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ak1965 (Mechanical) (OP)

We have Rupture Disc + PSV combination installed on many equipment in our petrochemical facility.

However, experience is not good, many RDs are failing prematurely without overpressurization or overheating above the sp
PSVs are beingg kept in closed condition to avoid fouling.

What could be the possible reaosn of premature failure in RDs? we have checked PMI of 01 RD that conformed its materia
is as per specs.
Fzob (Mechanical)
A few things come to mind

1. Operating too close to the set pressure.

2. Pipe line pulsations
3. Corrosion. (even small amounts of corrosion can adversely affect a RD)
4. Improper burst tolerance range on disc. http://www.iceweb.com.au/Technical/rupture_disk_specification.ht

When you say PSV's are being keep in closed psotion, what do you mean? If they are gaged shut somehow, you have crea
dangerous situation.
abcmex (Mechanical)
dear ak1965,
this arrangement is commomly used in the industry. I am tempted to assume there is a design flaw. I recommend you to s
profesional help. The situation could easily get very dangerous. Eng-tips is a great place to search for information but prob
your case.

hacksaw (Mechanical)
you are dealing with materials selection

if suitable materials cannot be identified, then you may need to consider purging/flushing to protect the disc or consider re

ash9144 (Chemical)
This will sound silly but I have seen it before. Make sure they installed in the correct orientation, confirm the direction with
sshep (Chemical)
We have lots of these installations, many of which fail as yours have, and on investigation it usually found that they are do
they buckle on overpressure. The two most frequent causes are blocked in thermal expansion, or small pressure transients
valve opening or pulsations.

How do you vent between the RD and the PSV?

How do you detect a rupture disk failure?
What sort of pressure are these set at?

Rupture discs cause all sorts of problems- detection, frequent replacement, cost, drips from the excess flow check, etc. If t
corrosive or fouling as the original design supposed, you should consider doing away with the RD and redesign the relief va
contact with the process.
best wishes,