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Ixchel Montero Collás

People's Police


The reading was about a Mexican woman named Nestora Salgado she was born in
Olinalá, 1972. Her childhood was difficult since she came from a poor family, she was a
strong woman so she ended up teaching herself hoy to cook, clean, work, and
everything she needed to do.
Nestora did not went to school and did not received any education at all, the experience
gave her all the tools to became how she is. She was a kid when her mother died, then
she got married at a young age, her husband ended up going to the USA looking for
better opportunitys and a stable job, she had 3 little girls, and then, when her husband
did not called and kinda disappear she went looking for him, she found him and realized
she didn’t wanted to keep being his wife, so they separate. Then she got married again
and came back to Olinalá, she was surprised that olinala was still the same poor town as
before, olinalá was an insecure, corrupted and poor town, where anybody would be
scared to live in, so she decided to change that and she creates a rebelliona against it,
she passes through a lot doing this, since being abducted, arrested, sent to jail, hunger
strikes,etc, I think this formed her character and became her even stronger woman.

Important dates

1972-Nestora was born

1984- Her mother passes away
1986-She got married
1992-She goes looking for her husband
1998-Separate from his husband
2001-Married José Avila
2001-Moved to Seattle
2012-She goes to take care of his father in Olinalá
2013-Got arrested and sent to jail in Nayarit
2015-She went on a hunger strike
2016-The government sets her free
2018- She becomes senator , México

1. Olinalá, Guerrero
2. Guerrero
3. San Diego
4. Washington
5. Renton, Seattle
6. Nayarit

Nestora’s Leadership

I think her leadership was something remarkable and memorable because she was not
only worried about her family, she worried about every one that lived in a threatening
condition, and she went through strong moments which she overcame with audacity
and courage

Core problems criminality

The core problem that I could identify through all the reading was the criminality,
corruption and violation of human rights, I think the human rights are not something that
we are supposed to be fighting for, I should not be like that, I also think that since we live
in México, the culture, the machismo is a very important part of this problem, the abuse
of power is a very common thing in our daily lives, which is really sad and disappointing.

Remarcable phrases:

“The government wanted us to have sticks, and our enemies can take down

“They can’t go around armed, from one town to the other. They can’t make arrests for
major crimes. When they detain someone, they have to turn them over directly to the
proper authorities. . . . She refused.”

“Nestora became a symbol of social rage,”

“It’s dangerous for me to be in the general population, because people look at me like
the enemy,”
It is important to us?

Yes it. Is, because it’s our country, we are not supposed to live in constant fear, a violent
environment only creates for violence , the police which is the one to look for us and
take care of us and help us are the most broken system, and us as a society are too,
letting this happened and even collaborating with it, I think méxico have a crisis of
values and education, empathy.