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Documentation and comparative analysis of Bacolod City public parks (CAPITOL LAGOON)


Corner Gatuslao and Some features of the The most popular Some features of The capitol was
Lacson St. landscape of lagoon means of the open space influenced by roman
When Passing are matching Transportation along was influenced architecture because
Lacosn St. People sculptures depicting a side the streets of the by the Italian of the columns
will see impressive woman standing Bacolod public plaza placed at the front
Provincial Capitol alongside a water is jeepney of the building
which shows the buffalo and that of a
richness of the man pulling another They are originally Provincial Capitol
Bacolod City. water buffalo made by American shows the richness
during the war use as of the Bacolood City.
These figures were a transportation by
executed by Italian the soldier

It has mutiple Capitol lagoon is The jeepney is very The man made Surrounded by
intersections with scenic and serene and unique public Lagoon located Commercial building
turning lanes , signs the early morning transport mode not at the center of Most of it is
and traffic lights. and they have activities only in its vehicle type capitol lagoon restaurants and fast
like zumba ,jogging, but also the way it is contains live food chains.
Rush hour traffic aerobics. being operated and tilapia fish and it Some are hotel, mall,
utilized by the give character to and government
passenger it. buildings

The streets is always People in Bacolod city Many vehicles visit Every morning Commercial
populated especially used to jog in capitol the capitol lagoon dance buildings surrounds
during rush hour. lagoon most of the when they have an enthusiasts the capitol lagoon is
time its morning and events but gather to have always populated
People travel all the night. their Zumba at usually day time and
time because it is High demand of 6am and at 4 or night time.
part of their daily jeepney,buses,taxi 5pm
lives while going to and private vehicle
their works. that give minimal People in
traffic around the bacolod city
Capitol Lagoon used to jog in
capitol lagoon
from morning til
Every streets in the Landscape around Jeepney is very Open spaces is Surrounded by
area has vendors, each area gives common used as a Commercial building
wide roads and comfort and relaxation transportation when celebration
sidewalks to the public you travel to every purpose area
area And can be a
Traffic in the area picnic area for
should be expected couples and
to increase as the family
city continues to
economic growth
and more

Documentation and comparative analysis of bacolod city public parks (PUBLIC PLAZA)

The plaza itself is The most popular The four (4) wide streets Bacolod public Landscape is
influence by the means of around the bacolod plaza influence influence by the
spaniards. Transportation along public plaza the by the spaniard ,inside
side the streets of the  Gonzaga st. spaniards the public plaza is
With neo classical bacolod public plaza  Gatuslao st. consider as a different kind of
design structure is jeepney  Rizal st. large open trees and a four
located adjacent to  San juan st. space fountains in the
gonzaga st. They are originally And the halandumun With a black plaza with
made by american tower that is being build and white different designs
The surrounding during the war use as recently that represent checkered
building is a transportation by the growth of bacolod concrete tiles at
constructed by the soldier city the center
filipino architects
Consider as a musical The jeepney is very Streets surrounding Open spaces The plaza is a
plaza unique public bacolod public plaza has with bench, trapezoidal park
transport mode not its own character / walkways and a with a belt of
The bandstand is only in its vehicle type identity because of a checkered trees around the
inscribed along the but also the way it is unique way of the concrete tiles at periphery and a
sides of the roof with being operated and vendors to sell their the center that bandstand at
the names of Western utilized by the products in the side gives the the center.
classical music passenger walks bacolod public Scattered within
composers And the halandumun plaza its the trees are four
Beethoven, Wagner, tower that is being build character circular fountains
Haydn, and Mozart. recently that represent
the growth of bacolod

The streets are relatively

wide and so a one-way
scheme works well in
terms of taking
advantage of the
capacities of the streets
while allowing for
curbside parking that
typically occupies one
lane of road space

Old cities like Bacolod

have buildings featuring
arcades where
pedestrians have the
ROW and are sheltered
from the elements.
A High Population With a high density of Downtown area near Open spaces in landscapes in
density that population needs a public plaza is very public plaza is public plaza is not
surrounds the public bigger amount of crowded during rush not enough enough when it
plaza during rush public transportation hour that affects the when it comes comes to ratio
hour streets around the area. to ratio and and proportion of
High demand of proportion of the population
Bacolod is Consider jeepney,buses,taxi roadside parking along the the population around the area.
as a most populous and private vehicle streets and around the plaza around the
city in western visayas that give traffic area. Trees and
but the public plaza around the bacolod vegetation
public plaza Public plaza is around the area is
being used only being destroyed
for short cuts because of low
purposes by maintenance
the public

Commercial building Jeepney is very Every streets in the area Open spaces is Landscape
is very common common has vendors, wide roads used as a around each area
around each area transportation when and sidewalks celebration gives comfort and
you travel to every purpose area relaxation to the
area Traffic in the area should And can be a public
be expected to increase picnic area for
as the city continues to couples and
experience economic family
growth and more
Documentation and comparative analysis of bacolod city public parks (NGC)
Carlos hilado highway, The landscape if The most popular -influenced by -the building is
circumferential road mostly influenced by means of western country inspired by neo
There is only one street western countries Transportation classical architecture
that is located at the along side the -adapted the -western
front of the building streets of the ngc large open space influenced--also its
They are originally for public influenced by
Jeepney , taxi and made by american bacolod public plaza
private vehicle is can be during the war use -contemporary tile design
seen in the streets of as a transportation garden -ecological inspired
new government centr by the soldier

In front of the new -large open spaces \The jeepney is The tile design is -the design isbased
government center with fountain in the very unique public inspired by on neo classical
their is a pocket park middle and water transport mode not bacolod public architecture
that is near the streets features only in its vehicle plaza -western design
you can also see a big type but also the It has a fountain in inspiration(white
water feature that is -soft scape & hard way it is being the middle house)
located at the center of scape in the vicinity operated and -surrounded by - similar tile design
the said park utilized by the trees to bacolod public
-benches & tress in passenger - large open space plaza to show
the area -have benches for significe one another
the public

The population/density The density off trees the vehicle Mostly the people - the population of
in the new government is the area isa not population in ngc come around the building is
center is not that high much compared to can cause traffice evening to have mostly its workers
compare to other parks public plaza & when rush hour fun ang watch the on the office and
because of its location lagoon many jeepney and lights of ngc that’ sometimes visitors
public vehicles s where the
It is highly populated But it has alot of passing on this population in the -people mostly
when there is a hard scape in its route area goes up. come on office
celebration being held vicinity and grass And also in the hours
in the area When there is an afternoon
event the area isa visitors
filled with private
All of the parks in -have open spaces Jeepney is quite The -Surrounded by
bacolod is being used that public often common as means commonalities of commercial
as short cuts by most of uses of transportation in ngc that it does buildings and its
the people -soft scape & hard bacolod area have a fountain common in its
scape and large open vicinity
A lot of trash can be -fountain space in its vicinity
seen around the streets -water features with trees in its
and needs a proper surroundings.
street lights in all the

Every streets in the area

has vendors, wide roads
and sidewalks

Jeepney , taxi and

private vehicle is can be
seen in the streets of
new government centr