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Name of Teacher: IVONNE LORRAINE T.

MABUTI Grade Level:7

Date of Teaching: SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 Learning Area: MAPEH
Time of Teaching: 2:00 – 3:00 PM Quarter: 2ND
Day of Teaching: MONDAY

A. CONTENT STANDARDS The learner demonstrates understanding of guidelines and principles in
exercise program design to achieve personal fitness
B. PERFORMANCE STANDARD The learner modifies the individualized exercise program to achieve
personal fitness
C. LEARNING COMPETENCY describes the nature and background of the sport PE7GS-IId-5

executes the skills involved in the sport PE7GS-IId-h-4

II. CONTENT Badminton
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guides
2. Learner’s Material PE and Health LM 7
3. Textbook
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Research Portal
B. Other Learning Resources
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Recall the previous lesson:
presenting the new lesson 1. What is arnis?
2. What are the skills used in arnis?
3. What are the equipment used in playing Arnis?
B. Establishing purpose of the lesson
C. Presenting examples/instances of Nature and background of badminton
the new lesson
D. Discussing new concepts and Badminton Skills – service, lob, clear, drive, drop, smash, footwork
practising new skills #1

Sample program for playing badminton with moderate to vigorous intensity

Moderate Vigorous
Frequency 3-4x/week 4x or more/week
Intensity RPE of about 11-13 RPE of about 13-16
Time 30 minutes and up 45 minutes and up
Type series of light hitting drills
with partner followed
by light competition/game series of footwork and
drills with partner

Injury Prevention and Risk Management

Badminton injuries are either acute, traumatic injuries such as ankle
sprains, or are overuse injuries such as impingement syndromes. Both types
of injury can be prevented by using the right equipment, warming up,
cooling down and ensuring you are strong and fit enough to compete.

Basic skills in playing badminton Equipment used in Badminton

Racket, Shuttlecock, Net
E. Discussing new concepts and
practising new skills # 2
F. Developing Mastery Activity: Shuttle ‘Minton
For this volleyball-like lead-up game, you will need a racket for each
player and one birdie. Form two teams, with 6-9 players each. The
objective of the game is hit the birdie over the net to the other team’s
boundaries. A team is allowed to hit the birdie up to three times while on
its side before it goes over the net. Note that the same player may not hit
the birdie twice in a row. The serving team will score when the other team
cannot return the birdie legally and within the serving team’s boundaries.
However, if the serving team fails to return the birdie to the other team,
that specific play is over and the other team is up to serve. Set a limit of
points at the beginning of the game. The first team to reach this number of
points is the winner.
G. Finding practical application of
concepts and skills in daily living
H. Making generalizations and Students summarizes the lesson.
abstractions about the lesson
J. Additional activities for application
or remediation


A. No. of learners who earned 80% in
the evaluation

B. No. of learners who require

additional activities for
remediation who scored below

C. Did the remedial lessons work?

No. of learners who have caught up
with the lessons

D. No. of learners who continue to

require remediation

E. Which of my teaching strategies

worked well? Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I encounter

which my principal or supervisor
can help me solve?

G. What innovation or localized

materials did I use/discover which
I wish to share with other teachers?

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MAPEH Teacher Head Teacher I/Officer In-Charge