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Re: GIS stuff Thursday, December 13, 2007 9:05:54 AM

Ok, thanks. I appreciate you following up on this. I have been trying to connect both GIS shops throughout this process, esp. in the last month. We have continue to try to get OBP/GISs input to ensure that a) the technical details are right, & b) ensure that the data collected & processed by the Corp is in a format and of a quality usable to OBP/GIS so that they have a complete data set for fence being built. My only remaining concern is that I'm fine with obp/gis working directly with usace on technical details, but I need to be the loop, esp for anything policy, process, or system related. Thanks so much for your help!!

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(b) (6) I spoke at length with (b) (6) yesterday to explain the situation. I then called (b) (6) There was a miscommunication and (b) (6) I believe, made changes to the handbook because of that. I sent (b) (6) an email yesterday to explain the importance of being on that call. I haven't heard back. I received an invite to the call but will be in the air at the time. I will get a hold of him this morning and let you know. I take off at 11:15 for El Paso. I also spoke to (b) (6) about having a Corps GIS person working in the GIS shop to help and ensure that their interests and concerns are watched over. This will help everyone with the workload and stress levels of the inevitable last minute map taskers. Talk to you soon. (b) (6) Also, why in the hell are you sending email at 2 in the morning?
----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To: (b) (6) Sent: Thu Dec 13 02:01:19 2007 Subject: GIS stuff Hi, (b) (6) How goes it? Were you able to meet with Jeff Self today? The corps incorporated changes to our GIS procedure handbook based on OBP/GIS comments. Since the comments were primarily technical it would be extremely helpful to have (b) (6) on the call again. What's the best way for me to go about requesting their attendence if their available? Btw, on your map request, how much more detailed do you need the map for Nogales? The maps from


12-3 are the most current & they're already zoomed in to just the segment. you need to see? Is the topographical features you need in more detail??

What other aspects do

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Please attend the call tomorrow your time 2pm. (b) (6) the call who represents SBI. Thanks, will not be present and we need someone on

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