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Creaturecopia: Boggan

“Be kind and mind your manners,

Be virtuous and true.
‘Cause Elder Boggan’s watching
to see what you will do. ”
- Children's Rhyme
Boggans are small fey that resemble elderly men and women
with oversized noses, pointed ears, and bodies covered in
long shaggy fur. Although they can be found in any enchanted
forest around the continent, Boggans always prefer to build
their small cottages and homes near remote settlements and
frontier villages, where they can closely monitor the people
under their protection.
Judgemental Elder
Boggans are incredibly judgemental fey who believe it's their
duty to reward those who are helpful, polite, and kind and
punish the lazy, rude, and aggressive. Their blessings and
curses are not to be taken lightly and the known presence of
Boggans is enough to shape the behavior of an entire town.
Boggans always open their doors to travelers or those in need
and take the acceptance of their hospitality as consent to
their judgment.
The blessings and curses that the Boggan bestow always
come in the form of whatever domestic work they happen to
specialize in. Boggans are proficient in all household work,
but separate families excel in certain types - like baking, Never Alone
gardening, or sewing - and they use these skills to create Boggans are always born as triplets and the resulting three
special “gifts” that carry their magics upon them. sisters or brothers spend the entirety of their lives together.
Boggans always deal with the humans around them Although the siblings don’t depend on each other to live, their
through a carefully constructed group illusion, usually that of existences are so intertwined that the loss of one is
a very old man or woman. Despite how well the visage of a absolutely devastating to the other two. A Boggan that has
cranky elder may fit them, there are a few telltale signs that lost both of his brothers becomes a dark and twisted creature
the aged individual is, in fact, a group of Boggans in disguise. known as a Boggart.
The most obvious of these signs are accomplishing great Boggarts live to cause terror and turmoil to the people that
deals of work in short periods of time, arguing with themself they once considered under their protection, and use their
under their breath, or chewing raw horseradish root. powers cruelly to curse and trick the innocent. Once a
Boggart has chosen a village to focus its malice on, it won’t
stop until it is destroyed.

Written By ~ Jess Pendley
Designed By ~ Jess Pendley & Keith Pendley
Art By ~ Barandash Karandashich
Editing By ~ Jess Pendley

Published by Underground Oracle Publishing under the

Open Game License version 1.0a. Copyright 2019 Under-
ground Oracle Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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