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Prateek Kumar

Phone : +91 8279621905

Email : Prateek.kumar949@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prateek-kumar-33a12812b/


I seek a job as a software engineer where I can use my knowledge of Java .I wish
to contribute towards organizational goals through my technical skills , hard work
and creativity.

Percentage /
Qualification – Degree College
Year(s) Board/University CGPA
/ Diploma / Certificate / Institute/ University
2013 SSC CBSE Laxmi Public Senior 9.4
Secondary School

2015 HSC CBSE Hope Hall Foundation 69.4

2020 BTECH University Of University Of Petroleum 6.54
Petroleum And And Energy Studies
Energy Studies


Organization: UniConverge Technology pvt Ltd Noida Sector-62 Duration: 6 weeks ,June-July’19
Project Title : E-commerce Shopping Website
Mentor : Siddharth Singh ,Software Developer
Description : In this Internship I have made E-commerce Shopping website .By using this we can
help the farmers to give them the better price of their goods by purchasing items from them
in stock and selling it online . By this we can digitalize rural areas and can bring many new
opportunities for the farmers .For this I have used JSP,Servlet ,JDBC , Mysql ,JavaScript as
backend and Bootstrap ,CSS,HTML as Frontend .


Institution: CETPA Duration: 2 weeks 2017

Project Title: Online Examination Portal .
Mentor: Hasan Najmul
Description: In this project by using the concept and terminologies of core java , JDBC , JSP and
Servlet .I build an online examination Portal .The main purpose of this project is to make the
students test their skills by giving Test online on the topic to which they know the best .
Duration :2018
MINOR Project 1
Project Title: Prediction of Graduate Admissions from an Indian Prospective Using Linear Regression

Mentor: Mr. Malay Kumar

Description: The objective of this minor project is to build prediction model which identify the chances
Of graduate admissions using GRE Score(out Of 340), TOEFL Score etc. The motive behind
building this project is to help students in short listing universities with their Profiles. The
predicted output gives them a fair Idea about their Chances for selecting a particular

MINOR Project 2 Duration : 2019

Project Title: Comparison Of Various Machine learning Algorithms for better cancer detection in early age
and checking the accuracy for different datasets .

Mentor: Mr. Amar Shukla

Description: The objective of this minor project is to compare different Machine Learning Algorithms
and checking the accuracy for different datasets and best algorithm is choosen for better
cancer detection in early age in order to prevent and reduce death rates in India due to

SKILLS (Professional & Technical)

 Softwares : Microsoft word, Microsoft Powerpoint ,Notepad++

 Language
Proficient : JAVA

Familiar : Python, C ,C++,PHP, JavaScript, Android, SQL, Machine Learning .

Databases : Mysql

IDEs : Pycharm, Spider, Eclipse, Python Shell

 Operating Systems : Ubuntu ,Windows10

 Got 100% Scholarship award in FTRE Test(FIITJEE)
 Got Super Scholar Award in SSC in 2013
 Got Silver Medal in 100m Sprint Athletics in 2102
 Got 2nd Position in National Science Quiz.