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Kalamazoo Public Schools

Acceptable Cell Phone Use Procedure

Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Both teachers and students need a learning environment that is free of the distractions that cell phone usage has
previously created in Kalamazoo Public Schools. Maximum learning takes place when students are fully engaged with
classroom instruction. At the same time, we believe that there is a real need for students to use technology as a tool for
learning. Our goal is to help students be fully present within the classroom setting in order to get the most out of their


Cell phone use during instructional times is prohibited unless given permission for educational purposes by the
classroom teacher. Cell phones are not for use in locker rooms or bathrooms at any time as this is a safety concern.

Students will be allowed to use cell phones during non-instructional times (lunch, before and after school). Instructional
times are defined as from the sound of the class late bell to the sound of the class dismissal bell.

All cell phones must be on silent and put away in a pocket, bag, locker or purse during the school day. Any student using
social media may not post pictures, videos, “​Go Live​” or use ​Facetime​ during school hours.

Cell phones must be fully charged as KPS will not provide “charging stations” for student to charge their devices during
the school day.

Students must obtain consent from staff and participants before taking, uploading or sharing photos, recording audio, or
capturing video during the school day. Cyber safety/cyber bullying policies/procedures must be followed at all times
during school functions.

Administration, faculty and staff may request at any time that students turn off and put away technology devices in an
effort to ensure full engagement in the learning environment and safety for all. Failure to do so may result in
disciplinary action and possible revocation of privileges.

Responsibility of Students
● Follow the cell phone policy in a respectful manner
● Listen to teachers and staff in case of an emergency

Responsibility of Parents
● Refrain from calling/texting your child during the school day
● Contact the office in case of an emergency

Responsibility of Teachers
● Teachers will model behaviors that follow the procedure by keeping his/her phone stored away during class
● When a student violates the cell phone procedure, the teacher will write a referral and give it to the appropriate
administrator. The teacher will also inform the student that a referral is being issued.
● When a student violates the cell phone procedure, the teacher may choose to confiscate the phone for the hour
and return it to the student at the conclusion of the class period.
● “Electronic Usage” is a category one offense in the student code of conduct.