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OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT MEETING: PURPOSE To meet regularly with employees of the organization to discuss operational improvements for the Fire Rescue EMS directly with the Chief of Department. SCOPE To help HCFREMS continue to move forward with input from the field personnel PROCESS Each Battalion will have an employee at a monthly meeting/luncheon with the Chief of Department. There will be one Firefighter/EMT, one Firefighter/Paramedic, and one Company Officer, for a total of 3 persons per Battalion (12 persons per meeting). The Battalion Chief will select the persons to send to each meeting and assure that everyone has the opportunity to attend a monthly meeting. ‘Names for the meeting will sent to the Chief’ Office one week prior to the meeting. The meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month and will be held in the Conference Room at M.L. Brown. Meetings will begin promptly at 11:30 AM and will end at 1:00 PM. A light lunch will be available No single person may attend a meeting for a second time, until all members of the Battalion have attended at least one meeting. ‘The meeting should last no longer than one and one-half hours. FOCUS ‘The focus will be on operational issues and improvements for the Department. The expectation is that ideas and answers to issues faced by field personnel can be identified and evaluated. Bring possible solutions to the concerns and ideas for improvements,