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Serving East Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain, Stonecrest and Tucker • A PUBLICATION OF ACE III COMMUNICATIONS


Smokers no longer welcome in public areas

C hamblee City Council unanimously

passed a clean air ordinance that
will affect public areas in Chamblee,
as it bans smoking in public places. The
ordinance took effect immediately after its
passing July 16.
Chamblee defines smoking as inhaling,
exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted
or heated cigar, cigarette, e-cigarette, oral
smoking device, pipe or any other lighted
or heated product for inhalation, in any
manner or any form. The ordinance also
bans vaping.
The ordinance bans smoking in any
enclosed area under the control of an
employer that employees frequent during
employment─work areas, restrooms,
hallways, employee lounges, cafeterias,
snack bars, conference and meeting rooms,
lobbies and reception areas; in any public
place─grocery stores, pharmacies, dry
cleaners, banks, hotels, restaurants and other
stores that sell merchandise; any enclosed
area to which the public is invited or in
which the public is permitted, including
common areas of apartments, townhomes
and any outdoor area of a place where the
public is invited or where the public is
permitted that is used or intended to be used
as a recreational area.
The ordinance bans smoking within
50 feet of any outside entrance, operable
window, or ventilation system of a common
area, public place, place of employment,
outdoor recreational public place, any
outdoor seating, serving areas of restaurants
and any service line.
The ordinance also bans smoking in
public parks, playgrounds, greenspace,
plaza or outdoor recreation area maintained
and operated by the city. Smoking is also
prohibited in buildings and vehicles owned
or leased by Chamblee.
Exceptions to the ordinance are
smoking in retail tobacco stores, hookah
bars and lounges, adult entertainment
establishments, designated smoking rooms
at hotels and motels and outdoor areas of
places of employment. However, owners
of establishments included in the exception
have the right to declare their businesses
smoke-free environments.
Residents of Chamblee may still smoke
inside single family homes.
First-time violators of the ordinance will
pay $50 and $75 for the second offense.
DeKalb County and the city of Atlanta
have similar ordinances. The ordinance
for DeKalb County regulates smoking in
unincorporated parts of the county.

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and critics
attend PDK
open house

Airport (PDK)─located in
Chamblee─officials hosted
an open house July 17,
where residents and other
interested parties were
welcomed to learn more,
and voice concerns about,
the planned expansion for
the airport.
PDK is a county-owned,
public-use airport in DeKalb
County. According to PDK’s
website, it is the third-
largest taxpayer in DeKalb
County and generates
approximately $130 million
in revenue.
PDK is also the second
busiest airport in Georgia.
According to PDK
officials, the number of
planes departing and
arriving is expected to
grow 37 percent in the
next 20 years. The airport
is planning to build
eight additional hangars
for jets and planes near
Clairmont Road. The
eight hangars─part of the
expansion─would require
an additional 19 acres for
As of July 17, the
PDK master plan has not
been finalized with official
recommendations. PDK
officials said the master plan
will be finished by the end
of this year or early next
During the open house,
the attendees─mostly
pilots─expressed mixed
emotions about the
Leigh Foto, a 30-year
Chamblee resident and a
pilot, says he moved to
Chamblee was because of
the airport.
“People don’t
understand that this place
has been here longer than
99 percent of the people that


EHC-2681 ENY Champion Ad.indd 1 7/18/19 9:46 AM

The City of Stone Mountain will hold a general
municipal election for three (3) Council Member
seats on November 5, 2019 for four-year terms.
All persons desiring to run for any of these offices
shall qualify at City Hall located at 875 Main Street,
Stone Mountain, GA, 30083. The qualifying period
shall begin on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 and end
on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Qualifying will be
conducted during the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm
daily during the qualifying period. The qualifying
fee for the office of Council Member will be $108.00.
The qualifying fee must be paid during the qualifying

Notice for Setting Qualifying Fees for

November 5, 2019 General Election
Per the City Charter, the Council has staggered four-year
terms. The terms for the Mayor and Council Districts 2
and 4 will expire at the administration of office of his or
her successor elected in the General Municipal Election
on November, 5, 2019 as provided in Section 2.01 of the
City Charter.
Chamblee residents were able to learn and ask questions about the Peachtree DeKalb Airport expansion at an open house. Photo The qualifying fees for Council Districts 2 and 4 are set
by Taylor Robins at $450 and for Mayor at $600. The fees are 3% of the
total gross salary of the preceding year (Georgia Election

PDK Continued From Page 1

Code 21-2-131 (a) (1) (A). Qualifying for the November
5, 2019 General Municipal Election will be held at
the Stonecrest City Hall, 3120 Stonecrest Boulevard,
live here,” said Foto. “It’ll that the preliminary plan is forwarding and scheduled Stonecrest, GA 30038 on Wednesday, August 21, 2019,
charter jet operations Thursday, August 22, and Friday, August 23, 2019.
be here long after we’re “excessive and unrealistic” The hours of qualifying shall be between the hours of
gone. It’s a great job creator and that the number of should be capped at current
9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
for DeKalb County.” based-aircraft weighing operating levels─items (Georgia Election Code 21-2-132 (d)(3). Each candidate
Foto said that most more than 75,000 pounds, PDK plans to expand. shall file a notice of candidacy in the office of the City
critics oppose the expansion air cargo and parcel Clerk of Stonecrest and must meet the qualifications of
the Charter and Code of the City of Stonecrest, as well as
because they don’t know all applicable state and constitutional laws.
how an airport works,
being a controlled area. An
increase in business for the
community, according to AND DISABLED PERSONS – PER HB 645 – ACT #165
“People should have requested the DeKalb Board of Elections to call a Special Election to be held at the time of the general
done their due diligence and election of the City on November 5, 2019, for the purpose of placing before the qualified electors residing
research before moving here within the limits of the City of Brookhaven, a referendum increasing the existing general homestead
because the airport has been exemption to $40,000.00 through five annual increases. This Call for a Special Election is made
here,” Foto said. pursuant to the Georgia Constitution, Art. 7, Sec. 2, Paragraph II; Ga. L. 2012, p.5527 as amended by
Gustavo Barros, a House Bill 645, passed by the Georgia House of Representatives on March 26, 2019 and the Georgia
homeowner in Chamblee, Senate on April, 2, 2019; and Brookhaven Resolution 2019-05-02. House Bill 645 amended the Act
stated concerns about the incorporating the City of Brookhaven by revising subsection (b) of Section 5.10 of Ga. L. 2012, p. 5527 to
expansion but said he feels read as follows:
there is nothing he can “(b)(1) Each resident of the City of Brookhaven is granted an exemption on that person’s homestead from
do about it. His concerns City of Brookhaven ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes in the following amounts for the following tax
include an increase in air years:
(A) For tax year 2020 – $24,000.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
pollution, smell and an (B) For tax year 2021 – $28,000.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
increase in the possibility (C) For tax year 2022 – $32,000.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
of plane crashes. Other (D) For tax year 2023 – $36,000.00 of the assessed value of that homestead; and
residents have voiced (E) For tax year 2024 and all subsequent tax years – $40,000.00 of the assessed value of that
concerns about increases in homestead.
noise. (b)(2) The value of that property in excess of such exempt amount shall remain subject to taxation.”
“We need airplanes and This amendment is conditioned on the approval of the majority of qualified electors residing within the
we need the airport,” Barros limits of the City of Brookhaven by referendum presented as part of the Special Election to be held on
said. “It’s just more of a November 5, 2019. Georgia Constitution, Art. 7, Sec. 2, Paragraph II(a)(1). The ballot for the Special
possibility something could Election on November 5, 2019 shall have written or printed thereon the words:
happen over our homes. “Shall the Act to incorporate the City of Brookhaven be amended so as to increase the current general
homestead exemption from $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 through five equal annual increases?”
If I could choose, I’d say “( ) YES
no to the expansion. But if ( ) NO”
someone doesn’t like it, they All persons desiring to vote for approval of the amendment to the Act shall vote “Yes,” and all persons
should move.” desiring to vote for rejection of the amendment shall vote “No.” If more than one-half of the votes cast
PDK Citizens on the referendum are for approval, the amendment shall become of full force and effect on January
Advisory Committee 1, 2020. If the Act is not so approved or if the election is not conducted as provided in this section, the
member Jaime Dutro and amendment shall not become effective, and the amendment shall be automatically repealed on the first
District 2 Appointment of day of January, 2020.
Commissioner Jeff Rader
were present at the event The last day a person may register and be eligible to vote in the Municipal Election is Monday October 7,
and passed out flyers stating 2019 (Georgia Election Code 21-2-224(a)). The polls will be open on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5,
their position. 2019 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Their points included

What do readers want from a writer?

Recently, I wrote two stories that not serving their community as they and then we laugh together. I believe
were published in the July 4 paper. should? Do readers want a journalist or if a journalist isn’t getting negative
One was about the Dunwoody Police a gossip buddy? I try to give facts only, feedback from readers or viewers, they
Department’s new Tesla cruiser. The no matter how I feel and I’m trying to may not be doing a good job. I just
second story was about John King, serve DeKalb County as genuinely as wonder what readers really want from
Doraville’s former police chief, being TAYLOR ROBINS I can. No matter who or what I report publications?
appointed insurance commissioner of taylor@dekalbchamp.com on, know I’m not doing so to praise or Aside from pointing out
Georgia. An unhappy reader found a diminish anyone or anything. grammatical and spelling errors, what
problem with both stories and found article was purely emotional. The piece I’m writing this opinion piece do readers want to accomplish when
no problem sending a not-so-friendly I wrote about King was factual and because this is by far not my first they complain to writers about a factual
email to me. only pertaining to King’s appointment angry reader email. I’ve received article?
The problem with the Tesla article and job history. The reader insinuated many emails during my time with I always suggest to upset readers
was the fact that Tesla was spelled King is a “fraud.” I realize everyone the few newspapers where I’ve been that they write a letter to the editor, so
“Telsa,” which I take full responsibility is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t employed. I’ve been told and called their opinions can be shared with all.
for. Due to trying to prepare for a get why a reader would send an email many things such as “a silly token left- Or, these angry readers should consider
vacation and produce a certain amount that included many capital letters and winger” to name a mild example. A getting a journalism education and
of content for my absence, I dropped exclamation marks about a factual few months ago, my mentor received joining this side of the fence.
the ball. I don’t think I’ve ever cringed article. major backlash from some residents I also want to acknowledge the
so much at an error before. However, As a journalist, outside of an in his community because he reported readers who write positive, praising
most living things on this Earth are opinion piece, the job is to report facts on local news when he’s normally a and encouraging emails and cards to
human, including me. There is no in an unbiased way, share people’s sportswriter. journalists. Every one that I receive
need to make someone feel less for an stories and ask questions that aren’t Contrary to what one might I pin on my wall to look at when I’m
oversight. However, I do apologize for asked by the public. If journalists are expect, I actually enjoy getting angry having a bad journalism day. You are
my error. doing otherwise, they are not being emails. They make me laugh. I tell very much appreciated.
The reader’s problem with the King true to the profession and they are my coworkers and even my mom

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“A little healthy fear is a good

Let’s take care out there operators.  taken all too young, or helped
thing.” –Anonymous. 
For many, summertime means
‘One Man’s I’ve noted many of these scooter
riders moving at top operating speed
grieving friends recover from such
losses.  Yes, you may seem a bit
more time spent outdoors, recreating Opinion’ (roughly 20 mph), sailing through less courageous wearing a helmet
and on occasion taking risks that red lights, ignoring stop signs and when scooting down that sidewalk,
we might not normally consider. A Bill Crane seemingly choosing on impulse the or not running/walking alone on
lesson I learned early, though it bill.csicrane@gmail.com road or the nearest sidewalk. Though an unlit path at night; but you will
admittedly took longer than it should the electronic contracts with scooter also be more likely reach your
have to sink in is, “Large risk, small operators suggest or mandate ultimate destination with that solid
Florida and across the south all
reward, don’t take the risk.”  wearing helmets, the bulk of the accomplishment of arriving safely
summer long. 
Two recent tragedies hit close younger riders rarely comply.  And and alive. Please, take care out there.
A prominent community leader
to home, impacting many friends though current Georgia law does
in DeKalb County, former Vice-
and families we know well— and in prohibit bicycles and other moving Bill Crane also serves as a
Chair of the DeKalb County School
both cases potentially avoidable— objects operated by anyone over political analyst and commentator
Board Jim McMahan, 53, was
reminded me of the importance of the age of 12 on sidewalks, I would for Channel 2’s Action News, WSB-
enjoying time with his family on
reminding others of two very simple much prefer a municipal traffic AM News/Talk 750 and now 95.5
Lake Wedowee in Alabama, when
words that can mean a great deal ticket over any type of impact with FM, as well as a columnist for The
he and his 17-year-old daughter
in your lives as well as the lives of a car, truck or larger motor vehicle Champion, DeKalb Free Press and
collided on two jet skis at 9 a.m.
others–take care.  on a road shoulder with a scooter or Georgia Trend. Crane is a DeKalb
on Sunday, July 14. McMahan was
Georgia’s Lake Lanier has bike. Those odds will simply never native and business owner, living
killed almost instantly, while his
already had 12 fatalities this be in my favor. in Scottdale. You can reach him
daughter survived, after critical
summer, either due to drowning or  I’ve been to too many or comment on a column at bill.
surgery and the loss of her right leg.
watercraft accidents.  funerals in recent years of those csicrane@gmail.com. 
 Training and safety gear
Three lives, all in circles that should be a required when using
intersect mine were sadly and engine-operated devices on water. 
terribly impacted in the past two Georgia now requires a year with
weeks by potentially avoidable a learner’s permit prior to testing
accidents.  During 2017, more and the receipt of a Georgia driver’s
than 169,000 Americans died as license. Young drivers, on land or
the result of unintentional injuries.  water, are by their nature generally
As a cause of death, accidents are less experienced, as well as more
only surpassed by heart disease and prone to a sense of invulnerability
cancer. and risk taking.  
Brad Alexander, 37, was On our recreational lakes and
recently riding one of the many reservoirs, the combination of fun,
electric scooters in Midtown Atlanta sun and occasional consumption of
when he was struck and killed alcohol, blended with murky waters
by a CobbLinc Transit bus late that sometimes require quick turns
Wednesday night, July 17.  The bus to avoid objects, make for a toxic
was turning right onto 15th Street, mix when outboard motors and even
where Alexander was also riding on smaller engines are at play.  I know
the street, with sidewalks closed by of other friends and families with
road construction. With no helmet members who were maimed by the
or safety gear, the young man was simple act of backing a boat out of
crushed, and died at the scene.  The dock without first checking to see
bus driver is on administrative where nearby children were at play.
leave, as of this writing, the Atlanta  As with the two-car minimum
Police Department has not cited length distance suggested between
the driver nor Alexander with fault vehicles on interstates at higher
in the accident. This is the second rates of speed, 50 to 100 feet is a
scooter fatality in Atlanta in as many generally safe bet when maintaining
months.  distance between non-docked water
Family vacations and holiday craft. Shifting currents, wakes
celebrations are also taking place in and operator error are simply too
our oceans and lakes across Georgia, prevalent given the often infrequent
as well as neighboring Alabama, experience of recreational craft

the DeKalb Publisher: Staff Reporters:
John Hewitt Carla Parker STATEMENT FROM THE
Horace Holloman PUBLISHER
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expressly to provide a forum for
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Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts. DISPLAY ADVERTISING (404) 373-7779 x 110 assumptions penned as fact.

John King is presented a gift from the city of Doraville. Photo by Taylor Robins. John King speaks to Doraville residents and City Council Member Stephe Koontz. Photo by Taylor

A sendoff fit for a King
insurance commissioner by Gov. of experts because there are so commissioner duties, King
Brian Kemp after former Georgia many agencies inside the insurance said, “That’s what serving in a
taylor@dekalbchamp.com Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck commission. Being a police chief is democracy is about. There’s some
After John King served his last was indicted on fraud charges. all about building teams and having people that are not going to be
day as Doraville police chief June “I was very frank with the successful teams. This just happens happy. I take the good with the bad.
30, Doraville officials and residents governor,” King said. “I told him I to be another team of experts that I have to listen to the criticism. I
celebrated King’s departure July 12 don’t know a lot about insurance, come together. You give them clear have to be honest and up front and
as he assumed his new position as except how to pay for mine. And guidance and prove that they can listen, because in the middle of the
Georgia’s insurance commissioner. he was clear and said that’s why he trust you. You have to have ethics insults are some truths and that’s
“Chief King will always be our wants me to do it. He wants me to and a good moral compass and once something that I need to address.
chief,” said Doraville Mayor Donna get the agency back on track. So the they get that direction they go out But I’m respectful and I’m going
Pittman. “I don’t think that we mission is simple and clear and I’m there and do great things. Very few to listen to even my worst critics. I
can call [him] commissioner…this ready for the task.” people know what the insurance can’t change that. I’m going to be
is much deserved and the state is King served his first day as commissioner does.” the same kind of commissioner as
lucky to get [him].” insurance commissioner July 1. According to King, an insurance I was police chief─straightforward
During the July 12 event, According to King, his time spent commissioner oversees all aspects and upfront and my moral compass
Pittman and Doraville City Manager thus far in the new position has been of insurance, including fraud. is always pointed north. I have thick
Regina Williams-Gates shared a “cascade of information.” “I’m about service,” said King. skin.”
parting words with attendees. King said his only training for “I’m about returning value for King said he will continue to
They also presented King with a being insurance commissioner has people’s tax dollars. We ought to do be part of the Doraville community
proclamation and a framed canvas been his experiences as a police everything we can to make it safe “This is my base and my home. I
with King’s badge that was signed chief in DeKalb County. for Georgia.” can’t turn my back on my base,”
by event attendees. “It’s about team building,” With residents of Georgia said King.
King was appointed state King said of his new position. “I having concerns about King’s
have an incredibly diverse team ability to fulfill his insurance

Tucker hires first finance director

BY CARLA PARKER on financial responsibility and finance director was appealing to
carla@dekalbchamp.com balanced budgeting, her expertise me, as I will be able to establish
Tucker has hired Toni Jo will be key in keeping Tucker a policies and procedures in a
Howard as its first finance director, model for fiscal stewardship,” proactive manner rather than
the city announced earlier this Hanlin said. being reactive,” she said. “I look
month. Howard recently worked for forward to helping the City staff
City officials said Howard Seattle, Wash., as its citywide and leadership move forward as
brings to Tucker many years of financial reporting manager. She we tackle short- and long-term
experience in municipal government has also worked in finance for the budgeting goals in this growing
and accounting. City manager Tami cities of Johns Creek and Smyrna. city.”
Hanlin said in a statement that Howard said in a statement that she
Howard will be a tremendous asset is happy to return to Georgia and
Toni Jo Howard has been hired as Tucker’s first
for the city. join Tucker.
finance director.
“As we continue our focus “The opportunity to be the first



We’re collecting back-to-school supplies

for Decatur/DeKalb students in need

There is an urgent need for:

• notebook paper • pencils • folders • highlighters
• crayons • markers • hand sanitizer • glue • bookbags
We will gladly accept any school-related items.
Please consider donating.


Decatur Recreation Center The Champion Newspaper
231 Sycamore St. 114 New Street, Suite E
Decatur, GA 30030 Decatur, GA 30030
Sauers Communications, Inc.
1585 Roadhaven Dr.
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Collectionefforts endend
efforts Julysoon!


BY CARLA PARKER County Public Library at the event.

Students were able to get notebooks,
carla@dekalbchamp.com composition books, paper, pencils, scissors,
glue, crayons, lunch boxes and more.
Children also had opportunities to get
Stone Mountain held its annual Back- their faces painted, dance and sign up for
to-School Bash July 20 on the city's attraction passes at Stone Mountain Park.
pavilion lawn. Students received free This is the 10th year the city has put on the
school supplies and a book from DeKalb event.


Taylor Sauban visited Cross Keys High School July 17. She discussed with secondary
teachers the importance of independent reading outside of school. Photo provided by
DeKalb ELA Twitter.

Members of the Central DeKalb Senior Center beginner and conversational French classes, both taught by Elizabeth Wilson, gather
July 19 at Café Alsace in Decatur to celebrate French National Day, known also as Bastille Day. The actual holiday is July 14.

Commissioners Mereda Davis Johnson and Lorraine Cochran-Johnson and Lithonia Mayor Deborah Johnson were among those
attending the July 15 ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Lithonia Park playground. Photo provided by DeKalb County Twitter.

If you would like to see your photo added

to our Week in Pictures page, send high
resolution photos to
DeKalb County Fire and Police provided honor guard service for the Atlanta United
versus D.C. United soccer match July 21 at Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Photos
by DCFR Twitter page.

Have you created programming you’d like to air on TV?

Do you have an interest in Public Access TV in DeKalb County?
Submit your show to DeKalb County’s Public Access channel, DeKalb 25.
Drop off DVD or USB copies to the Manuel J. Maloof Center at
1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030, or upload your content via the internet.

(404) 371-2325 DeKalb25@outlook.com DeKalb25.com


Students work in their garden at a Chamblee preschool. Photo provided by The Akshi Naik, who owns The Goddard School in Chamblee, helped build a garden on school grounds that was recently certified by National
Goddard School. Wildlife Federation. Photo by Taylor Robins.

Preschool gets certification after creating nature habitat for students

BY TAYLOR ROBINS The private franchised preschool is a great way to allow children to see the effects of what they planted
Taylor@dekalbchamp.com highlights hands-on education participate in a hands-on education and the outcome of taking care of
and after learning that the city and learn about taking care of the the garden. I think it’s really good
of Chamblee is certified by the environment,” said Hardwick, for them and it’s fun.”
The Goddard School─a National Wildlife Federation (NWF) The garden also features a Even the smaller children take
preschool located in Chamblee─has decided to become certified itself. hummingbird feeder and toad part in caring for the garden. While
taken steps to make sure its students Naik and Curriculum Coordinator abodes, where wildlife can raise other children water plants, babies
know the importance of caring for Paige Hardwick started a garden their young. can be seen lying near the garden on
the environment and animals. for the students on school grounds All pupils who attend the school blankets, according to Hardwick.
“We wanted to create something in May. The school’s garden is now have had a hand in creating and Not only do the students work to
that would not only help the a NWF certified habitat. caring for the garden. grow the garden, they also get to eat
environment but would also teach The garden includes lavender, “They’re learning how to take what they grow. Some students have
the children STEAM (science, mint, parsley, oregano, zucchini, care of things and grow their own started gardens of their own at their
technology, engineering, art and okra, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, food, responsibility for themselves homes, according to Hardwick.
mathematics) learning and 21st strawberries and flowers native and to respect the environment and The preschool has been in
century skills they will be able to to Georgia that can attract birds, school. The parents love to see it. operation since April 2018 and
use throughout their lives,” said butterflies and other pollinators. The kids love going outside and educates more than 100 students
Akshi Naik, on-site owner of The “Creating a butterfly garden playing in the dirt and watching from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.
Goddard School in Chamblee. and wildlife habitat at our school their vegetables grow. They get to

EDUCATION BRIEFS by Taylor Robins • Taylor@dekalbchamp.com

Students earn faculty honors Connor Huddleston, Rohith Walker of Lithonia; Janisica Worcester Polytechnic the university’s Dean’s List for
at Georgia Tech Krishnan, Elizabeth Mizell, Yasmean Collins, Faylynn Institute announces spring academic excellence for the
Nicholas Poulos, Booth Vogel Alexis Edwards, Amelia 2019 Dean’s List spring 2019 semester.
The following students and Aaron Weil of Tucker. Grace Kisling, Marlee Weddington is a member of
earned the distinction of Aunice Mariney and Jenai Nicholas Weddington of the class of 2020 majoring
Faculty Honors for spring Lessie Richards of Stone Stone Mountain was among in robotics engineering and
2019 at the Georgia Institute of UA announces spring 2019 Mountain. 1,598 students from Worcester electrical and computer
Technology. This designation graduates Polytechnic Institute named to engineering.
is awarded to undergraduate
students who have a 4.0 The University of Alabama Rosenblatt graduates College
academic average for the awarded 5,716 degrees during of Charleston
semester. its spring commencement May REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ)
Students who earned 3-5. Hannah Rosenblatt of RFQ 19-315
the distinction include Kylie Among the graduates Brookhaven graduated with Construction of Briarwood Park Pool Project
McArthur of Avondale are: Sara Nicole Buxton a master of science degree in City of Brookhaven
Estates; John Blasco, Lee- of Brookaven; Jazzmine child life from the College of
Kai Sun, David Sutton Z. Alford Brown, Amber Charleston during the college’s
and Hannah Koenraad of Gupta, Taylor Frank Jordan, spring 2019 commencement The City of Brookhaven is requesting proposals
Brookhaven; Sarah Chen, Asanti Monique McRae and on May 10-11. for the construction of a community pool
Edward Jackson, Kendall Zachary John Simmons of Rosenblatt was among and pool house. Briarwood Park, Brookhaven GA.
Nelson, Maya Karkare, Decatur; Lakan Amanda more than 1,700 bachelor Request for Qualifications are Due August 19, 2019
Joseph Emerson Anna Smith of Doraville; Kenton degree and master degree at 2 pm and Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference and Site
Sketel, Claire Smith, Josette Charles Edwards, Eric candidates who participated Visit 10 am July 30, 2019 at City Hall.
Vanderlaan and Julia Grigni Renard Evans II, Victoria in the annual event in the 2235 Briarwood Way NE, Brookhaven, GA 30319
of Decatur; Adrianna Brown Synnea Hurst, Cierra M. college’s historic Cistern Yard. For full notice and specifications visit:
of Doraville; Bret Davis of Jones, Shametrius Nicole www.brookhavenga.gov
Dunwoody; Sarah Harris, Long and Arieva Simone



City expands affordable Notice is hereby given that an Election for the City of Brookhaven will be held
on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 for the offices of Mayor and Council Member

housing options Districts One (1) and Three (3).

The qualifying fee for Mayor is $480 and each council seat is $360.00,
which is 3% of the total gross salary of the preceding year (Georgia Election
five years of hard work in Code 21-2-131 (a) (1) (A). Each candidate shall file a notice of candidacy
BY HORACE HOLLOMAN in the office of the City Clerk of Brookhaven, 4362 Peachtree Road, Georgia
planning, financing, resident
horace@dekalbchamp.com between Wednesday, August 21, 2019 and Friday, August 23, 2019, between
relocation, construction,
the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., and 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Georgia
development and property Election Code 21-2-132 (d) (3). Each candidate must meet the qualifications
Decatur city officials, management,” Faust said.    of the Charter and Code of the City of Brookhaven, as well as applicable State
Decatur Housing Authority Oakview walk has laws.
(DHA) and other 34 family apartments in
community partners held a three-story building.  It The last day a person may register and be eligible to vote in the Municipal
a ribbon cutting ceremony includes 27 one-bedroom Election and Runoff is Monday October 7, 2019 (Georgia Election Code 21-
July 17 to unveil the final units and seven two- 2-224(a)). The polls will be open on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5,
phase of a comprehensive bedroom apartments. The 2019 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. The date of the Run-off, if necessary, is
affordable housing apartment complex also Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
redevelopment program in has a multipurpose room,
downtown Decatur.  onsite laundry, play area Questions should be directed to Susan Hiott, City Clerk, at (404) 637-0464 or
Decatur officially susan.hiott@brookhavenga.gov.
and fenced-in community
opened the Oakview Walk garden.  Susan D. Hiott, MMC
Apartment to address
City Clerk
affordable housing needs in
the city, city officials said.  SEE HOUSING ON PAGE 16
The apartments were
part of a redevelopment
transition that replaced the CITY OF BROOKHAVEN - CALL OF SPECIAL ELECTION
former Oakview Apartments HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION – PER HB 647 – ACT #167
at 1111 Oakview Road in
city.  BROOKHAVEN has requested the DeKalb Board of Elections to call a Special Election to be held
Decatur Housing at the time of the general election of the City on November 5, 2019, for the purpose of placing before
Authority Executive the qualified electors residing within the limits of the City of Brookhaven, a referendum increasing the
Director Douglas Faust existing homestead exemption for senior citizens and disabled persons to $160,000.00 through five
said affordable housing is annual increases. This Call for a Special Election is made pursuant to the Georgia Constitution, Art.
essential to the development 7, Sec. 2, Paragraph II; Ga. L. 2012, p.5527 as amended by House Bill 647, passed by the Georgia
House of Representatives on March 26, 2019 and the Georgia Senate on April, 2, 2019; and Brookhaven
of the city.  Resolution 2019-05-02. House Bill 647 amended the Act incorporating the City of Brookhaven by
“I believe that revising subsection (b) of Section 5.09 of Ga. L. 2012, p. 5527 to read as follows:
affordable, achievable and
accessible housing is the “(b)(1) Each resident of the City of Brookhaven who is disabled or is a senior citizen is granted an
foundation that supports exemption on that person’s homestead from City of Brookhaven ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes
a stable and positive life,” in the following amounts for the following tax years:
Faust said.  “With stability, (A) For tax year 2020 – $43,200.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
families can pursue healthy (B) For tax year 2021 – $72,400.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
habits, greater educational (C) For tax year 2022 – $101,600.00 of the assessed value of that homestead;
opportunities and quality (D) For tax year 2023 – $130,800.00 of the assessed value of that homestead; and
employment.  The Decatur (E) For tax year 2024 and all subsequent tax years – $160,000.00 of the assessed value of that
Housing Authority exists to (b)(2) The exemption granted by this subsection shall only be granted if that person’s income, together
provide excellent affordable with the income of the spouse who also occupies and resides at such homestead, does not exceed
housing and to form $15,000.00 for the immediately preceding year. The value of that property in excess of such exempt
positive, supportive and amount shall remain subject to taxation.”
healthy communities.”   This amendment is conditioned on the approval of the majority of qualified electors residing within the
To provide more limits of the City of Brookhaven by referendum presented as part of the Special Election to be held on
affordable housing in November 5, 2019. Georgia Constitution, Art. 7, Sec. 2, Paragraph II(a)(1). The ballot for the Special
Decatur, Faust said, the Election on November 5, 2019 shall have written or printed thereon the words:
city planned for five “Shall the Act to incorporate the City of Brookhaven be amended so as to increase the current
years to redevelop certain homestead exemption for senior citizens and disabled persons from $14,000.00 to $160,000.00 through
areas. Decatur invested five equal annual increases?”
nearly $30 million to “( ) YES
( ) NO”
redevelop Trinity Walk,
an affordable apartment All persons desiring to vote for approval of the amendment to the Act shall vote “Yes,” and all persons
complex community built desiring to vote for rejection of the amendment shall vote “No.” If more than one-half of the votes cast
from Gateway Manor, and on the referendum are for approval, the amendment shall become of full force and effect on January
Oakview Walk.  1, 2020. If the Act is not so approved or if the election is not conducted as provided in this section, the
“Our developments help amendment shall not become effective, and the amendment shall be automatically repealed on the first
revitalize neighborhoods, day of January, 2020.
and Oakview Walk is no
exception.  We are proud The last day a person may register and be eligible to vote in the Municipal Election is Monday October 7,
of these new homes, as 2019 (Georgia Election Code 21-2-224(a)). The polls will be open on Election Day, Tuesday, November
they are the capstone of 5, 2019 from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Business organization borrows speed dating concept

BY KATHY MITCHELL no idea how to begin. They
FREELANCE REPORTER may know a lot about the
service or product they want
to provide but know very
Small business owners little about how to turn that
who have quick questions into a successful business.”
about ways to move their Norcross-based ACE
businesses forward may is a nonprofit community
find quick answers at an development financial
innovative annual event that institution that provides loans
this year moves to DeKalb and business consulting
County. Access to Capital for services in the metro Atlanta
Entrepreneurs (ACE) Annual and north Georgia areas.
Speed Coaching Event Its focus is on assisting
will be held Aug. 15 in the small-business owners of
Perimeter Mall area. color, women, low-income
Inspired by the speed entrepreneurs and others
dating idea—a matchmaking who lack equitable access
process through which to small-business financing.
singles meet several Supported by grants and
potential partners in a short other forms of funding
time period—the event from banks, foundations,
is described by ACE as government entities and
a “fun, high-energy and corporations, ACE reports
informative evening…a one- that since 2000 it has loaned
of-a-kind interactive event more than $69 million to
in the Atlanta area [that] more than 950 entrepreneurs,
takes its name and structure Participants in the ACE Annual Speed Coaching Event meet in 30-minute sessions with seasoned business coaches who offer advice
creating or saving more than and suggestions. Photo by Erik Voss
from the traditional speed 8,200 jobs in Georgia.
dating concept and adds an Font said the speed said, adding that no alcohol “It far exceeded my back this year.”
entrepreneurial twist.” The coaching event is intended will be served because expectations,” said Smith, The ACE Speed
event has proven so popular for both seasoned and startup organizers want participants who had been in business Coaching Event will be held
that it has outgrown its small-business owners. to stay focused. “Sometimes approximately four months at 111 Perimeter Center
previous space in Norcross Coaching topics will include the business owners follow when she participated in West, Atlanta, from 5:30
and this year will be at Le financial readiness, business up with coaches they meet last year’s session. “I got far until 8:30 p.m. Small-
Meridien Atlanta Perimeter operations, marketing, and it’s the start of a great more out of it than I thought business owners interested
Grand Salon. sources of funding, sales business relationship,” she I would. The 30-minute in participating, should visit
Approximately 50 strategy, startups and said. timeframe was perfect. I https://aceloans.org/ace-
business and financial financial growth, as well as Rebecca Smith, owner left with great ideas about speed-coaching-event/ or
experts from the Atlanta contracting and certification of a hair salon in Lithonia, marketing and about how to call 678-335-5600, ext. 3.
area have volunteered to for women and entrepreneurs called the experience interact effectively with my For more information, email
be coaches and offer their of color. “awesome.” staff. I’m definitely going acewbc@aceloans.org.
experience and insights “The coaches are
to small-business owners enthusiastic about doing this.
looking for guidance, They see it as an opportunity
explained Sandra Font, share knowledge and give NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
director of ACE’s Women’s back to the community,” CITY OF CHAMBLEE
Business Center, who called Font said.
the speed coaching evening She said the event has The Mayor and City Council of the City of Chamblee, Georgia will
her organization’s signature grown each year she has hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at the Chamblee
event. been involved with it. “Two Civic Center, 3540 Broad Street, Chamblee, GA 30341 at 6:00 p.m. to
During the speed receive public comments regarding the following matters:
years ago, we had 60 or 70 *PZ2019-509 Applicant: Windsor Stevens Holdings and Owner: Downtown
coaching evening, each participants. Last year, it was Development Authority of the City of Chamblee request approval of a Development
registered business owner closer to 100. Registrations of Community Impact for the construction of two mixed-use buildings, with variances
meets one-on-one with are still coming in, but from the City of Chamblee Code of Ordinances, Appendix A, Unified Development
at least three successful we’re expecting possibly Ordinance, and the Downtown Chamblee Town Center Planned Unit Development
business leaders and expert 150 this year.” Participants Pattern Book, to allow more than 60% of units to have floor area of less than 800 sq
coaches in 30-minute ft, to allow less than 50% of multifamily units to include a balcony with a minimum
are required to register in area of 32 sq ft, to eliminate supplemental zone requirements, to allow parking to be
increments to discuss advance and pay a fee of located between a building and the Rail Trail, to eliminate off-street loading require-
strategies and solutions for $40 before Aug. 1 or $50 ments, to locate a dumpster between a building and the Rail Trail, to increase al-
their businesses. afterward. Registration lowable fence height, to eliminate interparcel access requirements, to allow window
“Business owners tell closes Aug. 8 and walk-ins size to increase from the base zone to the cornice of a mercantile-style building, to
us which topics they are reduce required tree density, to increase the number of allowable accessory struc-
will not be accepted. tures on site, to allow structures to encroach into the Rail Trail setback, to allow more
interested in and we match In addition to the mini- than 10% of a façade along the Rail Trail to include storage or equipment rooms, to
them with three coaches,” coaching sessions, the reduce the required floor-to-ceiling height, to exceed the maximum amount of upper-
said Font, adding that new evening provides excellent level fenestration, to not provide compact parking spaces, to not meet sustainable
this year will be the topic networking opportunities, certification requirements, and to allow for exposed concrete as an exterior build-
how to start a business. ing material. The property is located at 3543 and 3553 Chamblee Dunwoody Road,
according to Font. There will being DeKalb County tax parcels 18 308 04 002 and 18 308 04 003 and zoned
“There are people who want be time for mingling and Planned Unit Development.
to start a business but have sampling refreshments, she

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school supplies snack samples, nutritional CHURCH FURNITURE: Does your
education and healthy church need pews, pulpit set,
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Chamblee Police BIG SALE on new cushioned pews
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and pew chairs. 1-800-231-8360.
is hosting the Third Annual at Intergenerational Center www.pews1.com tax debt? Call Wells & Associates
Back to School Bash Aug. 3, at Exchange Park─2771
at Dresden Park from 9:00 Columbia Drive in Decatur.
a.m. to 1:00 p.m.─2301 CALL FOR AND NOTICE OF ELECTION
More than 650 new
book bags stuffed with
school supplies for children Church to host train
ages kindergarten through exhibit TO THE QUALIFIED VOTERS OF THE CITY OF DECATUR, WITHIN
fifth grade will be given
away. A parent or guardian The NGM Club, Inc.
must be present to receive will host a multi-club model YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on the 5th day of November 2019, a
backpacks. There will also train exhibit July 27-28 at special election will be held to fill the unexpired term of At-Large Board
be music, games and free Smokerise Baptist Church of Education Member Annie Caiola who resigned from office effective the
food. in Stone Mountain. The 1st of August 2019.
free event will run from
9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July Each candidate will file notice of his or her candidacy and the appropriate af-
fidavit in the office of the Election Superintendent at City Hall, 509 North Mc-
CLARKSTON 27 and noon to 3 p.m. July Donough Street, Decatur, Georgia. The opening dates for qualifying will start
28. The church is located at Monday, August 19, 2019 beginning at 8:30 A.M., and continuing until Wednes-
City to host National Night 5901 Hugh Howell Road. day August 21, 2019 at 4:30 P.M. The qualifying fee for Board of Education
Out For more information, members is $35.00.
email mailcar@
Clarkston will host its northgeorgiamodurail.org. Registration for voting in the November 5, 2019 election will cut off on Tuesday,
annual National Night Out October 7, 2019.
event Aug. 6 at Milam Park
from 6 to 8:30 p.m. The free The Special Election will be held at the following polling locations within the
City of Decatur :
event will feature food, a
bouncy house, DJ, give-
aways and more. The park Election District District: Polling Place for Election
Brewing company to host Clairemont East 1 First Baptist Church of Decatur,
is located at 3867 Norman back-to-school event 308 Clairemont Ave
Road. For more informa- Clairemont West 1 The Church at Decatur Heights,
tion, visit www.clarkstonga. Tucker Brewing 735 Sycamore Drive
gov. Company will host at back- Glenwood Precinct 1&2 Holy Trinity Parish,
to-school event Aug. 3 from 515 E. Ponce de Leon Ave.
noon to 4 p.m. The event Oakhurst 2 Oakhurst Baptist Church,
222 E. Lake Dr.
COUNTYWIDE will feature competition
between schools in the
Ponce De Leon 1&2 First Christian Church of Decatur,
601 W. Ponce de Leon Ave
DeKalb gets ready for Tucker cluster. There will Renfroe 2 Renfroe Middle School,
school be food, games, prizes (subject to change) 220 W. College Ave.
and beer. Tucker Brewing Winnona Park 2 Winnona Park Elementary School,
The 9th annual Let’s Company is located at 2003 510 Avery St.
Move DeKalb Back-to- South Bibb Drive. For more
School will take place July information, visit www. Those residents qualified to vote at said election shall be determined in
27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. tuckerbrewing.com. all respects in accordance with the election laws of the State of Georgia.
The free event is open
For the November 5, 2019 General Municipal Election, Early Voting will open
22 days prior to the Election (October 14, 2019). All Advance Voting (Ab-
sentee in person) will be held at 4380 Memorial Drive. Questions concerning
THIS COULD BE YOUR AD! absentee voting, early voting or voter registration should be directed to DeKalb
County Elections Division at 404-298-4020.
Call 404.373.7779 Ext 110
The Decatur City Commission gives notice this 15th day of July 2019.
for more information.


Burgess twins
sign professional
baseball contracts

Former Chamblee High School baseball players Brenton

and Christopher Burgess are now professional baseball
Christopher signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles on
June 22 and Brenton signed with the Atlanta Braves July 12.
The undrafted free agents were assigned to the Rookie level
Gulf Coast League (GCL) of their respective teams.
As of July 18, Christopher, who plays catcher and
shortstop, played in seven games for Baltimore and has a .385
batting average, with five hits, five RBIs and one homerun.
Brenton has pitched in one game for the Braves as of July 18.
The twins’ father Caesar said he is proud of his sons because
the journey to becoming professional athletes has been a long
“Both of them have a lot of talent. If they could have stayed
on course [by] playing for a Division-I school such as Georgia
or Georgia Tech, they would have been drafted pretty high,” he
said. They [played at] small schools.”
Brenton last played for Georgia Gwinnett College where he
helped lead his team to the semifinal round of the Avista NAIA
World Series and a 2019 first All-Association of Independent Christopher Burgess signed a professional contract with the Baltimore Orioles.
Institutions team selection. He batted .347 with 61 hits,
including six home runs last season for Georgia Gwinnett.
Christopher played for Middle Georgia State last season
and batted .217 with an on-base percentage of .410 in 39 games
with three home runs, four doubles, 25 RBI, and eight runs
scored while walking 30 times. The twins started their college
careers on the junior college level at Spartanburg Methodist
College. Brenton then played for Middle Georgia State before
transferring to Georgia Gwinnett, and Christopher played at
Gordon State College before transferring to Middle Georgia
“They went the hard way, but they got in [the professional
ranks],” Caesar said. “It’s hard to sign a pro contract in
baseball. It’s been a long road [and] joyful, but kind of
disappointing and heartbreaking, which a lot of parents,
especially in south DeKalb, can attest to.”
More than 100 players from DeKalb County School
District have been drafted by major league baseball teams since
1968, according to the district’s records, but few have signed
professional contracts and played in minor or major league
games. Brenton was previously drafted twice—in 2016 by the
Texas Rangers in the 40th round and in 2017 by the New York
Yankees in the 38th round of the MLB June Amateur Draft.
Caesar said the Braves had known about Brenton since
high school.
“He had a workout [for the Braves] in Rome, and he did
really well,” he said. “They sent him to the Sunbelt summer
league, and he did well there, so they signed him out of the
summer league a week ago.”
The twins graduated from Chamblee in 2015 and played
both football and baseball. Brenton’s baseball career stats at
Chamblee include a .305 batting average, 65 RBIs, 22 doubles
and five home runs. Christopher had a .300 career batting
average, 50 RBIs, 21 doubles and six home runs.
Brenton Burgess signed a professional contract with the Atlanta Braves.


The Druid Hills Red Devils hope to be more competitive this season

Southwest DeKalb coach Damien Wimes, right, said his team focused on finishing the drill this offseason.

New Chamblee coach Scott Schwarzer talks about his expectations for the season with his Marist coach Alan Chadwick, left, Stephenson coach Ron Gartrell and St. Pius X coach Paul Standard were recognized
daughter Olivia by his side. during the annual DeKalb County High School Football Media Day.

Long-tenure coaches recognized

at football media day
BY CARLA PARKER overall, while Standard is entering he said. “I’m very proud of what another region championship and
Carla@dekalbchamp.com his 19th year at St. Pius. they have done after they’ve left with the guys in the program we
Standard said he is 7400: New high school.” should be able to do that.
stop signs have been installed at Last season, St. Pius won its “We’ve been working hard
With the frequent turnover of the intersection of South Columbia region title and clinched another all summer,” Gartrell said. “We
football coaches in DeKalb County Drive and Talley Street to help with trip to the Class AAAA playoffs. stayed away from some of the
high schools, the school district’s pedestrian traffic. Standard said their expectations things we’ve been doing in the past.
athletic department took time to have not changed this season. We didn’t go to [Fellowship of
recognize coaches who have been 7399: construction crews “We always want to try to win Christian Athletes camp], didn’t go
with their programs for decades. prepare for the opening of Talley the region championship and then to any passing leagues, we just kind
Marist coach Alan Chadwick, Street Upper Elementary School. move on into the playoffs and make of locked them in on campus and
Stephenson coach Ron Gartrell a run for a state championship for been doing our thing.”
and St. Pius X coach Paul 7394: Decatur Police said St. Pius,” he said. Last season, nine DeKalb
Standard were recognized during drivers could be ticketed if stop Gartrell said his Jaguars also football teams clinched playoff
the annual DeKalb County high signs are ignored at Talley Street expect to win another region title. spots and Cedar Grove went all the
school football media day July 18 and South Columbia Drive. proud “Last year was kind of a good way to win the Class AAA state
at Tucker High School. The three of the players who have come year for us,” Gartrell said. “We championship. Southwest DeKalb
coaches represent a total of 87 years through the program during his 19- weren’t expected to do well. We had its first undefeated season since
of coaching in DeKalb. Chadwick is year tenure. ended up winning the region 1999 but had a disappointing loss
entering his 35th season at Marist, “We’ve had a great run there of championship and also having our in the first round. Coach Damien
Gartrell is heading into his 24th young men who have come through 23rd consecutive winning season. Wimes said his team focused on
season at Stephenson and 32nd our program over those 19 years,” This year, we’re going to shoot for finishing the drill this offseason.

Continued From Page 11
According to DHA
officials, affordable housing
units have increased 9
percent from 475 homes to
518 homes since 2014. 
“I remember when
(Oakview Walk) was just
an idea, and Doug Faust
came to the Oakhurst
Neighborhood Association
with information and
sketches of what was to
come.  And, wow, what an
asset Oakview Walk is to
the neighborhood. Decatur
and the Decatur Housing
Authority are committed
to providing a variety of
housing options for current
and future residents,”
said Decatur Mayor Patti

City officials held a ribbon-cutting

ceremony for new affordable housing
units in Decatur.

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Find new dishes to gather around
at publix.com/sundaydinner.