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How to Get Faster Google Rankings by Learning How to Build the Best Quality Backlinks (Bundle)

Link Building for Beginners

Private Blog Network Building
Ryan Radnor
For Beginners

9 Simple Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Search Engine Optimization Powered Website

Ryan Radnor
The Power of Backlinks
9 Ways to Create Links
How to Structure Your Backlinks

This is a beginners guide to building backlinks.

If you already have lots of experience when it comes to linkbuilding, then I can’t probably help you.

The strategies that you’ll learn are mostly free.

There are some paid stuff as well if you want much faster results.

Whatever you do, all of these methods are effective and you will see results as long as you implement
what you’ll learn in this short guide.

With that said, SEO is much much harder nowadays and you have to be patient even at time when you
are not seeing your expected results.
The Power of Backlinks
Just in case you don’t know the meaning of a backlink yet, let me explain.
Basically, it’s a link (a referral) from one website to another.
Let’s say I’m on facebook and I share a youtube video.
I just send a backlink from Facebook to the youtube video.
You get it? Awesome.

Let me ask you a question.
Do you believe that you can rank on a competitive market without building backlinks?
Google relies on backlinks to let them know the authority, relevance and the usefulness of a website.
You shouldn’t spam your website with trash backlinks though. You’ll get penalize by Google and kick
your website out of the Google search engine.
Today, too many people are now uber cautious about SEO. They think that quality content is the answer
to their Google rankings (or the lack of it). Don’t get me wrong, you should have unique and awesome
content. It does help you in ranking your websites. But the truth is, BACKLINKS are still KING.
Assuming that two websites have the same quality content and same on page seo stuff; the website with
the more powerful backlinks will get a higher Google ranking.
In the following pages, I’ll teach you 12 of the best ways to build backlinks for free or at the very least,
9 Ways to Build Backlinks

Here’s the top 9 ways I know to build quality back links for free.

1 – Public .EDU LINKS

"powered by phpbb" site:.edu, /forum
When you type this exact word in Google, you’ll get results like one below.

then see a vast list of .EDU sites where you can build backlinks with.
Register and create your own profiles on these websites. These are .EDU links that can give you a little
boost on the search engine.
Most forums have a feature called SIGNATURE.
This is where you’ll add whatever your backlink is.
See example below.
You can also install SEO QUAKE first as an add-on plug in your Mozilla or Chrome; so you’ll know
the Page rank (pr) of the site your building your backlinks with.
Here are more variations of the first technique.
“powered by phpbb” site:.edu, inurl:/community
“powered by vbulletin” site:.edu, inurl:/forum
“powered by vbulletin” site:.edu, inurl:/community
Simply do the same thing, choose a high pr forum, register and put your own link on the signature.
The key here is relevant. We want a link that is related to out topic. Go to Google and search for…
KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment”
The keywords is your market.
If your market is weight loss, then you should search for something like this.
FAT LOSS “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment”
Try to find high pr wordpress blog where you can comment in.

Some site allows you to post via facebook too.

You can simply link to your website and that counts as a backlink already.

I recommend that you comment on pr1 sites and above.

One of the best ways to spread your content (with a link back to your site) is to
create a info graphic from piktopchart.com.

You’ll then submit your info graphic on the following websites:

Source: http://www.seerinteractive.com/


























You’ll usually get higher ranking results in 2-4 weeks through this method.
What I like about audio sharing websites is that they are not as highly moderated compared to other
sites. Now, that doesn’t mean you can just spam the hell out of these websites.
The first thing that you need to do is to record an audio. Just say whatever you want to say about your
website. A one minute audio would do.
You can use http://vocaroo.com to record your own voice. Save it as mp3 file.
Now, go to these audio sharing sites and register for a free account.
Simply upload your audios and don’t forget to put your website or a backlink to your profile or to the
audio you are uploading.

You can also add your own url or anchor text backlink from your audio description box.
With this method, you’ll probably get a result in as little as 5 days.
5 – Scoop.it

Scoop it is one of the best content curation and content marketing tool I know at the moment.
It basically allows you to share your content to as many places as possible. It is connected to fb,twitter,
tumblr, linkedin etc.
The first thing that you need to do, obviously, is to create a profile.
Connect your fb,twitter and all other profiles allowed by scoop it.
The next thing that you need is quality content or a beautiful info graphic.
I recommend that you start with the info graphic because it gets shared quite a lot.
After that, we’ll find some pages that are related to our content and we’ll ask them to scoop our content/
Go choose your category first.

Or directly search for your topic. It’ll also give you some page suggestions.
Once you found some pages, you just have to click the SUGGEST BUTTON and you’ll automatically
get a backlink when they accept it.

The key here is to make quality content first and make sure that your profile is properly set up.
Find famous, high pr scoop it pages and model these profiles to yours.
6 – Senuke.com
Over the years, as more and more Google update happened, Senuke lost its popularity. But that doesn’t
mean it stopped working.
You can still use Senuke to build high quality BRAND links.
So instead of using your main keywords for Senuke, you’ll just use your brand name or your website url
as the anchor text to your backlinks.
Senuke is also good for building mass links to create authority.
It does cost quite a bit and requires a bit of learning curve. It’s really worth it though once you start
using it.

You can get a 14 day free trial at senuke.com (not an affiliate link)

IMPORTANT: Do not use SENUKE for building backlinks through your main keyword; or if you will,
make it 1% of the total backlinks created.

Tumblr is a high pr social website.
Go to https://www.tumblr.com and register for a free account.
Confirm your account on your email.
After you log in to your account. Click the human shape button on the right side of the blog.
Then click on NEW
You should see something like this.
Create a title that is related to your target keyword or your company brand. If you are targeting
the keyword “Dallas SEO Services” then use the title Dallas Seo Services and the url as
If it’s not available, use something that is related to the term like

After creating your blog. Write or outosurce a 500 word article that contains your main keywords then
link it to your money site.
Your keyword should be linking to your money site.

To do a guest post, you must have a pretty decent blog first. Most blogs won’t allow you to guest post if
you are just new in the industry.
To find a blog to guest post with, simply do a good search –
TOPIC + GUEST POST, you’ll find some paid and free blog to guest post with.
Make sure that you have a quality content to share first before asking anyone for a guest post.
At the end of the post, you’ll just build a link to your site and voila! you’re done.

9 – BUY IT
If you don’t want to spend a lot of time manually building backlinks, I suggest that you buy them on
There’s a lot of service out there for as low as $5. Just make sure that you follow the backlinking
structure that I will suggest you do. (on the next chapter)
Another awesome place to buy seo services is through source market.
It’s a website by a famous seo guru Alex Becker.
SOURCE MARKET ( < -yes, this is an affiliate link)
It’s a market specifically created for SEO.
I don’t have a product for sale here yet, but I’ll probably start selling soon. SO watch out for my services

How to structure your links

This is one of the most important SEO lessons you’ll ever read. Make sure that you understand this
before creating any backlinks.
For you to understand this much better, I decided to do an example as if I’m backlinking to my own
Let’s say I have a website about Texas bbq sauce.
Site name: www.Johny Blaze.com
Target keyword: TX BBQ Sauce
So I want to rank for the keyword TX BBQ Sauce
What I would do is create a page about it, put a 1,000 word article review.
The url of my new page would look like this.
HOWEVER, if your website is already TEXASBBQSAUCE.COM (exact match domain), I suggest that
you change that new page’s url to
This will trigger over optimization and will get your site penalize.
When you build your backlinks, make sure that you’ll use LSI keywords. These are keywords related to
your main keyword but not exactly the same word.
In our example, www.JohnyBlaze.com/texas-bbq-sauce
Your main keyword is texas bbq sauce
When you build your backlinks, do not just use the exact keyword (texas bbq sauce) for every link that
you’ll create.
So for every 15 links that you’ll create, only use your main keyword once or twice (max).
This is how your links schedule could be:
(the url is the backlink destination)
(the anchor text is the text you’ll use to link to that url)
(http://, www. – they count as different backlink destination in the eyes of Google)
Anchor text Backlink Destination URL
1st backlink – Texas Barbeque - http://johnyblaze.com
2nd backlink - Texas - http://johnyblaze.com
3rd backlink - JohnyBlaze - http://www.johnyblaze.com
4th backlink - http://johnyblaze.com - http://www.johnyblaze.com
5th backlink – www.johnyblaze.com - http://www.johnyblaze.com
6th backlink - click here - www.johnyblaze.com
7th backlink - texas bbq sauce - www.JohnyBlaze.com/texas-bbq-sauce
8 backlink - TX BBQ SAUCE - www.JohnyBlaze.com/texas-bbq-sauce
9 backlink - texas barbeque sauce - http://www.JohnyBlaze.com/texas-bbq-sauce
10th backlink – bbq sauce - Johnyblaze.com
11th backlink - City of Alamo - www.johnyblaze.com
12th backlink – Johny Blaze Home based factory - http://johnyblaze.com

13th backlink – TX’s bbq hot sauce - www.JohnyBlaze.com/texas-bbq-sauce

14th backlink - San Antonio - http://johnyblaze.com
15th backlink – organic pigs - http://www.JohnyBlaze.com/
16th backlink – Blaze - http://Johnyblaze.com

And that’s how you structure your links.

Notice how I only use the main keyword once, and the page url at only 4 times.
I did this to not get over optimized.
In addition, you’ll spread the building of these links into a few days or week.
I suggest that you build 1 backlink every other day to be safe.
If you plan to build 16 high quality backlinks, you’ll spread it from 15-30 days.

Well look at you my friend!

You finished the book. It’s time to use this information and take it to action.

What I suggest that you do is to focus on just one link building method first. Study it, test it and then
apply it. When you feel like you already know how to do it properly, then you can focus on other link
building tactics. That’s how you learn seo, you make it step by step. You study some little information
and then you test it. And then you learn more and apply more.

If you want to learn more about SEO and all the other topics about it (keyword research, kindle seo,
private blog network building etc.);please check out the rest of the series.

Thanks again for reading and God bless you.

Ryan Radnor

My SEO Sucks!

How to Build an SEO Private Blog Network

That Doesn’t Suck… in 60 Minutes or Less

Ryan Radnor
Table of Contents
What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)
Why should you build a PBN
The Blueprint
1 – Finding a PBN
2 – Evaluating a PBN
3 – PBN Hosting & Backlinking Strategy

What this book will focus on

The sole focus of this book will be to teach you how to build a Private Blog Network. Nothing Less,
Nothing More. I won’t teach you link building techniques and other stuff. If you’re fine with that, read

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)

For beginners out there, I won’t try to complicate things for you. Basically, a PBN is a cluster of site that
you own. These websites will then serve as your own networks where it’ll link to the website you want
to rank on Google.
So if you want to rank for the keyword “Dallas Plumbing”, you will use these websites as a referring
link to your main website (say – www.dallasplumbing.com).
The number of the PBN that you need will depend on the keywords that you want to rank for. Another
factor to consider is the STRENGTH (quality) of your PBN. Not all PBN’s are created equal, some are
weak and some are strong.
In addition, an expensive website won’t necessarily mean that it’s a good PBN. There are a lot of factors
to consider when you are choosing your own network. Your budget could be another factor to consider.
For this training, I would only teach you one way to find a PBN. There’s a lot of tactics out there but I
found a way to buy super cheap powerful PBNs. In the book that I will write about this topic, I’ll
probably teach you more effective ways to find a PBN. But for now, just stick with the system that I’m
going to show you. Instead of spending $100 for a (page rank 3)pr3 domain, I will teach you how to find
domains that has the same power even though they didn’t have the same pr. This is powerful because
95% of the SEO wannabees today still use PR as the sole measuring stick to know if they should buy the
domain or not. I want you to be the top 5% and actually get results.
Suspend your disbelief for a moment here and follow my instructions.

Why should you build a PBN

Let’s have a quick lesson first on why you should build a pbn instead of just blasting your websites with
software non-quality links.
Since Google changed the algorithm since 2013, many people have been burned, lost their rankings and
their income. Today, the name of the game is QUALITY of backlinks. That’s what PBN can give you.
As long as you choose your site wisely (which I will teach you to do), you’ll be able to create a pretty
decent network of 15 sites for as low as $150.
Those 15 sites alone can rank you for a dozen keywords that you want to rank for. Though today, I
suggest that you only use 1 PBN for 1 keyword to be safe, it’s still effective to use 1 PBN for at least 3
keywords. The reason that I use only as few keywords per pbn as possible is that the more keywords you
use (per pbn) the less powerful your site would be.
In addition, by having your own PBN, you’ll be able to have control on what links and what anchor text
(keywords) are referring your website. These have a huge effect on whether you’ll get to rank on Google
or not.
OK, right now you’re probably sold on the concept of PBN’s for SEO. In the next page, I’ll give you a
brief overview of the entire process of finding, evaluating and setting up your PBN for maximum

The Blueprint
Here’s the exact blueprint on finding cheap but powerful PBN.
1 – Know what to look for
In the first part, I will give you the step by step process on finding PBN via Expired Domains technique.
This will be very short and straight to the point.
2 – Evaluating websites
The next step is to evaluate whether the PBN is good enough or does it suck. I will give you the criteria
to use when evaluating PBN. Be warned though, those criteria are not rules. Means, sometimes you
can’t get all of them right. Use your judgment when buying your own domain.
3 – PBN Hosting and PBN Linking Primer
The next step is to host your sites on the correct hosting, do this wrong and your doom from the start. I
will give you the exact websites to use when hosting your PBN. Also, I’ll share with you the plug-ins
that you need to install to make your site SEO optimized.
In addition, I’ll give you a short primer on how to do proper SEO Backlinking using your PBN. By the
way, what I’ll give you is just a primer but it doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable or complete. I will give you
the exact back linking strategy that I and many successful SEO use in their websites. Once you get the
main idea behind the backlinking strategy, you could move on to some advance stuff in the future.

1 – Finding a PBN
What we will do is find expired domains and NOT expiring domains (which are mostly what the gurus
do). Expiring domains are super expensive and overrated in my opinion. You can get the same power
from a $150 website and a $10 one by using the method that I will teach you.
The first thing you need to do is go to DOMCOP.com and register for a free account.
Once you log in, Click EXPIRED and double click ADVANCE.
Set the following filter and leave everything else as is.
MOZ - DA: 10 to (leave blank)
On Extensions tab: Click NONE and then click .org .com and.net
I usually click .org only since most high quality domains are from past organizations. But .com and .net
are also good if you can’t find enough decent domains.

Click Search
After getting the results,
Sort it out to HIGH MOZ DA

When searching through these websites we have to find something that we can BUY NOW which means
a domain name that is available for purchase.
Ex. Sjkt-edu.org
When I check in GODADDY.com I found out that it is available.
Will I buy it? Of course not, we have to check its metrics first.
Now, you may have to do this process over and over again, to find good domains. It does take a little bit
of time to find a good one. I usually spend an hour a day just searching and evaluating domains.
It wouldn’t hurt if you would experiment with the metrics that I taught you in finding good domains. I
don’t always stick with .org only; I always try to find a way to shake things up. Then I get to learn a lot
from these experiments.

2 – Evaluating a PBN
Before we evaluate a PBN, we will need some tools to use, some are free and some cost a little bit. I
suggest that you give yourself a trial and test these websites. They’re definitely worth the price tag.
‐ Because of their tight daily quota with free plan, I'm selective with which URLs I check.
Opensite explorer ‐ I only use them to doublecheck domains I'm having second thoughts on
I personally use majesticseo.com and have a paid account. What you can do to have a FREE account is
to sign up, paid it and cancel before their trial of 7 days is over. You can build a great PBN in less than 5
days so you won’t need it for 7+ days unless you are continually building your network.
After you sign up (sign up as SILVER),log in to your account and familiarize yourself with the features
and test things out.
This is how we know if a domain is a BUY or a DUD.
On the picture below, you’ll see how a healthy site should look like. Please know that not all of the
metrics I will tell you should have to be follow. Use your judgment. If a site seems spammy and has
NIKE, Buy gold watches and other spammy keywords in it. Don’t buy it.


1 - Citation Flow: 10+
2 - Trust Flow: 10+
3 - 3:1 or 4:1 external backlinks to Referring domain ratio
This means that the external backlinks should be 4 times the amount of referring domain (see picture
below for example)
4 - Anchor text distribution doesn't look spammy
Make sure that it has a balance distribution of anchor text. Also, avoid sites that has anchor text like
“buy gold watches, nike, pornsex etc.” Use your judgement when looking at anchor text, ask yourself, is
this website likely to get keywords like “blank and blank”? If the site is about green juice then why does
it have anchor text like “seo, business opportunity and the likes).

-To find out the backlinks -
1 - Go to "backlinks" tab
2 – Open the backlinks (url)
3 - Turn on SEO Quake (download it if you don't have it -‐ it's free)
-‐ Check out all links
-‐ We are looking for quality backlinks with PR 1, 2 and 3. (The backlinks TO the site that you are
evaluating, not the PR OF the site that you are evaluating) So if you are evaluating, education.com , the
backlinks pointing to it should have at least pr1,pr2 or pr3. The pr of education.com (or whatever site
you are evaluating) doesn’t really matter that much.


If it has PR 1,2,3 and even 4 and 5. It’s a good sign.

Now, even if the website has high pr doesn’t mean we should already consider it good. Check first if
links are LIVE.
Right click on the website and click VIEW PAGE SOURCE
Ctrl+F and type the anchor text that you are looking for.
Is it there? AWESOME

6 - Avoid any links from foreign/porn sites

Just don’t bother with foreign and porn sites.

Follow these guidelines, then rinse and repeat.

Once you got a domain, it’s time to set up its hosting.

3 – PBN Hosting & Backlinking Strategy

So you got your PBN? You bought your domain? It’s time to host your site.
I use cheap hosting that are $1/$2 per month Each PBN site is hosted with a different host Hosts
spread around the world .
Create an excel to keep track of your hosting and domains
I also use Hosting companies that offer data centers around the world
1) Full list of Hosting Companies I use
2) Full list of Hosting Companies I blacklisted (terrible service)

Expired Domains -‐ Wordpress Plugins

Install these plugins to all of your PBNs.
1) 404 to Start
-‐ So we ensure all inner pages from the expired domain re-‐direct to the Homepage
-‐ So we don't miss out on any potential juice
2) WordPress Backup to Dropbox
-‐ We'll be using cheap hosting for each expired domain . If any cheap hosting company fails,
we rest assured our site is safely backed up
‐ Make sure to go to the settings and synch the new site with your Dropbox
3) Spyder Spanker Plugin
(This is optional – just to be safe)
a) Prevents spyders from engines like Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO to crawl your
‐ This way you can prevent other SEOs snooping around & reverse engineering your website
-‐ If you want to install this, you will need to purchase it
b) Once you install it, here are the settings to use:
-‐ IP Addresses/Ranges # self # self
-‐ Blocked IP Addresses: -‐ # whois.sc‐
c) Then SAVE it


Post unique content on your website 500- 1000 words.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the website you are linking to and your PBN have a different hosting.
Also, try to use your PBN only 3 times when linking to your money sites.
90% of the backlinks should be directed to your inner pages and 10% to your Homepage.
Use this formula when linking to your money sites.
I use the example below for you to understand this much better.
Ex. Main keyword: New York SEO
(assuming your website is called: www.MikhailEnterprise.com)
PBN A - 1st link – Mikhail Enterprise NY SEO
PBN A - 2nd link – Mikhail Enterprise New York
PBN A - 3rd link – New York SEO
PBN B - 4th link – click here to visit
PBN B - 5th link – Mikhail enterprise seo
PBN B - 6th link – where to find new York seo
PBN C - 7th link – Mikhail seo
PBN C - link – New York enterprise
PBN D - 9th link – new York search engine optimization
PBN C - 10th link – NY agency
PBN D - 11th link - New York SEO
And so on.
The most important part is to use your brand and use extended keywords related to your keyword.
Another example is this one.
Say you want to rank for the keyword -
And your website is – www.dallasseo.com
Only use DALLAS SEO in 3%-5 % of your total links.
So you should have backlinks and anchor text like:
Dallas Search engine optimization
Click here to visit the website
Search Engine
Dallas downtown
Dallas agency
SEO company
Click here
Dallas SEO
(random and related anchor text should comprised of about 90%-95% of your total links)


Thanks for reading this book.

If you want to learn more about SEO, kindly checkout my other books. I really appreciate it.
I hope that you learn some new information inside this book. Also, I hope that it gave you a different
perspective when looking at Private Blog Networks.
Thanks again and Good luck!

Review Request

If you like this book and it helped you in some way or another, kindly post a review on Amazon.com.
Reviews are the lifeblood of every author out there and it helps in sharing the message.

I appreciate you and I look forward on hearing from you soon.

Good luck on your career and I wish you all the success in the world.