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PRAYER draws on Being, mercy and support
beneficent of the powers of the INVISIBLE.
In this book are unveiled all the secrets of the PSALMS of
On all fronts, the human being is forced into a struggle
incessant with the Forces of Evil, against the Elements of NATURE.
In the hardware domain, this COMBAT has its laws, but on the
occult plane, the means of action are generally ignored.
This book reveals, on this subject, invaluable and unpublished secrets
by publishing at the same time the names of Higher Intelligences who
govern the Invisible World. These names should not be spoken
aloud but they must be thought strongly at the time of the
These PSALMS used with smoking CONES VII and the
perfume VII give extraordinary and fast results.
But it is necessary FAITH, this FAITH which raises the mountains. Yes
your soul is just and in a state of purity, if it is rid of everything
Remorse, if you are good and loyal, if you do not use these prayers
to do Evil, rest assured that you will not be able to fail where
others succeed.
Help yourself and heaven will help you
When a woman is pregnant and is afraid of abortion, she will write or
write on a piece of parchment, prepared for this purpose with pure
lambskin. Write the first three verses of this psalm together with the
Holy Name hidden and the appropriate prayer below.
She will place it in a small amulet made for this purpose.
She will hang the amulet around her neck with a rope so that
the amulet rests on his body.
The Holy Name is EEL CHAD , and means Great, Strong, Alone God, and
is removed from the following words: ASCHIRE Verse 1, LA Verse 4, JATZLIACH
verse 3, VEDERCH verse 6.
The prayer is: Please, Oh REIL CHAD of
allow that woman (name) ............................................. daughter of
....... ........................ .. can not have abortion at this time or in
no other time. Even more, let her have a happy birth and
keep it healthy with the fruit of its cuts. Amen!

Psalm 2
Against the danger of water and hurricane
If you are exposed to a storm hazard on the sea and your
life is threatened, so quickly recite this psalm while thinking respectfully
to the Holy Name: SMCADDEI which means: Mighty God. And recite
immediately the prayer belonging to this psalm. After that, write it all
together on a piece of mud is with full confidence in the All-
powerful who sets the limits of the sea and holds back his powers, then throw the
piece of pot in the waves and you will see wonders. Because the waves
will instantly stop their noises and the storm will calm down.
The words and letters that make up this Healthy Name are taken from
RAGESCHU verse 1, NOSSEU verse 2, JESES verse 9.
The prayer is: Oh SCADDEI, mighty God, let him be in
your holy will to stop the rage of the storm and the roar of
waves and that the pride of the fury of the waves is released from our path and that
we arrived safe and sound at our destination. Lead us, O father
merciful to health, for power and power are with you
only. You are the only one who can help that way. You will surely help us to
the honor and glory of your name. Amen!
Against the enemies. Trust in God amid perils. Males of
throat, headache, toothache. Against the serious dangers of the body and
blade. You can add an appropriate prayer and 3 paters and 3 ave Maria.

For success or luck
If you are unsuccessful in everything you do despite all
efforts, read this psalm three times before sunrise with humility and
devotion. You must have your idea on the Holy Name JIHEJE however that
you read the psalm while trusting in the help of the Almighty and you
wander that you will be entirely satisfied.
The Saint Non JIHEJE is composed of four following letters:
TEPPILANTI verse 2, SELAHFI verse 5, JEHOVAH verse 5 and
The prayer is: Please, JIHEJE, to grant
prosperity to my ways, my steps and my enterprises. Make my desires
be filled with success and that the same desires are manifested that very day
by the grace of your Great, Heavenly and Glorious Name. Amen SELAH!

If you have a case to decide in justice and if you need
the favor of a magistrate or a prince, it is necessary to read this psalm the morning of
good before sunrise and in the evening after sunset. Make
this three times on a pure olive oil n taking care to have your thought on the
Holy Name CHANANJAH (God of mercy). We must get in touch with the
hands and feet of oil and say:
Give me mercy by the grace of your Great and
Adorable Holy Name CHANANJAH, make the heart of my prince be
turned in my favor and that he has all his eyes turned to me. Amen
The Holy Name is found in the words: CHAPTER Verse 5, NECHINI
verse 9, NECHONA verse 10, HADICHEMO verse 12 and KAZINNA verse
Against diseases and disabilities and particularly diseases of
eyes, bones and blood. To win a lawsuit. A detailed prayer for
your personal case and whether you want a cure or a trial.

When you see that there are people who wish you the
woe, if your enemies seek the opportunity to plunge you into a
unhappily, if you pursue it fiercely with the intention of
hurt, be ready to read this psalm, taking care however to have ideas
on the Holy Name ELL ELIJON (Great, Strong, Heavenly God).
Take a handful of sand that you will throw in the direction of your
enemies by reading this psalm and you will see that your enemies will cease
immediately their persecution and leave you free.
The letters of this Holy Name are in the words AISCHER verse 1,
ODE verse 18, according to the order of ALBAM and JADIN verse 9,
JASHUF verse 13, and ELIJON verse 18.
The prayer is: O; ELL ELIJON! Great, Strong and Heavenly
God ! May it please you to change the hearts of my enemies so that they may
do good in the place of evil, as it was in the days of Abraham, when he
was called by him this Holy Name. Amen SELAH!

For success in the service "luck"
If you want the love and goodwill of the people of your
companies, you must read this psalm three times in succession after bedtime
of the sun by remembering the Holy Name of RECHMIAL which means
Great and
Strong God of love, grace and mercy.
Each time the prayer must be pronounced on a small quantity of oil
olive and join the figure, hands and feet.
The letters composing the Holy Name are found in the words
ADDIR verse 2, JEREACH verse 4, ADAM verse 5, MELOHIM verse 6,
The prayer is the following: May it please you, O RECHMAIL, to
give me your love, grace and favor in the eyes of people according to your
holy will. Amen SELAH!
What is attributed to this psalm according to the teaching is to be a
an infallible remedy for boys who are low in health; we will use this
psalm for them when one can not resort to any medicine, nor to any
other help. This psalm will still be used against the power of enemies.
In the first case, write this psalm on pure parchment with a
new feather and hang it on the patient's neck. Then recite the prayer with
respect and think at the same time to the Holy Name AISCHER EHEJE,
which means
I am the one who will be.
The prayer is this: All-Merciful Father! For the love of
your powerful, adorable and Holy Name EHEJE AISCHER EHEJE,
to move away from ................................. .. son of .......... ...........................,
the disease (to quote here the name of the disease) of which it suffers and to relieve it in its
pain. Make him healthy soul, body and spirit and deliver him during all his
life of all scourge, all evil and all danger. Amen SELAH!
In the second case, recite the psalm and say the following prayer:
be agreeable to your will of your Holy Name EHEJE AISCHER EHEJE, to me
deliver the power of my enemies and my opponents, and protect me
against their persecution, as you have already protected the psalmist from
enemies who pursued him. Amen!
The letters of this Holy Name are in the words: ODE verse 2,
HAOJEFF verse 10.

To defeat an evil spirit
If someone is tormented by an impure and turbulent bad spirit,
that he fills a pot in fresh water of spring and in the name of the patient, that he
pour in pure olive oil, then utter the above psalm in question
nine times by constantly keeping in mind the lovely name EEL MEZ, who
means (God Strong of the oppressed) and at each end of the psalm recites the
The prayer is this: May it be in your most holy will, oh EEL
MEZ, to heal the body and soul of .................. .. son of ........................
and deliver him from his torment and oppression. Strengthen it in body and
soul, and deliver him from all evil. Amen!
The letters of this Holy Name are in the words: ALAH verse 6,
LAMMA, ANWIN verse 16 and HASSEZ verse 17.
To defeat fear and stop the persecution
He who daily recites this psalm and its prayer with
feelings of devotion, while constantly keeping in mind the Holy Name
PELE, will be protected from persecution and will have no great harm to fear
The Holy Name is in the words: OFFEL verse 2, PAAL and ADAM
The prayer is this: adorable, powerful God and Saint PELE, with
you are the counsel, the action and the power, and you are the only one who can accomplish
wonderful things. Take away from me all that is evil and protect me against
persecution of the wicked, for the sake of your great Name PELE. Amen SELAH

To overcome persecution
This psalm has the same power and action as the
former. TheHoly Name is AINEEL , which means Mighty God, my Father and
can be found in the following words: Father Almighty my God AINEEL,
The prayer is this: Take away from me all danger and all evil, because
with you is the reign and the power. Amen SELAH!
To protect yourself from bodily harm and death
which is not natural.
He who daily recites this psalm with devotion together with
the prayer that accompanies it and thinks at the same time of the Holy Name
which means my help is the Mighty God, that one will be protected for twenty
four hours of any death that is not natural as well as any suffering
or corporal punishment.
The prayer is: Protect me according to your good will and your
pleasure of all violent, sudden and denatured morality as well as any other
accident and severe bodily afflictions because you are my helper and my God and
To you belongs Power and Glory. Amen SELAH!
According to tradition, this psalm is a good remedy for dangerous
eye diseases. The patient must obtain a herb that is good for the
healing of the disease of the eyes, and, with that, recite this psalm with good
prayer, firmly believing in the help of the mighty God ESSIEL, and then
squeeze the grass on the eyes.
The letters composing this Holy Name are found in the words: EZOT
verse 3, MISMO verse 1, JARUM verse 3, ANENI verse 4, OJEWI verse 5, and
JAGEL verse 6.
To free oneself from slander and slander.
Whoever recites this psalm with childlike faith and who believes in the Most
Holy Name EEL ENUMET, which means the true God or God of truth, and
who recites the prayer belonging to this psalm every day will find favor with
all men and it will also be delivered from slander, slander and
The prayer is this: May it be in your pleasure, oh EEL SUMMET,
to make me find the grace, the favor and the love in all the people whose
I need help. Permit them to believe everything in my words and that no
slander is spoken against me to drive away from me the confidence of men.
You can do that, because you turn the hearts of men according to your holy will, and
so, liars and slanderers are an abomination to you. Listen to me for
the love of your name. Amen SELAH!
The letters forming this Holy Name can be found in the words: ELOHIM
verse 1, MASKIEL verse 2, ECHAD verse 3, AMMI verse 4, and AZAI verse 6

Psalm 15
Against unhealthy or melancholic moods
Recite this psalm against the presence of an evil spirit, the
dementia and melancholy, with the Holy Name IALI which means my Lord or
the Lord is for me too. Recite this psalm on a new pot filled with water
wells and sought only for that purpose. With this water, you have to wash
the body of the patient and, during the ceremony or bath. Prayer is the
next: May it be in your holy will, O God, to heal ...................... son
of ........................ .. who was attacked in his senses and who is gravely
tormented by evil. Lightens his mind for the sake of Saint Name IALI.
On the other hand, whoever recites this psalm with respect will in general
received with great respect.
To discover the name of a thief
And to change the sadness into joy
This psalm is important and can be profitably used for
different companies.

Example: If someone has been stolen, he can proceed as follows:

take mud or mud and sand from a stream, mix them together, then
write the names of suspects on small pieces of paper, after
apply the mixture of mud on the opposite side of the papers, then apply
the papers in a large and clean basin filled with fresh water from a stream or
of a well. You have to put the papers in the pond water one after the other and
recite on them the psalm with the prayer which belongs to it ten (10) times, while
keeping at the same time in the spirit the Holy Name CAAR , which means living.
This name is found in the letters of the sixth verse as follows: CHABALIM and
ALEI. If actually the name of the thief is written on one of the pieces of paper put
in the water of the basin, so the paper bearing the name of the thief will rise to the
surface of the water.
The prayer is this: May it be in your holy will, EEL CAAR,
God alive to make known the name of the thief who stole me (here it must be said
name of what was stolen from him). God, allow the name of the thief, if he is among
the names in the basin, rise before my eyes and so be known to me and to
all who are here present, so that your name may be glorified. Allow this to
cause of your Healthy Name. Amen SELAH!
2- Whoever recites this psalm daily with a child's faith
for the love and eternal goodness of God, addressed to the circumstances, will have
all his sadness changed into joy.
Finally, it is said that the daily recitation of this psalm changes
the enemies as friends and will disperse all sorrow and sorrow.

To protect yourself from harm and danger
The traveler who recites this psalm and his prayer and his Holy Name JAH,
will be protected from danger for twenty-four hours. Recite the psalm and
his prayer early in the morning with adoration.
The prayer is this: May it be in your holy will, Oh JAH,
JENORA, to make my trip prosperous, to lead me in the paths
happy, to protect me against all danger, and to send me home safe and sound
mine for the sake of your powerful and lovable name. Amen!
To recite when thieves or robbers
are about to attack you
If thieves are about to attack you, then recite quickly with
fervor this psalm with the prayer that accompanies it having faith in the Holy
Name EEL JAH which means: Almighty God, merciful and
compassionate. Thieves will leave you suddenly without hurting you
The prayer is this: Almighty God, merciful and
compassionate, EEL JAH, may it please your holy will to defend me against
the robbers who approach and protect me from all enemies, all
adversaries and bad circumstances, because the power is yours and you can
help me. Amen SELAH!

For bed rest or childbirth
prolonged or dangerous
For confinement or childbirth (obligation to keep
room) prolonged and dangerous, take the land on a crossroads, write
above the first five verses of this psalm and lay it on the abdomen of the
sick. Allow this to stay on her until the day of the birth of the
baby has passed but not for longer. It is necessary to recite during this time the
Psalm 19 whole seven (7) times, with the holy Name of God and the
appropriate prayer to this psalm.
The Holy Name of this psalm is in the letters of the Most Holy
Name JEHOVA HE, who according to the tradition of the Kabbalists, has great power.
The prayer is: God of heaven and earth, let it please you
save this sick (name) ...................... daughter of ..................... who floats
between life and death. Soften his suffering. Help her and the fruit of her
bowels and allow her to give birth soon. Keep her in perfect health with her
baby and give their life for the sake of your Holy Name HE . Amen SELAH!
If you want your son to have a big and open heart so he
understand quickly the lessons that will be given to him, recite this psalm on a glass
full of wine and honey, you will also recite the Holy Name with the appropriate prayer
in the psalm, you will make drink then drink the contents of the glass to the child and so you
will have your desire realized.
Finally, it is claimed that this psalm is effective in
evil spirits. To achieve last goal, it is necessary to recite this psalm
with his Holy Name and his prayer seven times about the person possessed by the evil
To be free from danger and suffering
You have to mix rose oil with water and salt, recite seven
time on the mixture this psalm with the holy name JEHO and an appropriate prayer
to the circumstance, in a low voice with respect, then anoint with this oil the
face and hands and dripping a little into his coat; so you
stay free of all danger and suffering during the day.
Are you summoned to appear before the court of justice, for
judgment, so experiment with the means described below, shortly before
to appear before the judges. By doing this, you will certainly be justified and we will
will let go without confusing you. In the latter case, recite the following prayer:
"Lord and judge of all the universe! It is you who hold the hearts of all
men and your power, and who will lead them, according to your holy will. Allow me
find favor and favor with those who are above me in power;
has their hearts interested in my interests. Allow me to be justified and
favored by a decision by a reasonable and good decision and that I am
go freely from here. Listen to me, Father, merciful and beloved,
my desire because of your great and lovely name JEHO, Amen SELAH!

Against the dangers of the sea
During a storm at sea, when you have no help, mix
together rose oil, water, salt and resin, pronounce on it
base this psalm and the Holy Name JRAEN, then pour the oil mixture into
the waves of the sea reciting the prayer.
The prayer is this: God of the Universe, it is you who rules the
movement and roaring of the sea and that calms the terrible sound of his
waves. That you please, for the sake of your Holy Name JEHACH to calm the
storm and deliver us mercifully from this danger. Amen SELAH!
If you have a request to the king, or another great person, recite
so this psalm on the mixture of olive oil and resin and at the same
moment think of the Holy Name JEHACH. With this mixture, anoint the face and
recite a good prayer appropriate to the circumstance and be sure that you
will grant the requested favor.
To ward off unhappiness
Divine AHA
If a traveler recites this psalm daily with the name
and a good prayer arranged with the circumstance, with full faith in the help of
the protection of the God of mercy, no misfortune will befall him. If he travels
by sea, the storm will not disturb him and if he travels on the ground, no danger
will happen to him neither on the part of men, nor on the part of wild animals ELI

To receive instructions, information
or information by dream or in a dream
If one wishes to receive instructions in respect of any
In dreams or in dreams, one must purify oneself by fasting and bathing, and
recite the psalm with his Holy Name JAH seven times. At the end of the psalm,
recite his prayer
The prayer is this: God of the Universe, despite your great
power, your exaltation and your glory, you will still listen to the prayer of the
more humble of your creatures and fulfill his desire. Listen to me too, Father
Kind and please you to reveal me in the dream, (say the case you want
full knowledge), as you have already revealed in the dreams of the liver of our
ancestors. Grant me my request for the sake of your lovely Name JAH. Amen

PSALM 24 and 25
To escape the danger
Although the content of these two psalms differs materially, they
have the same equal action and the same power. The one who recites them every day
in the morning with feelings of devotion, will be protected from all great
danger. The Holy Name is ELI, ELACHA, LEMAAN, MI.
For whoever is about to go to jail
If one is threatened by great dangers on land or water, or
well if one is called to be severely imprisoned, one must recite this psalm
with the Holy Name ELOHE, as well as an appropriate prayer, then one can foresee
with confidence that one will soon serve in prison. AISHER, LISCHMOA,

To receive hospitality
If you want to be well received and treated kindly in a country
stranger, one must recite this psalm from time to time or many times before the
departure for the trip, with respect having confidence that the Lord will have
the hearts of the people of this country where you go to receive you with kindness
and maintain you well.
Note given by the author. Since then, the author has found neither Saint
Name nor special prayer for this psalm. It is to be known that only the
frequent recitation of this psalm is enough to reach the intention

To be reconciled with an enemy
Do you want your enemy to be reconciled with you? recite
so this psalm with the holy name alle and a good prayer that you
compose yourself while believing in the power of the Grand Regisseur
hearts and so your desire will be reality LEDEVID, ALLAOLAM.AT.BASH.
To chase a bad spirit
This psalm is much recommended to chase an evil spirit.
Proceed as follows:
Take 7 rosewood splinters, 7 date leaf that has never
fruit product, then place them in a vase filled with water on which the
sun never shone, and recite on it, in the evening, this psalm with the Holy Name
AHA 10 times with great respect, then with great confidence in the
power of God, put the pot on the ground in the open air and leave it until
next night. After that, pour everything in front of the door of the person possessed
by the evil spirit and so the RUACHROAH who is the evil spirit will go wrong
certainly. JEHOVAH, HABRE.
Note : There is also no special prayer for this
psalm nor the following psalm (psalm 30).

To be free from any bad incident
Whoever recites this psalm daily will be free of all
bad incident. The Holy Name is EEL, which is formed by the mos

To avoid annoyance, grief
If you want to avoid slander and want only the bad ones
languages do not cause you sorrow, so recite this psalm in base voice with
great devotion on a small amount of olive oil with which you will anoint
your face and your hands. The Holy Name of this psalm is JAH (PALTENI,
Important note: the translator considers it necessary
to note once and for all that the special prayers adapted
to the psalms that precede are desired. And that the author has certainly thought
that the prayers already given would make each one of us to compose a good
pray. This presumption is all the more likely that we find further
in our work that the author commits us or urges us all to form the
pray to God without prescribing a particular form. Concerning the
Saints Names, the author would have particularly noted them if necessary.
NB: Psalms 29, 30, 31 must be obligatorily
accompanied by the Gospel according to John verse 1
To receive grace, love and mercy
Whoever recites this psalm daily will receive grace, love
and mercy. This psalm has neither Holy Name nor special prayer.

To keep children alive
If you still persecute your children or if death still delights your children
from their birth, recite this psalm with the Saint om JEHOVA sue the pure
olive oil and anoint your wife and the child that has just been born for you
and he will stay alive.
At the time of a general famine, the inhabitants of a country
recite this psalm with united hearts. By doing so, they will surely

To be received favorably
by big people or high characters
If you decide to visit a prince or a person from
great authority, so recite this psalm and theHoly Name PELE which means
wonderful, briefly before appearing in their presence and you will be received
favorably (PAUD, LIFUE, KARA).
This psalm is also recommended to those who wish to be free from
all danger often. If he recites it, he will be free from all danger.

Against or to win a lawsuit
If you have to answer a lawsuit during which you are in
annoyance with unjust people or people who are quarreling with you, recite
so this psalm with the Holy Name JAH early morning and
successively for three days. So, you will definitely gain your
Against defamation
If you recite this psalm against slanderers and
slanders, they will not hurt you. (ANOEN, MISCHPTECH,

For those who drink too much or a drunkard
If someone drank a lot in such a way that he lost his reason, and
that it is feared that he will do damage that could harm the
security, we must quickly recite this psalm on a jug of water and with this water,
wash the head and face of the drunkard. Give him a little to drink too.

PSALM 38 and 39
To recite when justice takes action to punish you
If you have been so slandered that the King and the officers or agents of
the police have turned against you and take measures to punish you, get up
so very early in the morning and go to a field. Recite these two psalms and their
Holy Name seven times, then fast all day long. The Holy Name of the first
Psalm is AHA and that of the second is HE, taken in the words (HASHA verse
14? AMARTI verse 2).

To free oneself from evil spirits
The particular action attributed to this psalm is that by reciting
daily, we can free ourselves from evil spirits. The Holy Name of this
psalm is JAH and is in the words SHAHAJTI verse 2 and CHUSCHA
verse 14.

PSALM 41 and 43
Against the enemies who make you lose money
and who want to make you unhappy.
If enemies make you lose your merit and happiness, or
reduce your earnings, or want to strip you of your service and make you
replace with another person, recite these psalms three times a day for
three successive days as well as a good prayer composed by yourself and
adapt to the circumstance.
By doing so, you will see incredible things. Your enemies
will be hated and we will leave you alone.
This psalm has especially the following action
If you want to be sure of something or want to get
information by dream, so you have to fast a day and a little before
to go to sleep recite this psalm with theHoly Name ZAWA which means
Lord of the Spirits belonging to this psalm 7 times by doing at each end of
psalm know the question on which you desire information in a
little prayer, so your desire will be fully realized.

To keep out of danger against enemies
This psalm must be recited to keep oneself safe from harm
that the enemies want to do to you.

PSALM 45 and 46
To establish peace between man and woman
These two psalms have the virtue of bringing peace to man
and the woman, especially to tame the woman. Here is what it is: Si
you have a turbulent, quarrelsome woman, recite Psalm 45 on pure
olive oil and anoint your body = so vote woman will become even
But if you have innocently incurred the intimacy of your wife and
you desire the return of love and marital peace, recite Psalm 46 on
olive oil and completely anoint his wife, so marital love
will come back to the home. The Holy Name is ADOJAH (ADONAI,
ELOHIM Verse 2, MEDO Verse 2, JEHOVA Verse 8, SALAH
verse 12.

To make you love your peers or men
If you want to be loved, respected, and well received, then you have to recite this
psalm 7 times a day
To spread terror on your enemies
If you have unjust enemies, who hate you for pure
envy, so recite this psalm with theHoly Name SACH which means pure, clear and
transparent. Thus your enemies will be seized with fear, terror and anxiety, and
in the future they will not try to hurt you anymore.

PSALM 49 and 50
To heal the proud to a family member
If one of your family members has an excruciating and incurable fever,
take a new feather and new ink prepared for this purpose and
write Psalm 49 and the first six verses of Psalm 50 and the Holy Name
SCHADDI which means Mighty on pure parchment that you will suspend at
neck of the patient with a thread of self.
Psalm 49: SHIMMA verse 1, ADAW verse 3, and WIKAS verse 8
Important note given by the translator: if someone wants
write and wear a talisman as it is written above, it is recommended to
to provide a scroll, ink and pen of a Jewish writer or editor
of the Ten Commandments.
It is thus ensured that the one who will bear the psalm 50 writes as it is
described on a parchment will be safe from danger and will escape intrigues
The Holy Name is CHA and means living and his letters are taken in
the words SAWACH verse 5, ANOCHI verse 7.

To receive grace after committing a great sin
If one is degraded by a worried and restless conscience to have
committed a great sin, so we must recite this psalm with the Holy Name DAM,
that we will keep in mind, three times a day in the morning, noon, and evening, on
poppy oil. Say at the same time a good prayer appropriate to
the occasion in which the evil was committed, with great humility and sadness
that the Great Judge must obtain from every person with a contrite heart, then anoint
the whole body with the oil thus consecrated and we will see that in a few days we
will find grace and we will have the conscience in peace.
To break free from slander
Whoever has become unhappy by being frequently slandered must
recite this psalm every day in the morning. There is no special prayer or
of Saint Nom.

PSALM 53, 54 and 55

To take revenge against open enemies and
One is ordered to one who is persecuted without cause by enemies,
open or secret, to read these three psalms. If he only wants to calm his
enemies or fill them with fear, so he has to recite Psalm 53 with the
Holy Name AI every day
If anyone wants to not only shelter from the mischief of
enemies, but desires revenge on them, he must recite Psalm 54 with the Holy
Name JAH seven times on the spot.
If he wishes to render evil for evil to these enemies, he must recite the
Psalm 55 with the Holy Name VAH seven times on the spot.

To get rid of a passion
This psalm is recommended to those who wish to free themselves from the bonds of
passion or senses and to those who want to free themselves from what is called JEZER
HORRA, which means the appetite or thirst for the desire to commit sin.

To make yourself happy in companies
Whoever wishes to be happy in all his enterprises must recite this
psalm every day after the morning prayer at the church with the Holy Name CHAI
which means living, while constantly keeping the Holy Name without the spirit.

To protect yourself against a nasty dog that attacks you
When attacked by a naughty dog, you must quickly recite this
Psalm and the dog will not hurt you.
To deliver oneself or to free oneself from the inclination to do evil
If one wishes to be completely free from the inclination that all
man from committing evil or lust for sin, he should recite this Psalm to
from the second verse to the end, successively for three days (the
morning, noon and evening) with the Holy Name PALTIOEL which means God
my help and my savior, as well as a prescribed prayer to accompany this
psalm. Then, we will see that a wonderful change will happen in itself.
The prayer is: Lord, Almighty God; My father,
that you like it for the love of your big, adorable and Holy Name PALTIOEL of
deliver me from the JEZER HORRA (from my bad desires, from my bad
thoughts and actions, as you did to the author of this psalm when he
addressed you his prayer). Amen SELAH!

To keep soldiers safe from harm and danger
If you are a soldier and go to the battlefield, recite this
psalm keeping in mind the Holy Name JAH , and at the end of each recitation
of the psalm, say a good and proper prayer with full confidence,
infinite power of the One who can give the victory to whomever he wants. Doing
thus, you will be able to return to the house safe and sound.

To make your home happy and conducive
If you want to take possession of a new home, recite this
psalm before moving to enter, then accompanies the psalm of a
good prayer proper while keeping your trust in the Holy Name
SCHADDEI and you will have the blessing and the good fortune.
To receive the divine blessing
For this intention, recite this psalm with great respect on
Sunday evening after the evening prayer and the Monday evening after the vespers or the
evening prayer with the Holy Name IITAMI which means: hidden or invisible. He
certainly relates to the invisible God who forgives the transgressions of
penitent sinners. Then recite his prayer.
The prayer is: Great God, mighty and merciful,
may it please you to forgive me all my transgressions, all my sins and
trespasses. Erase them as you did to the sins of the one who composed and recited
this psalm for you. Do it for the sake of your Holy and adorable Name IITAMI.

To overcome the penalties, the troubles and to avoid the losses
that business associates want to impute you
If you realize that your business associates or a
other company are betraying you or taking an unfair advantage over
you and if you wish for that you withdraw from the trade association,
recite this psalm with the Holy Name JACH , so you will not only
able to withdraw, but also to make good fortune by withdrawing as well.

For those who travel on sea and want to avoid any accident
This psalm is recommended to those who travel on sea and who
want to avoid any accident. They will recite the psalm throughout the journey with
a great devotion and so they will reach their destination safe and sound. There's no
of special prayer or Holy Name for this psalm.

To be happy in all his endeavors
and in all that we do
Whoever recites this psalm with the Holy Name JAH with persistence,
will be happy in all his endeavors and all he does will succeed him well he
e will benefit. It is particularly recommended for those who have a request to
to present to an authority, for he is assured of obtaining what he desires. Recite this
Psalm 7 times every Wednesday at 1 am, 8 am, 3 pm, 10 pm
To recite when one is possessed by an evil spirit
If someone is possessed by the RUACK ROAH (bad spirit),
copy this psalm on parchment that you hang on his neck; then
lay your hands on him and say, "Save me oh God, because the waters have invaded
my soul >>

Psalm 67 and 68
Against severe imprisonment
and the fever caused by bad influences
These two psalms have for Saint Name JAH.
The first psalm must be recited against an attack of fever and against
severe imprisonment.
The second Psalm meanwhile, must be recited on a filled vase
water on which the sun never shone, in a low voice and in the name of the patient;
then the patient is washed with water and he will be delivered from the evil spirit who

PSALM 69 and 70
To free yourself from sensuality and to defeat enemies
The first psalm must be recited by a sensual person who is
become a slave to her passion and who wants to get rid of it. This person must
recite daily the psalm in question on the water that he will drink.
The second Psalm must be recited daily by those who wish to overcome
his enemies.

To be delivered from prison
This psalm has neither Holy Name nor special prayer, yet it
possesses the virtue of bringing out of the prison one who will recite it with respect and
trust for a while seven times a day.
To keep yourself safe from poverty
Write this psalm with the Holy Name AHA as it is done
usually on pure parchment and hang it on the neck. By doing this, you
you will be favored everywhere and you will find favor and favor with anyone.
You will be able to live in carelessness, because poverty will not reach you

PSALM 73 to 83
Since these 11 psalms that follow have neither Holy Name nor prayer
special. To save space, I will only mention the
virtue attributed to each of them.

This psalm must be recited with respect 7 times a day by those who
must stay in an idolatrous or pagan country, so we will not force them to
to deny their faith.

The morning and frequent recitation of this psalm blames a failure to the
persecution linked by enemies and thwarts the oppression of the powerful, the rich
and hard-hearted people and will carry them at the same time to a terrible end
The devout recitation of this same psalm gives forgiveness of sins.

Against the pride of the powerful and against all tyrannies. For
get work and fluency. For the cessation of wars ...
Prayer: 3 paters (Our Father) and 3 ave Maria (Greetings to you

Psalm 76 is the most effective defense against the danger of water
and fire.
Whoever recites this psalm daily will be safe from need and
of danger.

If we recite this psalm often and early, we will be respected
by kings and princes and we will receive favors from them.

Frequent recitation of this psalm will reduce enemies to an end

PSALM 80 and 81
Frequent recitation of these two psalms is a happy way
to help people not to fall into disbelief and to avoid many others

This psalm will help you deal well with your affairs.

For the soldier who goes to war, write this psalm on parchment
and hang it on the neck. We will avoid getting caught or if we are caught, we
will not have to suffer bad treatment from enemies.

If a person during a prolonged illness, has caught a
bad smell that disgusts and repels, it must recite this psalm a
times with the Holy Name AF which means Father, on a pot filled with water on
The sun has never shone and it is washed with this water and the bad smell
If your old friend has now become your enemy and you want
that he is reconciled again with you, then go away in a field at large
Holy Name NAH
air, turn south and recite this psalm with his
successively seven times, so your friend will approach you again and treat you
good friend.
The frequent recitation of this psalm in particular produces the well-being of the

PSALM 86, 87 and 88

These three Psalms have neither Holy Name nor special prayer, but
advise to read it often, because by the habit of reading them, we can do
a lot of good and avoid a lot of trouble.

If a family member is losing weight quickly because of a
long illness, so that it is reached by weakening, so recite this
psalm on pure olive oil, pour the oil on the shorn wool of a
sheep or a ram and with that, anoint the body and the limbs of the sick and
the latter will be healed quickly.
If your friend is arrested by law enforcement officers and you desire
deliver it, go to an open field or a field, raise your
eyes to heaven and recite this psalm with a prayer that suits the
circumstance, in full confidence of God.

If you happen to accidentally meet a lion in the forest, or if
you are tormented by an evil spirit or a ghost, fix in the mind the
Holy Name SHADDEI and recite this psalm, so the lion or the evil spirit is
will withdraw himself. If you're going to put a lot more safety when such
Danger will happen to you, recite both Psalms 90 and 91.
The Holy Name of this psalm is EL which means strong God. Recite this
psalm and the precedent on a person tormented by the evil spirit or
disturbed by an incurable disease, with the Holy Name EL SAHADDEI zt
then humbly recite the following prayer:
How it pleases you, oh my God, to get away from ............... .. son of
............... .. the evil spirit by which he is tormented; because of your big
powerful and Holy Name EL SHADDEI ; give him health soon and let him be
completely healed. Listen to his prayer as you once did to your servant
Moses when he sent you his prayer. May his prayer rise to you like incense
Blessed is yours in heaven. Amen!
On the other hand, copy this psalm with the last verse of the psalm
previous on pure parchment and hang it behind the door of your house
and you will be safe from any accident.
(Kabbalists attribute great power to this psalm when it is
take together with the last verse of the previous psalm and use them
according to the various circumstances of life and especially when we mix them with
Scripture passages from Holy Names of Angels and Prayers
To divert or eliminate distress, danger and suffering
If someone has their life in danger, or is in distress
anybody, as suffering from an incurable disease or if it is threatened by the
danger of fire or water, or if it is overwhelmed by enemies, brigands or
thieves, or if it is imprisonment, whoever is in danger
likewise confess all his sins and then recite the "HIVI
NASM-PRAYER ", ie Psalm 91 and the last verse of Psalm 90,
99 times (ninety-nine times) according to the number of the two most Holy Names
of God JEHOVAH ADONAI. Every time he arrives at verse 14 "Because he
I will deliver him ", that he keep the Holy Name in his spirit and recite
the prayer below with devoutness.
The prayer is this: You are the most holy king above all
which is known and hidden, exalted above all that is high: sanctifies and
glorify your lovely name in this world that belongs to you, so that all
nations of the earth know that you are the power and the glory that you have
delivered from all distress, but particularly from this painful (here we must
begin to say correctly what is asked in prayer), which has reached
................ son of ............... .. I promise and I make the vows attached, that
now and always after, as long as I live on earth until
return to the dust from which I am drawn (here we must say the wishes we want
the wish should be to fast, or to recite several chapters every day
Holy Scripture, to give alms, to deliver the captives or to take care
sick people). The prayer continues
Praised be Jahweh, my rock and my savior. You will be my representative and
my intercessor and you will help me because it is you who assists the poor, the weak and
the humble creature and in case of need you deliver them from fear and danger, or
who act with mercy and mercy, you listen to everyone's prayer. Be hired,
JAHWEH, you who listen to my prayer. (At the end of the prayer you have to repeat 7 times the
last sentence of the prayer)
Whoever observes punctually and correctly what is said above
successively for three days with full confidence in the
God's help, this one can rest assured that he will have the assistance requested.
Kabbalists and especially the famous RABLI ISAC LORIA
assured us that at the time of the plague or distress, or a need
general, we must recite the HIVI NOAM PRAYER (Psalm 91), plus the last
Psalm 90, 7 times a day, keeping in mind the form of the
golden candlestick (see the drawing below) which is composed of 41 holy words
as well as the Holy Names of this psalm. The Holy Names must be
considered in their order; these are :

After that we will recite the passage of the exodus, chapter 12 verse 21 to
28 and with them, keep in mind the names contained in verses 23 and 28
in the following order:
UHA. BILI. LSA. Holo. VESOP and finally the Holy Name
Whoever observes all these things to the letter and who can keep in
memory all letters, dots and vowels, that one will be as strong as
steel so that no firearm can harm it, it will be safe from all
The certainty of what has just been said is demonstrated by the Kabbalist,
because the letter SEIJID is not in this psalm, but since the word KIE
or SIJIN embraces with its meaning all the weapons that put to death.
Remarks : The Extraordinary Powers Attributed to Psalm 91
may be true and fair, but he regrets that the reader can not shoot
benefit from all these benefits for himself, especially in the latter case,
because the Holy Names related to it consist of the first letter of
all the words of Psalm 91, as well as the exodus, chapter 12 verses 23 to 28,
as written above.
It is therefore impossible to pronounce this name correctly because it does not
can be translated into English or any other language. Moreover, how
also keep in mind the first letters of each word of the psalms with
the points and vowels that belong to them? If someone, despite the
difficulties which aim at the use of this psalm, wishes to profit from its virtues, it must
take the heavy load of studying the Hebrew language, or write and carry it
in the neck like a talisman.

Anyone wishing to achieve great honors only has to take a
vase and fill it with water. That there are leaves of myrtle and vine and that it
recite with confidence Psalms 92, 94, 23, 20, 24, and 100
successively three times, then wash each time with water and after
this anoint the face and body entirely with water.
Let him then turn to the North and recite to God a prayer
for the fulfillment of his desire and he will see wonderful things. He will be
astonished to see his good fortune always increase. He will advance in a way
wonderful from a honorable post to another more honorable one.

This psalm is recommended to the one who deals with an adversary
unfair and severe.

If you have a powerful and fierce enemy who oppresses you and you
cause great concern, go to an outdoor open field
Monday ; take a little incense; recite Psalm 94, then Psalm 92,
seven times being careful to keep in mind at the same time the Sant Name
EELKANNO TAF, which means Great, Strong, and Zealous God, and then recite
each time at the end of these psalms the following prayer:
"May it please you, O God Great, Strong, Zealous, and Good,
to humiliate my enemy (name) ..................... son of .................. .. and
............... .. as you have already done to the enemies of our great master Moses,
who remained in peace and composed this psalm to glorify you. May my prayer
rises as the sweet smell of incense from the altar of incense
I contemplate your wonderful pleasure. Amen SELAH!
The Holy Name particular to this psalm is EEL, which means God
Tall and strong. The pious Christian will recite this psalm for his brothers
unbelievers who live in error.

PSALM 96 and 97
The Holy Name of these Psalms is JAH. Whoever will recite these two
psalms three times a day will make his family happy and happy.

Like the two previous psalms, we will recite this psalm for
to establish peace in the family. His Holy Name is JAH.

This psalm has no Holy Name. It is recommended to those who want
to live piously. To reach his goal, he must recite it devoutly.

The holy name of this psalm is JAH; whoever recites it
successively 7 times for three days will defeat all his enemies.

Whoever will carry this psalm with Psalm 68 on pure parchment
remained safe from the persecution of evil spirits as well as people

PSALM 102 and 103

These two psalms are very good for sterile women because they
may, in reciting them, obtain divine grace and favor.
By reciting this psalm frequently, one can destroy the masich.
Note : The word MASICH, according to its root, means some who
hurts, either evil spirits, beings or animals. Usually
yet the Jews understand it under the meaning of demon, sin
original or the inclination to commit sin.

PSALM 105 to 107

The Holy Name of these three psalms is JAH. The recitation of the psalm
105 heals the fever that comes every three days and the recitation of Psalm 107
heals the fever of each day.

Write this psalm with the Holy Name VI on parchment and hide the
behind the door of your house. So your exits and your entries will be blessed and you
will be successful in all your endeavors.

If you have an enemy that bothers and torments you,
fill a new pot of sparkling wine, mix with a little mustard and
recite this psalm for three successive days keeping at the same time
mind the Holy Name EEL, after that, pour the mixture in front of the door of the
your enemy's house. Take care that no drop, no matter how small,
falls on you.

PSALM 110 and 111

Frequently reciting the first psalm with the Holy Name JAH
a person can defeat all his enemies and adversaries and reduce them to peace.
By reciting the second, we can have many friends; this psalm has no
Holy Name.

PSALM 112 and 113

By reciting Psalm 112, one will grow in power and power. In
reciting the second, we can stop an incipient heresy. These psalms did not
no Holy Name.
If you want to succeed in your business or your business, write this
psalm with the Holy Name AHA on parchment and constantly wear it on
in a small bag made for this purpose.

If one decides to discuss with the infidels, the heretics or the
scoffers of religion, devoutly recite this psalm before doing it.

If you often recite this psalm devoutly and with full
trust in God, you will be safe from sudden death.

If you have vowed to observe a commandment or to realize
a good action and, that you have failed to keep your promise as a result
forgetfulness or recklessness, as soon as you remember that, recite this
Psalm with a contrite heart.

If you recite this psalm often and devoutly, you will be able to
to silence the free thinkers, the mockers of religion, the heretics who
seek to divert you from the right path.
This psalm is the longest between the psalms; it has several
divisions (22). Each division has 8 verses and a particular power.
To present it in a clear way, we placed in front of each division the letter
which relates to it.
ALEPH- The eight verses of this letter must be recited on a person
whose limbs weaken and tremble and she will rise again. If someone did
a wish that is difficult for him to realize, that he recites this division and he can
easily fulfill his promise.
BETH- It is said that by this division (verse 9 to 16), one who wishes to study,

to get a good memory, a big heart and an extended intelligence. that

whoever wants to achieve this goal observes the following guidelines:
<< Cook in boiling water an egg, then remove its shell neatly and
carefully so that no scar is produced on the outside of
the egg and then copy on the fourth verse of Deuteronomy chapter 33,
as well as the eighth verse of chapter 1 of JOSUE as well as the Holy Name
angels CHOSMIEL, SCHWNIEL and MUPIEL. Translation and explanation
of these names is not necessary to know because we DO NOT need them
RULING. But I still give you their explanation here,
CHOSMIEL means cover me with your shadow or protect me, Mighty God
(that is, the spirit of wisdom and knowledge); SCHWNIEL means
change me to the best ( that is, better man and woman, like
said David "let me attain the degrees of your laws as if I had them
heard or received from the mouth of God himself. "
In addition, write on the egg the following prayer: "Open and enlarge my
heart and my understanding so that I understand all that I li and I do not
never forget it anymore »
All of these things must be accomplished on a Thursday night after having
fasted the whole day, then you have to introduce the whole egg into your mouth and
after having eaten it, one must recite again and successively three times the four
first verses of the second division of Psalm 119 (from verse 9 to verse
12 so) >>.
GIMEL- This division from verse 17 to verse 24 of the psalm is to be recited 7
times in succession with full confidence in the power of God on the eye
sick of a friend and so he will be healed.
DALETH - By early reciting this division (verse 25-32), one can heal the evil
of the left eye as described above. On the other hand, if you have to
decide a matter of justice or if you are angry at a change of
body (service) or a change of position or if you have to make a choice
advantageous, recite this division successively eight times. On the other hand, if
someone wants to have advice from the assistance of several people for
to do a job successfully, he has to recite this division ten times.
HE- This division (verse 33-40) has the virtue of helping to avoid sin. A
sinner who is accustomed to vice and to commit sins and who can not
remember, despite his good resolutions, will copy these eight verses on parchment
and hang it on his neck so that it constantly touches his chest.
VAU- Recite this division (41 to 48) on the water that will be given to his servant or
his servant to drink. So, the latter will observe all your orders and you
will serve well.
ZAIN-Two different virtues are attributed to this division (49 to 56). The
first is: If one of your friends is tormented by melancholy or
suffer from the point of side, write this division with the
means (heals God strong) on parchment and attach it to the patient's neck under
talisman shape and if that's the side point, tie it to the place that makes it
If you have been driven by bad counselors to perform a
work that promises bad results, recite this division 8 (eight) times and you
will be able to withdraw from such work safely.
CHETH- Recite division of this letter (verse 57-64) seven times on wine and the
give drink to a person who has cruel pains at the top
of the body and his hurt will leave him in a short time.
TETH- Recite this division (verse 65-72) is an easy remedy against
kidney pain or liver disease. Recite eight times about the sick person.
JOD- If you want to find favor with God and men, recite each
time this division immediately after the morning prayer and your desire will be
realized. The division goes from verse 73 to verse 80
CAPH- If someone has a dangerous or incurable wound, recite this
division (verse 81-88) ten times and he will notice with astonishment that his wound
dangerous will begin to heal.
LAMED- If you are forced to appear before the judge in person,
recite this division the day before the day of judgment, after the evening prayer
and you will be justified in this judgment (verse 89-96).
MEM- To heal sick limbs or paralysis, recite this division
(verse 97-104) seven times for three successive days in a low voice on the
sick members and the person will be healed.
NUN- If you intend to travel, recite this division (verse 105 to
112) few days before starting the journey and you will complete it healthy and
except safe from danger.
SAMECH- If you have a favor to ask, a favor from a
superior, recite this division (verse 113-120) before introducing yourself and
you will not leave the person without being satisfied.
AIN- Like the verses of the letter MEN which we have already mentioned, the verses
from this division (verse 121-128) can heal the pain of the arm and the hand
PE- This division has the same effect as that which speaks of the healing of the wound
or a nosebleed (verse 129 to 136)
TSADDI- It is common for law enforcement officers, police officers and
gendarmes be forced or reduced to give false and unfair decisions
(in various circumstances) and against their desire and without knowing it. In one case
likewise, they are advised to devoutly recite this division (verses 137-144)
three times asking God to judge the judges, to enlighten them.
KOPH - The mysterious effect attributed to this division (verse 145-152) is
can heal the left leg ill. We must recite these eight verses on
the rose oil and anointing the sick leg.
RECH- If your right ear hurts, pronounce this division (verse 153 to
160) in a low voice on the juice from the onion juice and introduce it by drop
in the ear and you will be so relieved.
SCHIN- Against headaches; recite this division (verse 161 to 168) three
on olive oil and anoint the place where you feel the most pain.
TAU- The last division of this psalm (verse 169-176) will be recited on the water
of onion which will be introduced by drop into the ear of which one is suffering.
Finally, it is stated at the end of this psalm, that whoever feels
pain in both arms, sides and legs at the same time will recite
the entire psalm and in the following order:
1 The eight verses of the letter ALEPH, the letter TAU, and the letter BETH. 2-
Those of the letter SCHIN. 3- The division of the letter GIMMEL. 4- The eight verses
of the letter RESH.5- DALETH division. 6- The RUF division. 7- The division
HE.8- That of ZAIN. 9- That of the letter VAU. 10- The eight verses of the letter
EP. 11-Those of the letter ZAIN again. 12- Those of the letter AIN. 13- The eight
verses of the letter CHETH. 14- Those of the letter TAMECH. 15- Those of the
TETCH letter. 16- Those of NUM. 17- The eight verses of JUD. 18- And
finally the divisions of letters MEM, CAPH and LAMED. This remedy has been
tried and proven foolproof.

Recite this psalm before appearing before the judge and you will have
thanks and favor. If a traveler is abruptly in front of an infected forest
venomous snakes, scorpions or other reptiles as may happen
easily and thus exposed to danger, recite this psalm
as soon as he comes in the presence of the forest 7 times and so he will be able
to travel safely.

If you happen to travel alone in the night, then recite this psalm
with respect and you will not have any accidents or bad events.

If you want to address a great authority, recite this psalm
13 times before going to see her and she will receive you with grace and favor. Furthermore,
recite this psalm every time you are at Mass or the Church and you
will get the blessing.
If your servant has escaped from your home, write this psalm with the
servant's name on a lead or pewter plate.

If you want to cross an overflowing river, or undertake journey by
water, recite this psalm before entering the boat, so you will do your
journey safe and sound without fear.

If you are traveling to a country where you have enemies who
may abuse or hurt you, so before entering the city, filled
your hands of salt, recite this psalm 7 times and spread it in all four
directions of the globe. By doing so, none of your enemies will be able to
harm you.

If your children die at an early age and you are unable to do so
live, as soon as your wife is still pregnant, write this psalm as 4 amulets
make pure parchment by adding the following names of Holy Angels: SINUI,
SINSUNI and SEMAN-GLAE, and after hides the amulets in the four walls
from your house and your child will live.

Copy this psalm on parchment and place it in a small bag and
hang it on the newborn's neck as soon as he is born and
no harm will happen to him.

Write this psalm on pure parchment and bring it to a woman
pregnant, so no accident will occur neither to her, nor to the fruit of her womb
and she will give birth happily.
Whoever gets used to reciting reciting this psalm daily
after the morning prayer, will thus prepare to live in a pure and virtuous way
so that he can undertake several good remunerative works.

If you live in a besieged city where you can not go, or if you
can not leave without running a risk, if you have an urgent matter to settle
and you have to venture on a journey, so before leaving town,
recite this psalm in a low voice in the direction of North, South, East, West. So
you will pass by all the sentinels without being seen or disturbed. A heavy
sleep will fall on her so that they will not realize that you

One who is strongly possessed by the evil spirit of pride and
of pride so that he looks at everyone with m loving and disdain and who,
after serious reflections desires to change his character, he is advised to
recite this psalm with respect three times a day, after morning prayer and at
evening. His pride will diminish.

If you swore to accomplish or perform something
punctually and despite your oath you may neglect your
obligation and that you thus commit a fault against yourself, you
recite this psalm daily with great veneration, so as to avoid in the future,
a crime like this.

Whoever recites this psalm daily, may not only
win the friendship and love of his friends, but he will still have many more

This very short psalm should be recited by anyone who studies or
especially by each student before entering or leaving for college.
He who sincerely desires to repent of his sins and consecrate his
life to serve God, that he recite this psalm every day after the morning prayer and
evening; then his heart and his spirit will be renewed and he will become day in
a day united to God.

Whoever desires to confess his mortal sins and misdeeds
recite this psalm before, then confess his sins with a contrite heart.

The recitation of this psalm will take away from the heart the greatest hate, envy
or illness.

The recitation of this psalm will produce friendship and love.

This psalm will be recited to increase or preserve love among

This psalm has the power to calm discord or hatred,
between the man and the woman.

This psalm is often recited by those who are tormented by the

PSALM 142 and 143

By reciting the first psalm, we can heal the evil or the
pain in the legs. By reciting the second, you can calm the pain or
sore arms.
This psalm must be recited when one has an arm broken by accident. The
healing will be quick.

He who fears ghosts or evil spirits recites this
psalm with Psalm 144, because the recitation of these two psalms removes them

When you are seriously injured by any weapon that this
either, recite this psalm every day when you receive the care
medical, especially after rebaling the wound and healing will be felt quickly.

To heal dangerous wounds, snake bites or
scorpions or even the bite of another venomous reptile. This psalm has the
same power as the previous one as soon as one begins to recite it in an accident
the same.

PSALM 148 and 149

These two psalms have the same virtue of extinguishing fire
when recited with faith and trust in the mighty help of God.

This happy psalm of praise must be recited by every person
grateful God fearing, after escaping a great danger or received
a special grace. She must recite this psalm with a grateful heart
to thank, praise and glorify God.