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List of Head of CPPC, SBI of CPPCs ( Dated 25.06.

Sl. Name of Bank Name of the Nodal Address CPPC Phone/Fax No./e-mail
No Officers
State Bank of India Mr. Amreshkumar Head of CPPC Mob: 9833223987
1. Mishra State Bank of India, (CPPC) Ph No. 022- 41613201
(004464) Belapur Rly Stn Complex, Fax: 022-27580963
5 Floor, Tower No. 2, Sec – cppc.mumbai@sbi.co.in
11, CBD Belapur Railway
Station Complex,
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra-
2. State Bank of India Shri K. Srinivas Rao, Head of CPPC Mob: 8008256430
State Bank of India, Fax.040-23466993
(0004472) Centralised Pension Processing sbi.04472@sbi.co.in
Centre, First Floor, Scab konakalla.rao@sbi.co.in
Building,(L.H.O) Campus, Bank
Street, Koti,Dist.- Hyderabad,
3. State Bank of India Sh. Pramod Sarkar, Head of CPPC Mob: 9674711001,
State Bank of India, Ph: 033-22570806
(0004473) Centralised Pension Processing Fax. 033-22570828
Centre, 1, Strand Road, sbi.04473@sbi.co.in
Samriddhi Bhavan, Block:C,
8 Floor, Kolkata-700001
4. State Bank of India Sh. Ajay Singh Head of CPPC Mob. 9415220752
Shakya, State Bank of India Ph: 0522-2735046
(0004474) Centralised Pension Processing cppc.04474@sbi.co.in
Centre, 4 Floor, PCF Building, ram.singh3@sbi.co.in
32,Station Road, Sector-I ,
Jankipuram, U.P.,
5. State Bank of India Sh. Kalawathy Head of CPPC Mob:-9445865707
Subramanian State Bank of India Fx: 044- 23772750
(0004470) Centralised Pension Processing cppc.zoche@sbi.co.in
112/4, Kaliamman Koli Street,
6. State Bank of India Sh. B.P. Singh, AGM Head of CPPC Mob:08527891001
State Bank of India, Ph: 011-23888326
(0004475) Centralised Pension Processing sbi.04475@sbi.co.in
Centre, SBI, Chandni Chowk brijendra.s@sbi.co.in
Branch Premises, 3 Floor,
Chandni Chowk, Delhi -110006
7. State Bank of India Shri Sanjay Kumar Head of CPPC, Mob: 9065523177
Singh, State Bank of India, Fax-0612-2677901
(0004476) Centralised Pension Processing sbi.04476@sbi.co.in
Centre, State Bank of India, sanjay.k.singh@sbi.co.in
4 floor, Administrative office,
Judges Court Road,
Patna -800001
8. State Bank of India Mr Sathish Kumar S, Head of CPPC, Mob. 09447788894,
(0004477) AGM State Bank of India, Ph: 0471-2326987, 0471-2326986
Centralised Pension Processing Fax-0471-2326985,
Centre, L M S Compound, sbi.04477@sbi.co.in
Behind Main Block, Vikas cppc.zotri@sbi.co.in,
Bhavan P O,
Thiruvanthapuram-695 033
9. State Bank of India Mr. Manoj Head of CPPC, Mob: 7600038646
(0004465) Vishnuswaroop State Bank of India, Ph: 079-29750128-29,
Varma Centralised Pension Processing Fax-079-29750162
Centre, F-4, Siddhraj Zavod, cmcppc.zoahm@sbi.co.in
Newa Sarasan Cross Road, ranveer_singh1@sbi.co.in
Sargasan Dist., S G Highway,
10. State Bank of India Sh B. Nagesh Head of CPPC, Mob. 9448993141
(0004466) State Bank of India, Ph: 080-25943661,
Centralised Pension Processing Ph: 080- 25943662,
Centre, 2 Floor, B- block, BKG Fax: 080-25943660
Complex, no. 1, Avenue Road, cppc.bangalore@sbi.co.in
11. State Bank of India Shri Bikash Head of CPPC, Mob: 9435543830
(0004471) Choudhury, State Bank of India Ph: 0361-2463104
Centralised Pension Processing Fax: 0361-2463103
Centre, Centre North Eastern cppc.zoguw@sbi.co.in
Circle, Shubham Greens,
3 Floor, Lokhra Chairali,
12. State Bank of India Shri Vijay Mishra Head of CPPC, Mob: 9425603261
(0004467) State Bank of India Ph: 0755-4206745, 2600836
Centralised Pension Processing Fax. 0755-4206740
Centre, SBI Govindpura Branch sbi.04467@sbi.co.in
Premises, Behind Working
Women Hostel Premises
Govindpura, BHEL, Bhopal ,
Madhya Pradesh– 462021
13. State Bank of India Sh. Gagan Bihari Head of CPPC, Mob. 9437016403
(0004468) Swain, State Bank of India Ph: 0674-2572951, 2572960,
Centralised Pension Processing Fax: 0674-2572170, 2572959
161/162, CSD Building, cmcppc.zobhu@sbi.co.in
Bomikhal, Cuttack Road, gb.swain@sbi.co.in
Bhubaneshwar- 751006
14. State Bank of India Shri Pradeep Gupta, Head of CPPC, Mob. 8146616000
(0004469) AGM State Bank of India, Ph: 0172-4569193
Centralised Pension Processing sbi.04469@sbi.co.in
Centre, Administrative Office
Building, 2 Floor, Plot NO I -2,
Sector -5, Panchkula,
Haryana - 134109
15. State Bank of India Shri Chandra Head of CPPC, Mob: 07607999002
(0031878) Prakash Vashistha State Bank of India, Ph: 0141-5172101
Centralised Pension Processing cppcjpr@sbi.co.in
Centre, SMS Highway Jaipur, 1
Floor, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302001
16. State Bank of India Shri K R Prakash, Head of CPPC, Mob: 9901885846
( 0021019) State Bank of India, Ph: 040-23382881/871
Centralised Pension Processing cmcppc.lhoand@sbi.co.in
Amravati Circle, LHO
Gunfoundry, ABIDS,
17. State Bank of India Shri Mohd Iqbal Head of CPPC, Mob: 756588555
( 0010385) Ahsan State Bank of India, Sbi.10385@sbi.co.in
Centralised Pension
Processing Centre, SBI, 4-
Katchehry Road, Allahabad-