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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Nueva Ecija

City/Municipality of _____________________
BARANGAY ______________________




WHEREAS, Section 10, of R.A 9003, entitled: The Ecological Solid Waste
Management Act of 2000 mandates the creation of the Ecological Solid Waste
Management Committee;

WHEREAS, its objective is to generate multi-sectoral interest and

partnership in addressing the garbage problem in the locality;

WHEREAS, the committee shall take the lead in the successful

implementation of the program, particularly in the segregation, collection and
recycling of waste at source and serve as an institution in the implementation and
monitoring of projects and activities;

NOW THEREFORE, I _______________________, Punong Barangay, by virtue

of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order,

Section 1. Creation and Composition of the Barangay Ecological

Solid Waste Management Committee, pursuant to R.A 9003 and amended on
DILG MC 2018-112 “Organization of the Barangay Ecological Solid Waste
Management Committee” to be composed of the following:

_________________________ - Chairman
Punong Barangay

_________________________ - Member
Kagawad, Chairman, Committee on
Environment, Health & Sanitation

_________________________ - Member
SK Chairperson

_________________________ - Member
President of Home Owners Association

_________________________ - Member
Public/Private School Principal

_________________________ - Member
PTA President

_________________________ - Member
Religious organization representative

_________________________ - Member
Business community representative

_________________________ - Member
Environmental NGO representative

_________________________ - Member
President of Market Vendors Association
and One (1) Representative from
junkshop owner’s association
Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Barangay Ecological
Solid Waste Management Committee, the BESWMC shall have the following
duties and responsibilities.

1. Formulate a community solid waste management program consistent with

the city/municipality;
2. Be responsible for the segregation and collection of solid waste
specifically for biodegradable, compostable, and reusable wastes;
3. Establish within the barangay or cluster of barangays a Material Recovery
Facility (MRF), a redemption or eco-centers in a barangay-owned or lease
land or any suitable open space to be determined by the sangguniang
4. Allocate barangay funds for the barangay ecological solid waste
management program, approved by the sangguniang barangay;
5. Organize a Core of Area/Street Coordinators to assist the BESWMC in the
implementation of their programs and activities;
6. Conduct trainings for barangay residents on segregation, composting,
recycling and livelihood opportunities from use of recyclable waste and to
monitor their implementation;
7. Integrate the Ecological Solid Waste Management Program in the
Barangay Development Plan (BDP) and/or Annual Investment Plan (AIP);
8. Find alternative sources of funds other than the regular barangay budget;
9. Submit a monthly report to the C/M ESWMC on the progress of the
program, copy furnished city/municipal DILG Office;
10.Implement policies and plans on the following:

a) Education

 Development and dissemination of information education

campaign (IEC) materials on solid waste management to every
household, business establishments, and other institutions in
the barangay;
 Conduct community trainings and seminars on ecological solid
waste management, particularly on household segregation,
composting, reduction of waste for disposal and recycling;
 Issuance of community policies that will patronize friendly
products and packaging.

b) Engineering

 Provision of support mechanisms for segregated collection (i.e.,

push carts, pedicabs, mini-trucks) and;
 Setting up of redemption or eco-centers (MRF) within the
barangay for non-biodegradable or recyclable materials before
selling in bulk to junk shops.

c) Enforcement

 Enact barangay ordinances on the establishment of an awards

system and other incentives and sanctions in the barangay; and
other rules and regulations to implement the program.

d) Entrepreneurial

 Establishment of a system of buying and selling of recyclable

wastes including compost;
 Promotion of livelihood activities from waste materials
 Networking with the private/business establishments within the
 Micro-financing for livelihood projects from waste.

11.A Barangay ESWM Secretariat (from community/or Barangay Development

Councils) shall be formed to assist the Committee in the performance of
its functions. It shall provide technical and administrative support to the
Committee whenever necessary.
Section 3. Functions and Responsibilities of Punong Barangay.

1. Strictly observed the provisions of R.A. 9003 and related Department

2. Establish a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the barangay or in a cluster,
in a barangay-owned or lease land or in any suitable open space to be
determined by the Barangay through its Sanggunian;
3. Allocate certain parcel of land or to the cluster barangays for the MRF;
4. Initiate information campaigns through public consultations in their
respective localities;
5. Implement a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management System, enacted
through an Ordinance;
6. Communicate with the concerned C/M Environment Natural Resources
Officer or DENR Regional Office for the technical support in the event
there is a need to train LGU personnel or comprehensive solid waste

Section 3. Meetings. The BESWMC shall meet at least one in every

quarter or as often as may be necessary.

Section 4. Effectivity. This Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE, barangay ___________________, City/Municipality of ____________, Nueva

Ecija this ______ day of _____________ , in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and

Punong Barangay