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Department of the Teasuty Intesnal Revenue Service a] 310 LOWELL ST TRS anoover ma orsio saa Notice P Tax year 7 Notice date uy 23.2019 To contact us Pre VO aa FHT Page of We are proposing changes to yout 2017 Forin 1040 tax retuin. This i not a bl Proposed amount due: $3, 90 \Wereceied information fom thd pes sch math the wfomaton you teparted on ou tx and cess such a eral income tak wuld, eaned income cred, etc) hat you originally reported «roids you than opportunity tage o ote vith the proposed changes (cur heaton scored you wa ove $3 9 (acing ses), wc yu need Bay by August 2, 2019 What you need to do immediately ed mote tine fo respond to this notice sat 1-800-829-8310, interest wil continue to aceue during this period ithe mation in his notice i Cnet. ‘Summary of proposed changes Taxyou owe Payments, Interest = $f Proposed amount due by August 28, 2019 Reminder: This snot a bil. We haven't charged the proposed. amount due, Review Tis noice, and compare ur changes To te formation on your 2017 Tak 1M you agree with the proposed changes ‘= Complete, sign, and dae the Response form on Page 7 (we require both spouses’ signatures if you filed marzed filing jointly), and mail cto us akg with your payment of $3 SMlso we receive it by August 28, 2019. *+ Do not file an amended return (Form 1040X) if you fully agree with our ‘changes. We'llmake the cotection when we receive your signed response. IM you don’t agree with the proposed changes + Complete the Response fom on Page 7, and send it tous along with a signed statement explaining your disagreement and include any documentation that ‘upposts your claim so we rece it by August 28, 2019, + Ifyou have allowable costs expenses related to the umteported income th change our proposal, it may benefit you to include the apphable form or schedule with your response ack ouce cra Taxyear 2017 Notice date i790 Page Zof 3 * Iti mot necessary toile an amended return (Form 1040) for 2017 if you don't ‘ree with our changes. We'l review your response and make any applicable ‘ottections. However, if you choose to ile an amended return, write “CP2000" on top of it and attach it behind your completed Response fom. M you need assistance contact us at 1-800-879-8310. ifwe don’t hear from you Te dnt receive your response by August 28,2019, wel send you a Satan Notice of Deficiency flowed by a tinal bil fo the proposed amount due. During this time, interest wil ootinu to acaue and penalties may appl Es 5 a Tax year IRS ‘Changes to your 2017 tax return Your income and deductions Payment ad ad Oud party network Wanton Income net difference Deduction net difference *1 ‘Change to taxable income ‘Your tax computato Taxable nceme, tne 43, Fag tne Teta ta, tne 63 Taxyou owe Payments - — ncome tax wil, oe 6 Total payments ( Vincteases to deductions rest in a decrease to taxable income Explanation of changes to your Tis secon tls you speccaly what income nformation the RS veceted about yoo 2017 Form 1040 from others Gnluting you employers, banks, mortgage holes, etc). This itfrmation doesnt match the infxmatin you reported on yout tax ctu. Use the tablet compare the data the IRS ceive fom others to the inumation you ‘eported on yout tax tet to understand where the dfleencets) occured To asst you in reviewing your income amounts, the table may chide oth reported and tneported amounts. Payment Card/thied Party — Trans east WC SATE Sa MARKET si 23006 Not F200 Tax year 2017 Notice date uy 23,2019 Page 4 of Self-Employment Tax on Self-Employment (SE) income We computed te sll-employment (SE) tax on the net SE income from you reported and underreported SE income. SE income genealy includes nonemployee Compensation, merchant car, tid party network payment, and other income from artime o fulltime werk, Net earnings rom SE income ae subject to SE tax SE tax consists of Socal Security tar of 12.4% and Medicare tax of 2.9% and, for SE income more than the thesholds for you fing status, an adctonal Medicare tax of (0.9%. Even f you paid the maximum ammount of Social Secuty tax, you'e sil habe for Meticare tx and adkitional Medicare tay, if you'te over the applicable threshold The deductible part ofthe SE taxis based onthe change we made to your SE tx. If you were an employee, youre fable for income tax and the employee's share of Social ‘Secuiy (6.2%), Medicare taes (1.45%), and aditional Medicare tx, if applicable ‘Wel cei your Social Security account withthe amount of SE income shown oo this ‘notice See Form 1040, Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax, for mare information. ‘Special Tax Computation changes taxable income You did't claim an exemption fo yousel because another taxpayer daimed you 3s a dependent on their return. You figued your standard deduction using the "Standard Deduction Worksheet for Dependents”. We used ths method to efigure your taxable income and showed the esting changes inthe “Changes to your tx retuin™ section of his notice, Form W-2 or 1099 not received The income repre on your ret dest match the docunents eee rom you ermploes pays The aw eqites ou to accurately report al income you teceh. your employes don't send pope infomation documento farms (for example, Fm 12, Wage and Tax Statement, Form 1059), you must esate your income based on our pajchedk stubs, bank statements, o other ectds ad ince yout estimate on your tar ets Misidemtified income If any ofthe income shown on this notice snot yous, send us the name, aes, and taxpayer identification number ofthe person who received the income. To prevent future incomec eporting to the RS, noily te payer to adst their records to show the ‘cowect name and taxpayer identification number i IRS Hatice h266 Tax year a1 Payment card and third party network transactions You seceived Foam 1099, Payment Card and Third Party Hetwork Transactions, because you accepted merchant cad lor payments, or because you received payments ttvough a thd pary network. The amount inchaded on tis natce for Frm 1099 K rellecs the goss reportable transaction amount and not the taxable amount merchant card and third party network payments, The taxable amount fem Form 1099 X shouldbe reported on your Form 1040 Schedule C, Schedule E or Schedule F Next steps TT you ae wih Our proposed ranges, send a you Sed Response Tor so we receive it by the due date ofthis notice. After you receive the bing notice showing we ve adjusted your account, you Can use the fllowing anne payment options ‘Vist www its govipayments fa information about online payment options inching reassessed instalments and payment agreements = Payroll deductions Credit cara payments Dect debit payments = Applicable ees + To apply fora instalment agreement plan by mal, send in your signed Response foun AND a completed Foun 9465, installment Agreement Request Uf the same evox occuted in anther tax year, flea Foum 1O40X for that tax year We send information about these changes to state and local tx agencies. tthe «changes we made to your federal tax retum aso impact your state or local tax return, file an amended state or local tax return as cn as possible interest charges TIE aE eT By To avge NEE WE yu To pay Your NADIR On Te Generally, we calculate interest rom the due date af your return regardless of etensions) antl yu pay the amount you ose fl nctding accrued interest and ‘ny penalty aig, htetest on some penis accrues rom the date we nay you the penalty uni is paid in full ntesest on oes panies, such as faite to fe 3 3 lui, lft fom the due dave or extended cue dat of the retun Interest ates ae arable and may change quately (ntinal Revenue Code Section 6601) Interest i alulated to 30 day rom the date of the notice fer domestic adeesses and {60 days tom the date of the noice fr foreign and APOIFFO:DPO adkesses. nites, wl continue to accu unt yu pay the amount you ove nfl, Total Interest 8 The table belo shows the cates used 0 cakulate the terest on your unpaid amount fiom the date the tac return was de unt the tx is paid in ul Fo a detailed culation of your aera, call 1-800-829-8310 Fj 4, 2018 tough Decent 31,2018, x Jaouty 9, 2019 Hou ane 30, 2019 . Fey ay 1, 2019 3% Notice Taxyear Notice date 9¢ 6013 ‘Aaditional information ~ For infomation about your nights, se the enclosed Publication 1, Your Rghs as @ Taxpayer ‘+ Visit wwtsgovep2000 for more information about this notice, frequently asked ‘questions, and to review the following: Publication 5181, Tax Return Reviews by Mail CP2000, Letter 2030, CP2501, Letter 2531, for mare information about fing an Appel For tax forms, instructions, and publications, visit worn. goulxms pbs or call £800-TAX-FORM (800 -829:3676) + This st an aut; you retun may be subject to an examination * Keep a copy ofthis notice for your records. “The Taxpayer Bil f Rights describes ten basic ight that al taxpayers have when ‘dealing wth the IRS, To help you understand what these nghts mean to you and how ‘they apply, visit waits. gov Deparment of the Teasury Intenal Revere Service 310 LOWELL ST ANDOVER MA 01810-4544 INTERWAL REVENUE SERVICE 310 LOWELL ST ANDOVER MA 01810 4544 {tee Response form Complete both sides of his farm, and send it to usin the enclosed envelope so we can receive it bby August 28, 2019. H making a payment, se the provided voucher to ensue proper application of yout payment. Be sue ou _adtess shows tough the window. Provide your contact informat Notice Taxyear Notice date Page 7 of 9 if your addess has changed, please make the changes below T. Indicate your agreement or disagreement agree with all changes | consent to the assessment of my 2017 income tax, and undesstand that + Howe $3.9 adatona tax payment agustments, and interest. +The IRS is equted bylaw to charge interest on taxes ‘Ail 18, 2018, +The IRS wl continue to charge intrest ut ve pa he tax fll. Certain enalies may also app + can fle a claim fr aefund at a ater date + By signing this form, | cannot challenge these changes in the US. Tax Court unless the IRS determines afte the date | sign tis fxm that owe adiional taxes for 2017 Please sgn aod return this form with your payment. that weren't pa in fll Notice Taxyear Notice ay 29,7019 Page Bot inate your og cement or sogreement—Continued D1don't agree with some or all of the changes Please retin tis lrm and inude a statement signed by you that explains what you don’t agree with. Also include copes of any documents, such asconected W-2, 1099, or missing fooms that support your statement Note: You can fax his Response form, documentation andlor signed statement explaining the tems you don't agree with to 1-877-477-9485 2 indicate your payment option ‘Check al that app 11 Payment in the form ofa check ar money ore. ‘+ Wie your Taxpayer dentification rumbes the taxyear (2017), ‘and the nace number (CP2000} on your payment and ary corespondence. ‘ Make your check ¢ money order payable to the United States Treasury. 1 Acomplted Installment Agreement Request (Form 9465) 5 |made an coin payment 3 Authorization optional TTyou would ike to authorize someone, a addition to you, 10 contact te WS ‘concerning this notice, pease ince the person's information, your signature, and the ate The authority ranted is iited as indicated bythe statement above the signature line The contact may not sign retus, enter into agreements, or otherwise represent you before the IS. you want to have a designee with expanded authvization, see IRS Publication 947, Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney. Full aame of authorized paren ess ‘iy state County 2p code aes ane fotos Sc i ec | authorize the person listed above ta discuss and provide information to the IRS about this notice. eee you at ‘ie a P| ee WI BRIE OER HII| Payment ‘Amount de by or] Internal Revenue Service poet, our check o money order payable tothe Urited States Treasury. ur Taxpayer Identification number the tax year (2017), a tke number (CP2000) on your payment and any comtespondence FRESNO CA 93888-0415, i me