h elp uplift th e lives
Vendo approval rating in B alanc e L uz on w as a 4 -point improvement from h er of Filipinos, espec ially th ose on th e
r inc reased by 6 perc entage points to 2 2 % rating in M arc h . margins of soc iety), " h e added
5 2 % from 4 6% .
Filipinos' trust in th e former presi- T h e nationw ide survey, based on a
T h e only area w h ere th e V ic e Presi- dent w as at 2 2 % , 3 perc entage points sample of 1, 2 00 adults h as a ± 2 . 8
dent ex perienc ed low er approval w as h igh er from h er 19% trust rating in % error margin at the 95% confi-
in M etro M anila, w h ere h er rating M arc h . denc e level, w h ile subnational esti-
fell to 3 4 % from 4 4 % . mates for th e geograph ic areas h ave
A rroyo w as to h ave gone into polit- th e follow ing error margins at 95 %
R obredo' s approval ratings in- ic al " retirement" after sh e c ompleted confidence level: ± 5.7 % for Metro
c reased among all soc ioec onomic h er th ird c onsec utive term as Pam- M anila, th e rest of L uz on, V isayas,
c lasses, topped by th e poorest c lass panga c ongressw oman on J une 3 0. and M indanao
E, w h ic h gave h er an approval rating I n th e last few month s of h er term,
of 60% w h ic h is 6 perc entage points sh e w ent on w h at sh e c alled a " senti- A mong th e oth er major issues in
h igh er th an in M arc h , follow ed by mental journey" to areas around th e th e c ountry th at h appened during
c lass D (5 4 % from 5 0% ), and th e country that benefitted from projects th e survey period w ere th e Ch inese
w ell-off c lass A B C (4 2 % from 3 8 % ). pursued during h er presidenc y. vessel’ s sink ing of th e boat of 2 2

Office Hours
Filipino fishermen in Recto Bank,
H er trust rating in M indanao A s for B ersamin, th ere w as a sligh t D uterte saying h e c ould not ban

Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6 inc reased to 5 7 % from 4 3 % – a to z ero c h anges in h is approval and China from fishing in Philippine wa-
14 -perc entage point inc rease. R o- trust ratings. I n J une, th e Ch ief J us- ters, and th e c all made by 11 U nited

Sat 9-3 bredo is most trusted in th e V isayas tic e’ s approval rating inc reased by N ations h uman righ ts ex perts for an
(5 8 % ), follow ed by M indanao, and one perc entage point to 16% , w h ile independent probe into th e “ w orsen-
L uz on w h ere sh e got a trust rating of h is trust rating remained at 3 5 % . ing” h uman righ ts situation in th e
5 2 % , 7 perc entage points h igh er th an Ph ilippines. – R appler.c om
E m e rg e nc y V isit s W e lc om e in M arc h . R obredo' s spok esperson B arry
G utierrez said th ey are th ank ful for
July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

10 Ways To Be Prepared (preparing for an emergency now)

Children’s Sense of Humor

By Zena Sultana Babao “ M y daugh ter c ouldn’ t c ome to

sc h ool bec ause sh e w as tired. S h e
h ildren are th e joy of spent th e w eek end w ith some M a-
our life. T h ey are so “ Please ex c use G loria – sh e h as
amaz ing, and th ey been sic k and under th e doc tor.”
c an mak e us laugh and mak e “ Please ex c use S arah for being
our lives so enjoyable. I t is absent. S h e w as sic k and I h ad h er
sh ot.”
bec ause th ey h ave an innate “ Please ex c use J oyc e from jim
“ sense of h umor” even if today. S h e is administrating.”
th ey don’ t k now it yet. “ Ch ris h as a bad h eadac h e. Could
th e sc h ool give h im tw o adult
T h e follow ing h umorous q uotes asshurns?”
w ere w ritten by k ids from a “ R oland w as h it yesterday playing
Ch ristian elementary sc h ool. T h e football – h e w as h urt in th e grow ing
k ids w ere ask ed q uestions about “ Please ex c use A l for 3 days. H e
th e Old and th e N ew T esta- h ad diah re, diare. D ih ree, dih are , th e
ments, and h ere are th eir unedited sh its.”
answ ers, c omplete w ith inc orrec t
spelling: T h ese funny q uotes by c h ildren and
parents made my day. H ope it made
* * * yours!

“In the first book of the bible,

G uennessis, G od got tired of c reat-
ing th e w orld, so h e took th e S abbath
“ A dam and Eve w ere c reated from 2019 Comic-Con 1. Identify Your Risk A meric an R ed Cross today and get 9. Understand Post-9/11 Risks join a loc al Community Emergenc y
an apple tree. N oah ’ s w ife w as
c alled J oan of A rk . N oah built an International: W h at are th e h az ards w h ere
trained on basic first aid and CPR.
Y our training c ould save th e life of D isaster preparedness must now ac -
R esponse T eam (CER T ), educ ate
your neigh bor, or volunteer w ith you

San Diego
ark , w ith th e animals c ome on to in you live or work? Find out what a loved one or neigh bor follow ing a c ount for man-made disasters as w ell loc al A meric an R ed Cross, th e h ard
pears.” disaster. as natural ones. w ork of volunteers is a c ritic al c om-
natural or h uman c aused disasters ponent of a suc c essful emergenc y
“ L ot’ s w ife w as a pillar of salt by K now ing w h at to do during an
pose a risk for you. 8. Eliminate Hazards in Your management program.
day, but a ball of fire by night.” W ith more th an 100, 000 guests emergenc y is an important part of
Do you live near a flood plain,
“ T h e J ew s w ere a proud people and ex pec ted from around th e w orld Home and the Workplace being prepared and may mak e all th e
th rough out h istory th ey h ad trouble an earth q uak e fault, or in a h igh differenc e w h en sec onds c ount. S ome of th e more predominant
at th is year’ s Comic -Con, N CT D
from th e unsympath etic G enitals.” fire danger area? Y ou must sec ure th e c ontents of volunteer organiz ations are provided
w ill provide servic e for c h arac - below:
“ S amson w as a strongman w h o let A re you prepared for an unex - your home or office to reduce haz- 10. Get Involved, Volunteer!
ters and passengers alik e w h o are California V olunteers
h imself be led astray by a J ez ebel pec ted h uman-made disaster th at ards, espec ially during sh ak ing from
lik e D elilah .” travelling from north ern S an D i- an earth q uak e or from an ex plosion. T h ere are plenty of w ays to vol- A meric an R ed Cross
can strike any time?
“ M oses led th e H ebrew s to th e R ed ego County. T h is year, attendees unteer and donate during an emer- Community Emergenc y R esponse
D oes your neigh borh ood or T eam
S ea, w h ere th ey made unleavened w ill h ave th e option of getting to genc y. W h eth er you donate blood,
community have a disaster plan?
bread, w h ic h is bread w ith out any Con early by riding early morning
ingredients.” south bound trains on S aturday
“ T h e Egyptians w ere all drow ned in 2. Create a Family Disaster
and S unday. Plan
th e dessert. A fterw ards, M oses w ent
up to M ount Cyanide to get th e T en
“ T h e seventh c ommandment is th ou
T h e ex tra COA S T ER trains w ill
servic e stations on S aturday, J uly
Y our family needs a plan th at
tells everyone: where to meet
2 0 and S unday, J uly 2 1 at th e fol-


sh alt not admit adultery.” if you h ave to evac uate; w h o
“ M oses died before h e ever reac h ed lowing times: you’ve identified as an out-of-
Canada. T h en J osh ua led th e H e- state “ family c ontac t” ; h ow to get
brew s in th e battle of G eritol.” Oceanside - 7:30 a.m.
“ T h e greatest mirac le in th e B ible
emergenc y information in your
is w h en J osh ua told h is son to stand Carlsbad Village - 7:35 a.m. c ommunity; and h ow to tak e c are
still and h e obeyed h im.” of your family pets. 2240 E. PLAZA BLVD., SUITE P,
“ D avid w as a H ebrew k ing sk illed
at playing th e liar. H e fough t w ith
Carlsbad Poinsettia - 7:40 a.m.
3. Practice Your Disaster NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950
th e Fink elesteins, a rac e of people Plan
w h o lived in B iblic al times.” Encinitas - 7:46 a.m.
“ S olomon, one of D avid’ s sons, h ad A fter you h ave sat dow n w ith your
3 00 w ives and 7 00 porc upines.” Solana Beach - 7:52 a.m. family and w ritten your plan — PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
“ W h en M ary h eard th at sh e w as th e prac tic e it.
moth er of J esus, sh e sang th e M agna Sorrento Valley - 8:01 a.m. S tart by h aving family members www.rtesq.com
Carta.” meet at a designated spot outside
“ W h en th e th ree w ise guys from Old Town - 8:23 a.m. your h ome — lik e you w ould after
th e east arrived, th ey found J esus in a fire or after the shaking stops.
th e manager.”
Santa Fe Depot - 8:31 a.m.
K now h ow to respond in th e event of WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF
“ J esus w as born bec ause M ary h ad any disaster — w h eth er to stay put
an immac ulate c ontraption.” indoors, or w h eth er to evac uate your OUR NEW OFFICE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR
“ J esus enunc iated th e G olden neigh borh ood by c ar.
R ule, w h ic h says to do one to oth ers Passengers c an purc h ase a I f your family needs to evac uate, MANILA SEAFOOD, ACCESSIBLE BY PUBLIC TRANS-
before th ey do one to you. H e also R egionPlus D ay Pass for $ 12 at k now th e proper evac uation proc e-
ex plained, a man doth not live by tic k et vending mac h ines or via dures and routes as determined by PORTATION AND JUST OFF EXIT HIGHWAY 805.
sw eat alone.” your local OES office.
“ I t w as a mirac le w h en J esus rose
th e Compass Cloud mobile app.
from th e dead and managed to get T h ese passes c over all-day usage R&T IS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED IN
of th e COA S T ER , S PR I N T ER ,
4. Build a Disaster Supply Kit
th e tombstone out off th e entranc e.” for Your Home
“ T h e epistles w ere th e w ives of th e and B R EEZ E, as w ell as M T S IMMIGRATION AND CIVIL LITIGATION
apostles.” T rolley and buses. I f you are stranded in your c ar or
“ One of th e oppossums w as S t. have to be self-sufficient at home
M atth ew w h o w as also a tax iman.” A mtrak R ail2 R ail B lac k out until h elp arrives, you need to h ave a PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
“ S t. Paul c avorted to Ch ristianity. D ates disaster k it w ith you.
H e preac h ed h oly ac rimony, w h ic h is Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
anoth er name for marriage.” N CT D COA S T ER passengers
“ Ch ristians h ave only one spouse. sh ould be aw are of th e A mtrak 5. Prepare Your Children For details and information
T h is is c alled monotony.” R ail2 R ail blac k out dates for th e
opening w eek of th e D el M ar T alk to your k ids about w h at th e
risk s are and w h at your family w ill
please call our office at (619) 259-6464
Parents are h umorous too R ac es and during Comic -Con. do if disaster strik es.
From J uly 17 -2 2 , COA S T ER fare
T h e follow ing is a list, c ompiled w ill not be ac c epted on A mtrak
by H illman and S taff, of parents’ 6. Don't Forget Those with
trains. Special Needs
ex c uses on w h y th eir c h ildren w ere
absent or tardy from school:
For trip planning assistanc e, pas- I nfants, seniors and th ose w ith spe-
“ L illie h as been absent from sc h ool sengers c an visit th e N CT D T rip c ial needs must not be forgotten.
yesterday bec ause sh e h ad a gang Planner or c ontac t N CT D Cus- M ak e sure th at supplies for your in-
over.” tomer S ervic e at 7 60-966-65 00. fant are in your k it and th at you h ave
“ Please ex c use J oh n for being ab- items suc h as medic ations, ox ygen
sent J anuary 2 8 , 2 9, 3 0, 3 1, 3 2 , 3 3 .” tank , or oth er medic al supplies th at
“ Please ex c use S andra from be- seniors or th ose w ith spec ial needs
may req uire.
ing absent – sh e w as in bed w ith
Call the Asian Journal Ch ec k out Cal OES ' tips for prepar-
“ M y son is under th e doc tor’ s c are at 619.474.0588 ing th e elderly.
and sh ould not tak e P.E. Please for your
ex ec ute h im.” 7. Learn CPR and First Aid
“ I rving w as absent th is morning advertising needs.
bec ause h e missed th e bust.” Contac t you loc al c h apter of th e
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019


Tribute: Adelina Tagudin Moore

( Continued from page 1 )

M OV I E S T A R J OH N W A Y N E. B ig,
burly but gentle and k ind, lik e a h ug-
gable bear w h ose penc h ant w as play-
ing pic k -up bask etball games and
w atc h ing h is favorite player, B oston
Celtic ’ s L arry B ird, play in th e
N ational B ask etball A ssoc iation on
television. T h ere w as a glint in h is
eyes w h en h e found out I played bas-
k etball too. T h e nex t th ing I k new , h e
and A untie L ina w ould pic k up my
young family and me at our h ouse
to play bask etball in a sc h oolyard in
th eir N orth Park neigh borh ood on
S aturdays during th e early 198 0s.
W ith me as a forw ard, h im at c enter,
plus anoth er guy playing guard, w e
w ould play against w h oever w as
in th e yard at th at time. H e w as a born and raised in a farm in th e M id- from h is boring job and settling in
good sh ot in near distanc e and, w ith w est and w ith no c areer path ah ead th e Ph ilippines for good w h ere h is
h is almost six feet frame, a good of h im, h e joined th e N avy “ to see w ife h ad property. D uring th eir vac a-
rebounder too. th e w orld” . H e never mentioned h is tions in th e c ountry, all h e w ould lik e
H e drove a blue and h uge A meric an family bac k h ome. One time, h e and to do w as play bask etball w ith th e
c ar, w h ic h w as about to be ph ased A untie L ina visited h is sister w h om neighborhood kids. He figured his
out at th at time. Ensc onc ed in h is th ey never saw again sinc e. H e got retirement money w ould go far over
seat, it w as easy for h im to drive out of the service, was briefly mar- th ere.
th at tank w ith its automatic steering ried, and w ork ed at G eneral D ynam- A untie L ina w ent ah ead and w aited
w h eel. H e alw ays w ore a blue sh irt, ic s w h en h e met A untie L ina. for h im to c ome to th e Ph ilippines
h is favorite c olor. W ith h is left h and I t w as a marriage th at lasted “ till when he finally retired. Upon leav-
on th e w h eel and h is righ t h olding a death do th em part” . T h ey w ere ing, h e w as puz z led no one among
th ermos of h ot blac k c offee, h e w as h appy in th eir simple routines and A untie L ina’ s relatives w ould tak e
at h is h appiest. felt lucky to find each other despite h im to th e airport to say goodbye. I t
“ I drove 5 00 bolts today, ” h e onc e being in th eir late stage of life. w as alw ays th e prac tic e w h enever h e
told me. H e assembled airplanes at B en look ed forw ard to being w ith left w ith A untie L ina. 1950s. Adelina Moore (left, top row) with cousins Jolly (right, top row), Editha
G eneral D ynamic s, and h is job w as h is Filipino-in-law s, h is only family. “Aren’t you coming?” he won- (left, bottom row) and sister Ines (right, bottom row) 1960s. Adelina (2nd from right)
H e enjoyed th e family gath erings dered. and siblings with their father Vicente.
to drill bolts almost all day. I t migh t Top: Adelina with grandnices Mad-
be a dreary, boring job, but at five he eleine. Bottom: Adelina with nephew lik e th e birth day and h oliday c el- W e felt guilty and amused. T h ere
w as free. H e w ould pic k up A untie Francisco "Boy" Tagudin (August 2013) ebrations at th e h ouse of h is sister- w as a surprise farew ell party of h is

L ina from h er job in anoth er assem- in-law , I nes T oribio, w h o is married Filipino relatives w h en h e boarded
bly plant or at K -M art, and th e tw o H e h ad simple pleasures. I sensed to a navy retiree. H e enjoyed th e a plane.
w ould h ead h ome to th eir apartment h e h it th e jac k pot w h en h e married family c ommotions and gaiety w h ile B en’ s dreamed Ph ilippine retire- The original and first Asian Journal in America,
w h ere sh e c ook ed h im a h amburger A untie L ina and h er c losely-k nitted w atc h ing bask etball on T V w ith a ment w as not to be. D uring h is stay, it is the leading Filipino American newspaper
h e read in a new spaper th at c ommu-
or fried c h ic k en as h e w atc h ed bas- Filipino family. B efore th at, I
th ough t h e w as a lonely guy plod-
satisfied look and a coffee in his
h and. H e look ed forw ard to retiring ( Continued on page 7 )
in San Diego, California
k etball games, again w ith a c up of
c offee in h is h and. ding th rough life by h imself. H e w as
events, as w ell as aw ard sh ow s and B ob R oux , President, U S Conc erts, Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
ex h ibitions. Privately funded at no L ive N ation Entertainment. Publisher & Editor
risk to th e City of Palm S prings or W ith a foc us on th e prioritiz ation
tax payers, th e new s c omes as OV G of tec h nology, sustainability, and Genevieve Tagudin Silverio
is in th e midst of a building boom. green initiatives, th e w orld-c lass
I n th e past 2 4 month s, OV G h as an- arena w ill be built for music and h ost Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
nounc ed th e development of venues th e best and biggest names in th e
in S eattle, B elmont Park in Elmont music industry on an annual basis, Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D.
N ew Y ork , th e U niversity of T ex as as w ell as serve as a h ome for artists Associate Editor
in A ustin, th e new W inter Olympic to reh earse before th e start of th eir
2 02 6 venue in M ilan, and now Palm respec tive tours.
S prings. Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol
Th e O ak V ie w Group Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti-
Job s, sp ort s and e nt e rt ainm e nt errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal
Oak V iew G roup (OV G ) is a global
Live Nation signs on as strate- Construc tion of th e new arena in
Palm S prings is ex pec ted to c re-
sports and entertainment c ompany
founded by T im L eiw ek e and I rving
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA.
gic partner to bring first-class ate th ousands of permanent and
temporary jobs for th e c ommunity.
A z off in 2 015 . OV G is foc used on
being a positive disruption to busi-
In Pursuit of Excellence:
entertainment to new venue G roundbreak ing and c onstruc tion
are sc h eduled for February 2 02 0.
ness as usual in th e sports and live
entertainment industry and c urrently Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994
The Agua Caliente Band of jointly submitted an applic ation for T h e arena is ex pec ted to open by fall h as eigh t divisions ac ross four global Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
th e 3 2 nd A H L Franc h ise ex pansion 2 02 1 in c oordination w ith th e S eattle offices (Los Angeles, New York, Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009
Cahuilla Indians and Oak View N H L franc h ise for th e 2 02 1-2 02 2 L ondon, and Ph iladelph ia). OV G
Group, announce agreement team, w h ic h , if aw arded, w ould play Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009
in th e new arena in Palm S prings for A H L season. Oak V iew G roup is is leading th e redevelopment and
for sports and entertainment th e fall of 2 02 1. currently leading and financing a operations of th e N ew A rena at S e-
arena in Palm Springs L oc ated on 16 ac res of tribal land, $ 900 million-plus projec t at S eattle’ s attle Center as w ell as leading arena The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper
th e arena w ill be more th an 3 00, 000 K eyA rena th at, w h en c ompleted in development projec ts in B elmont, of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
A s you c an imagine, I get gaz il- sq uare feet and feature as many as 2 02 1, w ill be h ome to S eattle’ s N H L N Y , A ustin, T X , and M ilan, I taly.
team. OV G G lobal Partnersh ips, a division thorized to print official legal notices of all types including
lions of announc ements (more or 10, 000 seats or more and inc lude
less) about entertainment, sports, modern amenities suc h as suites and " W ith eac h venue, w e’ ve h ad th e of OV G , is th e sales and mark eting Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment,
and oth er topic s all th e time. premium h ospitality c lubs. T h e arena privilege of building and managing, arm responsible for selling ac ross all Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered
w ill inc lude an adjoining fac ility th at Oak V iew G roup h as c onsistently OV G A rena D evelopment projec ts. publishing, etc.
S ome are interesting, some not c ontinued to raise th e industry stan-
w ill serve as a year-round c ommu- The Asian Journal is also available in digital form.
so muc h . T oday’ s c olumn look s nity gath ering spac e as w ell as th e dard, and th e arena in Palm S prings Ag ua C alie nt e B and of C ah uilla
at a new projec t h eaded for Palm training c enter for an A H L team. w ill be no ex c eption, " said T im Ind ians Visit our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
S prings and yeah , pretty c ool. " T h is is a uniq ue partnersh ip th at L eiw ek e, CEO of Oak V iew G roup. A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal
R ec ently, “ th e A gua Caliente w ill forever c h ange th e fac e of sports " W e look forw ard to w ork ing w ith T h e A gua Caliente B and of Ca- is published weekly every Friday and distributed all over
B and of Cah uilla I ndians, a feder- and entertainment in Palm S prings A gua Caliente to build w h at w e c on- h uilla I ndians is a federally rec og-
sider to be one of th e most premiere niz ed I ndian tribe loc ated in Palm San Diego County. Advertising deadline is every Wednes-
ally rec ogniz ed I ndian T ribe, and and th e Coac h ella V alley, " T ribal
Ch airman J eff L . G rubbe says. " W e music and professional sports arenas S prings, California, w ith 3 1, 5 00 day at 5 p.m. prior to the publication date. For advertising
Oak V iew G roup (OV G ), th e
global venue development, advi- are c reating a h ealth y c ommunity in th e w orld." " T h e new arena in ac res of reservation land th at spread and subscription information, call (619) 474-0588 or send
gath ering plac e for Coac h ella V alley downtown Palm Springs is a terrific ac ross Palm S prings, Cath edral City, an email message to asianjournal@aol.com. The Asian
sory, and investment c ompany for families and visitors from around th e projec t. I f w e are suc c essful w ith our R anc h o M irage and into th e S anta
th e sports and live entertainment applic ation for an A H L Franc h ise, it R osa and S an J ac into mountains. Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
w orld to c elebrate, play and ex peri-
industries, announc ed its partner- enc e diverse entertainment opportu- w ould represent an ex c iting oppor- T h e T ribe ow ns T ah q uitz and I ndian phtographs but welcomes submissions. Entire content is
sh ip to build a new state-of-th e- nities in a state-of-th e-art arena." tunity to bring the first professional Canyons rec reational areas and copyrighted material by Asian Journal. Materials in this
art privately financed sports and T h is projec t adds to th e ex c itement h oc k ey team to th is region, " said T od operates tw o 18 -h ole c h ampionsh ip publication may not be reproduced without specific per-
already being generated by th e ongo- L eiw ek e, CEO of N H L S eattle. " W e golf c ourses, and th e A gua Caliente
entertainment arena on A gua
ing c onstruc tion of th e T ribe’ s A gua are confident that the market is ready Casino R esorts, w h ic h inc ludes th e mission from the Asian Journal publisher.
Caliente land in dow ntow n Palm to embrac e a w inter sports team A gua Caliente Casino Palm S prings
S prings. Caliente Cultural Center in dow n-
tow n Palm S prings, w h ic h features and th at th e c ommunity w ill h elp us in dow ntow n Palm S prings and th e Office address:
a new state-of-th e-art museum and ac h ieve th e minimum level of season A gua Caliente R esort Casino S pa 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6
L ive N ation Entertainment, th e tic k ets and premium sales w e need." in R anc h o M irage. T h e new A gua
w orld-c lass spa opening in 2 02 0.
w orld’ s leading live entertainment
A dd to th at th e future c onstruc tion " W e’ re pleased to be able to partner Caliente Cultural Center w ill open in National City, CA 91950
c ompany, h as signed on as a strategic
of th e T ribe’ s th ird c asino in nearby w ith Oak V iew G roup and A gua dow ntow n Palm S prings in 2 02 0.” Tel. (619) 474-0588
partner to supply th e new arena w ith
its large stable of top touring artists Cath edral City ex pec ted to break Caliente for th is new state-of-th e-art N ow if I c an just get th e publish er to Email: asianjournal@aol.com
arena and look forw ard to bringing send me th ere to c over th e open-
and premium live events. A ddition- ground in th e near future.
ing… Source: Agua Caliente Band
Website: www.asianjournalusa.com
T h e arena w ill be built for c onven- in top touring artists and live events
ally, N H L S eattle, led by ow ner to th e valley for years to c ome, " said of Cahuilla Indians
D avid B onderman, and OV G h ave tions, large meetings, international
July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

䌀䰀䔀䄀一 吀䔀䔀吀䠀 䄀一䐀 䠀䔀䄀䰀吀䠀夀 䜀唀䴀匀 䘀伀刀 䰀䤀䘀䔀℀ Tribute

( Continued from page 6 )
ni Joe Cabrera
nist rebels w ere k idnapping A meri-
c ans. A lth ough it w as farfetc h ed idea
䰀漀漀欀椀渀最 昀漀爀 愀 挀愀爀椀渀最 h e w ould be a vic tim, h e noneth eless
got w orried enough to dec ide to go
愀渀搀 昀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀 搀攀渀琀椀猀琀㼀 bac k and spend th e rest of h is life in
A meric a.

"Super Sanitary"
S A D EPA R T M EN T S T OR E, ak o ay napunta
M ay tatlong lalak i, na nak a-h ilera
A t isang k ay gandang, M iss despatsadora
N a ang ngiti k amo, ay may pagk a-pilya

" A no po ang atin, " tanong nya sa una

" B igyan mo k o ng brief, " ang tugon sa k anya
"Ilan po naman ang, kailangan nila?"
" Pito, " sagot nito, medya nilak ' san pa.

"Do you change everyday?" tanong nitong pilya

" Y ou are righ t you are righ t, of c ourse h ija mia"
" V ery sanitary, " pah angang sambit niya
" ' yan ang gustong-gusto, ng mga dalaga."

A U N T I E L I N A W A S A B EA U T Y B nef din ang bibilh in, nitong pangalaw a

Q U EEN . S h e w as c row ned “ M iss N asa alanganin, ang k atayuan nya
Vintar” during a fiesta celebration
䌀䄀䰀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 ℀ ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀㐀㜀㜀ⴀ 㔀㜀  켥 䐀爀匀洀椀氀攀刀砀⸀挀漀洀 in th e 195 0s at th e h ometow n of h er
parents in I loc os N orte. H er fath er
D inig na dinig nya, usapan k anina
D i dapat pa-daig, si Emesto B uena.
w as a self-made man w h o w as raised
by th e friars and ended up as th e " B igyan mo k o ng siyam, " matunog na h iling
䐀爀⸀ 䴀礀爀渀愀 䔀⸀ 䰀愀稀愀最愀Ⰰ 䐀⸀䴀⸀䐀⸀ righ t h and man of business tyc oon, I tong salesgirl po, ay biglang napa-k iling
" W ow , " sambit nito, " th at is so alluring
ᐧ䘀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀Ⰰ 䌀愀爀椀渀最 ᐧ䌀漀渀瘀攀渀椀攀渀琀
D on V ic ente M adrigal. H is h ouse in
S ta. Cruz , M anila, w h ere all h is c h il- Pa'nong pag-gamit nyan, if just for my asking?"
☀ 䬀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀ⴀ 䠀漀甀爀猀 ☀ dren lived w ith h im and h is sec ond
愀戀氀攀 䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀 䰀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀 w ife M aura, w ould be a temporary " I sa araw araw , " ang sagot ni B uena
ᐧ䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀爀礀 眀椀琀栀 ᐧ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀
sh elter for h is tow nmates w h en visit-
ing th e c ity. I t w as just a small h ouse
" A ng S abado' t L inggo, ay tig-dadalaw a
愀 䰀椀最栀琀 吀漀甀挀栀 䄀瀀瀀漀椀渀琀洀攀渀琀猀 w h ere about a doz en people, inc lud- M ga araw na ' yan, ay ex erc ise muna
S abado* y bask etball, L inggo ay pelota."
ᐧ䌀愀爀椀渀最 匀琀愀û 䄀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀 ing th e maids, lived, yet it w as big

enough to ac c ommodate everybody.
ᐧ䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀椀攀猀 “ I alw ays w onder h ow th e w h ole " Ex tra sanitary, daig nyo yung una
圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀ 䌀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀℀ band of Serafin Payawal could fit K ung ak o' y pipili, di siempre k ayo na
䘀䄀䴀䤀䰀夀 켥 䌀伀匀䴀䔀吀䤀䌀 켥 伀刀吀䠀伀䐀伀一吀䤀䌀
and play in th is small living room, ” B uk od sa malinis, isang musc le man pa
my fath er-in-law onc e remembered. M aipagmamalak i, saan man magpunta."
Payaw al w as a c elebrated band
㤀㄀㐀 䔀⸀ 㠀琀栀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ 㠀Ⰰ 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀  leader in the fifties and for his band
to play in a private residenc e spok e I tong pangatlo po, ang ating matyagan
w ell of th e status of th e family K ung bak it brief din nga, k anyang k ailangan
W h en w e visited V intar in th e D i dapat pah uli, sa dalaw ang gurang
1990’ s, dec ades after A untie L ina’ s " G ive me a doz en please, " k anyang pagyayabang
reign, w e saw a h uge c olor painting
of h er dressed in a tiara and beautiful A ng tili ng salesgirl, " 0-w ow ee, 0-w ow ee!
gow n. I t w as prominently displayed W h at a man! w h at a man! super sanitary!
in a c ommunity c enter. A untie L ina
Pa' nong pag gamit nyan, please naman do tell me
( Continued on page 10 )
N ang ma-ibida k o, sa k apw a k o girlie! "

" ' Y ang tanong mong iyan, ay elementary

A ng pag-gamit k o nyan, sobrang easy' ng easy
First one for J anuary, nex t one for Februaiy
For M arc h is N umber th ree, E-T -C, E-T -C! "

A nun’s advice for the weary soul

T h is litany w as c omposed by a From th e fear th at I am unlov-
nun affiliated with the Sisters of able … D eliver me, J esus.
L ife based in N ew Y ork City. S h e
w as inspired by th e many c onver- From th e false sec urity th at I
sations sh e h as h ad in th e streets h ave w h at it tak es … D eliver me,
with strangers who find in her a J esus.
gentle spirit able to understand
th e w ords h idden deep in th eir From th e fear th at trusting Y ou
souls. Posted by th e A rc h dioc ese w ill leave me more destitute …
of B altimore. D eliver me, J esus.

T H E L I T A N Y OF T R U S T , A From all suspic ion of Y our

PR A Y ER FOR OU R T I M ES w ords and promises … D eliver
me, J esus.
From th e belief th at I h ave to
earn Y our love … D eliver me, From th e rebellion against
J esus.
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Reporter: Ngayong nanalo ka mw ah ! ! N asaan ang sw eets
M anny, anong pasalubong mo honey?
kay Jinkee? Pacman: Yung sweets ng ilaw. di
Manny: Ibon syempre. Mahilig ak o mak ak ita... ang dilim! !
sya dun e.
Reporter: Ibon? Anong klaseng * * * * *
ibon? S i M anny h abang inimbita ni
Manny: Yung mga lipstek, PN OY sa isang H apunan...
pangmik up ba? Basta mga Ibon PNOY:"I`ll have Swiss Steak
produc ts! Y o k now ... and Frenc h Fries" , nag order si
PN OY sa w aiter.
* * * * * Waiter: And you, Sir?
Pacman: Honey, buksan mo na Manny: The same, Give me
yung sw eets. sweepstake and first prize, too
Jinky : Lambing mo talaga.
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Spiritual Life
If you suffer from anxiety, you need to know the most repeated
advice in the Bible
It comes at us 365 times. God overw h elmed h im. / B ut th e an- God wants of me in this situation? and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
really, really wants us to be at gel said to h im, “ D o not be afraid, What will the medical testing tell us? T h e L OR D is th e strongh old of my
peace. Z ec h ariah , for your prayer h as been Will his addiction get worse? Am life; of whom shall I be afraid?”
h eard. Y our w ife Eliz abeth w ill bear I making the right decision? Will I
Patty Knap you a son, and you w ill name h im really see my loved ones in heaven? In Jeremiah 1:8, we read, “Do not
John.” (Luke 1:12-13) Endless q uestions sw irl in our h eads, be afraid of th em, for I am w ith you
M any people probably th ink th e and to eac h G od reminds us to turn to deliver you, says th e L OR D .”
July, 21th, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time I n fac t, th ere are many, many times to H im in prayer and trust.
most c ommon ph rase in th e B ible
Who are the strangers?
beyond th ese Ch ristmas verses w h en In Matthew 10:28, we read, “Do
h as someth ing to do w ith “ don’ t” th e B ible enc ourages us to not be In Revelation 2:10, we’re encour- not fear th ose w h o k ill th e body but
or “ th ou sh alt not” or maybe afraid. aged, “ D o not fear w h at you are c annot k ill th e soul; rath er fear h im
Joke of the week: A n ec onomic al some illegal aliens w h o are w anted “ love one anoth er.” about to suffer. B ew are, th e devil w h o c an destroy both soul and body
visitor to th e c ity h ad over-stayed for c rimes from th eir ow n c ountry At the Transfiguration of Jesus, the is about to th row some of you into in h ell.”
h is w elc ome in th e h ome of h is found th eir w ay into th e U nited A c tually th e most repeated advic e disc iples fell to th e ground and w ere prison so th at you may be tested, and
relatives. T ime dragged on but h e S tates. S ome h ave been appreh ended th rough out th e Old and th e N ew overc ome by fear. / B ut J esus c ame for ten days you will have affliction. Luke 12:7 tells us, “But even the
sh ow ed no signs of leaving for eith er and h anded to law enforc ements T estaments is, “ D o not be afraid! ” and touc h ed th em, saying, “ G et up B e faith ful until death , and I w ill h airs of your h ead are all c ounted.
a h otel or h is h ome. A t length th e officials of their country of origin. and do not be afraid.” (M atth ew give you th e c row n of life.” D o not be afraid; you are of more
h ead of th e h ouse tried to drop a Even a small and a T h ird W orld Y ou migh t already be familiar w ith 17:6-7) value th an many sparrow s.”
h int, “ Y ou w ife and th e k ids must c ountry lik e th e Ph ilippines h ave a few S c ripture verses w h ere th is In Deutoronomy 31:6 we’re en-
miss you all th ese w eek s, ” h e said. problems w ith undoc umented illegal loving exhortation is made: When A ll togeth er some form of D o c ouraged to put our trust in G od, th at In John 6:20, we read that when the
“ D on’ t you th ink th ey’ d lik e to see aliens. T h is is a global problem due th e angel G abriel appeared to M ary, not be afraid is repeated 3 65 times H e w ill not abandon us w h en w e put disc iples saw J esus w alk ing tow ard
you again?” “Thanks very much,” he to politic al persec utions, poverty and for ex ample, announc ing th at sh e th rough out S c ripture! Him first in our life: “Be strong and th em on th e w ater, H e said to th em,
said. “ I t’ s really good of you to th ink uneq ual w orldw ide distribution of w ould be th e M oth er of Our S avior. bold; h ave no fear or dread of th em, “ I t is I ; do not be afraid.”
of it. I ’ ll w rite tonigh t and tell th em w ealth . Or w h en J oseph h eard th ese w ords S o many of our daily w orries big bec ause it is th e L OR D your G od
to c ome.” I n dealing w ith issues on immigra- upon learning th at h e w as to be th e and small revolve around some k ind w h o goes w ith you; h e w ill not fail S t. J oh n Paul I I began h is papac y
Scriptures: First Reading: Genesis tion, th e Ch urc h is put in a bind. I s earthly father of Jesus: “Joseph, son of fear of w h at w ill h appen. A nx i- you or forsak e you.” w ith th e c ruc ial reminder, “ B e not
18: 1-10a. After the elderly Abraham th e Ch urc h ’ s “ tent” big enough to of D avid, do not be afraid to tak e ety consumes much of our energy: afraid! ” T h is saint of our times c on-
and S arah offered th e h ospitality of ac c ommodate not only h er legitimate M ary as your w ife, for th e c h ild Will he be okay on that trip? Will In Psalm 27:1, we’re reminded stantly urged us to ac c ept th e peac e
th eir tent to th ree strangers, G od re- members, but also th e illegal aliens c onc eived in h er is from th e H oly she have a car accident? Can I ever th at no earth ly disappointment c an Ch rist offers us, and to trust alw ays
w arded th em w ith a son, I saac . S ar- in th e U nited S tates w h o are h ere to Spirit.” (Matthew 1:20) forgive my sibling? Am I doing what destroy us: “The LORD is my light in H is love and merc y.
ah ’ s w omb w as blest, bec ause th eir earn a living for th emselves and for
tent w as big enough to ac c ommodate their family? Before administering A s J esus w as about to be born in
th ree strangers. I t is revealed th at th e sac raments, sh ould th e Ch urc h B eth leh em, anoth er angel appeared DIVINE MERCY
A brah am’ s h ospitality in w elc om- ask for legal papers from suspec ted to th e th ree k ings (th e w ise men) #shrine ENCINITAS
ing th ese travelers earned for h im illegal aliens w h o h ave no c rimi- w ith th e same enc ouraging w ords.
and h is posterity a great nation and
manifold blessings. Second Reading:
nal rec ords from th eir c ountry of
origin? The Church’s action does not
Save the Date:
W h en Z ec h ariah w as told th at h is
Colossians 1: 24-28. Exegetes con-
sider th is letter as D eutero-Pauline. I t
c ondone loosening up our border se-
c urity. On th e c ontrary, th e Ch urc h , August13, 2019,
w ife w ould c onc eive a c h ild in h er
old age, “he was terrified; and fear

Theologian: Amazon GPS 701 Encinitas

means th at it h as ideas and th ough ts lik e any oth er institutions, w ants all
th at Paul c ould h ave ex pressed, but c itiz ens to be safe from all h arm and

Synod attempting email: divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com

it w as w ritten by someone c lose to violenc e. B ut to deny h ospitality to Blvd, Encinitas 92024
h im. T h e auth or h opes th at th e Cross strangers and aliens in our midst is or google “divine mercy shrine encinitas”

to ‘demolish’ the
of Ch rist w ould remain manifested to go against an eth ic al imperative
in th e A postle’ s suffering and in th at is th e essential h allmark of every www.divinemercy724.com FB @divinemercy724
th e Ch urc h as it goes on h er earth ly Christian believer: those who are
journey. Gospel: Luke 10: 38-42.
L uk e c leverly c onnec ts th is story of
h ospitable to th e needy and th e h elp-
less w elc ome Ch rist h imself (M at- Church from within
M ary and M arth a w ith th e Parable thew 10: 40-41); those who welcome Diane Montagna | ROME, July 17,
Divine Mercy Shrine

Divine Mercy Shrine

of th e G ood S amaritan. I n a c ulture th e outc asts prec isely bec ause of 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — JOIN US FROM 2:00 TO 4:00 PM ON THE 13TH
w h ere h ospitality is very important, th eir inability to pay bac k th is h ospi- A noth er respec ted th eologian OF THE MONTH TO: 1) OFFER THE ROSARY,

Jesus I Trust In You!

Jesus I Trust In You!
w elc oming a family friend, J esus, tality w ill be rew arded on judgment 2) PRAY THE DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET AND
into th eir h ouseh old bec omes an oc - day (Luke 14: 14). Are our hearts is sounding th e alarm on th e 3) WALK THE WAY OF THE CROSS
c asion for th e tw o sisters to be blest. and also our “ tent” big enough to upc oming A maz on S ynod, saying
I n enc ountering th e divine presenc e, ac c ommodate th e unw anted people it is an attempt to “ c reate anoth er A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
just as A brah am and S arah h ad in our midst? c h urc h ” by “ demolish ing” th e
rec eived G od’ s blessing by w elc om- Quotation of the week: A s h is dis- true Ch urc h from w ith in.
ing th ree strangers into th eir tent, th e c iples, w e are c alled to attend to th e
family of M ary and M arth a w as blest last, littlest, low est and least in soc i- M onsignor N ic ola B ux , a th eo-
a h undredfold. ety and in th e Ch urc h … M ak e room logian and former c onsulter to th e
Reflection: I srael’ s slavery in Egypt for th e stranger in our midst, praying Congregation for th e D oc trine of th e

forms th e basis of its h ospitality to for th e c ourage and strength to offer Faith during Benedict XVI’s pontifi-
strangers th at is found in th e L aw our spiritual and pastoral ministry c ate, said in a rec ent interview th at
and in th e H ebrew S c riptures. “ H ave to all w h o c ome to us, offering our “ w h at w e are fac ing is an th e attempt
th e same love for h im as for your- prayer and support for th e ones in to genetic ally modify th e Ch urc h .” “Speak to the world about
My Mercy ...
self; for you too w ere onc e aliens our midst w h o, lik e J esus, h ave no A sk ed w h y h e believes th e w ork ing Let all mankind
in the land of Egypt” (Leviticus 19: plac e to rest th eir h eads on (M atth ew doc ument [ I nstrumentum laboris] recognize My
3 4 ). I t is no w onder th at th e impor- 8: 20). Roger Cardinal Mahoney for th e upc oming synod h as been so Unfathomable Mercy ...”
— Jesus to St. Faustina,
tanc e given both by H ebrew and roundly c ritic iz ed, M sgr. B ux , w h o Diary 848
Ch ristian S c riptures to h ospitality now serves as th eologian c onsulter
Cleanse Our

made th at ministry to aliens and th e to th e Congregation for th e Causes
marginaliz ed in soc iety, suc h as th e of S aints, said “ in a c ertain sense, th e
orph ans, w idow s, sic k and prisoners,
an outstanding c h arac teristic form Hearts answ er w as rec ently given by Pope
B enedic t [ in an essay publish ed after
of servic e or “ diak onia.” D uring th e the Vatican sex abuse summit]: it is
M iddle A ges, h ospitality to strangers M e d it at ion: yet anoth er attempt to ‘ c reate an-
and pilgrims bec ame a distinc tive Af t e r som e t im e , inne r e m p t i- oth er Ch urc h , an ex periment already
prac tic e among monasteries. A mong ne ss and d issat isf ac t ion w ill c om e th at w as tried and failed.’ ”
th e B enedic tine’ s R ules th ere is an t o [ t h e soul’ s] at t e nt ion. O h , if “ T h ese c leric s do not ask th em-
only sh e w ould t urn t o M e t h e n,

advic e to th e monk s to offer unc on- selves th e great q uestion at th e basis
ditional h ospitality to pilgrims and I w ould h e lp h e r t o c le anse h e r of Christianity: what did Jesus really
sic k travelers to h oly sh rines. Out of heart, and I would fulfill every- bring us if — as w e c an see — h e
th is tradition c ame th e establish ment t h ing in h e r soul; b ut w it h out h e r did not bring w orld peac e, w ell-
of religious h ostels and h ospitals, th e k now le d g e and c onse nt , I c annot being for all, and a better world?,”
forerunners of modern h ealth c are b e t h e M ast e r of h e r h e art (D iary, M sgr. B ux said.
fac ilities and h ospic e.
I n an age w h ere everyone is w or-
ried about h omeland sec urity and
168 3 ).
M y P ray e r R e sp onse :
L ord J esus, h elp us turn to Y ou th at
“ J esus Ch rist c ame to bring G od to
earth, so that man might find the way
to heaven: that is why he founded
renew ed th reats from radic al groups Y ou may c leanse our h earts. L ord th e Ch urc h , ” th e I talian M onsignor
to h arm and k ill even innoc ent J esus, meek and h umble of H eart, said. “ I nstead, today’ s c leric s tak e
people, it is understandable th at w e mak e our h earts lik e Y ours. M ay c are of th e earth as if it w ere man’ s
are c autious w h om w e allow into our w e seek to be one h eart w ith Y ou in
H oly Communion.
permanent and lasting h ome. W h at is $325,000 WHO HAS FIVE FRIENDS ON
soc iety, c ommunity, group, c ountry the symptom? They do not speak of
and family. I t is of paramount impor-
tanc e th at th e borders betw een oth er
*The words of Jesus appear in boldface type.
Source: Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska:
Divine Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fathers
th e soul and th erefore of its salva-
c ountries and th e U S are w ell pro-
tec ted and sec ured to prevent slip-
of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Ex-
cerpted from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus:
M sgr. B ux furth er noted th at ideas
onc e “ denounc ed” by J oseph R atz -
c ells c oming into our neigh borh ood.
Praying Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of St.
Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 inger (as prefec t of th e Congregation $115,000 STAND WITH YOU? AS IN MATCH
A c c ording to a rec ent new s report, Marian Press for th e D oc trine of th e Faith ) are
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
now “ c oming to maturity” w ith th e
“ T h e Ch urc h is no longer c onsid-
th e People of G od oriented tow ard
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
salvation, but a soc iologic al ph e-
nomenon; th us it must deal w ith ec o-
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
nomic s, ec ology and politic s, w h ere
at most it c ould intervene only for a
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
moral judgment, ” M sgr. B ux said.
He added that, under the influ- 2019. LET’S DO IT. LET’S PAY OFF THE LAND FOR
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the whole world.
enc e of modernism, proponents of
th ese ideas c laim th at “ times h ave THE DIVINE MERCY #SHRINE IN ENCINITAS.
c h anged” and w ith th em, “ a new For group presentations about our mission project, call
On the Hail Mary beads say:
dogma” is needed. Y et h e pointed Contact
619.851.9547 or email divinemercyshrineofsc@gmail.com
out “ th is doesn’ t answ er th e q ues-
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
on us and on the whole world. tions: who decided that times have
changed? And is change always The Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit registered in the
In conclusion say three times: State of California. Your donation is tax deductible according to the laws of the State of California.
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, I n th e interview , w h ic h w as repub-
have mercy on us and on the whole world. ( Continued on page 14 )
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Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of Fil-Canadian theatre director
reaps prestigious awards
Ilonggo History ( Continued from page 1 )
by Dinggol Araneta ronto A llianc e for th e Performing Im p ort ant
Divinagracia A rts is for h er w ork in direc ting
“ S c h ool G irls; or, th e A fric an A q uino says th at for people w h o
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times. w ork in th eater, it is th eir “ passion
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist M ean G irls Play” earlier th is year, … th is is th e th ing th at grow s us,
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism. a c oproduc tion by Obsidian T h e- nurtures us, transforms us.

Sandali Lang
atre and N igh tw ood T h eatre. “ A nd w h eth er or not w e get th e ac -
A q uino is c urrently th e artistic
Defending the “Maragtas” versus
c olades and th e rec ognition th at w e
direc tor of Fac tory T h eatre. th ink w e deserve, w e w ill c ontinue
to do w ork … bec ause w e believe
Scott’s Hoax Theory..
S andali lamang at h uw ag k a sanang magmadali
O w n p at h th at th eater c an c h ange th e w orld …
even if it’ s just one audienc e member H inga muna ng malalim pumik it ng sandali
B orn in th e Ph ilippines, A q uino at th e time.” H uw ag munang mag-isip ng k ah it anupang mali
moved to Canada w h en sh e w as 17 For both aw ards, A q uino w ent M asdan lang ang paligid at ik a’ y mapapangiti.
years old. A fter w atc h ing h er older straigh t to reh earsals th e follow ing
broth er in a play at h is h igh sc h ool, day after th e respec tive c eremonies.
sh e th ough t to h erself “ I c an do th at, “ I suppose I c elebrated my w ins w ith S adyang k ay ganda ngang tunay itong buong paligid
too.” more w ork . W h ic h , to me, is alw ays M asdan ang sik at ng araw sa ati’ y sumisilip
“ I started my ow n path in th eater th e best w ay to c elebrate one’ s
vic tories.”
L ibre ito k aya tanggapin h anggang iyong nais
as an ac tor at a young age. H aven’ t
look ed bac k sinc e, ” sh e says. A q uino Even so, A q uino does not fail to Para sa ating lah at at w ala siyang k apalit.
studied drama at U niversity of h igh ligh t h er apprec iation for th e
G uelph and took up a master’ s in support th at sh e rec eives. “ H aving D amh in ang dalisay na samyo ng mabangong h angin
(By DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - L et us not believe everyth ing th at a th eatre at U niversity of T oronto. a village of family and friends th at
IlonggoNationMovement) Protestant lik e W illiam H enry S c ott S h e bec ame th e founding artistic w ill h ave your bac k anytime you N a h umah ampas-h ampas sa matataas na bangin
w rites of plain bigotry, lik e th is one direc tor of fu-G EN A sian Canadian ask for it h elps. H aving a h usband H uni ng ibong pipit iyo ba ring naririnig
Prologue: “Not only the high- saying th at th e M aragtas is a M yth . T h eatre, th en th e artistic direc tor of th at doesn’ t mind h olding th e fort N agk ak asayah an sila sadyang nak ak ainggit.
est Court of th e land (S upreme L et us neith er believe w h at h is fol- Cah oots T h eatre Projec ts, before w h en you’ re not th ere h elps. A nd
Court) ignore th is misc onc eption low er, CCP anth ropologist L anda-J o- bec oming th e artistic direc tor of Fac - h aving an astute, out-of-th is-w orld
propagated by H enry W illiam c ano said th at w e c annot ac c ept th e tory T h eatre in th e early 2 010s. 12 -year-old c h ild w h o understands S ana’ y maaliw k a sa ek sena ng k alik asan
S c ott; but still many, many more M aragtas as an h istoric al evidenc e and randomly tex ts you ‘ I love you’ S a pagaspas ng paruparong w alang k apaguran
bec ause it is not a w ritten doc ument. P assion th rough out th e day h elps.”
respec table institutions, groups, H anap ang bulak lak na w alang k upas sa k abanguh an
and enligh tened c itiz enry. A ll th is balderdash . T inunto ni A q uino c onsiders w inning th e How we live Hindi ba’t nakakawala ng san’dakot na lumbay?
tanan. B inuang! B indh ardt-D avies A w ard as a “ mean-
I t is regrettable, h ow ever, to note ingful reminder to breath e, to tak e A q uino believes th eater is a w ay of
th at “ M aragtas” w as stric k en-out W e w h o h ave h eard th e maragtas Paminsan-minsan ang paligid ay bigyan mo ng pansin
everyth ing in— ac c omplish ments “ saying someth ing about th e state of
in Elementary grades tex tbook s being told to us by our grandparents and sc rew -ups. w h ere w e c urrently live in and h ow Para sa atin ang lah at ng mga ito w alang naniningil
in th e late 1960s by th e M anila- as a bedtime story in our c h ildh ood “ T h is little poc k et of time al- w e live our lives.” S abayan mo lang ng ngiti ang k umpas ng h angin
based D epartment of Educ ation c an not err if w e say th at th ese U .S . low s me to look bac k at my h istory “ Y es, th eater c an a be a plac e of
W A S P missionaries are w rong, and
A ting pasalamatan, libre ito, iyong mah alin
(D epEd) nationw ide due to M r. through a different lens: one that is temporary esc ape, a sigh of relief, a
h ave noth ing to do, w ith w h at th e more forgiving, generous, open and stretc h of time w h ere w e c an laugh
S c ott’ s th eory.” --dinggol.d~ ~ ~ M aragtas is for all of us w h o speak and momentarily forget th e h arsh ,
apprec iative, to rec ogniz e h ow far
Y longo from birth . I ’ ve c ome in th e journey. c ruel realities — th at’ s is one of its
SCOTT, BIASED AGAINST Editors Note: “ W h en someth ing is said out loud, more important functions for sure:
THE MARAGTAS D on G uillermo G ó mez R ivera, public ly rec ogniz ed at a larger sc ale, entertainment. Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
(By Guillermo Gomez Rivera-His- w h ose anc estors c ame from D ingle it just mak es it a little bit more real “ B ut th eater c an also provok e, offer
panoFilipino eGroup) and Calinog in I loilo Provinc e is than usual. It reaffirms that I’m do- up, magnify, inspire, sh ak e up, turn W h en it c omes to th e range of h er spec tac ular sh ow s lik e ‘ M amma
also related to some illustrious old ing someth ing righ t.” around, fight for, shift, fight against, direc ting output, A q uino says, “ I M ia, ’ ‘ M iss S aigon’ and ‘ T h e L ion
W illiam H enry S c ott, w e are S ino-H ispano families of " Parian" S h e notes th at th e rec ognition is rearrange, transform th ough ts, ideas, don’ t do traditional Filipino folk K ing.’ M y w ork falls somew h ere
told w as a M ason as w ell as a now M olo, I loilo City, and N egros also a “ profound reminder of h ow truth s, lies, prec onc eived notions, danc es or perform indigenous tribal in betw een forms, past and present,
sec tarian Protestant neoc oloniz er Oc c idental. muc h more w ork th ere is ah ead.” assumptions, prejudic es, princ iples, music or present sarsuw elas and small and large, a little bit from c ol-
masq uerading as an anth ropolo- “ I f th is illuminates h ow passionate I values, feelings.” k omedyas.” umn A , a little bit from c olumn B .
gist, to distort in many w ays th e H e is th e auth or of H I L I G A Y N ON am about th eater and h ow muc h I be- A q uino previously rec eived a D ora N everth eless, sh e notes th at some “Some may even find my work not
pre-H ispanic N ative h istory and H A R V ES T (Filipino H eritage lieve th at it c an c h ange th e w orld… A w ard in 2 011 for h er direc tion of of th ese Filipino performanc e forms Filipino enough . B ut I am a Filipino.
Enc yc lopedia, V ol. 6). T h is former I ’ ll tak e it. I t’ s just really nic e, and “ paper series” for Cah oots T h eatre. have actually influenced some of her L ook at me, ” A q uino says c learly.
c ulture. member of th e 197 1-7 3 Ph ilippine it’ s prec ious fuel for th e long road w ell-k now n th eatric al w ork s. “ W h eth er or not I direc t a sh ow th at
Constitutional Convention-- N ational ah ead.” I am a F ilip ino “ I also don’ t do th e big, glitz y, h as noth ing to do w ith our Filipino-
Calling th e M aragtas a " myth " is L anguage Committee w as ac c laimed ness, my w ork is still Filipino.
an insult to all Y longos. B ut h as ----L aureled Princ e of Y longo Poetry (page 103 , 198 4 , S ec ond Edition). reac t in order to put th e nation and mak arulouy lang k ita. I ndi bala Period.
any tried to find out why Scott in 197 7 . its people into a L T M L , or " L ong T ay A min nga ang h urobaton k ang
called the "Maragtás" a myth? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W h ere does it say h ere th at T erm M emory L oss." U sually, th ese paborito mo nga santo, " A ng w ala P ow e r of t h e at e r
Maragtas is a myth? Instead, Scott people c ome from th e religious gabalik id sa anang ginh alinan, indi
W e did. A nd th e reason given to us In Defense of Maragtas: (By h ere does not doubt (meaning, h e establish ment w h o are proponents of man mak aabot sa anang padulun- A q uino k now s th e pow er of th eater.
is th at it is N OT W R I T T EN , th ere- Atty. Rex S. Salvilla) is c ertain) th at M aragtas is " th e a " national amnesia" in order to h ide gan?" Ti ano gani ang balikdon mo S h e rec alls h er ow n ex perienc es
fore th ere is no doc ument saying th at memory of an ac tual event." S o, th e th eir sins of c ommissions. k on ginpak ilo ron nanda ang aton w ork ing w ith Filipino Canadian
th e M ará gtas is true. th erefore it is a WHAT is Maragtas? It is the folk ex odus really and ac tually h appened! ginh alinan. T i daad, mah ulag ron th eater c ompany Carlos B ulosan
" myth " , or a made up story. story of th e ex odus of ten M alay da- W e w onder h ow th e D epartment of A nd th e nex t ac c usation th at th ey k ita k adya. (I nday Z elds) T h eatre.
tus from B ornay (B orneo) to Panay Educ ation th en c ould h ave c onc lud- are going to mak e is already done ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “ I t w as k now n as Carlos B ulosan
N ow th is argument is atroc ious and c enturies ago led by D atu Puti. ed from S c ott' s w ork th at M aragtas by " demoniz ing" th eir protagonists. Cultural W ork sh op bac k th en. I t w as
arbitrary. In the first place nobody is a myth? H eh eh e! Palaba-laba sungay na lang Miguel de Loarca: Relacion de las c reated in th e early 198 0s as a means
said th at th e M aragtas is someth ing ini seguro...Pero si J ose R iz al w ala Y slas Filipinas-J une 15 8 2 . to give voic e to th e anger, frustration,
T h is story w as h anded dow n from anx iety, pain th at th e Filipino Canadian
th at w as originally w ritten. T h ere is generation to generation by w ord A t any rate, let us go to some as- man ' to sungay ugaling miembro
suc h a th ing, after all, as OR A L L I T - pec ts of M aragtas. sang M ason gani ginpapatay sang One c ould also argue from w h at th e c ommunity w as going th rough at a time
of mouth among th e inh abitants of w h en th ey felt h elpless, being far aw ay
ER A T U R E or OR A L T R A D I T I ON . Panay. It was first put into print in mga relih iyoso paagi sa pagpusil early S panish ex plorer M iguel de
from th eir h ome c ountry th at w as going
A nd th at is w h at th e M ará gtas really 1907 auth ored by Pedro A . M onte- First - T h is story mentions more sa B agumbayan. I k apila gani ina L oarc a w rote in h is report (R elac ion th rough politic al strife and turmoil.”
is. I T I S A N OR A L T R A D I T I ON or c laro of M iagao, I loilo, a leader of th an six ty names, w h ic h are very dif- nga sugo sa 10 Commandments, de las Y slas Filipinas) in J une 15 8 2 . T h e group h ad been originally th e
A N OR A L L I T ER A T U R E. B eing the Philippine Revolution and first ficult to invent. These included the A gurang D inggol, inang siling nila W riting in A revalo (Panay), h e says c ultural w ing of th e N orth A meric a-w ide
OR A L , it is but logic al to understand president of h is tow n during th e names of th e ten datus, th eir w ives, nga mando sang D iyos nga " D ili k a “ ... sinc e th ese natives are not ac - Coalition A gainst th e M arc os D ic tator-
th at it is not w ritten. A meric an regime. I t w as publish ed k ins, h ouseh olds and subordinate magpatay?" q uainted w ith th e art of w riting, th ey sh ip organiz ation.
by th e K adampig sang B anw a (D e- leaders. I f M aragtas is a myth , w h y preserve th eir anc ient lore th rough “ Petitions, letters, protests w ere done,
B ut th e M aragtá s w as later on w rit- fenders of th e Country). did th e storyteller took th e trouble of H ay maan k aninyo! N agasak it ang songs, w h ic h th ey sing in a very executed within the confines of their
ten dow n by a S panish Friar, T omá s mentioning these so many names? dugh an k o...I nday Z elds, butw a k a pleasing manner -c ommonly w h ile homes, offices and community centers.
S antaré n, OS A , in 18 5 3 or 18 5 6. man abi agud to nga magnayanaya plying th eir oars, as th ey are island- B ut ultimately, ac tivism, th e spirit of
M aragtas is th e h istoric al basis solidarity, th e need to rise up and h ope
I t w as w ritten dow n in its original of th e regional festivals in Panay- S ec ond - T h e story mentions th at ang aton adlaw .... dw ellers. A lso, during th eir revelries,
sometime after th e ten datus landed th e singers w h o h ave good voic es for a better future h ad to be sh ow n
K inaray-a language and translated B inirayan of A ntiq ue, D inagyang th rough th eater.
into S panish . T h e moment it w as of I loilo and H alaran of Capiz . T h e in S an J oaq uin, th ey took a trip ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rec ite th e ex ploits of olden times." “ T h is is h ow th e c ommunity tried to
w ritten, it also bec ame W ritten L it- A ti-atih an of A k lan is also based on around A ninipay (th e name given by Reaction: (Zelda Lopez -INM: save its c ountry. A small, tiny gesture,
erature aside from th e Oral L itera- a peac e treaty betw een th e aboriginal th e A tis to th e island), later c h anged Ontario-Canada) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ yes, but even th e smallest pebble c an
ture th at it is originally. atis (N egritos) and th e desc endants by th e M alays to M adia-as and th en M ayad nga adlaw lang dyan sa W illiam H enry S c ott’ s R evised V er- mak e th e biggest ripples, ” says A q uino.
of D atu B angk aya, one of th e ten by th e S paniards to Panay. tanan. T i N ong R ud, T ay A min, sa sion-1984:
S o w h at is th e basis for c alling it a datus. diin k ita k adya managbalay, sa Capi- F or F ilip ino C anad ians
myth? Nothing. I n th e story of th is c loc k w ise tol Hill ukon sa Roxas Blvd? Y es! S c ott h imself h ad no doubt
B efore W orld W ar I I , tex tbook s in trip around th e island, th e M alays regarding th e h istoric ity of an event “ W h y do I do w h at I do and w h y do I
I t is just bec ause a S panish Friar, a th e elementary grades th rough out th e dropped from plac e to plac e some S uno sa mga pah ayag nanda ngadya th at led to th e transmission of an do it for th e c ommunities I serve, espe-
Cath olic , is c redited for h aving saved c ountry inc luded th e M aragtas story families, w h ic h settled th ere. T h e ni M ananabang R ex k ag ni J G R ang oral tradition th at c ame to be k now n cially Filipino Canadians?
it, its importanc e to our people is names of th ese plac es appear to be M aragtas ta natabo gid man. K ag as th e " M aragtas" . H e said in th e “ T o mak e th e invisible, visible. T o tak e
up to some time in th e late 1960s on the small and big fights that exist in
being denied outrigh t! . w h en it w as stric k en out of th ese c orrec t in th eir geograph ic al order bisan pa gani mo. L ima k a libo k a revised version of h is doc toral dis-
around Panay from M alandog (A n- tuig magh alin duk ar-on sin-o gid abi sertation, published in 1984: "There th e larger th eater c ommunity. T o mak e
book s. sure th at th e list of artistic ac h ievements
I t is a fac t th at th e Protestants tiq ue) bac k to B uc aya (S an J oaq uin). ang magtul-id k on ano nga siglo nag is no reason to doubt th at th is legend that have shown us many ‘firsts’ grows
A meric an c oloniz ers w e h ave do T h e reason of th e D epartment of Why this accuracy if it is not true? abot ya mga k amal-aman naton sa preserves th e memory of an ac tual into sec onds and th irds and fourth s.
not lik e th e S panish Friars, th eir Educ ation th en w as a book by an baybay kang San Joaquin? event, but it is not possible to date “ I t’ s about th e w ork , it’ s alw ays been
c ompetition in th e " religious mark et" A meric an W illiam H enry S c ott, (Source: Sun Star-Iloilo October th e event itself or to dec ide w h ic h about th e w ork , front and c enter. A nd
in th ese I slands, and it is th ey sinc e Preh ispanic S ourc e M aterials for th e 11, 2002) I ndi bala nga gapati man gani k ita of its details are h istoric fac ts and our w ork c annot ex ist w ith you, th e au-
1900 w h o h ave been maligning th is S tudy of Ph ilippine H istory pub- --------------------------- nga si N oah k ag ang anang A rk o gin w h ic h are th e embellish ment of gen- dienc e. W e do th is for you, for anybody
Friars just to sh ow us th at th ey are lish ed in 1968 allegedly stating th at Editors Note: anaw man? Ti, wala man maman-an eration of oral transmission." w h o is w illing to w atc h us, listen to w h at
better " servants of G od" th an th ose R ex S . S alvilla, a law yer by profes- k on ano nga siglo to. W ala man gani w e h ave to say. A nd partic ularly for th e
M aragtas is a myth . Filipino Canadian th eater artists, w e do
S panish Friar missionaries. sion and famed ilonggo h istorian is maman-an k on may ark o gid man. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
th e President of W est V isayas H is- T i dya nga mga sugilanon, w ala man Prologue: “Myth-Busting is fun. it for our people bec ause w e migh t just
T h is is very glaringly misleading h ave someth ing important to say about
T h is is dow nrigh t sec tarianism of bec ause th is is w h at w as ac tually toric al R esearc h Foundation, I nc . dya mabalh ag k ang pagk atabo na R esearc h ing some tales from th e
being part of it or a part from it.
th e w orst k ind. T ogeth er w ith th ese written by Scott: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oo0oo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ gid. N aman-an man naton tanan nga past, I disc overed th at “ myth ” “ S ee our w ork . T alk about it. L ove
Protestant bigots, w e h ave th eir loc al dya nga mga sugilanon h istory dya doesn’ t nec essarily mean “ false” --it it, h ate it, but talk about it w ith your
c onverts (I k now one of th em from " T h ere is no reason to doubt th at Reaction: (Benjie E. Estuche-INM- k ang mga H udeo. c an also mean “ a popular belief or a friends. A nd th en see our w ork again.
S illiman U niversity w h o talk s and th is legend preserves th e memory of Ph illy, PA -U S A ) tradition” th at w ould turn out to be A nd bring your mom and dad. B ec ause
talk s but says noth ing in th e long an ac tual event, but it is not possible W e all k now th at th e Old T esta- true.” --dinggol.d~ ~ w h en you do th is, you h elp mak e th e
run), w h o h ate w h at Y longos, Ce- to date th e event itself or to dec ide T h e c itation made by A tty. S alvilla ment B ible is th e h istory of th e J ew s. (Photo Credit: Mr. Art Geroche of invisible— our w ork , our artists, us—
buanos, T agalos, etc ., h ave as th eir w h ic h of its details are h istoric fac ts on th e W .H . S c ott book simply il- N obody q uestions its auth entic ity. Iloilo City) visible.”
S panish h eritage. and w h ic h are th e embellish ment of lustrates th e h ysteria by w h ic h th e
a generation of oral transmission" c orruptors of our people and c ulture T i ang ak on lang k adya gani h ay
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Complicated Affairs

That Guilty Feeling

Chapter 10 of "Complicated Af- nings- w ould c ome h is w ay.
“ B U T Y OU EA R N ED I T , I T ’ S
c h ildren. T h e fac t th at D anny lac k ed
th e drive to pursue a solid c areer and
Tribute later assigned in a naval installation
in S an D iego, California. T h is w as
w h y most of h er relatives, inc luding
served in a w ar. U nfortunately, h e
joined th e N avy righ t after th e K o-
rean W ar. D uring th e V ietnam W ar,
fairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. ( Continued from page 7 )
Y OU R S , ” h is friend B obby, as- instead w ould rath er spend h is time A untie L ina, c h ose to settle in S an h is sh ip w as doc k ed just a few miles
on h is gambling vic e did not h elp th e onc e w ork ed in th e government of-
I t took a w h ile for D anny to sured h im w h en th ey disc ussed D iego. T h ere w as w h ere A untie L ina aw ay from w h at w as c onsidered a
relationsh ip. Eventually, B etty w ould fice of General Fabian Ver, a cousin
th e dilemma. B obby w as th e most met B en M oore. w ar z one, th ereby denying A untie
realiz e w h at h ad just h appened. suc c essful among h is c h ildh ood say h urtful th ings to h im. of Ferdinand M arc os, w h o ended up
A untie L ina never h ad a c h ild for Lina more benefits on a technicality.
T h e w ords of th e embassy’ s c lerk “ Y ou are a nobody, ” B etty w ould as th e military aide of th e dic tator.
friends, w h ic h inc luded M andy and sh e married late. T o say th at sh e w as H er Filipina c aregiver c ried w h en
w ere c lear. H e w as entitled to a insult h er h usband. “ I f not for me, B eing in th e c enter of th e military
M onte as w ell. T h eir oth er friend, more th an a moth er bec ause of th e sh e disc overed A untie L ina’ s lifeless
$ 1, 4 00-a-month pension from h is you w ould not be h ere in A meric a. regime, sh e alw ays w arned h er niec e
V al, h ad passed aw ay in h is tw en- presenc e of h er neph ew s and niec es body on h er bed at tw o o’ c loc k th is
Y ou w ould rot in th e Ph ilippines.” and later my w ife G enevieve “ not to
dec eased ex -w ife B etty, despite ties. T h e four of th em, togeth er w ith w h o grew up in h er h ouseh old w ould morning. S h e h ad learned to love
I t w as sh e, after all, w h o h ad join th e demonstrations” organiz ed
th eir being divorc ed for a long a th ug, J imbo, spent an ex c iting and be w istful th ink ing. A t most, sh e w as th e gentle w oman during th e latter’ s
petitioned for h im to get a perma- by h er militant c lassmates at th e
time and even remarried to oth er adventurous summer in 1969 th at lik e a moth er longing for th em as h er sh ort stay at th e h omec are fac ility
nent resident visa in th e U .S . S h e U niversity of th e Ph ilippines, th en
c losely bounded th em togeth er th e c h ildren from afar. w h ere sh e w ould alw ays c h ec k on
people. When everything finally rest of th eir lives. B obby bec ame a c onveniently forgot th e fac t th at mar- th e bulw ark of th e nationalist move-
h er at prec isely th at time to see if
ments. W h en B en died several years ago,
sunk in h is mind, h e nervously medic al doc tor w h o h ad a prac tic e rying h er w as not D anny’ s c h oic e. A untie L ina c h ose to live w ith h er sh e w as ok ay.
asked the clerk: “What should I Coming to A meric a w as not even h is H er broth er, D r. A ngel T agudin,
in S an D iego, California. B obby sister and h er h usband. A s a veteran, “ M atulog k a na (G o to sleep
do?” preferenc e. H e w ould rath er spend a M D , w ent to th e U .S . in th e 1960s
w as responsible and level-h eaded, B en’ s c remated remains w ere buried now). I am fine,” Auntie Lina would
c arefree, easy-going life in th e Ph il- during the first wave of Filipino pro-
w h ic h is w h y D anny alw ays sough t at Fort R osec rans N ational Cemetery alw ays tell h er.
The clerk smiled and joked: “Treat ippines w h ere th e pressure to mak e fessionals’ migration. I presume h e
h is advic e. H e k new every detail of in Point L oma for h is servic e to th e M ore th an anytime else, th e
me to dinner.” money and w ork h ard w as not muc h . petitioned A untie L ina and h er sister
D anny’ s life sinc e th ey w ere c lose c ountry. A untie L ina w ould h ave c aregiver w as sure A untie L ina w as
D anny w anted to do more th an th at. S h e w ould even insult D anny’ s I nes, w h o w ere unmarried. I nes met
sinc e c h ildh ood. enjoyed far more benefits had Ben indeed ok ay for sh e h ad now been
H e w anted to h ug and k iss h im even relatives and falsely ac c use th em of a Filipino A meric an sailor w h o w as
“ B ut B etty h ated me, ” D anny told finally reunited with her beloved
th ough k issing anoth er man w ould B obby over th e ph one. “ T h is is th e perc eived transgressions. I n th e end, h usband B en in H eaven w h ere sh e
be repulsive to h im ordinarily. B ut last th ing sh e w anted to h appen.” th ey w ould not even dare approac h w ould again c ook for h im h is favor-
th at day w as different, for D anny “ B ut th at’ s not for h er to dec ide, it’ s h er, muc h less attend family reunions ite h amburgers and fried c h ic k en.
ow ed h im a big favor. I f not for not h er money to give aw ay” B obby w ith B etty present. -A J
th e c lerk ’ s enterprising and h elpful assured h im. “ I t is th e law . Y ou did “ I t’ s not you, D anny, ” th ey w ould
attitude, h e w ould not be getting not bend th e rules; th e money c ame tell h im. “ I t’ s th at w e c annot stand
$ 1, 4 00 a month th e rest of h is life. freely your w ay. Y ou did not c h eat your w ife.”
T h at made h is day, no, th e rest of h is or violate any law . I t w as perfec tly D anny understood th em. H e w ould
remaining days. T h is bounty w ould legal. S o get over it and enjoy th e do th e same if h e w ere in th eir plac e.
affec t not only h is future but also money. Y ou deserve it.” B ut B etty w ould not let D anny
th e members of h is family w h o w ere S till, th ere w ere lingering doubts in neglec t h is duties as a h usband. S h e
still under h is c are. H is legs w ere D anny’ s mind. T o h im, th e lifelong w ould demand sex from h im, and h e
w obbly w h en h e stood. H e ex tended pension w as blood money. For- w ould c omply mec h anic ally just to
his hand to the clerk: “I don’t know tunately, h is friend B obby w as a avoid h er reproac h .
h ow I c an th ank you enough .” medic al doc tor. H e k new someth ing
“ J ust doing my job, ” th e c lerk about psyc h ology. A nd h e psyc h ed ON E D A Y , D A N N Y T H OU G H T
replied. out h is friend. OF D OI N G S OM ET H I N G G OOD
T h e c lerk ’ s h elpful attitude w as “ L ook , didn’ t you tell us B etty w as FOR H I S FA M I L Y . I t h ad been a
new to D anny. H e w as used to giving you a h ard time w h en you long w h ile sinc e th ey all w ent out
people in th e Ph ilippines ask ing were married?” he asked Danny. togeth er, w h en h is eldest c h ild h ad
bribes in return for a servic e even “ Y es, ” D anny replied. graduated from elementary.
th ough th ey w ere merely doing th eir H e remembered h ow B etty tric k ed “ G et ready, ” h e told h is w ife and
official duty. But here was a different h im into marrying h er. B etty w as a c h ildren. “ W e are going out to w atc h
guy, a different breed. Perh aps th ings friend of h is elder sister and often a movie.”
w ere different bec ause h e w as inside c ame by th eir h ouse in M anila. “ Y eah h h ! ” th e c h ildren sh outed
th e A meric an embassy, w h ic h w as B ec ause D anny w as h andsome, sh e w ith joy.
foreign soil, and th e c ulture th at pre- h ad a c rush on h im, an infatuation B etty w as pleased. S h e w as still
vailed in it w as not th at of c orruption sh e did not h ide. S h e w ould give dressing in h er room upstairs (D anny
and bribery, but instead th e good h im gifts w h enever sh e visited th eir slept in a bedroom dow nstairs) w h en
‘ ole A meric an inc orruptible spirit. h ouse. One day h e took advantage th e c h ildren, all dressed up, ask ed,
T h e c lerk h anded h im th e papers to of h er interest in h im and borrow ed “Where are we going, Dad?”
fill out and told him how to pro- h er fath er’ s c ar to see anoth er girl. “ W h erever you w ant, ” h e replied.
c eed. A fter a few month s, D anny B etty drove th e c ar to D anny’ s h ouse “ L et’ s go to a drive-in movie! ” th ey
started getting h is month ly stipend. and let h im use it for th e nigh t. S h e c h orused.
I t w as a big h elp. I n addition to th e stayed w ith D anny’ s sister, w ait- T h ey h ad never been to a drive-in
meager earnings h e made th rough ing for h im to return th e c ar later in movie, a novelty for th em.
h is rac etrac k w innings and off-trac k th e evening. U nfortunately, D anny H e told th is to B etty.
business, h e h ad plenty of money to h ad an ac c ident and c rash ed th e c ar. “What?” Betty cried aloud. “No,
spare, c onsidering h e w as spending W h en D anny returned w ith th e dam- I don’ t w ant to go to a drive-in
th em in th e Ph ilippines w h ere th e aged c ar, B etty didn’ t k now w h at movie! ”
c ost of living w as low . H e started to do. S h e k new h er fath er w ould “ B ut th at’ s w h at th e c h ildren
paying off th e money h is son J R h ad be very angry as sh e did not even w anted.”
lent h im th rough th e years. h ave permission to use h is c ar. B etty “ N o, you all go yourselves. I w ill
“What’s this, Dad?” JR asked him took th e blame and th e punish ment. not go w ith you! ”
over th e ph one upon rec eiving th e Out of guilt, D anny w as forc ed go W ith th at, B etty th rew an inex plic a-
first payment by mail. When he out w ith h er until sh e got pregnant. ble tantrum and stormed bac k to h er
gave h is fath er money, h e did not T h ere w as noth ing h e c ould do oth er room. D anny c ould h ear th e bang-
ex pec t payment in return. H e k new th an marry h er. ing and th e noises of th ings being
h is fath er w as irresponsible enough B ut B etty turned into a “ M r. H yde” th row n around. H e c ould not do any-
to forget about h is debt, espec ially onc e th ey got married. S h e w as very th ing but leave w ith h is c h ildren, for
to h is c h ildren. I t w as as if one w as insec ure, aw are th at D anny didn’ t th ere w as no w ay h e c ould appease
listing th e debt in w ater. love h er and h ad been forc ed into h is w ife. A s th ey left, h e h eard h er
“ I lista mo sa tubig (W rite it in w a- marriage. S h e w as very possessive, shout from the window of the house:
ter), ” w as a popular Filipino saying. alw ays jealous. T h e fac t th at D anny “ I h ope you get into an ac c ident! ”
I t meant th at by doing so, th e w rit- w as h andsome and attrac tive to T h e th ough t sh e w ould w ish h arm
ings w ould be erased in an instant, as w omen made it w orse. S h e alw ays to h er family remained ingrained in
if th ere w ere no debt to list at all. suspec ted h im of h aving an affair. D anny’ s mind. H er outburst c on-
“ J ust k eep it, ” D anny told h is son. Even after th ey h ad migrated to vinc ed h im th at h e truly deserved
“ I made a k illing on th e rac etrac k .” A meric a, h er mistrust of h im did not and earned th e lifelong pension h e
H e did not tell J R and h is oth er stop. got from h er after th e h ardsh ips and
c h ildren w ith B etty about th e bounty “Where have you been?” she would emotional turmoil h e h ad suffered
h e got from th eir moth er; rath er, h e ask w h enever h e c ame h ome late. during th eir marriage in h ell.
vow ed to h elp h is c h ildren as far as “ I met a friend, and w e h ad a few
h e c ould afford. B etty w ould h ave drink s, ” h e w ould reply. (T o be c ontinued)
w anted h im to give all th e money to B etty w ould not believe h im. S h e
th eir c h ildren, but D anny k new h e w ould smell h is sh irt for any trac e of
c ould not afford to do so. H e w as th e perfume from anoth er w oman. S h e
one w h o needed th e money th e most. w ould c h ec k th e poc k ets of h is pants
D A N N Y M A Y N OT H A V E for any suspec ted love notes from
B EEN A G OOD PR OV I D ER T O h is perc eived girlfriends. S h e w ould
H I S FA M I L Y . H e may h ave been a c h ec k th e h ouse for any remnants of
ph ilandering h usband but not one love trysts by h er h usband.
w ith out a c onsc ienc e. H e th ough t “Whose panties are these?” she
B etty migh t h ave been turning over ask ed h im one time.
in h er grave bec ause h er w orst fear “ I don’ t k now , ” D anny replied.
h appened. I nstead of leaving h er “ M aybe th ey are yours.”
h ard-earned pension to h er c h ildren, “ I don’ t ow n th ese k inds of pant-
h er irresponsible h usband w ould get ies, ” B etty said.
it th e rest of h is life. T h is th ough t For month s, th e issue c ropped up
both ered D anny for a w h ile; at one in th eir daily arguments. D anny sus-
point, h e w anted to fess up and tell pec ted th e panties w ere left beh ind
everyth ing to h is c h ildren and h and in a dryer of a public laundry h e h ad
th em th e loot. B ut as alw ays, h is used and w ere ac c identally mix ed
dire need for th e money prevailed. w ith th eir c loth ing. B ut B etty w ould
H e k new h e w as getting old, w ith not believe it. S h e w as c onvinc ed
no sec ure inc ome ah ead of h im to D anny w as h aving an affair. B etty’ s
tide h im over until h is death . H e jealousy w ent out of c ontrol. T h eir
h ung on to th e money, and th ough t marital spats bec ame a daily affair
h e w ould h and it over to h is k ids if until D anny w ould rath er stay out of
anoth er bounty - say, lottery w in- th e h ouse th an be w ith h is w ife and
July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

As the IRS expands list of preventive care for HSA participants to

include certain care for chronic conditions
by Rudy Liporada

I R S | W A S H I N G T ON 7 /17 /2 019
T h e I nternal R evenue S ervic e
today added c are for a range of
as a h igh deduc tible h ealth plan,
an H D H P generally may not
provide benefits for any year until
are limited to the specific medical
c are servic es or items listed for th e
assoc iated c h ronic c onditions spec i-
B eta-bloc k ers Congestive h eart
failure and/or c oronary artery disease
B lood pressure monitor H yper-
c h ronic c onditions to th e list of th e minimum deduc tible for th at fied in Notice 2019-45. Any medi- tension
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada c al c are previously rec ogniz ed as I nh aled c ortic osteroids A sth ma
at ww.asianjournalusa.com preventive care benefits that may year is satisfied. However, an preventive c are for th ese rules is still I nsulin and oth er gluc ose low ering
be provided by a h igh deduc t- H D H P is not req uired to h ave a treated as preventive c are. agents D iabetes

Yolanda dela Torre, the Singer

ible h ealth plan (H D H P). N otic e deduc tible for preventive c are N otic e 2 019-4 5 provides th at R etinopath y sc reening D iabetes
2 019-4 5 (PD F), posted today on (as defined for purposes of the th e follow ing servic es and items Peak flow meter Asthma
I R S .gov, lists th e new types of H D H P/H S A rules). for individuals with the specified G luc ometer D iabetes
medic al c are th at may be treated c h ronic c onditions listed are treated H emoglobin A 1c testing D iabetes
as preventive c are for th is pur- T h e T reasury D epartment and th e as preventive c are. I nternational N ormaliz ed R atio
I R S , in c onsultation w ith th e D epart- (I N R ) testing L iver disease and/
pose. Preventive Care for Specified or bleeding disorders
ment of H ealth and H uman S ervic es,
h ave determined th at c ertain medic al Conditions For I ndividuals L ow -density L ipoprotein (L D L )
I ndividuals c overed by an c are servic es rec eived and items pur- D iagnosed w ith A ngiotensin Con- testing H eart disease
H D H P generally may establish c h ased, inc luding presc ription drugs, verting Enz yme (A CE) inh ibitors S elec tive S erotonin R euptak e
and deduc t c ontributions to a for c ertain c h ronic c onditions sh ould Congestive h eart failure, diabetes, I nh ibitors (S S R I s) D epression
H ealth S avings A c c ount (H S A ) be classified as preventive care for and/or c oronary artery disease S tatins H eart disease and/or diabe-
as long as th ey h ave no disq uali- someone w ith th at c h ronic c ondition. A nti-resorptive th erapy Osteopo- tes
fying h ealth c overage. T o q ualify T h ese medic al servic es and items rosis and/or osteopenia

oldest of th e grandc h ildren, B rian, A nd sh immered, antic ipating h er For th is about Y olanda dela T orre. in our h earts even if, in h er favorite
is w ith th e U S M arines, L issa is birth . I ndeed, Y olly’ s story (A pril 7 , lines, w e just h ave to tak e in every-
tak ing up a nursing c ourse in B oise T h en th ey tossed tw ink ling dusts 195 2 – J uly 13 , 2 019) w ill linger th ing “ one day at a time.”
U niversity, T rinitee and K alissa are W h ic h c rystalliz ed upon h er as

IRS provides additional details on tran-

both in h igh sc h ool, and th e young- gifts.
est, R odney ‘ M ik ey’ , is in 5 th grade. Patienc e w as among th em

sition tax on untaxed foreign earnings

Y olly’ s outlook in life h elps, h ow - W ith enduranc e as a formidable
ever, to overc ome h er grief. “ W h at tw in.
c an w e do if it is th e L ord’ s w ill, ” H er generosity k now s no bounds
sh e sigh s. “ H e does th ings for a rea- A s to th e needs of oth ers sh e’ s I R -2 019-12 8 , J uly 16, 2 019 th e transition tax over eigh t years.
son and H e c ontrols everyth ing. W e alw ays k een. T h e I R S released information
h ave to ac c ept w h atever H e dec ides A nd sh e’ s endow ed w ith th at smile W A S H I N G T ON — T h e I nternal in a q uestion and answ er format
for us for as H e c reated us, H e alone
dec ides w h en to tak e us bac k .” beauties
Only bestow ed upon Capiz inian

And those eyes that flutter

Asian Journal
R evenue S ervic e provided addi-
tional information to h elp tax pay-
(Q & A ) related to S ec tion 965 th at
addresses c ertain general issues th at
are not specific to the filing of a
FirstofAsian Weekly
ers meet their filing and payment 2 017 or Widely
2 018 taxCirculated
return. T h Asian-Filipino
e issues
W h ile reminisc ing about K ai, one S end messages c are one w ill Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s
req uirements for th e S ec tion 965
Most New
c an almost glean in Y olly’ s eyes a never miss. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • addressed Tel. (619) inc lude h ow • Fax
474-0588 to mak e 474-0373
vision – th at w h en sh e, too, passes A nd most of all, for an angel transition tax on untax ed foreign subseq uent installment payments
th rough th e veil, sh e w ill be th e lead- W h o must resound and sing to th e earnings. w h en th e transition tax is paid over
ing voic e in a c h oir of angels w ith most h igh eigh t years. T h e Q & A s also address
K ai on th e piano performing c elestial T h e stars sprink led h er w ith a voic e T h e T ax Cuts and J obs A c t req uires the filing of Transfer Agreements
c onc erts. T o touc h our h earts w ith no q ues- c ertain tax payers th at h ave untax ed and Consent A greements. A dditional
tions w h y foreign earnings and profits to pay information regarding S ec tion 965
For indeed, onc e a c h anteuse, A nd many many more gifts a tax as if those earnings and profits c an be found at I R S .gov.
alw ays a c h anteuse. W ere bestow ed upon th is angel have been repatriated to the‎ United T h e T reasury D epartment and th e
As the Bamboos Sway to drum popularity in c ontemporary For th ere are beyond billions S tates. T h e law provides details on IRS released final regulations related
By Rudy D. Liporada Ph ilippine sh ow business. th e inc ome th at must be rec ogniz ed. to S ec tion 965 in February and last
A nd for Y olly, I dedic ate, onc e Of stars in h eaven w h o w ish h er
B ut w h at c ould h ave been is, of again, this poem: w ell I t also provides a related deduc tion month released final GILTI regula-
A u and I w ere at Paradise Point c ourse, different from w h at h ad h ap- T h us, th ere is really no end to th is w h ic h generally low ers th e effec tive tions w h ic h inc lude revisions to th e
of M t. R ainier in W ash ington pened.
To an Angel without Wings story tax rate to betw een 8 % and 15 .5 % . Section 965 final regulations.
w h en w e learned th at our dear Certain tax payers may elec t to pay
friend, Y olanda dela T orre, h ad Enamored w ith h er singing prow -
N ot so long ago, just a w h ile bac k
suc c umbed to th e B ig C. T h ough ess, talent agents flooded her with
Over islands somewhere the Pacific
offers, most glittering of w h ic h w ere GIS ANALYST
w e w ere gripped w ith sadness, East,
from J apan, S ingapore, and G uam.
w e felt h er spirit rise w ith in th e W h en th e stars h ave learned
S h e initially c h ose G uam. Prepare maps and maintain an urban land information system. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit sandag.org/jobs.
c louds sh rouding th e mountains. T h at an angel w ith out w ings w ill be
born on earth . Open until Filled. EOE.
W e are th en grateful th at Y olly T h is started to draw th e c urtain
T h ey glimmered w ith glee
h as risen in Paradise and th at th e dow n from h er legion of grow ing
c h oirs of angels must be c elebrat- fans; aw ay from G eorge Cansec o,
High tide
song-w riter of th e “ K apantay ay and you h ave th e legal righ t to k eep U N CL OS uses th e system w e T h e nourish ing, life-giving,
ing th at anoth er c h anteuse h as foreigners out. briefly discussed above to identify inc ome-generating marine biodiver-
L angit” fame w h o also w rote th e title
now joined th em, w ith h er daugh - song sang by Y olly for th e movie ( Continued from page 1 ) any c ountry’ s maritime entitlements sity is in its ric h w aters.
ter, K ai, to add to th eir h eavenly “ Pang-umaga, Pangtangh ali, at types: low tide elevations (LTEs), Island s in th e seas around it, and noth ing W h en th e Ph ilippines stood before
voic es. Panggabi.” From th en on, w h ile sh e roc k s, and islands. else. th e U N CL OS arbitral tribunal, it did
earned raves in G uam and later on I f your land feature stays above Ch ina c laims to h ave “ h istoric al not seek a verdic t on sovereignty
A nd alth ough w e w ill dearly A c c ording to th ese 3 types, w ater even at h igh tide and is large righ ts” to almost th e entire S outh – only th e I nternational Court of Jac
in J apan, mere paragraph s or tok en To:
miss Y olly in our terrestial midst, lines in Ph ilippines periodic als took UNCLOS identifies what benefits enough th at it h as trees, animals, per- Ch ina S ea, inc luding th e Ph ilippines’ J ustic e h as th e auth ority to do th at SA
w e are grateful to our H eavenly notic e of Y olly until sh e bec ame a a c ountry gets and doesn’ t get h aps a river or a lak e, and basic ally EEZ th at Filipinos c all th e W est and th e Ph ilippines c ould not bring
Fath er th at, in our time, H e h as footnote. from ow ning th em – th e c onc ept everyth ing a h uman c ommunity Ph ilippine S ea. th e c ase th ere w ith out Ch ina’ s par- GE
of “ maritime entitlements.” needs to survive on its ow n, th en T h e S pratly I slands, or w h at Filipi- tic ipation.
sh ared Y olanda’ s life w ith us. you’ve got what UNCLOS defines nos c all th e K alayaan I sland G roup W h at th e Ph ilippines ask ed th e
B ut sh e k ept on singing. G et- Here
ting married in G uam and h aving Low tide elevations as an “ island.” (K I G ), are sc attered over th e w estern U N CL OS tribunal w as merely to your c
L et me now sh are an artic le and a daugh ter, K risitna K ai, sh e k ept T h e c ountry th at h as sovereignty area of th e W est Ph ilippine S ea. define the nature of the land features
a poem I h ave w ritten about h er. publica
on singing. Even as, eventually, an A low tide elevation, as th e name over th at island h as maritime entitle- T h e Ph ilippines, Ch ina, V ietnam, in th e W est Ph ilippine S ea to c larify
T h e artic le w as tw eak ed from th e immigrant into th e U nited S tates implies, only rises above th e w ater’ s ments to a 12 -nautic al-mile ter- M alaysia, B runei, and T aiw an are w h at maritime entitlements th ey
it an d
defunc t K apitbah ay and reprinted and based in Ox nard, California, sh e surfac e at low tide. ritorial sea and a 2 00-nautic al-mile c laiming sovereignty over different c ome w ith .
A nd sure enough , on J uly 12 , 2 016, correct
in th e A sian J ournal – S an D iego. grac ed Ph ilippine oc c asions, w ed- ex c lusive ec onomic z one (EEZ ) in islands in th e K I G .
th e w aters around it. S upposing th ose islands c ome th e U N CL OS arbitral tribunal in us for y
T h e poem w as dedic ated to h er dings, birth days, and th e lik e. N o re- I f an “ island” sink s into th e sea at
T w o h undred nautic al miles is th e w ith territorial seas and EEZ s, th e th e H ague, th e N eth erlands, ruled ad is ten
during h er birth day in A pril, q uest for h er to sing at any oc c asion h igh tide, th en by international law ,
it’ s not really an island; it’ s a mere approx imate distanc e from th e R iz al c ountries w ith sovereignty over th at th e land features in th e S pratlys to be p
2 018 . is less th an previous ones.
L T E. M onument in M anila to R ox as City, th ose islands w ould th en tak e vast or K I G , inc luding th e 7 th at Ch ina
Capiz , in a straigh t line. sw ath es of our EEZ along w ith th em, turned into artificial islands, were AJ-C
S inc e I met Y olanda ‘ Y olly’ dela B lessed w ith h er talent, Y olly
started to sing in public during h er I f a c ountry ow ns – or “ h as sover- I f you’ re th e c ountry th at ow ns a not to mention th e epic h eadac h e of legally not islands at all but mere of the A
T orre in th e late 1990’ s and h eard eignty over” – an L T E, international full-fledged island in the way UN- sorting out overlaps ow ing to th ose L T Es and roc k s, w h ic h at most receive
h er sing, I h ave often w ondered w h at elementary days. T h ere w ere no
c ontests th at sh e k new of th at sh e did law affords no maritime entitlements CLOS defines it, you get that 12 nau- “ islands” being relatively near one w ould afford w h ic h ever c ountry th at time. A
w ould h ave h appened to th e lik es to it. I t’ s as good as seaw ater. tic al miles of marine territory around anoth er. ow ned th em only a territorial sea –
of N ora A unor, V ilma S antos and not partic ipate in and did not w in. 1x4x1
N o plea from h er parents for h er it, and th en beyond th at up to 2 00 Ch ina obviously c laims ow nersh ip tiny h oles in th e vast ex panse of th e
th eir later c ontemporaries if Y olly R oc k s nautic al miles from th e sh ore, you or sovereignty over all of th em, and Ph ilippines’ EEZ , th e W est Ph ilip- $_____
stayed in th e Ph ilippines w ith h er to pursue a more ‘ normal’ profes-
sional c ourse dissuaded h er from h er get full, ex c lusive righ ts to ex plore even rec laimed 7 of th em, mak ing pine S ea. upon y
then flourishing singing career. Un- S uppose your “ island” does stay and enjoy all th e resourc es from th e them into artificial islands with mili- The tribunal affirmed this EEZ,
lik e most h er c ontemporaries, w h en dream of singing. S h e took a major invoice
c ourse in voic e c ulture and music at above w ater even during h igh tide w ater and th e seabed under it. tary installations. rec k oned from th e Ph ilippines’ Thank
Y olly sings, h er voic e h as th e pow er but isn’ t large enough to h ave th e H ow ever, U N CL OS req uires you to I magine if Ch ina laid c laim to ter- w esternmost c oastlines in L uz on and
to c ompel th e soul to enter into a th e Ph ilippine W omen’ s U niversity
in M anila. W inning th e Ph ilippine biologic al ec osystem it tak es to sup- observe “ freedom of navigation and ritorial seas and EEZ s around th ose Palaw an. Fax #
deep rec ess of serenity and for one to port a self-c ontained h uman c om- overflight” in your EEZ. That is, you so-c alled islands. T h e Ph ilippines T h e tribunal furth er ruled th at
be in sublime submission to listen to N ational D emo singing c ontest
launc h ed Y olly into professionalism. munity? must allow foreign vessels to sail w ould prac tic ally be left w ith just Ch ina’ s purported h istoric al c laim,
th e very last note of h er renditions. UNCLOS would define it as a th rough your EEZ and foreign air- our w estern seash ores and not muc h th e 9-dash line, h ad no basis in
A s suc h , as w e say in th e street ver- A ll sh e h ad to do w as selec t th e best
c ontrac t offers th at inc luded from “ roc k .” I t’ s still tec h nic ally not an craft to fly above it because it’s their else. U N CL OS and w as th erefore illegiti-
nac ular, ‘ siguro pinataob niya yung island. righ t, too, under international law . H ere th en lay th e Ph ilippine gov- mate.
lah at na mga k asabay niya’ . leading h otels and danc ing spots in TO
major c ities in th e I slands. U N CL OS affords th e c ountry th at B ut th ey c annot tak e anyth ing from ernment’s legal game: What if those A nd th at w as h ow th e Ph ilippine
“ islands” w ere not really islands in government th en, w ith a k een read-
Y olly, th e singer, is also a very h as sovereignty over a roc k th e th e w ater or th e seabed, and neith er
Y olly’ s c areer spiraled to h eigh ts maritime entitlement to a “ territo- c an th ey survey w h at is in th ose, the UNCLOS sense? Many of them ing of international maritime law ,
amiable person. W ith h er stac c ato of
in th e early 7 0’ s in th e Ph ilippines.
Capiz inian ac c ent, sh e h as a mil- rial sea” of 12 nautic al miles around bec ause you h ave ex c lusive, “ sover- disappear into th e w ater at h igh tide. w as able to use a simple q uestion (619
S h e w as in th e era of erstw h ile rising it. T h e 12 nautic al miles of w ater eign righ ts” over th ose. W h at if th ey w ere merely L T Es or – high tide or low tide? – to beat ackn
singing stars lik e M erc i M olina, lion tales to tell not only about h er
past c areer but also of h er life draw n around your roc k is c onsidered your Parts of th e sea or th e oc ean th at rocks with no EEZ? Then it wouldn’t Ch ina’ s game. – R appler.c om
L irio V ital, H ajji A lejandro, R ic o territory. are beyond 2 00 nautic al miles of any really matter w h o ow ned th em; th ey
Puno, and Florenc e A guilar. Only experiences. One’s first few minutes
w ith h er seem to be moments of One nautic al mile is about 1, 8 5 2 c ontinent or island are c onsidered w ould all fall w ith in th e Ph ilippines’
th e early k noc k ing of an opportu- meters and 12 nautic al miles is th e “ h igh seas, ” and no one may lay EEZ th at is rec k oned from th e L uz on
nity to sing abroad ah ead of most being h er life-long friend. H er c lose
friend, Florenc e A guilar desc ribes approx imately th e distanc e from any c laim of ow nersh ip over it. and Palaw an c oastlines, w h ic h are
of h er c ontemporaries fork ed out th e R iz al M onument in M anila to undisputedly ours.
w h at c ould h ave been, perh aps, a h er as h aving “ N o enemies. A nd sh e
w ill tell you to stop w h en you start B oc aue, B ulac an, in a straigh t line. H ow it m at t e re d T h ose reefs and sh oals matter little
setting for Y olly to h ave h ad w aves A " roc k " affords you full ow ner- in ligh t of th e bigger pic ture of th e
of sh riek ing fans; splash ed images bad mouth ing anyone. B uh ay pa yan
pero angel na yan.” sh ip of all resourc es in your territo- B oth th e Ph ilippines and Ch ina W est Ph ilippine S ea. T h e oil and
of h erself on glistening front c ov- rial sea and th e seabed under it, but are signatories to U N CL OS , w h ic h natural gas reserves believed to
ers of Ph ilippine periodic als; been I t w ould seem th at th e only saddest
part in Y olly’ s life is th e death of h er you also h ave full politic al c ontrol means both c ountries h ave agreed to be w orth billions, even trillions of
sw ooned upon as sh e c rooned for over it. T h at is, you get to say w h o observe and abide by it. pesos, are all tuc k ed under its broad
T .V . fans; or been assoc iated w ith only daugh ter, K ristina K ai w h o h ad
left her with five grandchildren. The sails in and out of th at territorial sea, seabed.
praises, ‘ tsismis’ , and oth er spic es
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- on June 10, 2019. AJ 064 06/28, The first day of business was June 24, in the following newspaper of general objection at least two court days before names above. Signature:United People
MENT NO. 2019-9014821 07/05,12, 19/2019 2019 Signature: Dung Moc Bandoy circulation printed in this county. Asian the matter is scheduled to be heard and Venture, Marcela V. Gonzalez, Member.
Simply Suite Salon & Boutique located ____________________________ Statement filed with Recorder/County Journal: Date Jun 27, 2019 must appear at the hearing to show Statement filed with Recorder/County
at 1039 D Street Suite 5, Ramona, CA Clerk of San Diego County on June 24, Peter C. Deddeh cause why the petition should not be Clerk of San Diego County on July 10,
92065 . Registrant: Michelle Nichole FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 2019. AJ 070 07/05,12/19, 26/2019 Judge of the Superior Court granted. If no written objection is timely 2019 AJ 089 07/19/26 08/2/9/2019
Saunders, 24919 Sunshine Valley Rd, MENT NO. 2019-9015745 ______________________________ AJ 078 07/12/19/26 08/2/19 filed, the court may grant the petition

10 Ways
Ramona, CA 92065. This business is Don Diaz Motors located at 1659 Palm without hearing.
conducted by: Individual. Signature: Ave. San Diego, CA 92154. . Registrant: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- ______________________ NOTICE OF HEARING
Michelle Nichole Saunders Statement Jesse De La Cruz ,1541 Melrose Ave, MENT NO. 2019-9016010 09/12/19
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Chula Vista, CA 91911 . This business Emerose Trucking at 1604 Westmore- ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 ( Continued from page 4 )
Diego County on June 12, 2019. AJ 057 is conducted by: Individual. . Signature: land St. Chula Vista , CA 91913 . Reg- CHANGE OF NAME Superior Court
06/28 07/05,12 19/2019 Jesse De La Cruz Statement filed with istrant: Emerson Dulinen Cabaling,1604 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – 1100 Union St. might up the flow of endorphins and
___________________________ Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego Westmoreland St. Chula Vista , CA 00031625-CU-PT-CTL San Diego, CA 92101 tak e your yoga session to w h ole new
County on June 21, 2019. AJ 065 91913 . This business is conducted by: TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: A copy of this Order to Show Cause levels.6 S o try sk ipping th e gym and
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 Individual. Signature: Emerson Dulinen Petitioner Naishu Zhang AKA Harry shall be published at least once each mak e a park w ith a view your yoga
MENT NO. 2019-9015430 Cabaling Statement filed with Recorder/ Naishu Zhang filed a petition with this week for four successive weeks prior to studio.
TAG Barber Shop located at 4651-B ____________________________ County Clerk of San Diego County on court for a decree changing names as the date set for hearing on the petition
University Ave, San Diego,CA 92105 June 26, 2019. AJ 071 07/05,12/19, follows: Naishu Zhang AKA Harry N in the following newspaper of general
. Registrant: Anh Tuyet Ta, 5130 Lyle FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 26/2019 (Naishu) Zhang to Harry Naishu Zhang circulation printed in this county. Asian 5) Study in the Sunshine
Dr. San Diego, CA 92105. This busi- MENT NO. 2019-9014775 ______________________________ . THE COURT ORDERS that all persons Journal: Date Jun 21, 2019
ness is conducted by: Individual. The Shafa Yoga located at 9888 Carmel interested in this matter shall appear Peter C. Deddeh I f you h ave studying to do, or
first day of business was 03/15/2014. Mountain Road Ste "I" San Diego, CA FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- before this court at the hearing indicated Judge of the Superior Court w ritten material to ingest, leave th e
Signature: Anh Tuyet Ta. Statement 92129 . Registrant: Newsha Sarafha MENT NO. 2019-9016087 below to show cause, if any, why the AJ 083 07/12/19/26 08/2/19
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San ,11586 Windcrest Lane, #2024 San Tequila Taco Stand located at 2939 petition for change of name should not
fluorescent lights behind and read in
Diego County on June 19, 2019. AJ 058 Diego, CA 92128 . This business is Ridgeway Dr. , National City, CA 91950. be granted. Any person objecting to the th e ligh t of th e blue sk y overh ead.
06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 conducted by: Individual. The first day of Registrant: Alicia Lopez, 2939 Ridgeway name changes described above must ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR N atural environments c an enh anc e
_____________________________ business was March 5,2019.Signature: Dr. , National City, CA 91950 . This busi- file a written objection that includes the CHANGE OF NAME c ognitive abilities, lik e memory and
Newsha Sarafha Statement filed with ness is conducted by: Individual. The reasons for the objection at least two CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – problem solving.7 S o if you w ant to
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego first day of business was June 26,2019 court days before the matter is sched- 00035338-CU-PT-CTL retain more information for th at big
MENT NO. 2019-9015568 County on June 11, 2019. AJ 066 Signature: Alicia Lopez Statement filed uled to be heard and must appear at the TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: test at school or figure out how to
KELLOS SUPER DISCOUNT located 06/28 07/05,12, 19/2019 with Recorder/County Clerk of San hearing to show cause why the petition Petitioner Julia Whitelake on behalf of
at 550 E 8th Street National City,CA ___________________ Diego County on June 26, 2019 AJ 072 should not be granted. If no written
w in th at important ac c ount at w ork ,
Minors Nastassja Dvoukhretchenski
91950 . Registrant: Ayokovi Tatiana 07/05,12/19, 26/2019 objection is timely filed, the court may and Nicos Dvoukhretchenski files a you migh t h ave a better sh ot sur-
Adjalle, 1843 Doran Street San Diego, ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR ________________________ grant the petition without hearing. petition with this court for a decree rounded by birds and trees th an fel-
CA 92154. This business is conducted CHANGE OF NAME NOTICE OF HEARING changing names as follows: Nastassja low students and c h atty c ow ork ers.
by: Individual. Signature: Ayokovi Tatiana CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 09/05/19 Dvoukhretchenski to Nastassja Rivers
Adjalle Statement filed with Recorder/ 00032151-CU-PT-CTL MENT NO. 2019-9015612 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
County Clerk of San Diego County on TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Exclusive 4 U Boutique located at Superior Court
and Nicos Dvoukhretchenski to Nicos 6) Pack a Picnic
Rivers. THE COURT ORDERS that all
June 20, 2019. AJ 059 06/28, 07/05,12, Petitioner Hannah Marie Zinky filed 3529 Cannon Rd. Ste 2H Oceanside, 1100 Union St. persons interested in this matter shall
19/2019 a petition with this court for a decree CA 92056. Registrant: Veronica Ca- San Diego, CA 92101 appear before this court at the hearing L oad a bask et w ith your favorite
_____________________________ changing names as follows: Hannah brera, 3758 Via Baldona Oceanside, CA A copy of this Order to Show Cause indicated below to show cause, if any, h ealth y goodies and h ave lunc h
Marie Zinky to Hannah Marie Rae . 92056. This business is conducted by: shall be published at least once each why the petition for change of name among the flora and fauna. Bring
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- THE COURT ORDERS that all persons Individual. Signature: Veronica Cabrera week for four successive weeks prior to should not be granted. Any person ob- some c ompanions along – a pic nic
MENT NO. 2019-9014203 interested in this matter shall appear Statement filed with Recorder/County the date set for hearing on the petition jecting to the name changes described is th e perfec t w ay to spend q uality
POWERED BY DEI located at 725 E before this court at the hearing indicated Clerk of San Diego County on June 20, in the following newspaper of general above must file a written objection that
4th Ave. Unit D, Escondido, CA 92025 . below to show cause, if any, why the 2019 AJ 073 07/05,12/19, 26/2019 circulation printed in this county. Asian
time w ith friends and family w ith out
includes the reasons for the objection at
Registrant: Reynaldo D. Roldan, Jr., 725 petition for change of name should not ________________________ Journal: Date Jul 01, 2019 least two court days before the matter
th e distrac tions of th e modern-day
E 4th Ave. Unit D, Escondido, CA 92025 be granted. Any person objecting to the Peter C. Deddeh is scheduled to be heard and must ap- w orld. A nd, nature mak es soc ializ ing
. This business is conducted by: Indi- name changes described above must FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Judge of the Superior Court pear at the hearing to show cause why w ith oth er people easier, so it’ s th e
vidual. Signature: Reynaldo D. Roldan, file a written objection that includes the MENT NO. 2019-9016385 AJ 079 07/12/19/26 08/2/19 the petition should not be granted. If no perfec t plac e to build stronger rela-
Jr. Statement filed with Recorder/County reasons for the objection at least two Victor's Automotive Diagnostic & __________________ written objection is timely filed, the court tionsh ips w ith th ose you love.8
Clerk of San Diego County on June 4, court days before the matter is sched- Repair located at 7645 Carroll Road Ste may grant the petition without hearing.
2019. AJ 060 06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 uled to be heard and must appear at the 10 San Diego, CA 92121. Registrant: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- NOTICE OF HEARING
___________________ hearing to show cause why the petition Victor Gapuz, 7645 Carroll Road Ste MENT NO. 2019-9015592 09/19/19 7) Sleep Beneath the Stars
should not be granted. If no written 10, San Diego, CA 92121. This busi- Mary Masters Real Estate Broker , 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- objection is timely filed, the court may ness is conducted by: Individual. The located at 4663 Date Ave. La Mesa, CA Superior Court N ow you’ re getting serious. W h y
MENT NO. 2019-9015701 grant the petition without hearing. first day of business was March 5, 2014. 91941. Mailing address P.O. Box 82043, 1100 Union St. not disc onnec t entirely for a c ouple
Nana's Family Child Care, Francis NOTICE OF HEARING Signature: Victor Gapuz Statement filed San Diego, CA 92138. Registrant: : Mary San Diego, CA 92101 of days and make nature your home?
Family Child Care located at 4933 09/12/19 with Recorder/County Clerk of San Jane Masters, 4663 Date Ave. La Mesa, A copy of this Order to Show Cause
Magnus way, San Diego, CA 92113 . 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 Diego County on July 01, 2019 AJ 074 CA 91941. This business is conducted
Camping lets you get furth er aw ay
shall be published at least once each
Registrant: Rodriguez,Francis Family Superior Court 07/05,12/19, 26/2019 by: Individual. Signature: Mary Jane week for four successive weeks prior to
th an a simple day trip allow s. (A nd
Child Care Inc. , 4933 Magnus way, 1100 Union St. ________________________ Masters . Statement filed with Recorder/ the date set for hearing on the petition maybe out of c ell ph one range.
San Diego, CA 92113 . This business is San Diego, CA 92101 County Clerk of San Diego County on in the following newspaper of general Forget Fear of M issing Out and
conducted by: Corporation Signature: A copy of this Order to Show Cause FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- June 20, 2019 AJ 080 07/12/19/26 circulation printed in this county. Asian try th e J oy of M issing Out instead.
Francis Rodriguez, President. Statement shall be published at least once each MENT NO. 2019-9016464 08/2/19 Journal: Date Ju1 10, 2019 # J OM O! ) I f rough ing it isn’ t your
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San week for four successive weeks prior to San Diego Truck Tech located at 1450 Peter C. Deddeh style, c onsider glamping, w h ere you
Diego County on June 21, 2019. AJ 061 the date set for hearing on the petition Melrose Ave #106 Chula Vista, CA _________________ Judge of the Superior Court
06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 in the following newspaper of general 91911. Registrant: Ivan Salazar,1450
c an maintain some of th e c reature
AJ 084 07/12/19/26 08/2/19
_____________________________ circulation printed in this county. Asian Melrose Place #106 Chula Vista, CA FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- ________________________________
c omforts you love but still be aw ay
Journal: Date Jun 24, 2019 91911. This business is conducted by: MENT NO. 2019-9016782 from it all.9 J ust leave th e h igh tec h
ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Peter C. Deddeh Individual.The first day of business was Anowkes Law Consulting , located at FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- at h ome.
CHANGE OF NAME Judge of the Superior Court July 2, 2019. Signature: Ivan Salazar 4985 Market St. #118 San Diego, CA MENT NO. 2019-9016905
CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – AJ 067 Statement filed with Recorder/County 92102. Registrant: Sekwona Lawrence
00032006-CU-PT-CTL 06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 Clerk of San Diego County on July 02, , at 4985 Market St. #118 San Diego,
Armani Productions International, 8) Simmer in a Spring
Royale Beauty And Fashion, St. Anthony
TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: ___________________________ 2019 AJ 075 07/05,12/19, 26/2019 CA 92102. This business is conducted Matain Global Alumni- SAMGA located
Petitioner Mercedita Reyes Smith- _____________ by: Individual. Signature: Sekwona at 352 Deep Dell Road San Diego, CA H ot springs h ave been sh ow n to
Beals filed a petition with this court for ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Lawrence Statement filed with Recorder/ 92114. Registrant: Ian Armani, 352 Deep h ave h ealing effec ts on th e body
a decree changing names as follows: CHANGE OF NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- County Clerk of San Diego County Dell Road, San Diego, CA 92114. This and mind, so traveling to one of
Mercedita Reyes Smith Beals AKA CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – MENT NO. 2019-9016501 on July 05, 2019 AJ 081 07/12/19/26 business is conducted by: Individual.The nature’ s jac uz z is is a great w ay to
Mercedita Reyes Smith, Mercedita 00032273-CU-PT-CTL Dream Murals and Fine Arts located 08/2/19 first day of business was September 12, c onnec t w ith th e outdoors and sooth e
Reyes Beals to Mercedita Reyes Beals. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: at 283 C St. Chula Vista CA 91910. ___________________________ 2014. Signature: Ian Armani Statement
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons Petitioner Eduardo Romero Fox filed Registrant: Edna Greinert Felix, 283 C
your soul.10 I t’ s not roc k et sc ienc e,
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San
interested in this matter shall appear a petition with this court for a decree St. Chula Vista, CA 91910. This busi- ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Diego County on July 09, 2019 AJ 085
either; even animals have figured it
before this court at the hearing indicated changing names as follows: Eduardo ness is conducted by: Individual.The CHANGE OF NAME 07/19/26 08/2/9/2019 out. S now monk eys in J apan seek
below to show cause, if any, why the Romero Fox to Eduardo Romero first day of business was July 2, 2019. CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – _______________ springs to w arm up and relieve stress
petition for change of name should not Murillo. THE COURT ORDERS that all Signature: Edna Greinert Felix Statement 00035302-CU-PT-CTL in w intertime.11
be granted. Any person objecting to the persons interested in this matter shall filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- A nd if all th at goes w ell…
name changes described above must appear before this court at the hearing Diego County on July 02, 2019 AJ 076 tioner Steven Moro, Mai Moro on behalf MENT NO. 2019-9017040
file a written objection that includes the indicated below to show cause, if any, 07/05,12/19 26/2019 of Minor Hana Nakajima filed a petition Wonderlands Rides located at 149 Uni-
reasons for the objection at least two why the petition for change of name _____________ with this court for a decree changing ty Way Vista,CA 92083. Registrant: Alice 9) Begin a Bucket List
court days before the matter is sched- should not be granted. Any person ob- names as follows: Hana Nakajima to Vasati Wight, 149 Unity Way, Vista, CA
uled to be heard and must appear at the jecting to the name changes described FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Hana Moro.THE COURT ORDERS that 92083. This business is conducted by: I f th e beauty of th e forest or th e
hearing to show cause why the petition above must file a written objection that MENT NO. 2019-9015594 all persons interested in this matter shall Individual.The first day of business was c rash of w aves on th e beac h blew
should not be granted. If no written includes the reasons for the objection at San Diego Cork Hat Co., SD Cork appear before this court at the hearing June 19, 2019. Signature:Alice Vasati you aw ay, th ere’ s a lot more out
objection is timely filed, the court may least two court days before the matter Hats, San Diego Cork Supply Co. indicated below to show cause, if any, Wight Statement filed with Recorder/
grant the petition without hearing. is scheduled to be heard and must ap- located at 530 E. 30th St. #B National why the petition for change of name
th ere for you to ex plore. T h e c olors
County Clerk of San Diego County
NOTICE OF HEARING pear at the hearing to show cause why City, CA 91950. Registrant: Cristina should not be granted. Any person ob- on July 10, 2019 AJ 086 07/19/26
of th e A urora B orealis, th e h eigh ts of
09/12/19 the petition should not be granted. If no Villalobos and Jorge Villalobos, 530 jecting to the name changes described 08/2/9/2019 K ilimanjaro, th e depth s of th e G rand
9:00 AM, Dept. 903 written objection is timely filed, the court E.30th St. #B National City, CA 91950. above must file a written objection that __________________________ Canyon. M ak e a list of th e N atural
Superior Court may grant the petition without hearing. This business is conducted by: Married includes the reasons for the objection at W onders you w ant to see, and plan
1100 Union St. NOTICE OF HEARING Couple. The first day of business was least two court days before the matter FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- h ow you’ ll start c rossing th em off,
San Diego, CA 92101 09/12/19 August 1, 2018. Signature:Cristina Vil- is scheduled to be heard and must ap- MENT NO. 2019-9015998 one by one.12 N ot only w ill th e sigh t
A copy of this Order to Show Cause 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 lalobos Statement filed with Recorder/ pear at the hearing to show cause why Luisa Valentino Jewelry located at 1877
shall be published at least once each Superior Court County Clerk of San Diego County on the petition should not be granted. If no
of th ese w onders leave you relax ed,
El Modena Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91913.
week for four successive weeks prior to 1100 Union St. June 20, 2019 AJ 077 07/12/19/26 written objection is timely filed, the court Registrant: Valerie Rosario Dahler and
you’ ll be aw e-inspired.
the date set for hearing on the petition San Diego, CA 92101 08/2/19 may grant the petition without hearing. Luis Ramon Elizondo, 1877 El Modena
in the following newspaper of general A copy of this Order to Show Cause _____________ NOTICE OF HEARING Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91913. This busi- 10) Opt for an Outdoor Office
circulation printed in this county. Asian shall be published at least once each 09/12/19 ness is conducted by: Co-Partners. The
Journal: Date Jun 21, 2019 week for four successive weeks prior to ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 first day of business was June 26, 2019. I f you’ ve been th ink ing of a c areer
Peter C. Deddeh the date set for hearing on the petition CHANGE OF NAME Superior Court Signature:Luis Ramon Elizondo State-
Judge of the Superior Court in the following newspaper of general CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – 1100 Union St. ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk
c h ange anyw ay, c onsider a role
AJ 062 circulation printed in this county. Asian 00033197-CU-PT-CTL San Diego, CA 92101 of San Diego County on June 26, 2019 w h ere four w alls aren’ t part of your
06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 Journal: Date Jun 24, 2019 TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Pe- A copy of this Order to Show Cause AJ 087 07/19/26 08/2/9/2019 nine-to-five. There are plenty of
Peter C. Deddeh titioner Tajuddin Millatmal and on behalf shall be published at least once each _______________________ jobs th at let you w ork outside all
_________________ Judge of the Superior Court of a minor filed a petition with this court week for four successive weeks prior to day long, lik e park rangers, farmers,
AJ 068 for a decree changing names as follows: the date set for hearing on the petition FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- adventure guides and environmental
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 06/28 07/05,12, 19/2019 Tajuddin Millatmal to Tajudin A. Mal and in the following newspaper of general MENT NO. 2019-9017639
MENT NO. 2019-9015750 ___________________________ Hatsanda Millatmal to Hasanda A. Mal. circulation printed in this county. Asian
sc ientists.13 S o if you feel lik e your
Get Fixed Nails and Spa located at
HOLMES LAW GROUP, Civil Trial THE COURT ORDERS that all persons Journal: Date Jul 10, 2019 1615 E. Plaza Blvd Unit 103 National
c urrent lifestyle isn’ t offering up th e
Lawyers located at 1030 La Bonita FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- interested in this matter shall appear Peter C. Deddeh City, CA 91950. Registrant: Evelyn opportunities to c onnec t w ith th e
Dr. Ste 314, San Marcos, CA 92078 . MENT NO. 2019-9015233 before this court at the hearing indicated Judge of the Superior Court Do,5344 Caminito Cachorro San Diego, natural w orld you so love, c onsider
Registrant: Rhonda Jeannene Holmes Instant Finance 24 located at 6850 below to show cause, if any, why the AJ 082 07/12/19/26 08/2/19 CA 92105 and Minh Huynh, 5878 mak ing th e outdoors your daily of-
, 1316 San Julian Lane, San Marcos, Mission Gorge Rd Apt 1502, San Diego, petition for change of name should not _____________________ Mariposa Pl. San Diego, CA 92114. fice.
CA 92078. This business is conducted CA 92120. Registrant: KS & Son San be granted. Any person objecting to the This business is conducted by: General I t’ s great to get out and # movemore
by: Individual. The first day of business Diego, LLC, 6850 Mission Gorge Rd Apt name changes described above must ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR Partnership. The first day of business
was June 11, 2019. Signature: Rhonda 1502 San Diego, CA 92120. This busi- file a written objection that includes the CHANGE OF NAME
outside, but mak e sure you # relax -
was July 17, 2019. Signature:Evelyn Do
Jeannene Holmes Statement filed with ness is conducted by: Limited Liability reasons for the objection at least two CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – Statement filed with Recorder/County more, too.
Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego Company. Signature: Cem Keles, Presi- court days before the matter is sched- 00030499-CU-PT-CTL Clerk of San Diego County on July 17,
County on June 21, 2019. AJ 063 dent. Statement filed with Recorder/ uled to be heard and must appear at the TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: 2019 AJ 088 07/19/26 08/2/9/2019 S tart small by sc h eduling time w ith
06/28, 07/05,12, 19/2019 County Clerk of San Diego County on hearing to show cause why the petition Petitioner Liliana Zucconi and La'Travion ________________________ a friend to try one of the first three
_____________________________ June 17, 2019. AJ 069 07/05,12/19, should not be granted. If no written Adams-Courtney on behalf of Minor An- ideas. (T h ey’ re easy! )
26/2019 objection is timely filed, the court may tonio Luigi Courtney files a petition with FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- T h en, plan a bigger trip w ith your
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- ___________________ grant the petition without hearing. this court for a decree changing names MENT NO. 2019-9017118
MENT NO. 2019-9014607 NOTICE OF HEARING as follows: Antonio Luigi Courtney to Champion Wood Specialties Inter-
c ompanions-in-nature to go on a
Grace Ice Cream located at 2468 Van FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 09/05/19 Antonio Kyng Courtney. THE COURT national, Champion Doors and Wood pic nic or even a c amping trip as th e
Ness Ave. National City, CA 91950 . MENT NO. 2019-9015865 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 ORDERS that all persons interested in Works, 4511 Riviera Shores St., A107, outdoors bec ome a bigger part of
Registrant: Faez Hanna Korkis ,336 S. Bandoy Management & Consulting Superior Court this matter shall appear before this court San Diego, CA 92154. Registrant: United your life.
Meadowbrook Dr #32D San Diego, CA located at 1569 Summerland St. 1100 Union St. at the hearing indicated below to show People Venture, LLC, 6120 Business N ow tak e a deep, c alming breath
92114 . This business is conducted by: #202 Chula Vista , CA 91913 . Regis- San Diego, CA 92101 cause, if any, why the petition for change Center Court, Suite 500, San Diego, CA in nature, so you c an be h ealth y for
Individual. The first day of business was trant: Dung Moc Bandoy and Leo-Alan A copy of this Order to Show Cause of name should not be granted. Any 92154. Incorporated in California. This
June 10,2019. Signature: Faez Hanna Elisan Bandoy ,1569 Summerland St. shall be published at least once each person objecting to the name changes
business is conducted by a Limited Li-
Korkis Statement filed with Recorder/ #202 Chula Vista , CA 91913 . This busi- week for four successive weeks prior to described above must file a written ob- ability Company. Registrant has not yet
County Clerk of San Diego County ness is conducted by: Married Couple. the date set for hearing on the petition jection that includes the reasons for the begun to transact business under the
July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

A nun's advice DHS announces decrease in border enforcement actions and ATTORNEYS

( Continued from page 7 )

c h ildlik e dependenc y on Y ou …
continued efforts to address the ongoing border crisis Chua, Tinsay, Vega
Law Office
Acting Secretary Kevin K. h ension numbers w ill provide greater W e are also c ontinuing our c ol- M ex ic an south ern border. 1901 First Ave, # 302
D eliver me, J esus. McAleenan issued the follow- opportunities for th e D H S to address laboration w ith our international T h ese initiatives are mak ing an San Diego, CA 92101
ing statement on July 9: c apac ity c h allenges for th ose in partners, formaliz ing a number of impac t. H ow ever, w e are still in
From refusals and reluc tanc es in c ustody and speed th e movement of initiatives w ith N orth ern T riangle an ongoing border sec urity and www.chuatinsayvega.com
ac c epting Y our w ill … D eliver me, unac c ompanied c h ildren into H ealth c ountries to improve th e lives and h umanitarian c risis. U .S . B order Tel. 619) 955.6277
D epartment of H omeland S ec urity
J esus. and H uman S ervic es (H H S ) c are. sec urity of our respec tive c itiz ens by Patrol made 68 8 , 3 7 5 appreh ensions
(D H S ) U .S . Customs and B order DeBenedetto
Protec tion (CB P) data for J une indi- D H S h as been tak ing a “ w h ole of combating human trafficking and the th rough th e end of J une, 14 0 perc ent
From anx iety about th e future … government” approac h to c onfront smuggling of illegal goods, h elping h igh er th an th rough th is time last Law Offices
c ates a 2 8 perc ent drop in enforc e-
D eliver me, J esus.
ment ac tions along th e S outh w est the ongoing crisis and fulfill our to limit ‘ push ’ fac tors th at enc ourage year. A nd our J une appreh ension Atty. Michael Yap
B order sinc e M ay, from 14 4 , 2 7 8 h umanitarian and sec urity obliga- dangerous irregular migration to th e numbers are still h igh er th an last (619.696.6294)
From resentment or ex c essive pre- tions, inc luding surging personnel U .S . A dditionally, w e are w ork ing year’ s, w h en w e w ere already in a 2655 Camino Del Rio North
to 104 , 3 4 4 . T h is year’ s dec line in
oc c upation w ith th e past … D eliver from ac ross th e D epartment to h igh w ith th e G overnment of M ex ic o to c risis. W e are past th e break ing point #446 San Diego, CA 92108
appreh ensions from M ay to J une
me, J esus. c apac ity loc ations on th e S outh w est ex pand M igrant Protec tion Protoc ols and in a full-blow n emergenc y. T h is Tel. (619) 696.6294
outpac es last year’ s dec line by 11
perc ent. T h e reduc tion in appreh en- border, req uesting and rec eiving to allow th e U .S . to more effec tively situation sh ould not be ac c eptable
From restless self-seek ing in th e c ontinued support from th e D epart- assist legitimate asylum-seek ers and to any of us. I am proud of th e men
present moment … D eliver me,
sions ac c ounts for dec reases ac ross
and w omen of D H S w h o are doing
Law Office of E.B. Alejo
all demograph ic s, inc luding unac - ment of D efense, ex panding medic al individuals fleeing persecution and
J esus. servic es, establish ing additional deter migrants w ith false or merit- everyth ing th ey c an to ac h ieve our 240 Woodlawn Ave., # 14
c ompanied minors, family units and Chula Vista, CA 91910
single adults, as w ell as dec reases in soft-sided fac ilities, surging resc ue less c laims from mak ing th e journey. h umanitarian mission. H ow ever, in
From disbelief in Y our love and response operations, and req uesting A nd sinc e th e administration reac h ed order for us to solve th is c risis and to Tel. (619) 203-5782
migrants from all N orth ern T riangle
presenc e … D eliver me, J esus. and rec eiving emergenc y supple- a new agreement w ith M ex ic o, c reate lasting c h ange at th e border,
c ountries, partic ularly th ose c oming
from G uatemala. D ec reasing appre- mental funding from Congress. w e' ve seen a substantial inc rease in w e must address th e vulnerabilities Law Office of
From th e fear of being ask ed to th e number of interdic tions on th e in our legal framew ork . Rogelio Karagdag
give more th an I h ave … D eliver 10717 Camino Ruiz # 102
me, J esus. immigration system, undermines San Diego, CA 92126
many of th e h umanitarian purposes
of asylum, h as ex ac erbated th e h u- Tel. (858) 348-7475
From th e belief th at my life h as no
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meaning or w orth … D eliver me, proc ess c ases originating from th e manitarian c risis of h uman smug-
J esus. gling, and adversely impac ts th e Law Office of
south ern border, leading to few er in-
From th e fear of w h at love de-
dividuals transiting th rough M ex ic o
on a dangerous journey. U ltimately,
U nited S tates’ ongoing diplomatic
negotiations w ith foreign c ountries. CAREGIVER 8 HOURS TO Susan V. Perez, APC
1901 First Ave # 108/110
mands … D eliver me, J esus. today' s ac tion w ill reduc e th e over-
w h elming burdens on our domestic
T h is rule mitigates th e strain on th e
c ountry’ s immigration system by 12 HOURS, PM AND AM. San Diego, CA 92101
From disc ouragement …
me, J esus.
D eliver system c aused by asylum-seek ers
failing to seek urgent protec tion in
more efficiently identifying aliens
w h o are misusing th e asylum system CALL FOR INTERVIEW. www.usvisalawyer.com
Tel. (619) 819-8648
the first available country, economic to enter and remain in th e U nited
T h at Y ou are c ontinually h olding migrants lac k ing a legitimate fear of S tates rath er th an legitimately seek - Reyes and Teodoro
ing urgent protec tion from persec u-
me, sustaining me, loving me …
J esus, I trust in you.
persec ution, and th e transnational
criminal organizations, traffickers, tion or torture. AND OVERTIME. CALL Law Offices
2240 E. Plaza Blvd, # P
T h at Y our love goes deeper th an my
sins and failings, and transforms me
and smugglers ex ploiting our system
for profits.” 760.522.1989 National City, CA 91950
Reyes www.rtesq.com

… J esus, I trust in you. T h e bar is subjec t to th ree limited
Tel. (619) 259-6464
exceptions, including:
T h at not k now ing w h at tomorrow CAREGIVERS
brings is an invitation to lean on Y ou
… J esus, I trust in you.
(1) an alien w h o demonstrates th at
( Continued from page 1 )
yet to pass th e upc oming 18 th
Divine Mercy Home Care Assistance
h e or sh e applied for protec tion from
persec ution or torture in at least one Congress.?Duterte has openly at- #shrine Tel. (760) 635-3646
T h at Y ou are w ith me in my suffer- of th e c ountries th rough w h ic h th e tac k ed th e netw ork for its alleged in Encinitas, California
ing … J esus, I trust in you. alien transited en route to th e U nited politic al bias. I ts franc h ise w ill divinemercy724.com CARGO SERVICES
States, and the alien received a final ex pire nex t year. A project of the Divine Mercy Hills
T h at my suffering, united to Y our judgment denying th e alien protec - Be part of the story. Jesus, I Trust in You!
Foundation of Southern California, a
501(c)3 non-profit organization 4 A’s Cargo, Inc.
ow n, w ill bear fruit in th is life and tion in suc h c ountry; A s part of granting th e 2 5 -year
th e nex t … J esus, I trust in you. c/o Nonong Roxas
ex tension of franc h ise for T V 5 and Tel. (858) 221-3088
(2 ) an alien w h o demonstrates th at CB CP, th e measures outlined provi-
T h at Y ou w ill not leave me or- he or she satisfies the definition of
ph an, th at Y ou are present in Y our
Ch urc h … J esus, I trust in you.
“victim of a severe form of traffick-
ing in persons” provided in 8 C.F.R .
sions and c onditions w h ere th e gov-
ernment may revok e th eir franc h ises.
“The radio spectrum is a finite
Wanted full time and live-in CASINOS

T h at Y our plan is better th an any-

§ 2 14 .11; or, resourc e th at is part of th e national
patrimony and th e use th ereof is a
Care Giver for a residential care Jamul Casino
14145 Campo Road,
th ing else … J esus, I trust in you. Jamul, CA 91935
T h at Y ou alw ays h ear me, and in
(3 ) an alien w h o h as transited en
route to th e U nited S tates th rough
only a c ountry or c ountries th at w ere
privilege c onferred upon th e grantee
by th e S tate, and may be w ith draw n facility in Vista and Los Angeles. 619.315.2250
any time after due proc ess, ” read th e
Y our goodness alw ays respond to me not parties to th e 195 1 Convention franc h ise’ s S ec tion 5 on th e R igh t of Sycuan Casino
… J esus, I trust in you.

T h at Y ou give me th e grac e to
relating to th e S tatus of R efugees,
th e 1967 Protoc ol, or th e Conven-
tion against T orture and Oth er Cruel,
G overnment.
U nder th e provision, th e govern- Pakitawagan si Sheryl 5468 Casino Way
El Cajon, CA 92019

(714) 600-5434
ment c an temporarily suspend th e Tel. (619) 445-6002 ext 1215
ac c ept forgiveness and to forgive I nh uman or D egrading T reatment or operation of any station or fac ility in
oth ers … J esus, I trust in you. Punish ment. th e interest of public safety or auth o- DENTISTS
riz e its temporary use and operation
T h at Y ou give me all th e strength Asylum is a discretionary benefit by any agenc y of th e government
I need for w h at is ask ed … J esus, I offered by th e U nited S tates G overn- upon c ompensation to th e grantee. (James) Jamshid Khazian
trust in you. ment to those fleeing persecution on T h e salient provisions also inc lude 727 E. Grand Ave, # C
ac c ount of rac e, religion, nationality, self-regulation, w h erein th e grantee Escondido, CA 92025
T h at my life is a gift … J esus, I membersh ip in a partic ular soc ial
“ sh all not req uire any previous
trust in you. group, or politic al opinion. c ensorsh ip of any speec h , play, ac t or Dr, Myrna Lazaga
sc ene or oth er matter to be broadc ast 914 East 8th St, #208

T h at Y ou w ill teac h me to trust Y ou
J esus, I trust in you.
A ttorney G eneral W illiam P. B arr
issued the following statement:
from its stations.”
I t also provides th at th e grantee,
Tel. (619) 477-0570
T h at Y ou are my L ord and my G od “ T h is R ule is a law ful ex erc ise of
“ during any broadc ast, sh all c ut off
from th e air th e speec h , play, ac t or IN ESCONDIDO, LIVE-IN, Dr. Ronaldo Saldana
… J esus, I trust in you. auth ority provided by Congress to sc ene or oth er matter being broad-
restric t eligibility for asylum. T h e 665 H St, Suite E
c ast if th e tendenc y, th ereof, is to
T h at I am Y our beloved one … U nited S tates is a generous c oun- Chula Vista, CA 91910
propose or inc ite treason, rebellion
J esus, I trust in you. try but is being c ompletely over- or sedition.” www.saldanadental.com
w h elmed by th e burdens assoc iated T h e self-regulation c lause inc ludes Tel. (619) 422-7252
A men. w ith appreh ending and proc essing
h undreds of th ousands of aliens
th e ban on language or th eme th at
migh t be indec ent or immoral and NECESSARY, WE'LL TRAIN. DRIVING LESSONS
CONTACT: LIZ (858) 254 4620.
along th e south ern border. T h is provides th at “ w illful failure to do so
R ule w ill dec rease forum sh opping sh all c onstitute a valid c ause of th e Michael V. Aguilar
by ec onomic migrants and th ose c anc elation of th is franc h ise.” Tel. (619) 370-8493
w h o seek to ex ploit our asylum T h e oth er franc h ises th at w ere
system to obtain entry to th e U nited tec h nic ally approved inc lude th e
T h e A sian J ournal is a legally ad- S tates— w h ile ensuring th at no one JEWELLERS
judic ated new spaper of G eneral Cir- ones granted to th e R M C B roadc ast-
is removed from th e U nited S tates
c ulation in th e S tate of California. I t
is authorized to print official legal w h o is more lik ely th an not to be
ing Corp. (R iz al M emorial Colleges
B roadc asting Corp.); A dvanc ed M e-
Work for the San Diego’s Daniels Jewelry
tortured or persec uted on ac c ount of www.DanielsJewelers.com
notic es of all types inc luding L iens,
Fic titious N ames, Ch ange of N ame, a protec ted ground.”
dia B roadc asting S ystem I nc .; PB N
B roadc asting N etw ork I nc .; A ndres
Top Home Care Agency! Tel. (800) 819-8000
A bandonment, Estate S ales, A uc - B onifac io College B roadc asting
tions, Public Offerings, Court Or- T h e U nited S tates h as ex perienc ed S ystem I nc .; I nsular B roadc asting RESTAURANTS
dered publish ing, etc .
T o advertise, c all (619)-4 7 4 -05 8 8
or send message to asianjournal@
a dramatic inc rease in th e number of
aliens enc ountered along or near th e
S ystem I nc .; Cebu B roadc asting Co.;
R adio M arine N etw ork ; First L ove
Now Hiring ONAMI Seafood Buffet & BBQ
south ern land border w ith M ex ic o.
aol.c om. T h e A sian J ournal is also T h is inc rease c orresponds w ith a
B roadc asting N etw ork I nc .; and
T irad Pass R adio-T V B roadc asting
Exerienced Caregivers 1640 Camino del Rio North
available in digital form. V isit our #206, San Diego CA 92108
w ebsite at w w w .asianjournalusa.
sh arp inc rease in th e number, and
perc entage, of aliens c laiming fear of
N etw ork I nc . for Live-In & Hourly Shifts Tel. (619) 295-9774
c om. A multi-aw ard w inning new s- M eanw h ile, th e Court of T ax A p-
paper, th e A sian J ournal is publish ed persec ution or torture w h en appre- peals (CT A ) h as approved a settle-
w eek ly every Friday and distributed h ended or enc ountered by D H S . T h e ment deal th at allow s th e A B S -CB N Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits UTILITIES
all over S an D iego County. A dvertis- number of c ases referred to D OJ for N ew s Ch annel (formerly S arimanok
ing deadline is every W ednesday at 5 proc eedings before an immigration N ew s N etw ork I nc .) to pay only Requirements San Diego Gas & Electric
p.m. prior to th e public ation date. For judge h as also risen ex ponentially, P17 .8 3 7 million in tax es for 2 009 To learn more about assis-
advertising and subsc ription informa- more th an tripling betw een 2 013 and or five times less than the original
• 3 professional references tance programs for those
tion, c all (619) 4 7 4 -05 8 8 or send an
email message to asianjournal@ aol.
2 018 . T h ese numbers are projec ted P97 .07 9 million assessed by th e • Proof of eligibility to work in the US with limited income, visit
to c ontinue to inc rease th rough out B ureau of I nternal R evenue (B I R ). sdge.com/Filipino or call 211
c om. T h e A sian J ournal is not respon- th e remainder of Fisc al Y ear 2 019
sible for unsolic ited manusc ripts and I n a 12 -page resolution promulgat- Call for an appointment ____________________
ph tograph s but w elc omes submis-
and beyond. ed on J uly 8 , th e CT A S pec ial First Asian Journal regular
sions. Entire c ontent is c opyrigh ted D ivision granted th e B I R and S ari- Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. advertisers get a free
material by A sian J ournal. M aterials Only a small minority of th ese manok ’ s joint motion for approval listing in the Classified Direc-
in th is public ation may not be repro- individuals, h ow ever, are ultimately of c ompromise agreement th at w as
duced without specific permission granted asylum. T h e large number entered into last year. – W ith Eliz a- La Jolla Apply Online! tory which makes it easier
for people to find and avail of
from th e A sian J ournal publish er. of meritless asylum c laims plac es an
ex traordinary strain on th e nation’ s
beth M arc elo 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com their products and services.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019

Kenneth Cobonpue-designed Ateneo chapel shortlisted in

Walk With Me
A j ourne y f rom b irt h t o e t e rnit y World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam
A teneo de Cebu’ s c h apel is
by Paulina Evangelista made of bamboo, c onc rete, and
steel, th e abstrac t h eart-sh aped
Paulina Evangelisga is a feature writer and colum- struc tures surround an inner
nist of the Asian Journal San Diego. This part of a garden th at is full of symbolism
series of articles that will be publsihed in book form.
and poetry. Credits to K enneth
PREFACE W orld-renow ned designer K en-
neth Cobonpue is again mak ing a
“ W alk w ith me” is my sh ort c h ildren as soon as th ey are born.
mark on th e global stage w ith h is
prayer w h en I ex perienc e emo- M y friend c h ose a name before h er
baby w as born. H ow did sh e k now design for A teneo de Cebu’ s c h a-
tional and ph ysic al pain. “ Foot- pel on th e sh ortlist of th e W orld
th is c h ild w ould be a boy before h e
prints in th e sand” is an inspira- was born? In the United States and A rc h itec ture Festival (W A F)
tion th at w e are never alone w h en K enneth Cobonpue’ s design
many oth er c ountries, a proc edure A w ards in A msterdam. for A teneo de Cebu’ s Cor J esu
w e suf- fer. W h en I w as young, c alled an ultrasound c an determine if
I th ough t suffering is a punish - Oratory w ith B uc k R ic h nold S ia,
th e baby in th e moth er’ s w omb is a
ment from G od. A s I get older, I boy or a girl.
Z ubu D esign A ssoc iates as lead
realiz ed it is a w ay to e c loser and I n th e Ph ilippines, w h ere I w as arc h itec t, is c ompeting against
born, you c an also h ave an ultra- his first mar- riage. Their names are democ rac y.” 5 oth er nominees from U A E,
be one w ith h im. S aturnina, S ioning, and Eugenio. R ejec ting th e doc ument’ s pro-
sound, but you h ave to pay for th at S ingapore, T h ailand, and S pain
ex - pensive proc edure. W h y do w e S ix c h ildren w ere born from th e ( Continued from page 8 ) posal to ordain married men, or viri also sh ortlisted in th e Completed
J ust lik e a c h ild w h en h e starts sec ond marriag- es of my parents. probati, M sgr. B ux said “ th e h istory
want to know ahead of time? Is it lish ed on Pan-A maz on S ynod W atc h , B uildings – R eligion c ategory of
ask ing q uestions w h y w e are born more exciting to know early or find T h eir names are R ic ardo, A ugusto, of th e Ch urc h teac h es th at th e c risis
M sgr. B ux also ex pressed c onc ern th e W A F.
and w h ere do w e go after w e out later when the baby is born? A urora, M arc elo, Paulina (me), and
over th e w ork ing doc ument’ s
of priestly voc ations is resolved
die. T h e answ ers are simple for my younger sis- ter, Felina. through living faith: where the faith W A F released on J uly 4 th e
I remember when my first baby dow nplaying of th e need for faith in
c h ildren and th ey ac c ept it w ith - w as born. M y h usband said, “ A baby Paul M c Cartney is very famous. is alive, missionary voc ations are sh ortlist for th e aw ards to be
Ch rist, in order to be saved.
out h esitations. For adults, th e girl! ” T h e ex c itement I felt at h ear- Everyone in my generation k now s
“ D oubts th at th e L ord J esus is th e
born, until th e emergenc e of insti- given during th e w orld’ s largest
ing th ose w ords made my h eart beat h is name. People don’ t h ave to men- tutes for th e formation of indigenous festival dedic ated to c elebrating
answ ers lead to more q uestions. tion h is last name bec ause h e is so only S avior of mank ind h as been
c lergy. T h e L ord alw ays c alls men to
faster. I h ad a baby girl! W omen w h o spreading in th e Ch urc h sinc e th e and sh aring arc h itec tural ex c el-
k now before th ey give birth c annot popular. follow h im! ” lenc e slated for D ec ember 4 -6,
Prayers bec ame my esc ape to Me? I am not famous or a celebrity, post-c onc iliar period, ” M sgr. B ux
ex perienc e th e joy of th at surprise, R egarding th e w ork ing doc ument’ s
fully understand th e reasons w e alth ough I w ould h ave w anted to be ex plained. “ For some sec tors of th e
proposal th at th e rite of M ass be 2 019.
w h ic h h appened to me th ree times. Ch urc h , evangelisation h as been Cobonpue w ent on soc ial media
are born; if th ere is anoth er plac e I th ink th e new tec h nology is tak ing one. T h at w as th e reason I w ork ed adapted to loc al A maz onian c ustoms,
w ith c elebrities in th e Ph ilippines reversed into ‘ being evangeliz ed, ’ ” to announc e th e inc lusion of th e
th at ex ists after our earth ly life. over some of th e prec ious and pric e- leading many “ parish es and seminar-
M sgr. B ux observed th at th e R oman
T h is is th e reason I c h ose th e sub- less emotions w e used to enjoy. before I got married. I tried to be lik e R ite h as been transmitted to various A teneo de Cebu c h apel w h ic h
th em. I w anted to be lik e th em, and ies” to invite “ ath eistic or doubtful
title of my book: “A journey from th ink ers” to speak “ rath er th an c lear
peoples ac ross th e w orld and is “ an h e revealed h aving designed for
I attended a baby sh ow er and I w anted to earn h uge amounts of ex pression of th e c ommunion of all h is alma mater. T h e c elebrated
birth to eternity.” money lik e th ey did! and definite Catholics.”
bough t a gift for th e baby. T h e believers in Ch rist beyond language, Filipino designer w h o h ad also
B ut th at w as impossible— I w as M sgr. B ux said “ th is h as led to c on-
I alw ays remember w h at Fr. B en moth er k new sh e w as h aving a boy nation and rac e.” designed the first resort airport
born to an or- dinary family in th e fusion and disorientation, ” espec ially
Carreon said about death: “It is the bec ause sh e h ad an ultrasound. T h e “ W h ile respec ting c ultures, th e
small tow n of T andang S ora, Q uez on given th e w eak c atec h esis th at many
liturgy invites th em to purify and terminal in Cebu desc ribed th e
beginning and not th e end.” Faith h ealth insuranc e paid for it. I f you Cath olic s rec eived in rec ent dec ades. c h apel as “ M ade of bamboo,
don’ t h ave insuranc e or money for City, Ph ilippines. Paul M c Cartney’ s sanc tify th emselves, ” h e said. “ I n
in our h earts th at someh ow , some- I f it w ere not th e c ase, h e noted, c onc rete, and steel, th e abstrac t
th e proc e- dure, you just h ave to w ait fans and follow ers k now h e w as truth , ” h e said, th e w ork ing doc u-
w h ere, not in th is w orld, w e w ill be “ one c ould not ex plain th e spec tac le
rew arded for w h at w e do during our for th e baby’ s birth . born in L iverpool, England. I k new ment’ s treatment of th e liturgy “ is a h eart-sh aped struc tures surround
it too bec ause I am also h is number- of vic es and c orruption th at is grip-
lifetime. S ome parents c annot w ait to k now q uestion of an ill-c onc ealed opposi- an inner garden th at is full of
one fan ping I talian and European soc iety.”
th e sex of th e baby. I ask ed some tion to th e Ch urc h of R ome.” symbolism and poetry.”
H ow many years h as Paul M c - N or c ould one ex plain h ow everyone
Every day I wake up, I ask myself: moth ers w h at th ey get by k now ing M sgr. B ux said it is “ strange” th at K enneth Cobonpue and A teneo de
Cartney been per- forming? I was is invited to “ rec eive Communion
“ I f today is th e last day of my life ah ead of time. T h ey said it is easier th ey w ant to do th is c enturies after Cebu’ s c h apel w ill be among th e 5 3 4
still in h igh sc h ool, so it w as w ay at M ass, regardless of w h eth er th ey
w h at sh ould I do to be sure I go to to k now w h ic h c loth es to buy! th e evangeliz ation of th e A meric an sh ortlisted projec ts from 7 0 c oun-
bac k in th e 1960s and 197 0s. H e still are in th e state of grac e, ” or even
heaven?” For all who read this book, A noth er friend h ad an ultrasound, c ontinent, and th e adoption of th e tries presenting live at th e W A F in
performs in some television sh ow s Cath olic .
I hope you find and th e re- sults said th e baby w ould R oman R ite. “ W h o informed th e na- D ec ember.
and had his final concert tour a few “ T h e pastors of th e Ch urc h must set
be a boy. S h e h ad a baby sh ow er, tives of th e A maz on th at ‘ th ey w ere
forth doc trine ac c ording to th e apos-
and every guest w as told th e baby years bac k . I h ad planned on going naked,’ i.e. without their own rite?,”
CHAPTER ONE to h is c onc ert in S an D iego, but an tolic form in w h ic h it w as entrusted
h e ask ed.
w ould be a boy, so all th e gifts w ere to them (Rom 6:17),” the theologian
for a boy— blue sh irts and sh orts, unavoidable event h appened. H e said th e proposed adoption of
When you walk through the storm, I w as sad, k now ing th at migh t said. “ A s M onsignor Carlo M aria ( Continued from page 1 )
blue blank ets, and so on. non-Ch ristian c ustoms into th e lit-
hold your head up high…and don’t h ave been my last c h anc e to see h im V iganò rec ently replied in an inter- (S C) spok esman and member of
T h e baby w as a girl! Could th ere urgy is “ inc ompatible” and “ c ontra-
be afraid of the dawn…At the end of perform. view [with the Washington Post]: th e Free L egal A ssistanc e G roup
h ave been a mix -up in th e nurs- dic tory” w ith th e R oman R ite, unless
the storm is a golden sky…and the I s th ere any possibility our path s ‘ D ish onorably rebellious are th ose (FL A G ) T h eodore T e w ere also
ery? Who knows who made the one w ants to engage in “ h ybridiz a-
sweet silver song of a lark. Walk on will cross in my lifetime? Maybe yes w h o presume to break or c h ange th e
mistak e— th e tec h nic ian w h o did perennial tradition of th e Ch urc h .’ ”
tion and sync retism th at lead th e mentioned as respondents.
through the wind, walk on through and maybe no. W h at is th e rea- son faith ful into error.”
the rain…though your dreams have th e ultrasound or th e doc tor w h o S peak ing to th e w ork ing doc u-
interpreted the result? What would I w anted to see h im and listen to h is “ W e are fac ed w ith th e attempt to A lso in th e list is former senior
tossed and gone…Walk on…walk on music in person? As I said, I am one ment’ s use of “ inc ulturation, ” M sgr.
my friend do w ith all th e boy c loth es genetic ally modify th e Ch urc h , c all- superintendent Eduardo A c ierto.
with hopes in your heart and you’ll of h is millions of fans. B ux said “ it is presented in an invert-
she received? Could she return or ing into q uestion th e faith and unity
never walk alone. You’ll never walk I w ould c ompare th e popularity ed way: the intention is to return the
replace them? What if there was no of th e R oman rite th at ex presses it Peter J oemel A dvinc ula, w h o
alone… of Paul M c Cartney to th at of Elvis Ch urc h in th e A maz on to animism
gift receipt? (c f. S ac rosanc tum Conc ilium nn 3 7 - c laims to be “ B ik oy” in th e narc olist
—From Rodgers and Hammer- Presley, th e k ing of roc k n’ roll and spiritualism, mak ing it w ith draw
I tried to guess w h ic h gender my 3 8 ), ” h e said. videos, w as listed as respondent and
stein’s Carousel Elvis Presley w as also very famous. from th e W ord th at w as announc ed
baby w ould be during my sec ond I n th e interview , M sgr. B ux also w itness at th e same time.
H e w as as pop- ular as Paul. H e to it th rough evangeliz ation. ‘ A natu-
pregnancy. My first child was a girl, said he finds it “incredible” that the
A baby is born every minute of th e started singing w h en h e w as seven- ral religion w ith a Ch ristian mask , ’
so my h usband w anted to h ave a son. A maz on is being c onsidered as a I n th e c omplaint, A dvinc ula
day in every part of th e w orld. I mag- teen years old. H is c areer lasted for as Cardinal B randmü ller said in h is
I bough t blue materials and c loth es. “ th eologic al plac e, ” i.e. a spec ial c laimed th at th e respondents, partic -
ine h ow many babies are born on th e th ree dec ades, from th e 195 0s until rec ent statement.”
I made pillow c ases and a blank et for sourc e of revelation. ularly T rillanes and A lejo, used h im
same day and at th e same time on h is untimely death on A ugust 16, A sk ed about th e w ork ing doc u-
th e c rib, all in blue. S ec onding Cardinal W alter B rand- to play th e role of “ B ik oy” in th e
th is planet. 197 7 . H ow do I k now th e ex ac t date ment’ s praise for th e “ c osmovi-
I told my h usband I w ould h ave a mü ller’ s c ritiq ue of th e I nstrumen- video presentation and spread lies
One baby is born in A meric a, of his death? I got married on August sion” of indigenous peoples, M sgr.
baby boy be- c ause th e movement tum laboris, M sgr. B ux said th at by against President D uterte, members
anoth er baby is born in A sia, anoth er 7 , 197 7 , th e year h e died of a h eart B ux said it represents a “ blurring
in my stomac h w as different th an c alling into q uestion divine R evela- of h is family and some c lose friends.
is born in Europe, and so on and so attac k . M y sec ond daugh ter w as of reason” and a return to “ natural
it had been in my first pregnancy. tion, th e doc ument “ detac h es itself
forth born A ugust 16, 198 0. Elvis fans in religion” and “ spiritualism.”
W h en my sec ond baby w as born, my from th e truth of th e Cath olic faith , ” T h e c rime w as allegedly c ommitted
I w as born in th e Ph ilippines on th e U nited S tates, or maybe just th e Y et nature does h ave valuable les-
h usband said, “ A noth er baby girl! ” and amounts to “ apostasy.” at th e J esuit Communic ation B uild-
J une 18 , 195 3 . A c c ording to my oldies lik e me, k now th at date. sons to teac h us about th e Ch urc h ,
T h e day our sec ond daugh ter w as M sgr. B ux noted said it is “ sig- ing on th e A teneo de M anila U ni-
birth certificate, I was born exactly T h e only differenc e now is Elvis th e I talian th eologian argued.
born, w e start- ed th ink ing about th e nificant” that the Instrumentum versity c ampus in L oyola H eigh ts in
at noon. M y h usband w as born on is dead, and Paul is still alive. Paul “ T h e very development of nature,
name w e w anted to give h er. D oes laboris h as rec eived th e “ enth u- Q uez on City betw een February and
September 12, 1950. My first daugh- is still performing ive, but Elvis is w h ic h h appens in an organic w ay (so
it mak e a differenc e if th e name is siastic approval — and perh aps M ay th is year.
ter w as born on M ay 11, 197 8 . M y also still performing! H e h as h is ow n th at w h at is false yesterday c annot be
c h osen be- fore or after th e baby is th e advic e — of L eonardo B off, a T h e respondents, based on th e c om-
sec ond daugh ter w as born on A ugust station on S irius, a satellite radio ser- true today) sh ould h elp us to under-
born? former Franc isc an priest, a h istoric al plaint, “ planned to spread false infor-
16, 198 0. M y only son w as born on vic e on w h ic h a subsc riber c an listen stand th at th e Ch urc h ’ s teac h ing is a
I guess it does not matter to th e ex ponent of liberation th eology w h o, mation against President D uterte’ s
N ovember 19, 198 4 . to Elvis tw enty-four h ours a day. doc trinal, organic c orpus, ” h e said.
baby! in th e 197 0s, w as admonish ed by th e family and administration officials in
M y fath er took my name from a I subsc ribe to th is station, and being “ I nstead, ” h e observed, “ c leric s are
A s I mentioned, my name w as Congregation for th e D oc trine of th e order to agitate th e general popula-
Cath olic c al- endar, w h ic h h ad th e an Elvis fan, I listen to h is music infec ted by a k ind of D arw inism th at
tak en from a Cath olic c alendar, so Faith .” tion into mak ing mass protest w ith
names of all th e saints born on eac h every time I drive in my c ar alone. I results — as Cardinal B randmü l-
day of th e year. J une 18 , my birth - I w ondered if Paul M c Cartney’ s ler w rote — in doc trinal and moral th e possibility of bringing dow n
parents also took h is name from a say lone bec ause my h usband does T h e respec ted th eologian c onc luded
day, is th e Feast of S aint Paul, so my evolutionism; prec isely th e opposite th e President from th e position and
Cath olic c alendar. D oes h e k now not lik e listening to Elvis songs. the interview, saying:
fath er said I w ould be named Paula, of th e organic development of a allow V ic e President R obredo to
where his name came from? Did his M y h usband lik es Elvis, but h e is T h ere is no liberation w ith out c on-
th e feminine form of Paul. A c c ord- subjec t w h o remains faith ful to its instantly suc c eed.”
parents tell h im w h ere th ey got h is not c raz y about h im lik e I am. I h ave version to Ch rist. T h e I nstrumentum
ing to my moth er, I w as so tiny w h en ow n identity.” I n th e c omplaint, th e PN P-CI D G
name? a room full of Elvis memora- bilia. L aboris never mentions th is term,
I w as born th at sh e preferred to c all “ Only th is body c an be c alled th e said th e “ spread of false informa-
T h ose q uestions w ill lik ely never be M y c h ildren c all it th e mini-G rac e- w h ic h is at th e beginning of th e G os-
me Paulina; to h er, Paula w as an Ch urc h , at least on th e basis of th e tion and ac c usation w ill also h elp
answered. Why do I care? There are land. Elvis’ s fans all k now G rac eland pel of J esus Ch rist, but, as c ardinals,
older w oman’ s name. I t is interesting V atic an I and I I Consitutions, D ei bring dow n th e popularity of th e
more important th ings to th ink about w as h is h ome w h en h e w as alive priests and faith ful h ave already
little fac t th at I still remember Filius, L umen G entium and D ei administration senatorial c andidates
than finding out where his name People from all over th e w orld visit observed, c ontradic ting in dec isive
W h en I c ame to th e U nited S tates, V erbum, ” h e said. and in turn boost th e c ampaign of
c ame from. h is mansion in M emph is, T ennessee, points th e binding teac h ing of th e
I found out th at Paul M c Cartney, M sgr. B ux , w h o is also a liturgist, Otso D iretso c andidates for th e 2 019
What’s in a name? “A rose by any w h ic h h as bec ome th e most visited Ch urc h — th at is, to w h ic h every
a member of th e famous sing- ing said signs of th is D arw inian infec - midterm elec tions.”
oth er name w ould smell as sw eet, ” tourist spot in th e U nited S tates. true Cath olic is bound — it c an be
group th e B eatles, h as th e same tion c an be seen in th e w ork ing T h e respondents reportedly planned
ac c ording to W illiam S h ak espeare. M illions of h is fans from all over qualified as heretical. An attack on
birth day as me. doc ument’ s treatment of th e sac ra- and funded th e c reation of th e video,
B ut w e are not roses, so w e h ave to th e w orld visit G rac eland th rough - th e foundations of th e faith , w h ic h
W h en I found out th at Paul M c - ments, partic ularly H oly Orders. w h ic h th ey spread th rough soc ial
h ave names. out th e year sinc e it opened to th e reduc es th e Cath olic religion to pure
Cartney w as born on th e same day “ A fter all th e pre-c onc iliar and media.
Why? What are we going to be public . W h y do people c ome to visit subjec tivism. I t almost seems th at it
but in a different year, in a different post-conflict debate on the insepara- T h e PN P-CI D G also informed th e
called? How would we call our Graceland? Because they love Elvis! is J esus Ch rist w h o must c onvert to
c ity, and in a c ountry— L iverpool, bility of pow er of order and jurisdic - D OJ th at its N ational Capital R egion
c h ildren or differentiate one from th e W h y do people c ome to w atc h and th e new A maz onian divinity. B ut is
England— it got me th ink ing. W ill tion, ” h e said, “ th e I nstrumentum office is still investigating the case
other if they didn’t have names? see Paul McCartney? Because they th is “ th e Cath olic faith transmitted
our paths cross? Will I see him in L aboris proposes th e opposite in and th at it h as req uested for c opies
M y moth er h ad ten c h ildren, and love Paul. by th e A postles, ” as w e pray in th e
person? Will I be able to talk to him order to justify th e ordained ministry of CCT V rec ording of inc idents th at
of c ourse, all of th em h ave names. (to be continued) Roman Canon?
while I am still in this world? for w omen. T h us, w e move furth er c ould be related to th e c ase.
A lot of people in my generation M y oldest sister from my moth - er’ s aw ay from th e Eastern Ch urc h es.” I n a statement, J ustic e S ec retary
k new about Paul. I h ave k now n first marriage is Rosalina. My older Call the Asian Journal “ Episc opal, priestly and diac onal M enardo G uevarra said h e w ould
broth ers are named Felix and Pablo.
about h im sinc e I w as in h igh sc h ool
T h e youngest daugh ter w as named
at 619.474.0588 identity must be understood from
G od w h o c alls and th e Ch urc h c on-
form a panel of state prosec utors to
h ear th e c omplaint and c onduc t req -
bec ause of h is songs. I w ondered
w h ere h is parents got h is name. M atilde for your firms it by ordination; not from the D ow nload t h e uisite preliminary investigation.
Parents usually give names to th eir M y fath er h ad th ree c h ildren from advertising needs. c ommunity, as if th e Ch urc h w ere a asianj ournalusa. c om / d ig it al
July 19-25, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Descendants of the Sun actor Dingdong Dantes salutes Filipino soldiers at military training
THE GNP Team | MANILA, fan req uests ask ing for h is ac tress- interest, D r. K ang. T h e ac tor said, bigger role to fulfill), which is to be
7/1/9/2019 — w ife M arian R ivera-D antes to play “ M ay mas malak i siyang role na th e moth er of th e tw o k ids th at w e
A c tor D ingdong D antes and h is th e role of h is D esc endants love k ailangan gampanan (S h e h as a h ave.”
“ T eam A lph a” w ent on train-
ing w ith A FP S pec ial Forc es in
preparation for th e upc oming T V
series D esc endants of th e S un.
Credits to J ayme V ista, G M A
N etw ork .
Popular ac tor D ingdong D antes
dec lared h is respec t for Filipino
soldiers after h e and h is fel-
low ac tors underw ent intensive
military training for th e upc om- Descendants of the sun Dingdong Dantes
ing Filipino adaptation of K orean
h it T V series, D esc endants of th e
S un.
D antes, w h o is set to play th e
c h arac ter of Capt. L uc as M analo
c ode-named “ B ig B oss” origi-
nally played by H alyu star S ong
J oong K i, said h e admired th e
Filipino soldiers for th eir dedic a- 3400 East 8th St. Ste 109, National City, CA 91950
tion and h ard w ork . Tel. 619-773-7800 - Work
619-919-4147 - CP
T h e Pinoy D esc endants of th e S un
ac tor also ex pressed th e importanc e We sell :
of training to properly represent th e 1 . Porto Bak ery bak ed
h eroic soldiers in th e T V series th at goods and products
sw ept th e w orld w ith th e onsc reen ( cheese rolls, guava stru-
romanc e of th e c h arac ters of soldier del, etc) - E very T hursday
S ong J oong K i and doc tor S ong H ye or Friday
K yo. 2. Filipino grocery item s
3 . Filipino food : m orcon,
“ I mportanteng ma-represent namin relyenong bangus by order
nang maayos ‘ yung k asundaluh an 4 . Frozen products: Pinoy
natin k asi in a w ay, it’ s also giving hotdogs, daing, tinapa
h onor to our soldiers. T h e fac t th at 4 . Pinoy native delicacies:
w e w ant to portray th em properly puto bungbong, bibingk a
ibig sabih in w e rec ogniz e th em, w e mu fin it lang a and
respec t th em, and w e love th em, ” cream cheese; special
D ingdong D antes said after more k apeng barak o
th an 2 4 h ours of intense training at a 5 .Luisa and Son' s ensay-
military c amp. m ada
6 . C upcak es from C up-
D esc endants’ T eam A lph a c om- cak es and C om pany
prised of D ingdong D antes, R oc c o . Cebu a ortuna o ia mongo and ot er a ors
N ac ino, J on L uc as, Princ e Clemente, We also sell high q uality branded bags and m ak e up from Korea,
L uc h o A yala, and Paul S alas, under- shoes, accessories, etc.
w ent 2 4 -h our S pec ial Forc e rigid We also have balik bayan box es to the Philippines
training w ith no spec ial treatment We also have Lottery and scratch cards
at Fort M agsaysay in N ueva Ec ija. Rentals Available: C hairs, tables and baloons for parties available
Part of th eir training inc luded sleep- We sell by tingi ( by piece) depending on availability
ing in tents, c onq uering obstac le
c ourses, ex erc ise routines under th e C om e and visit! Support your k ababayan!
rain, c arry-th e-w orld or “ tusok -ulo
military stand, ” and more.

D esc endants of th e sun D ingdong

D antes
T eam A lph a, c omposed of D ing-
dong D antes, R oc c o N ac ino, J on
L uc as, Princ e Clemente, L uc h o
A yala, and Paul S alas during train-
ing. Credits to G M A N etw ork .
G M A N etw ork and th e A rmed Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your advertising needs.
Forc es of th e Ph ilippines ink ed a
tel. 619-919-4147
M emorandum of A greement on J une
2 0 National
for th e ac tors to undergo
City, CA 91950training

Dental Implant Centers

and immersion as part of th eir prepa- TM
ration 619-773-7800
for th e Filipino adaptation of
D esc endants of th e S un, a K orean
series set amidst w ars and disasters.

On J uly 3 , th e c ast w ent to th e DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
A rmy R eserve Command in Camp
R iego D e D ios, T anz a, Cavite for
M ark smansh ip training in basic gun
h andling.

D ingdong D antes also responded to

( Continued from page 16 )
T h e M ac tan-Cebu struc ture also
received the Asia Pacific Medium

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

A irport of th e Y ear A w ard in 2 018 .
T h e I nternational A rc h itec ture
A w ards 2 019 w ill be c onferred on
th e M CI A by
th e Ch ic ago A th enaeum I nterna- ❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education:
tional M useum and T h e European ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Centre for A rc h itec ture A rt D esign Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
and U rban S tudies during a rec ep-
tion and gala dinner in front of th e ❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
A c ropolis in G reec e on S eptember ❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
13 .
M ac tan-Cebu I nternational A irport ❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
will next compete as a finalist in the
W orld A rc h itec ture Festival to be
h eld on D ec ember 4 – 6 in A mster-
dam. M CI A T erminal 2 w ill c ompete
w ith J ew el Ch angi A irport and th e
I stanbul A irport in th e Completed
B uildings-T ransport c ategory.-- The
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
GNP Team

Fluent in Tagalog
Two convenient locations
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103

866.469.7645 • www.drkhazian.com
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 19-25, 2019

Cebu in Best Travel Destinations list of Trip IT’S TIME TO
Advisor Traveler’s Choice awards TAKE CONTROL.
Cebu the best travel
Cebu, th e lone Ph ilippine entry
in A sia’ s best list, suc c eeds Panay
I sland in th e V isayas w h ic h w as
c h osen in th e 2 018 edition of th e
rank ings. Credits to T rip A dvisor

Cebu I sland h as been rank ed

among th e B est T ravel D estina-
tions in A sia in th e latest edition
of th e T rip A dvisor T raveler’ s
Ch oic e A w ards.
T h e V isayan island in c entral Ph il-
ippines joined th e 2 019 list of th e
T op 2 5 T ravel D estinations in A sia in
th e survey c onduc ted by T rip A dvi- one of th e Ph ilippines’ top destina- c h osen in th e 2 018 edition of th e
sor, th e w orld’ s largest travel site. tions.” rank ings.
T rip A dvisor desc ribes th e Cebu T ravel and L eisure magaz ine’ s T h e J uly 2 019 edition of T rip
island offerings: “From the cosmo- W orld’ s B est A w ards also rec ently A dvisor’ s T raveler Ch oic e A w ards
politan metropolis of Cebu City and c ited Cebu as among A sia’ s best determined th e w inners by q uantity
th e w h ite-sand beac h es of M ac tan to islands. and q uality of review s and ratings
th e elec tric -blue w aters of K aw asan Cebu, th e lone Ph ilippine entry for h otels, restaurants and attrac -
Falls and th e w h ale sh ark s of Oslob, in A sia’ s best list, suc c eeds Panay tions and traveler book ing interest on
it’ s easy to see w h y Cebu I sland is I sland in th e V isayas w h ic h w as T ripA dvisor. -- The GNP Team

Mactan Cebu International Airport victorious in

2019 International Architecture Awards
M ac tan-Cebu I nternational A ir-
port will next compete as a finalist
in th e W orld A rc h itec ture Festival
to be h eld on D ec ember 4 – 6 in
A msterdam. Credits to M CI A A .
M ac tan-Cebu I nternational
A irport (M CI A ) w on th e muc h -
c oveted 2 019 I nternational
A rc h itec ture A w ards (I A A ) for
its uniq ue ec o-friendly Filipino-
th emed design.
M ac tan-Cebu I nternational A irport
T erminal 2 emerged vic torious in th e
A irports and T ransportation Centres 5 h onorees in th e airport’ s c ategory. K enneth Cobonpue, B udji L ayug,
c ategory of th e oldest and largest T h e aw ard-w inning M CI A T ermi- and R oyal Pineda.
global aw ards in th e industry. T h e nal 2 is designed by arc h itec tural T h e Ph ilippine airport h ad previ-
12 th edition of th e I nternational firm Integrated Design Associates ously rec eived loc al and internation-
A rc h itec ture A w ards rec ogniz ed over w h ic h spec ializ es in environment- al aw ards for its uniq ue and sustain-
12 0 new buildings and urban plan- friendly designs. T h e interior w as able design as the world’s first resort
ning projec ts from 3 1 nations in vari- designed by w orld-renow ned airport terminal.
ous c ategories. M CI A w as one of th e Filipino arc h itec ts and designers ( Continued on page 15 )

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