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Dear Brazilian Embassy,

Thank you for your open letter. I am truly humbled and honored that you as representatives
for such a big country took the time to reply to me, a simple supermarket founder and

Thank you also for making the point clear that that you are not in fact THE worst country in
the world when it comes to the use of hazardous pesticides. I salute you for that fifth-runner
up position in 2017, but it seems you might actually win in 2019. With that said, let me yet
again explain why I do think that a boycott of Brazilian products is still necessary.

You argue that your tropical climate craves a massive use of pesticides. According to the
European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility Brazil in 2016
alone registered 4,208 cases of intoxication by exposure to pesticides and 355 deaths by
agricultural chemicals. I argue that these numbers are far from acceptable to me and should
not be to anyone.

As if this was not enough the Amazon rainforest lost 739 sq km in May 2019 alone due to
aggressive deforestation. This is equivalent to two football pitches every minute. And this data
is from your own governments satellite. Together with Bolsonaro’s outspoken goal to extract
precious minerals by mining the rain forest, this will continue to be the worst deforestation
we have seen in modern history.

So, let me make my opinion crystal clear to the Brazilian Embassy as well as to anyone else
who might read this.

Now is the time, more than ever, when we all need to protect and take better care of our
planet. Not accelerate in the complete opposite direction, like Mr Bolsonaro is doing. This is
totally incomprehensible to me, considering that he as a president is supposed to be a role
model and ambassador for a whole country.

Mr Bolsonaro’s actions affect not only Brazil but our whole planet. I say we all need to step up
and show that we cannot accept one man’s profit driven decisions which are endangering the
future of our children!

So even if your local supermarket chooses not to boycott Brazilian products, you can!
Every action, however small, makes a difference. So please join me in this fight for our planet’s
survival. We will not get a second chance.

With best regards and hope for change,

Johannes Cullberg,
Founder and CEO Paradiset Grocery Chain
#BoycottBrazilianFood @johannescullberg