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I have realized that it's hard to host a seminar when

it's your first experience while all the student and
panelist are looking at you in front and watching you
get so nervous while you are discussing. No matter
how many times I’ve done presentations I always
got so nervous and shy, I always forget what I have
studied. And because of that, we’ve got some bad
comments from the panelist, they have thought us
and give us some advice on what we should do and
what we need to improve.

Me Allan Gabriel M. Lopez as one of the speaker of

our group, Im so glad to take this kind of seminar, It
is a great experience and also a great opportunity to
us, This is maybe our bullet to take a real new
seminar in the future. This really develops my
speaking skills when it comes to speaking in front of
my classmates including our respected teacher Ms.
Micah Viloria for giving this so memorable and
unforgettable experience in our life also to the
panelist who gives comments and commends our
mistakes, This will be the greatest lesson we've
experienced in our history in RCC. In our seminar as
a group we discuss about What is quantitative
research and Nature of inquiry and how it works in
research. We also tackled about characteristics of
Quantitative research including (Objective, Clearly
defined, Defined research question, Instructured
research documents, Numerical data, Large sample
size, Replication and Future outcomes, That all I can
say, Thank you.

My reflection in our activity or what we called the

seminar. I enjoy the activity at the same time there is
still a learning. Like, we are enjoying while learning.
And by this activity widen my knowledge about
Quantitative Research its characteristics, difference
from Qualitative and other. Also, by this activity
boosted my self confidence because I can show to
my teacher and also to my classmate if what I can
and If what knowledge can I share to others. It is
also overwhelmed for me because by this, I can
share my knowledge to my classmate and help them
by their difficulties. Therefore, I reflect that this
activity makes fun and a lot of learnings.

I realize that it's not a joke to host a seminar when

you first experience it and you are not familiar with
the preparation of how the seminar is and how
difficult it is to speak in front of many people
especially when it comes to first time and there are
panel watching so you are so nervous and
especially when you are the first group to be present
at the front and about the topics, the topic is easy
but I'm very difficult to speak English and all of my
explanation is already written in the PowerPoint.

On the group reporting everyone members is very

partipants. All members is reporting except the who
not reporting. And the outfit is very formal while
Bianca is not. And voices for the reporting is very
cleared all the time but another one is very nervous.
Everybody is very generalizing reporting. But ma’am
mica is she sermoning to the group because is not
perfect report.

I saw my group mates manage to host and discuss

about our topic even though they struggled and got
nervous because it's our first seminar and lack of
time to prepare because it's our first subject. They
really did their best in front and really tried to speak
in English and get the attention of the audience and
the panels they are really good at giving comments
and advice for us to know our mistakes that's all and
we wish that they all learn from our seminar.

I have learnt many things about research from our

seminar activity, the whole class organized a
seminar for us to learn. We have discussed about
the research, its nature, disadvantage and
advantages, and characteristics, etc. Organizing
seminar was not easy, in this activity we need
teamwork we need everybody to work and
cooperation. Printing handouts may cost and the
pressure while doing this activity is very tense for us.
We have received many bad comments for our
activity from the panelist, we didn't did our best we
have disappointed Ma'am Micah. They have
corrected our posture, the way our speakers speaks
and many more. Since it's our first time we don't
really know what to do, despite of that we would like
to thank our panelist and Ma'am Micah they have
thought us many things so that in the future if we
would organize a seminar again we knew what are
the right things to do. This seminar is unforgettable, I
enjoyed it a lot.

This seminar brings lesson to us on how we show

ourselves in the audience and of course even tho
some of our performance are not actually good
enough for the panelist it is still a great experience to
us because we learn what to improved and what
techniques should we put in our performance and
this also leads us to be professionals in our seminar
and we will bring this up to college year and
remembering what we’ve learn from the comments
of the panelist about our seminar by absorbing it in
ourselves that actually bring us to be the great one
in the near future when we get into college years.
And this seminar make me realized that we’re
already turning into college life and we need to be
responsible enough to carry all this in advance, plus
it shows here in our group base on how it turns out it
makes me think that unity and avoid procrastination
is really the best key for you to achieve your
responsibility as a student and fellow to pass your
school years.

We are so glad to take the opportunity and

participate in this seminar because we want to
enhance our ability to speak in front of the class,
teacher and some panelist, we also want to enhance
our self confidence to more confident on standing in
front. In this seminar we learned a lot and how to
properly deliver the speech by watching their
speakers on how do they deliver and explain their
topics. And my group mates they discussed the
nature, inquiry and the characteristics of quantitative
research. And i help to organize the room like a true
seminar room.

Who am i as a student? What should I do to become the student I

really want? Doing this seminar entitled SUMMIT 2K19 made me
realized a lot of things, it includes good organization, being a
good speaker and good leadership. I myself noticed that I can be
a good speaker by just standing in front of the class with all those
ears lend on me is a good thing and achievable thing for me.
As a student, I must do my best in order for me to gain
knowledge. Doing such performance taught me tremendous
realization that 'no one will stand for you" only you can help
yourself. Being an organized person is a good thing, even though
my group is not well organized at least be did our best to come up
with great idea. Even though my group did a lots of adjustment we
still did what we must. This kind of event made me realized how
unity is very important in every group activity, knowing that we
can do better than that. As one of the leaders of this group I can
see that we did a lot changes not only for me but also to my
group mates.
We know we exert efforts, but this is not enough I know that I can
do better than this. All I need to do is to push my limits. I myself
must surpassed my limits to become the person I really want. I
am Sahagon R. (2019). Let everything fall into its rightful places.
Give yourself more time to realized and to be a better person not
only as a student, but also to our family and friends. As I always
said do great things not only for you but also for everyone