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Kimberle Keneally 7/17/2019

Mrs. Keneally!
Hello, and welcome to the 2019/2020 school
I am Mrs. Kimberle Keneally and am beyond EXCITED
to be your 3rd grade teacher this year. I am looking
forward to a year full of learning, fun, and adventure
and I hope you are too. I cannot wait to meet you and
learn more about you. Since I’m sure you’re curious
about me too, here’s a little about me and what you …A little about me…
can expect in our classroom this year:
I was born in Worcester, MA but grew up in West
Palm Beach, FL. I went to college at Assumption
College in Worcester, MA and worked in Marketing. I
A few of my Favorite Things: also did personal training and competed in fitness
competitions, but I eventually decided that what I
really wanted out of life was to be a teacher. So, I
Color: Green went back to school and got my Masters in Education
Food: sushi & eggs (but not together)
Leadership and completed a teacher certification
Drink: water and black coffee
program through Teachworthy. You all are my very
Hobbies: exercising, crafting, & cooking
Book: Ferdinand first class in my teaching career and I could not be
Sport: Football - SEAHAWKS more honored to have the opportunity to learn
Favorite Animal: dogs & elephants together this year!

I am married with three amazing children whom you

will hear all about all year long! I have lived in San
Antonio for two years and my husband, Sean, is in the
Procedures: military so we have lived all over the world, including
Italy. I know you want to know more so here’s a few
1. Be prepared for school and ready to learn
more faves and procedures:
every day.
2. Be kind and respectful.
3. I give you 100% of my time and focus every
day and I expect the same from you!

Contact Me!
I welcome and value parent involvement throughout the year. I would love to hear from you and you
are always welcome to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
I look forward to meeting each of you on parent teacher night. Letters will be sent home the second
week of school regarding conferences.
Email: kskeneally@msn.com class website: www.mrskeneallysclass.com Phone: 253.495.3131

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