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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj.

811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil

Thiago Lima
Automation Engineer – Finishing Line
Engenheiro de Controle e Automação
Novelis do Brasil Ltda.
Av. Buriti, 1087, Feital
Pindamonhangaba - SP, 12441-270
Tel: +55 12 3641 9604
Cel: +55 12 98853 5309
thiago.lima@novelis.com 19.06.2018

Phone: +55(11) 4111-6512

Offer no. iba02-180209-2003-rev 3
Your reference: Thiago Lima E-mail: iba@iba-brasil.com

Destination country: Brazil

End-user name: Novelis
Area: Fornos Junkers e Forno Seco 8

Prezado Sr. Lima,

Esperamos que esta oferta atenda às suas expectativas e estamos ansiosos para avançar com o seu
Se você decidir seguir com a ordem de compra, por favor referenciar o nosso número de cotação e enviar
e-mail de seu pedido para: iba@iba-brasil.com.
Por favor, não hesite em contatar-nos se tiver alguma dúvida ou pergunta.
Agradecemos se você confirmar a recepção da proposta.
Prazo de entrega:
Software: 4 a 8 dias após recebimento da ordem de compra.
Hardware: 2 a 6 semanas após o recebimento da ordem de compra.
Período de garantia:
Condições e período de garantia:
Um ano para pequenos acessórios-PC (Teclado, mouse).
2 anos para PC-e outros acessórios.
5 anos para produtos manufaturados pela iba.
Para produtos adquiridos pela iba Brasil, tem suporte técnico por telefone (horário comercial) ou acesso
remoto de 2h por licença adquirida e garantia em todo o território brasileiro diretamente com a iba BRASIL.

A iba Brasil é a única representante no Território Brasileiro e autorizada a comercializar e fornecer

produtos e licenças desenvolvidas e fabricadas pela iba AG.
Condições de entrega EXW, São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Condição de pagamento 30 DDL (Delivery Date)
Validade da proposta: 10 dias

Os preços incluem todos os impostos sobre as vendas.

ISO 9000
iba possui ISO9001:2008, no. 09 100 5070 certificada desde Julho 1995 (TÜV Rheinland)

CNPJ: 24.447.713/0001-66


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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
Item Description of goods / services Item no. Qty. Unit price Total price

1 Process Data Acquisition: Basic package with server-client 30.610240 1 R$30.200,00 R$30.200,00

2 31.000003 1 R$5.035,00 R$5.035,00
ibaPDA Interface: AB-Xplorer

3 ibaPDA Interface: S7-Xplorer (former S7-Analyzer) 31.000001 1 R$5.035,00 R$5.035,00

4 Add-On license for PDA for to display process and 30.670030 1 R$15.100,00 R$15.100,00
qualitydata on a HMI window
5 ibaPDA-Plugin system for creating own functions that 30.681210 1 R$10.100,00 R$10.100,00
perform custom calculations on data measured by ibaPDA.

ibaRackline SAS, XEON E3, Win10, PCIe

Data Acquisition System Rackline, 40.004306 1 R$42.600,00 R$42.600,00
6 for PCI and PCIe cards

Technical Services Type C - daily rate

7 60.000343 8 R$23.200,00 R$23.200,00
Daily rate for System Consulting

8 Interface DH+-Ethernet IP 60.000342 1 R$60.285,00 R$60.285,00

Total R$ 191.555,00

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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
Product details / technical information

Product description

#30.610240 Process Data Acquisition: Basic package with server-client application

ibaPDA-V6-1024 Data storage system for gathering 1024 signals (analog and/or digital channels)

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: iba AG
Includes hardware and communication configuration tool and data
acquisition functionality managed by server / client application
Independent programs for server and client applications
- ibaPDAserver
- ibaPDAclient
Configuration tool for I/O-Interface
Auto detect of connected hardware (Plug-and-Play)
Gathering of max. 1024 signals (analog and/or digital)
OPC client for gathering signals
Unlimited modules for grouping signals
Free combination of signals for user defined groups
Formular editor for virtual signals
Recording of virtual signals as well as trigger signals
Manual and automatic triggers
Unlimited recorder levels
Independent sample rates for each channel and recorder level
Online data compression to reduce recorded data file size and signal
Time based or lenght based signal feed forward
Parallel file recording capability for two dat-files
More dat-files possible with an extra license package
Specific layout for each client window
Independed storage profiles
Automatic file naming using technostring (COM port or TCP/IP or file)
Display functions with scroll bars and user defined views
Look and feel like ibaAnalyzer

Special Remark:

Runs under:
Windows XP Professional (until 6.35.x only), Windows 2003 Server
(32Bit; until 6.35.x only), Windows 2000 (until 6.24.0 only), Windows
Vista (32Bit; released with V6.21.0), Windows 2008 Server (32Bit;
released with V6.21.0), Windows 7 (32Bit; released with V6.24.0),
Windows 7 (64Bit; released with V6.30.0), Windows 8 / 8.1 (64Bit;
released with V6.33.0), Windows 2012 Server(64Bit; released with
V6.33.0), Windows 10 (released with 6.35.0)
Protected by dongle

Ctry EC ECCN Harm.-Code Weight

DE N N 85234910 0,10 kg

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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
#31.000003 ibaPDA Interface: AB-Xplorer
ibaPDA-Interface-AB-Xplorer Data acquiring and recording with free operand selection from Allen Bradley PLC systems via
standard communication interfaces, without additional communication hardware
Technical Data:

Interface extension for access to Allen Bradley systems PLC5, SLC-500

Data access via TCP/IP
Signal selection via operands
max. number of connections / modules: 16

Special Remarks:

Requires an ibaPDA basic license

For any re-order the existing license number (dongle) must be provided
for to generate a new license setting for the dongle
If there are more than 16 connections / modules required, the interface
can be extended with additional 16 connections / modules with the
license "one-step-up-Interface-AB-Xplorer". This license extension can
be used 14 times per interface and allows in total 240 connections /
modules per interface.

Ctry EC ECCN Harm.-Code Weight

DE N N 85234910 0,10 kg

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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
#40.004314 Data Acquisition System Rackline,
ibaRackline SAS, Core2Quad for PCI and PCIe cards
9400, Win7 64Bit, PCI Applications:

Machine test and commissioning

Data analysis

Technical Specification:

Manufacturer: iba AG
19" rack mount case
Power Supply ATX 400W
wide range input: AC 90V - 264V
wide range input: DC 110V DC - 374V
CPU Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz
Industrial Motherboard
On board graphics Intel GMA 3100
On board Ethernet 2x 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps
On board 5.1 Kanal HD Audio
2x PCI Express and 5x PCI 32Bit Slots
- 1x PCI-Express 16x: occupied by SAS/ RAID-Controller)
- 1x PCI-Express 4x: empty ,(reserved for special graphic card)
- 5x 32-bit PCI slots (empty)
1x Drive frame 2x5,25", 8x SAS 2,5" HDD
1x 300GB SAS HDD
DVD drive internal S-ATA
6x USB 2.0 (housing backside)
1x USB 2.0 (housing inside / dongle)
1x USB 2.0 (housing frontside)
1x VGA interface
1x RS232C serial interface
PS2-USB keyboard, PS2-USB optical mouse
Operating System: Windows Embedded Standard 7 (64Bit) multilingual
Dimension: (HxWxD) 180mm x 430mm x 500mm
- (Total rack depth with holder: 500mm + 40mm)
- (Total width: front panel 430mm + 55mm)

Special Remarks:

Enhancement packages with extra costs:

System upgrades:
- Upgrade to RAID1-System
- Upgrade to RAID6-System
Monitor must be ordered separately!
iba Plug&Play service (HW and Software purchased with PC installed
and tested)
iba does not support the following cards anymore under 64Bit-Operating
- ibaFOB-S
- ibaFOB-X
- Interface SST 5136-RE2-PCI (PC-Link / Reliance Automax)
Please take this into consideration in case of spare part orders.

Ctry EC ECCN Harm.-Code Weight

DE N 4A994B1 84714900 26,60 kg

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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
#60.000343 Daily rate for System Consulting
Technical Services Type C - Qualification Class C: System Consultant
daily rate


System Consulting
Price: daliy rate

Special Remark:

With travel time and travel expenses (hotel..)!

Modifications and programm changes in customer plants PLC's are
part of our service offer. This type of changes are in the responsibility of
the plant owner and operator.

Ctry EC ECCN Harm.-Code Weight

DE N N 00000002 0,00 kg

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iba BRASIL - Av Jamaris, 100, Conj. 811 - São Paulo - SP 04078-000 - Brasil
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