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Smart Power Console Installation Manua

Smart Manuall
1. Introduction 3. Installation
Smart power console is ALLIS Electric Corp. 1. First, the smart power console mounted on the wall.
developed to support Selfnergy series solar inverter, in a Then, counter-clockwise
counter clockwise loosen the screw and
power interruption provide emergency backup power remove the protective cover.
solutions. The device measures demand from the
measure the demand
loads and detects the amount of power being supplied
to the grid. This enables the inverter to facilitate
optimal energy monitoring,
monitoring, effective load and battery
management at the grid feed-in
feed in point while taking
self consum
ption into account. When there is a power
outage, the system will automatically switch to an
independent power supply mode. So that the inverter
can contin (backup
ue to provide emergency (backup
backup) power and
will not endanger the safety of the power grid
grid.. Fig 2:: Remove the protective cover

2. Connect the AC wires L as live (brown or black) and

N as neutral (blue) to the "GRID" terminals, and the
outputs of the inverter are connected directly to the
"INVERTER" terminals. Then, the emergency
standby load is connected to the "LOAD
terminals and non
emergency lo
ad is connected to
the "LOAD(S)"
"LOAD(S)" terminals

Fig 1:: Selfnergy (optional smart power console) system overview

2. Specifications

Fig 3:
3 Connection power cable

3. Connect each power cables to the correct terminal

contact and lock the protective cover back to the
smart power console.

Fig 4:
4 Lock the protective cover

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice

notice. V
er. 1.1
Smart Power Console Installation Manua
Smart Manuall
4. The R
The RJ45
45 plug of the smart power console must be 2. The maximum AC output cur
rent of this device is
ted to the correct EM socket
socket.. 25A. The diameter of the power wire shall be 10
AWG (6.0 mm2) at least, and use 300VAC/30A
circuit breaker.
3. Keep the wires as close or twist them together as
you can. Also, run them in conduit. Try to keep
antennas far from the inverters and house wirings.
Some interference might be detected in close
proximity to the po
tential noise source due to the
disposal of system installation.
4. Alterations are not to be made and no tampering
Fig 5:: Connection RS485 communication cable with the assembly in the device without the
manufacturer’s authorization unless specified
4. Operational Instructions elsewhere in this manual. They may result in injury,
The following paragraphs explain how the display electric shock, or fire and void the warranty
works in each mode
mode. 5. The device contains no user serviceable parts inside.
4.1 LED Indication Only trained staff is authorized to repair the unit.
1. LED (green
green flicker)
flicker): Waiting Please contact the specialized dealer or system
The device sets the initial values and it waits to start technician for further examination.
up automatically in case the system is safety
2. LED (green
green : Normal
green): 6. Troubleshooting Common Problems
In this mode, the green LED shines when the device In the event of a fault, the device will stop and
is normal
normal. display the error message on the LCD. Qualified service
3. LED (red
red)): System Fault staff shall do the analysis and measurement, if needed,
The device was stopped when an unrecoverable failure according to the error message in order to resume
occurred. (Refer to “Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting””)) If the fault normal conditions. Pleas
Pleasee contact your service
notification cannot be cleared, please contact your representative if the same error message is persistent
local service staff.
4.2 Display
Display Panel
anel Error Message Description Disposal Measures
1. Grid/MPP (G Grid
tie mode):
mode The inverter is feeding External Check the
the AC power into the grid if the utility power is communication communication
normal. Meter Comm. between thehe cable wiring is
2. Backup (Off
grid mode):
mode) When tthere
here is a power Err.
Err. device and the correctly or
inverter is contacts is not
outage, the smart power console will automatically
abnormal. responding
off the grid.
grid Also, tthe
he inv
erter will provide
Restart the
emergency backup power to the load
load.. (Note:
Note: Non-
Non power console
Relay Open
emergency load will be cut off.) AC output relay again; Please
3. Bypass (Bypass
Bypass mode
mode): When the inverter is no is abnormal
abnormal. replace devices if
power supply or abnormal, smart power controller Relay Short you fail to
will reconnect to the grid and supplies power to the restore.
load via the bypass. Over Load Total load
Reduce the total
(All) load/ Emergency
standby load
5. Safety Notes standby load
Over Load (M) Non mergency
1. The smart power console must be connected to the Non-emergency
Non- mergency
load exceed the
Over Load (S) load.
home wiring connected directly to the generation upper limit.
/consumption meter, before any branches to
consumers in the house.
All specifications are subject to change without prior notice
notice. V
er. 1.1