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September 2nd, 2019

Dear Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw,

For a few years, there had been extensive criminal activity at 360 NE 78th Avenue which is
occupied by a family with gang affiliations. The residents have engaged in car thefts, brutal
assaults in our streets, drug dealing, and most recently, have been attracting gang related
shootings to our street during broad daylight and as neighbors sleep. We’ve also noticed
members of the household driving stolen vehicles and doing dangerous racing of vehicles and
donuts, which could injure and kill other drivers and pedestrians.

This street is a primary walking route for students going to Vestal Elementary. These continued
acts in our neighborhood put the community at risk. We’ve had six shootings this year at this
address and three of those in the last week. Even more concerning is the gang affiliated youth
at this home are believed to be involved in a string of senseless assaults that have occurred
inside fast food businesses, our parks, and on public streets going back three years. Neighbors
are not aware of any prosecutions or arrests in these matters.

We, the undersigned neighbors, implore that you direct East Precinct Patrol officers to increase
patrols on NE 78th Avenue between Glisan and Burnside until safety is restored but also that
you increase patrols in the general vicinity. Neighbors are selling homes and moving out of
rentals in the area because of the rash of shootings that are growing in number. Gang related
shootings have increased since you rebranded and changed the focus of the Gang Enforcement
Team and Gun Violence Reduction Team officers have told neighbors on our street during their
three visits for shootings this week that politics you are participating in are impairing their ability
to investigate gang related crimes and keep communities safe.

We hope both of you will issue a statement or response on what steps the community can
expect you to take as Police Commissioner and Chief of Police to ensure our safety as a
community and to bring the shooters to justice.


Montavilla Residents, Business Owners, Clergy and Community Leaders:

Benjamin K., Resident/Former MNA Chairperson 78th/Glisan, Beth D., Resident/ and Business
Owner 78th/Glisan, Randall D., Resident 78th/Glisan, John K., Resident 78th/Glisan,Stephanie
M., Resident 99th/Glisan, Robin P., Resident 87th/Everett, Jenniffer Z. Resident 78th/Glisan,
Mark B., Resident 80th/Glisan, Douglas W., Resident 83rd/Glisan, Jen W., Resident
79th/Holladay, Brian B., Resident 92nd/Glisan, Annie C., Resident 79th/Glisan, Ted B.,
Resident 79th/Glisan, Geoff G., Resident 94th/Glisan, Melissa H., Resident 88th/Alder, Sarah
O., Resident 92nd/Clay, Erin B., Resident 92nd/Glisan, David F., Resident 78th/Glisan, Kelly F.,
78th/Glisan, LuLu G., Resident 86th/Main, Lindsey L., Resident 86th/Main, Stephanie S.,
Resident 78th/Burnside, Chris S., Resident 78th/Burnside, Laura Pifer., Resident

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75th/Multnomah, Jennifer B., Resident 52nd/Burnside, Joanne D., Resident 75th/Glisan, Angela
T., Resident/Business Owner 75th/Stark, Jeff C., Resident/Business Owner 75th/Stark St,
Joanna B., Resident/Former MNA Board Member & PTA Board Member 80th/Harrison, Louise
H., Resident 92nd/Taylor, Evelyn B., Resident 76th/Everett, David B., Resident 76th/Everett,
Nick R., Resident/Landlord 79th/Glisan, Evan R., Resident 79th/Glisan, Jackson R.,
79th/Glisan, Soraya T., Resident 76th/Division, Maria T., Resident 76th/Yamhill, Jennifer R.,
Resident 79th/Glisan, Ellen O., Resident 86th/Burnside, Tina S., Resident and Business Owner
89th/Everett and 92nd/Glisan, Kerri S., Resident 92nd/Hawthorne, Lisa W., Resident
80th/Clackamas, Sarah B., Resident 93rd/Glisan, Corey C., Resident 93rd/Glisan, Joanna G.,
Resident 80th/Oregon, Cort G., 80th/Oregon, Michael P., Resident 94th/Glisan, Ned F.,
Resident 94th/Glisan, Kenneth G., Resident/Apartment Manager, 76th/Burnside, Megan L.,
Resident 80th/Oregon, Katie G., Resident 71st/Everett, Heather M., Resident 78th/Everett,
Joshua K., Resident 80th/Glisan., Miranda M., Resident 86th/Stark, Michelle R., Resident of
Adjacent Neighborhood 113th/Glisan., Katie C., Resident 76th/Hassalo, Kaci G., Resident
84th/Harrison, Gabe O., 92nd/Clay, Keith O., Resident 92nd/Hancock, Barbara M., Resident
75th/Pine, Marina M., Resident 79th/Glisan, Jeffrey E., Resident 79th/Glisan, Adam O.,
Resident 78th/Ash, Carolyn R., Resident 78th/Multnomah, Dwight R., Business Owner
78th/Glisan, Amy P., Resident 94th/Glisan, Jamie T., Resident 85th/Beryl, Courtney B.,
Resident 73rd/Alder, Jim B., Resident 73rd/Alder, Edwin K., Resident 89th/Pine, Robin H.,
Resident 80th/Glisan, John F., Resident 80th/Glisan, Sheryl J., Resident 76th/Irving, Eric M.
Resident 76th/Irving, Shannon Y., Resident 76th/Irving, Angela F., Resident 76th/Irving, Alex F.,
Resident 76th/Irving, Nick York., Resident 78th/Oregon, Emily Y., 78th/Oregon, Nicole B.,
72nd/Halsey, Karin W., 80th/Oregon, Breeze S., 73rd/Oregon, Jenny V., Resident
92nd/Burnside, Ronette B., Vestal Elementary Employee, Muhammad I., Neighborhood Mosque
Leader, Larry M., Neighborhood Church Board Member, Angela F., Vestal Parent and School
Volunteer, Irina S., Resident 76th/Glisan, Jude P., Resident 80th/Oregon, Jeremy L., Resident
76th/Irving, Linda M., Resident 77th/Irving, Reed M., Resident 77th/Irving, Jonna M., Resident
78th/Irving, Evelyn M., 92nd/Glisan, Patrick G., 92nd/Oregon, Miranda M., 92nd/Washington.

CC: East Precinct Command Staff, Gun Violence Reduction Team, City Council, Portland Police
Association and Media

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