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Cube targeted a niche market; ‘One App, One minute’; Award winning UI

Annual Income: $1Mn

Employees: 20

Funding: $2Mn (Series A)

Grow sales in metro cities, Europe and Japan

Planning for Series B in a year

Investors: Asuka holding, BEENEXT, 500Startups

Competitors: Scripbox; FundsIndia; ClearFunds


1. Short Term (0- 3yrs)

 Liquid fund – Advisor: WealthFirst (Min initial investment of 15,000)

Reliance Liquid Fund
 Debt MF – Advisor WealthFirst (Min initial investment of 15,000)
ICICI Prudential All seasons Bond Fund
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund
 Receivables Financing – TradeCred
 P2P direct to borrower – Faircent
 Save for goals
Emergency Fund
Save for 1-2 yrs goals
Dream experiences to save for

2. Long Term (3-20yrs)

 Equities Advisory – Purnatha 44.25% R

Lumpsum – 1 year – 25L
- 3 year – 10L
SuperSIP – Monthly for 3 year – 30k
 PMS – 23 to 47%
Coffee Can PMS Ambit
Alchemy High Growth
Alchemy High Growth-Select stock
Motilal Oswal Value strategy
 Mutual Funds India – Advisor: WealthFirst – 7 to 25%
Canara Robeco Emerging Equities fund 3 years: 16.6% ; 5 year: 23.98%
IDFC Core Equity Fund 3 years: 13.79% ; 5 year: 13%

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund 3 years: 12.64% ; 5 year: 20.89%
L&T Midcap Fund 3 year: 15.4% ; 5 year: 20.65%
 Mutual Funds International – 3 to 12%
‘Made in China’ Edelweiss Greater China Fund
‘Americano’ Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund
‘Exotic Europe’ Invesco Pan European Fund
‘Cherry Blossom’ Reliance Japan Equity Fund
 Tax Saving Funds (ELSS) – 13 to 18%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Fund & Mirae Asset Tax Saver Funds
 Gold – 2 to 5%

3. Study Abroad – Gyandhan – 9.25%

4. Home Loans – SwitchMe


Upper middle class segment of annual income of 10L+

Urban professionals

Cube wealth is the middle man; Cube works on a subscription model; Users pay the investment
advisor; Cube collects commission around 1%

Ecosystem: MAP; M: multiple asset A: advisor P: personal human support

1. ‘Invest now’ So many options to choose from

2. ‘My investments’ shows portfolio tracking
3. Check performance of each advisor
4. ‘To-Do’ Shows the investments to be done
5. ‘Automated Investing’ Approval gives cube freedom to invest according to them
6. Availability of the advisors; WhatsApp groups is made with the CEO himself for advisory


Goal based ; Mutual Fund App; Scripbox is an easy way to invest in MF incase you are getting
started and just want to make your money grow without having to worry about the details.

Annual Income: $4Mn

Employees: 120

Funding: $21.4Mn (Series C) by Accel Partners in Jan ‘19; Series B by omidyar network in ’16;
$2.5Mn (Series A) by Accel Partners in ‘15

Competitor: FundsIndia; Groww


1. Tax Saving 12-14%

DSP Tax Saver Fund
Motilal Oswal long term Equity fund

2. Wealth Accelerator 14-16%

Mirae Asset India equity fund
HDFC top 100 fund
Kotak Std Midcap fund
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity fund

3. Secure growth 7-8% returns

Axis Liquid Fund
SBI magnum low duration fund
ICICI prudential corporate bond fund


They make 0.5% commission of the investments amount

They haven’t tied with any company
Provides MF recommendations based on the algorithm; goal based
There are no brokerage or management fees
They track the best performing funds
There is no financial advisory as per their regulations


1. Asks for password everytime when you go to investment account

2. Set-and-forget system; Tested Mutual Funds strategy
3. Major problem is you cannot select your own fund for investing
4. Scripbox gives you only few options of mutual fund to invest.
5. Their algo decides which the best mutual fund to invest in is
6. You give commissions to Scripbox for investing in those funds
7. Fund details are not displayed
8. Keeps on changing your mutual funds as per its own rating

India’s first AI and human based advisory; certified professional wealth officers

Annual income: NA

Employees: 25 ; in process of building a team of certified financial counselors

Funding: $30Mn (SEED)

Competitors: Kuvera; Orowealth


1. Tax Saving ELSS

2. Equities – Large cap; small cap

3. Loans

Client- HNIs with annual income 18-20L

They have dedicated financial advisors and CA for strategies

Lower expenses and commissions on investments


1. Checks your credit information and KYC information

2. Calculates your current net worth
3. Performance tracking in ‘investment’
4. Recommendations on investments and loans based on data analytics
5. Link multiple family accounts
6. Advisor profile available
7. Analysis of Future cash flows
8. ML driven recommendations
9. OTP protected; Encrypted


Goal-driven financial advice; Instant personalized recommendations; Dedicated Financial

advisors; Robo based advisory ‘MONEY MITR’

Annual revenue: $10Mn

Employees: 235
Funding: Total of $15Mn; $642k (Series A); $3.6Mn (Series B); $11Mn (Series C)

Investors: Investus; foundation capital; faering capital

Competitors: Scripbox; Kuvera.in


Money MITR:

Money Mitr
Gives investors a seamless entry into the world of investing
Unlike traditional robo advisory services, it doesn’t just restrict itself to SIP investing for long-
term goals.
It offers mutual fund portfolios for any kind of investment requirement lump sum or SIP, long-
term or short-term, goal-oriented, tax-saving

1. Mutual Funds
2. Equities
3. Child’s Education
4. Retirement
5. Home Plan
6. Insurance
7. Corporate FD


Free financial advisory

They have a fund explorer with all mutual funds and details
Dream experiences to save for-

All goal contributions are held in Reliance Liquid Fund in your name
The fund earns about 6.5% annually
Cube updates the % complete and the EMI appropriately so that you continue to be able to
reach the goal in time

1. Party in Las Vegas

Get there: 65,000 for flight – cleartrip
Hotel: 15,000/night – booking.com
Party: 25,000 – cirque du soleil
2. Trip to Leh laddakh
Total money needed 40k
Calculated 8000 per month

Customers appoints SwitchMe as their agent
The platform’s technology finds the best lender match for the customer across different
Customers can save almost 10 to 30 per cent of their loan amount without going through the
tedious paperwork
The fintech startup that helps consumers switch their home loan interest rates to a lower per
Fees involved:-

1. Processing fees – Nil to 1% of the loan, whichever is more, along with the applicable taxes.

2. Loan transfer rates – 8.55% onwards

3. Foreclosure charges paid to the existing bank

4. MODT (Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed) charges of 0.2% to 0.5% on mortgage

payable; stamp duty

5. Lawyer’s fee; Valuation charges

6. 590 rupee management fee

Process of switching:-

Step.1: Request your current lender for the documents required to refinance the loan.

Step.2: After the lender provides you with a consenting letter with the outstanding loan
amount, these documents will have to be provided to the new lender you wish to refinance
your loan with.
Step.3: The new lender will then transfer the outstanding amount to the old lender.

Step.4: The old loan account will now be closed, and all future payments will go towards the
loan you have availed with the new lender.

Step.5: The old lender will then hand over all the property documents to the new lender,
officially completing the refinancing process.