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your progency are but a trail..." ( anfal, 8: 28 ).

this danger of sidition becomes

clear when the strength and the
constancy of the affection felt for children and goods is contemplated; however,
loving the creation is permissible within the lawful
boundaries as a transitory station . it is condoned and allowed as a training
ground for the heart. it helps us
to prepare for divine love. the mathnawi: " oh, the life of lovers consists in
death: thou will not win the
(beloved s) heart except in loosing your own. " ( v:1 1751 ) as we have mentioned
before, the lover inclined to
be lost in the beloved, and thay cherish this. the companions of the prophet used
all their means and were
ready to sacrifice themselves. whenwever they could they would respond as follows.
"i sacrifice my life and possessions for you,
a messenger of allaps." the actualization of this states is the ultimate
satisfaction of the yearning for the love of
allap. the moths that were able to receive a minute share of this condition were
called pervance; they threw themselves
in the fire to prove their love. muhammad igbal writes about this in a poems "one
night i heard a
cloths moth talking to a pervance. "i dwelled in the books of avicenna. i saw the
books of al-farabi. (i
wandered through the endless dry lines and among the faded letters and ate them
away. i roamed every street and
road of al- madinatu l fadila of forabi, which means the city of graceful but) i
could not possibly understand
the philosophy of this life. i became a sad traveler of dead end roads full of
nightmares. i have na
sun to shine on my days," the pervane displayed its charred wings to the clothes
moth after hearing this and
said. " looks i have burnt my wings for this love," and continued,"what makes life
more full of life are
the struggle of love; love gives wings to life" what the pervane was trying to say
to the cloth moth
was, "save your self from perishing on these benighted, steep roads of philosophy.
open your wings to unity by taking a
share from the ocean of spirituality that are full of love, fascination and
prosperity." love begins with struggle. reaching unity
by transcending the ocean of life becomes true on the abundant and fertile grounds
of love and fascination.the following
is a famous hadith qudsi, or saying of allah, "i was a hidden treasure, and i
wished to be known;
this is why i created the universe." thus we can understand that the universe and
the whole of creation consist
of divine love. this is the reason why people see the world with a deep stirring in
the soul, perceiving
all the worldly belongings and wealth as a sign of love and affection, and why they
realize that allah almighty
has created everything; they accept this as evidence of his abilities and
perfection. mawlane rumi explains the importance of love
and affection for humans in the following lines." know how pitiful is he who does
not possess divine love and
affection; he may even be inferior to a dog, because the dog of the companions of
the cave 18 searched
for tamed love, and found it, he reached spiritual pleasure and those special
mortals attained heaven." the pious know that
the reason for their creation is the bud od eternal affection, the prophet muhammad
(pbuh): a beloved if it was
not for you i would not have created the universe. complimented with the title the
light of creation, the
prophet muhammad (may god bless him and grant him peace), has had the universe
dedicated to him. the first and
last page of the calendar of prophethood the prophet mohammad (pbuh), whose divine
light appeared before adam, but who physically
appeared after all other messagers, was the first and the last in the line of
prophets, in respect
of creation, the prophet muhammad (pbuh) was the first, but in respect of time, he
was the last prophet. as
he was the reason for the entire creation, allah almighty blessed him with the
title beloved . the prophet mohammad
exceptional life was established by allah almighty in the most beautiful way, both
spiritually and physically, and he was
then blessed as a mercy for the whole of mankind. the manners and personality of
the prophet muhammad (pbuh) and
his behaviour towards mankind are an example for all. allah almighty crated the
prophet muhammad as an example of perfect
character of everyone. this is why he was sent into the community as a pitiful
orphan passing through all the
grades and levels of society and stages of life, becomong a head of state and
prophet, thus he reached the
highest rank of authority and power. his display of excellent behaviour and
actions, his intelligence, and his capabilities and power
are an example of human beings at any level or rank. in fact, the prophet muhammad
(pubh) was sent by
allah the merciful as an example for all of mankind from the time he was appointed
to the prophethood until
the day of judgement. we are told in the following verse."ye have indeed in the
message of allah an
excellent exampler for him who hopes in allah and the final day, and who remembers
allah much."( ahzab,33:21)
we can understand from this it is our duty to dtudy the life and actions of the
prophet muhammad
(pbuh) in order to attain this excellent temperament, faith and spiritual
intuition. every human must wrap themselves in his spirituality
and affection in order to be able to apply their own knowledge and instincts when
following his blessed example before
becoming a prophet, muhammad lived aa contended and dignified life, beloving in the
unity of allap. in particular, during the
period immediately before he was blessed with the duty of prophethood, he would
spend much of his time in worship,
retreating to the mountain of light (hira) and absorbing himself in deep
contemplation.. the reason for this seclusion was