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Longganisa is a long pork suasage seasoned with paprika, cinnamon aniseed garlic and

vinegar and it is originated in Spain. According to Tan (2016) Pilipino Longganisa has no

standard recipe and it's preparation has always been open to both local creativity inter-

generational innovation. There are different types of longganisa depends on the geographical

location. Longganisa de recado is spicy and garlicky that came from Bais in Dumaguete,Lucban

in Quezon,Rizal in Batangas, Dipolog, Tuguegarao Cabanatuan, Calumpit, Batac and Vigan. On

the other hand, Longganisa hamanado is sweet and came from Bacolod, Cebu, San Pablo and


Longganisa are usually made from meat especially pork and it has also benefits to our

body. According to Tremblay (2018) sausage contain protein that our body uses to maintain

lean muscle mass and hormone balance, aid in brain function an keep your tissues healthy and

functional. Sausages provide vitamin B-12, a nutrient important for healthy red blood cells.

Vitamin B-12 allows you to make hemoglobin, the protein your blood needs to transport oxygen.

According to MED, most products containing meat mostly contains high level of

selenium, which is important for your health. Selenium plays an important role in fighting the

free radicals by creating antioxidants in the body. It is also rich in thiamine that aids the body for

boosting and it makes the body work better in absorbing certain types of amino acids. However,

according to Ali (2019) sausage is another kind of processed meat that was given as an

example in the IARC press release as being cancer-causing. According to Simon (2015), the

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified processed meat as a

carcinogen, something that causes cancer. And it has classified red meat as a probable

carcinogen, something that probably causes cancer. Pork is pig meat that was sold on the

market but it is not fresh because some are "botcha" or double dead pork.
According to Zambrano (2010) double-dead pork or "botcha" has been in the news lately

for being smuggled and sold in public markets. Not only is it being peddled as "fresh" pork, it is

now also being sold as "lechon." According to Cordero botcha often ground and used in

longganisa with lots of garlic to mask the bad taste and smell and sometimes marinated in

tawas overnight to bring back the reddish "fresh" color and remove the bad odor.

According to Bacayo (2010) there is no danger of the sick pig's disease actually

transferring to the person who eats its double-dead meat but persons who eat "botcha" will still

most likely suffer from diarrhea and vomiting, because they will ingest the bacteria coming from

the contaminated pig's blood. Longganisa is a well-known product of meat but meat has also

bad effects to our health and it concerns also the report about "botcha" or doule deat pork that’s

why researchers decided to make a longganisa made out of tilapia and to know the preference

of the participants of the study. Researcher’s decided to use tilapia because of its health

benefits and availability of it in our locality.

Tilapia is a fresh water fish that has a lean meat that gives the body nutrients. It can be a

substitute of pork because it gives also a protein that our body needs to make amino acids.

According to Staughton (2019) tilapia is a delicious, lean white fish that has a wide variety of

associated health benefits. Unlike many other animal products, fish like tilapia is high in protein

but low in calories and fats. This can be a good way to reduce your caloric intake, while still

giving your body all of the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Fish is often turned

to as a dietary option for people trying to lose weight, without starving themselves with crash

diets. Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and

strokes because it is linked in lowering the cholesterol level and it gives a natural fat in the
human cardiovascular system. The potassium found in tilapia can reduces blood pressure

because it plays like vasodilator that prevents the muscles or arteries and veins from tightening

and narrowing and it increases oxygenation to the brain. Both the potassium and omega-3 fatty

acids found in tilapia have been connected to boosting brain power and increasing neurological

function. Potassium increases oxygenation to the brain and is essential for proper fluid balance

throughout the body, which facilitates nervous response and nutrient deposition to appropriate

parts of the body, including the brain.

The research of Villagonzalo (2008) focuses on introduces milkfish that will meet

consumer’s acceptability as an alternative way of preparing fish sausage other than the

traditional use of pork or beef. Aside from those that were used could be feasible to other

species of fish abundant in the locality.

The researches that has been conducted focuses on making longganisa made out of

Bangus, Indian Mackerel, Mackerel Scad and Sturgeon that’s why researchers decides to

make longganisa.

Tilapia in production is increasingly annually.It is now one of the major species produced

in agriculture in the Philippines, (DA-FAR 2001)as well as in region . Currently, tilapia is usually

consumed as fresh and only small amount of the total supply is processed into different


This study aims to produce a new longganisa made out of tilapia and to know the level of

preference of Grade 12 and Grade 11 Home Economics in Baguio City National Science High

School between fish and pork longganisa. Hence, the study will be answering the following


1. What is level of preference of Grade 12 and grade11 H.E students of

BCNSHS between tilapia and pork longganisa considering the taste, odor/ smell,


2. Is there a significant difference on the level of preference of Grade 12 and

11 Home Economics students of BCNSHS between pork and tilapia longganisa in taste,

odor or smell?


This study will be beneficial to the following:

It will give more knowledge to the producers of longganisa because they will know what

the participants prefer between tilapia and pork longganisa so that they will know what to


It will help the parents because they can add tilapia longganisa on their menu to know

which what to meals as an alternative to pork longganisa.

It will beneticial to students so that they will know what to buy for their meals.
It is beneficial to the owners and food establishment beacause they can add tilapia

longganisa on their menu meals because,tilapia longhanisa has less fat compare to other


Bureau of Fishery Aquatic Resources will benefits on the research because it can

encourage them to monitor and improve the development on the production of fishes.

It is beneficial to future researchers because it can act as a guide or basis on their

research.They can widen and improveof this research.