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Electronics Engineering
Instruction: Select the correct answer for each of the following
questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box
corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet

Strictly no erasures allowed. Use pencil no. 1 only.

NOTE: Whenever you come across a caret (^) sign, it means

1. For the circuit shown in the figure, the Thevenin equivalent A. - 0.3 V* B. -0.2 V C. -0.1 V D. 0.1 V
voltage (in Volts) across terminals a-b is _____.
8. A negative feedback of B = 2.5 x 10^-3 is applied to an amplifier
of open loop gain 1000. Calculate the change in overall gain of
the feedback amplifier if the gain of the internal amplifier is
reduce by 20%.
A. 266.67* B. 166.67 C. 66.67 D. 366.67

a. 10* b. 20 c. 30 d. 40 9. Obtain the minterms of the function ƒ(A,B,C) = A + B’C

A. ABC + AB’C + ABC’ + AB’C’ + B’CA + A’B’C*
2. In the circuit shown in the figure, the BJT has a current gain (β) B. AB’C + ABC’ + AB’C’ + B’CA + A’B’C
of 50. For an emitter-base voltage VEB = 600 mV, the emitter- C. ABC + AB’C + ABC’ + AB’C’ + B’CA
collector voltage VEC (in Volts) is _____. D. A’BC + AB’C + ABC’ + AB’C’ + B’CA + A’B’C

10. The current flowing through a certain P-N junction at room

temperature when reverse biased is 0.15μA. Given that volt-
equivalent of temperature, VT is 26mV, and the bias voltage
being very large in comparison to VT, determine the current
flowing through the diode when the applied voltage is 0.12V.
A. 1.36 uA* B. 1.76 uA C. 1.98 uA D. 1.18 uA

11. The Boolean expression (X + Y) (X + Y) + (X Y)+ ((XY) + X)’

a. 1 b. 2* c. 3 d. 4 simplifies to
(A) X* (B) Y (C) XY (D) X+Y
3. The voltage (VC) across the capacitor (in Volts) in the network
shown is _______ 12. The number of bytes required to represent the decimal number
1856357 in packed BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) form is
__________ .
A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4*

13. In the figure shown, the value of the current I (in Amperes) is
a. 50 b. 75 c. 100* d. 125

4. In the given circuit, the values of V1 and V2 respectively are

A. 0.2 B. 0.3 C. 0.4 D. 0.5*

14. The circuit shown in the figure is a

(a) 5V,25V* (b) 10V, 30V (c) 15 V, 35V (d) 0V, 20V

5. In the circuit shown below, the Zener diode is ideal and the
Zener voltage is 6V. The output voltage Vo (in volts) is _______.
(A) Toggle Flip Flop (C) SR Latch
(B) JK Flip Flop (D) Master-Slave D Flip Flop*

15. For the Y-network shown in the figure, the value of R1 (in Ω) in
the equivalent Δ-network is ____.

a. 4 b. 5* c. 6 d. 7

6. In the voltage regulator shown below, if the current through the

load decreases,

A. 5 B. 10* C. 15 D.20
(A) The current through R1 will increase.
(B) The current through R1 will decrease. 16. The cut-off wavelength (in um) of light that can be used for
(C) zener diode current will increase.* intrinsic excitation of a semiconductor material of bandgap Eg=
(D) zener diode current will decrease. 1.1 eV is ________.
A. 0.67 B. 1.13* C. 1.76 D. 2.15
7. In the circuit shown below , R1=12 Kohm, R2 = 5Kohm, R3 = 17. The circuit shown represents
8Kohm, RF = 12Kohm. The inputs are: V1 = 9V, V2 = -3V and
V3 = -1V. Compute the output voltage.
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Electronics Engineering
30. Determine RB1 and VBB for a silicon PUT if it is determined that
n=0.8, VP =10.3 V, and RB2 =5 kohms
A. 20 kohms, 20 V C. 10 kohms, 20 V
B. 20 kohms, 12V* D. 10 kohms, 12 V

31. Determine the value of capacitor that is required to force

commutate a thyristor given a turnoff time of 20μs with a 96V
(A) a bandpass filter battery and a full-load current of 100A?
(B) a voltage controlled oscillator A. 10 μF B. 20 μF C. 30 μF* D. 40 μF
(C) an amplitude modulator
(D) a monostable multivibrator* 32. A standard TTL circuit with a totem-pole output can sink, in the
LOW state (IOL(max)), ________.
18. The boolean expression (A + C’) (B’ + C’) simplifies to A. 16 mA * B. 16 uA C. 20 mA D. 20 uA
a. C’ + AB’ * c. B’C’ + A’
b. C’(A’ + B) d. None of these 33. Consider the DL circuit. For positive logic the circuit is

19. In the binary number 110.101, the fractional part has the value
a. 0.625* b. 0.125 c. 0.875 d. 0.5

20. For an n-variable Boolean function, the maximum number of

prime implicants is
(A) 2(n-1) (B) n/2 (C) 2^n (D) (2^n)-1*

21. Which of the following is equivalent to the Boolean expression Y

= A’B’ + B’C’ + C’A’
a. (AB+ BC + CA)’
b. (A’ + B’) + (B’ + C’) + (A’ + C’)
c. ((A + B)(B + C)(C + A))’*
d. (A + B)’ (B + C)’ (C + A)’

22. The value of 2^5 in octal system is A. AND * B. OR C. NAND D. NOR

a. 20 b. 40* c. 400 d. None
34. Convert Gray code 10110010101 to binary code
23. A d.c. to d.c. chopper operates from a 48 V battery source into a A. 11011110110 C. 11011100110*
resistive load of 24 ohms. The frequency of the chopper is set to B. 11011101111 D. 11011100110
250Hz. Determine the average and rms load current when
chopper on-time is 1 ms. 35. If the component density of an integrated circuit is composed of
A. 1A, 0.5 A C. 1A, 2A 10,000 to 99,999 gates, then it is considered as
B. 2A, 1A D. 0.5 A , 1A * A. VLSI* C. LSI
24. A thyristor half wave controlled converter has a supply voltage
of 240 V at 50 Hz and a load resistance of 100 ohms. What are 36. Fan-out is specified in terms of _________.
the average values of load voltage and current when the firing A. Voltage C. Wattage
delay angle is 140 degrees? B. Current D. Unit Loads*
A. 6.3 V, 63 mA C. 4.8 V, 48 mA
B. 12.6 V, 126 mA* D. 15.6 V, 156 mA 37. Which of the following is not a flash memory mode or operation?
A. Burst * C. Read
25. A full-wave half-controlled bridge has a supply voltage of 220V B. Erase D. Programming
at 50Hz. The firing angle delay a = 90O. Determine the values
of average and rms currents, load power and power factor for a 38. Which of the following is not a basic element within the
highly inductive load with a resistance of 100 ohms. microprocessor?
A. 0.99A, 0.7A, 98W, 0.463 C. 0.7A, 0.99A, 98W, 0.463 A. Microcontroller * C. Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)
B. 0.99A, 0.7A, 98W, 0.636 * D. 0.7A, 0.99A, 98W, 0.636 B. Register array D. Control unit

26. A full-wave fully controlled bridge has a highly inductive load 39. On the fifth clock pulse, a 4-bit Johnson sequence is Q0 = 0, Q1
with a resistance of 55 ohms, and a supply of 110V at 50Hz. = 1, Q2 = 1, and Q3 = 1. On the sixth clock pulse, the sequence
Calculate the values of load current, power and converter power is ________.
factor for a firing angle delay a = 75O. A. Q0 = 1, Q1 = 0, Q2 = 0, Q3 = 0
A. 0.446 A, 10.9 W, 0.322 C. 0.223 A, 2.735 W, 0.322 B. Q0 = 0, Q1 = 0, Q2 = 1, Q3 = 1 *
B. 0.446 A, 10.9 W, 0.233* D. 0.223 A, 2.735 W, 0.233 C. Q0 = 1, Q1 = 1, Q2 = 1, Q3 = 0
D. Q0 = 0, Q1 = 0, Q2 = 0, Q3 = 1
27. A cycloconverter is
A. ac-dc converter C. dc-ac converter 40. The Boolean function Y = AB + CD is to be realized using only 2
B. dc-dc converter D. ac-ac converter * - input NAND gates. The minimum number of gates required is
A. 2 B. 4 C. 3* D. 5
28. In a thyristor the gate current is increased, then
A. anode current will increase 41. Which of the following memories uses a MOSFET and a
B. anode current will decrease capacitor as its memory cell?
C. anode current will remain constant* A. DRAM * B. SRAM C. DROM D. ROM
D. anode current may increase or decrease
42. A moving-coil instrument gives a f.s.d. when the current is 40mA
29. The latching current of an SCR used in a phase controlled and its resistance is 25 Ω. Calculate the value of the shunt to be
circuit comprising an inductive load of R=10 ohm and L=0.1 H is connected in parallel with the meter to enable it to be used as
15mA. The input voltage is 325 sin314t. Obtain the minimum an ammeter for measuring currents up to 50 A.
gate pulse width required for reliable triggering of the SCR if A. 10 mΩ B. 20 mΩ * C. 30 mΩ D. 40 mΩ
gated at pi/3 angle in every positive half cycle.
A. 5.33 us* B. 2.94 us C. 3.09 us D. 3.24 us 43. Find the approximate inductance of a single-layer 50-turn coil
that is wound on a ferromagnetic cylinder 1.5 cm long and 1.5
mm in diameter. The ferromagnetic material has a relative
permeability of 7000.

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Electronics Engineering
A. 5.29 mH B. 5.92 mH C. 2.95 mH D. 2.59 mH* 58. A minus 3 dB point on the gain versus fre-quency curve of an
amplifier is that point where
44. What type of register would shift a complete binary number in (a) signal frequency drops to half the mid-band frequency
one bit at a time and shift all the stored bits out one bit at a (b) voltage amplification becomes half of its maximum value
time? (c) power falls to half its maximum value*
A. PIPO C. SIPO (d) upper cut-off frequency become twice the lower cut-off
B. SISO * D. PISO frequency

45. The truth table for an S-R flip-flop has how many VALID 59. Convert 153.513 to octal.
entries? a. 231.6512348 c. 231.4065178*
A. 4 C. 3 * b. 231.1273628 d. 231.1627378
B. 1 D. 2
60. Add 2389 to 6679
46. Once a DIAC is conducting, the only way to turn it off is with A. 89159 B. 10169* C. 50029 D. 10029
A. a positive gate voltage C. breakover
B. a negative gate voltage D. low-current dropout *
61. What does the acronym EAROM stand for?
A. Electrically Accessible Random Only Memory
47. Calculate the dc voltage across a 2-kohm load for an RC filter
section (R = 50 ohm, C = 20 uF). The dc voltage across the B. Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory*
initial filter capacitor is Vdc = 50 V. C. Electrically Accessable Read Only Memory
A. 40.78 V C. 42.78 V D. Electrically Actuated Read Only Memory
B. 45.78 V D. 48.78 V *
62. Internally, a computer's binary data are almost always
48. A digital logic device used as a buffer should have what transmitted on parallel channels, commonly referred to as the:
input/output characteristics? A. parallel bus B. serial bus C. data bus* D. memory
A. low input impedance and low output impedance bus
B. low input impedance and high output impedance
C. high input impedance and high output impedance 63. Convert BBC.9D916 to decimal
D. high input impedance and low output impedance * a. 3020.6145782 c. 3020.6145728
b. 3020.6154782* d. 3020.6154728
49. Which of the following best describe the operation of a TRIAC?
A. can trigger only on negative gate voltages 64. What is the BCD code for 354.
B. can be triggered by either a positive or a negative gate A. 101100010 C. 1101010100*
voltage * B. 111100010 D. 1100100100
C. cannot be triggered with gate voltages
D. can trigger only on positive gate voltages 65. Convert the binary number 11000110 to gray code
A. 1011101 B. 10100111 C. 10000101` D. 10100101*
50. Which of the following is the best description of a read-only
memory (ROM).
66. R and L connected in series are to operate at frequencies in the
A. nonvolatile, used to store information that does not change
range of 100 Hz, 600 Hz. Over this range it is required that the
during system operation *
current lags the source voltage by at least 30°. If R = 1000Ω, the
B. nonvolatile, used to store information that changes during
appropriate value of L will be
system operation
A. 9.2 H B. 9.2 mH C. 0.92 H* D. 0.92 Mh
C. volatile, used to store information that changes during system
67. The maximum, rms and average value of a periodic current
D. volatile, used to store information that does not change
wave form is 100 A, 64.42A and 57.5A, respectively. The peak
during system operation
factor of this wave is
A. 0.644 B. 1.552* C. 1.12 D. None
51. How many address bits are required for a 4096-bit memory
organized as a 512 X 8 memory?
68. Consider 220 V, 50 Hz A.C. waveform. The form factor will be
A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 9*
A. 1.5 B. 1.14 C. 1.11* D. 0.85
52. A CC amplifier has the highest
69. Let the voltage of (100 + j50) is applied to a circuit whose
(a) voltage gain (c) current gain*
impedance is (3 + j4). The power in the circuit will be
(b) power gain (d) output impedance.
A. 100 W B. 250 W C. 500 W* D. 660 W
53. The dc load line of a transistor circuit
70. A piece of aluminum wire is stretched to reduce its diameter to
(a) has a negative slope*
half of its original value. Its resistance will become
(b) is a curved line
A. Two times C. Four times
(c) gives graphic relation between IC and IB
B. Eight times D. Sixteen times*
(d) does not contain the Q-point.
71. What happens when an electron breaks a covalent band?
54. A 64-bit word consists of
A. Atom becomes an ion C. A hole is created*
A. 4 bytes B. 8 bytes* C. 10 bytes D. 12 bytes
B. One proton is lost D. None of the above
55. L1 is known as
A. primary cache* C. secondary cache 72. What happens to the reverse saturation current when the
B. DRAM D. SRAM reverse bias in a P-N Junction is increased:
A. Remains constant* C. Increases
56. For the operation of enhancement only N-channel MOSFET, B. Decreases D. None of the above
value of gate voltage has to be
(a) high positive* (c) high negative
(B) low positive (d) zero. 73. The addition of indium to pure semi conductor results in :
A. P-type semi conductor* C. N-type semi conductor
57. If a class C power amplifier has an input signal with frequency of B. P-n type semi conductor D. None of the above
200 kHz and the width of collector current pulses of 0.1µS, then
the duty cycle of the amplifier will be 74. What effect is known as when a current carrying metal strip is
(a) 1% (b) 2% (c) 10% (d) 20%* placed in a transverse magnetic field a potential difference is
A. Hall’s effect* C. Photo electric effect

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Electronics Engineering
B. Joules effect D. Faraday’s effect to be used as counters. After four input clock pulses, the binary
count is
75. The positive part of the output signal in a transistor circuit starts A. 00* B. 11 C. 01 D. 10
clipping, if Q point of the circuit moves

A. toward the saturation point 88. Which of the following is an invalid state in an 8421 BCD
B. toward the cutoff point * counter?
C. towardthe center of the load line A. 1110* B. 0000 C. 0010 D. 0001
D. none of the above
89. The terminal count of a modulus-10 binary counter is
76. For a transistor amplifier with self- biasing network, the following A. 0000 B. 1010 C. 1001* D. 1111
components are used: R1 = 4KΩ, R2 = 4KΩ and RE = 1KΩ, the
approximate value of stability factor will be 90. The group of bits 10110111 is serially shifted (right-most bit first)
A. 4 b. 3* c. 2 d. 1.5 into an 8-bit parallel output shift register with an initial state of
11110000. After two clock pulses, the register contains
77. A transistor connected in common base configuration has A. 10111000 B. 10110111 C. 11110000 D. 11111100*
A. a high input resistance and low output resistance
B. a low input resistance and high output resistance * 91. If an 8-bit ring counter has an initial state 10111110, what is the
C. a low input resistance and low output resistance state after the fourth clock pulse?
D. a high input resistance and a high output resistance A. 00001011 C. 11110000
B. 00010111 D. 00000000*
78. An 85 KW six-pole generator has an armature containing 66
slots, in each of which are 12 conductors. The armature winding 92. The storage element for a static RAM is the
is connected so that there are six parallel paths. If each pole A. diode B. resistor C. capacitor D. flip-flop*
produce 2.18x10^6 Maxwells and the armature speed is 870
rpm. Determine the generated voltage. 93. An e.m.f. of 1.5 kV is induced in a coil when a current of 4A
A. 125 V B. 135 V C. 220 V D. 250 V* collapses uniformly to zero in 8 ms. Determine the inductance of
the coil.
79. A Wheatstone bridge is balanced if a. 2 H b. 3 H* c. 4 H d. 5 H
A. the ratio of resistors on one side of the bridge is one while
the ratio of resistors on the other side is infinity 94. How long will it take to serially transmit the hexadecimal number
B. the ratio of resistors on one side of the bridge is greater C316 if the clock frequency is 1.5 MHz?
than the ratio of resistors on the other side A. 4.67 ms B. 5.33 ms C. 4.67 μs D. 5.33 μs*
C. the ratio of resistors on one side of the bridge equals the
ratio of resistors on the other side * 95. The following waveform pattern is for a(n) ________.
D. the bridge uses identical resistors

80. An amplifier using an opamp with a slew-rate SR = 1 V/µ sec

has a gain of 40 dB. If this amplifier has to faithfully amplify
sinusoidal signals from dc to 20 kHz without introducing any
slew-rate induced distortion, then the input signal level must not
A. 795 mV B. 79.5 mV* C. 395 Mv D. 39.5 mV A. 2-input AND gate C. 2-input OR gate*
B. Exclusive-OR gate D. None of the above
81. Calculate the ripple of a capacitor filter for a peak rectified
voltage of 30 V, capacitor C =50 uF, and a load current of 50 96. If a 3-input NOR gate has eight input possibilities, how many of
mA. those possibilities will result in a HIGH output?
A. 4.3 %* B. 5.4 % C. 3.4 % D. 4.5 % A. 1* B. 7 C. 2 D. 8

82. A capacitor is made with a polymeric dielectric having an er of 97. Three identical amplifiers with each one having a voltage gain of
2.26 and dielectric breakdown strength of 50kV/cm. The 50, input resistance of 1 kΩ and output resistance of 250 Ω are
permittivity of free space is 8.85pF/m. If the rectangular plates of cascaded. The opened circuit voltages gain of the combined
the capacitor have a width of 20cm and a length of 40cm, then amplifier is
the maximum electric charge in the capacitor is A. 49 dB B. 98 dB* C. 51 dB D. 102 dB
A. 2 uC B. 4 uC C. 8 uC* D. 10 uC
98. Which of the following is not an essential element of a dc power
83. A coil of 300 turns is wound uniformly on a ring of non-magnetic supply?
material. The ring has a mean circumference of 40 cm and a A. Rectifier C. Filter
uniform cross-sectional area of 4 cm2. If the current in the coil is B. Voltage regulator D. Voltage amplifier*
5 A, calculate the total magnetic flux in the ring.
A. 1.225 µWb B. 1.785 µWb C. 1.755 µWb D.1.885 µWb* 99. A 20-bit address bus can locate ________.
A. 1,048,576 locations* C. 2,097,152 locations
84. A demultiplexer has B. 4,194,304 locations D. 8,388,608 locations
a. one input and several outputs*
b. one input and one output 100. What will happen to the Zener current if the load resistance
c. several inputs and several outputs increases in a Zener regulator?
d. several inputs and one output A. Decreases
B. Stays the same
85. With regard to an AND gate, which statement is true? C. Increases*
a. An AND gate has two inputs and one output D. Equals the source voltage divided by series resistance
b. An AND gate has two or more inputs and two outputs.
c. If one input to a two-input AND gate is HIGH, the output
reflects the other input*.
d. A two-input AND gate has eight input possibilities.

86. With regard to a D latch,

A. the Q output follows the D input when EN is LOW
B. the Q output is opposite the D input when EN is LOW
C. the Q output follows the D input when EN is HIGH*
D. the Q output is HIGH regardless of EN's input state
87. Two J-K flip-flops with their J-K inputs tied HIGH are cascaded

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