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Registered Non-profit Organization (IRS confirmation documentation) {\) Individual firm, partnership, corporation by} othe caaznpmnson Ho WILE BE yon THE COUCE OF THE PARADE/si tone of Charpecsont JAMIE A. J mone | IBGE Beletly state chaisparton's qualitichions sod the number of years evperience Sn Spunnliung andor promoting Wiis typeyct avents TaFoHRONETON ;Ninsert Yves, Meno, n/a= not applicable) ‘answer remarks Is this event for fund raising purposes? Is this event open to the public? Is this event using all volunteer workers? Wit there be entertainment on the street? WAIL food be served or consumad on the street? WALL Liquor be served or consumed on the strest? WiLL anything be offered for sale on the strest? Will booths or stages be erected on the street? Is this the first year of the event? perth i Sa If WO, last year's date, 10: Command post location: AL! Type of medical ald prov 12! Number of participants. ADDITIONAL MNFORMATTON: List nature of items or equipment to be utilized to produce sounds or noise during the parade of activity. a ‘TRAFIC CONTROLS INSTALLED Br: (nane of company) Conpany supervisor's nane cel DOCMMENTS 10 BE SUBMITTED: ‘Conpleted Parade/Special Event permit application. Bvent's Application/entzy form. Map of the proposed route enhanced with directional arrows. Line up of the parade participants. Plan of the locations of Booths/Stages, (relation to fire hydrants) . Letter of concurrence from surrounding property ovners. Notification of Neighborhood board. Notarized addendum (Street Usage Section to provide) ) o) ip a i o o a Oo [conpiete attached Waikihl Special Dletrict Lottery hddendun and] lsubmit both to OTS by August 31% in the Year preceding the calendar| year of the event The information that is provided is true and correct to my knowledge. scknowledge Yam "sespfhible for providing. and paving “for all traffic controle Which include a} \peqoes 4 fer, REV. 9/5/2019 3:47 EM MAUNA CONVOY Septenber 6, 2019, Sunday - 9:00 am PARADE ROUTE: START: Maunalua Bay parking lot, LT onto Kalanianaole Hwy., continue westbound onto Moanalua freeway, continue to westbound Farrington Hwy., LT at the first driveway to Maili Beach Fa: All participants are required to remain in 1 lane only and must follow all traffic rules and regulations unless otherwise directed by HPD. START: Maunalua Bay Beach Park FINISH: Maili Beach Park PARKING PROHIBITION (GP Roadway Solutions): Sunday 9/8/19 8:00 AM to 2 PM, No Parking/Tow Away Zone 1. Maili Beach Fark, half of all available marked stalls in first parking lot (closest to St. John’s Rd.) LANE CLOSURE WITH CONES: none Sequence of Events: 7:30 am participants begin gathering at Maunalua Bay 15 am staging of event vehicles begins 00 am caravan begins exiting Moanalua Bay 12:00 pm caravan arrives at Maili Beach Park, all roadways returned to normal traffic conditions. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: 1, Organizers shall make its best efforts to ensure that lawful orders of representatives of the Honolulu Police Department regarding traffic and pedestrian safety are followed. Such orders may include temporary stops Of the parade to allow for traffic/pedestrian flow or crossing 2, Subject to constitutional limitations, the Director of the City’s Department of Transportation Services, the Honolulu Chief of Police, or the Director of the State of Hawaii's Department of Transportation (with respect to state roadways) or their designated representatives are hereby authorized to amend this permit or stop the parade at anytime with advance notice to the parade coordinator if practicable whenever the parade is being conducted in a manner that is directed or likely to incite or produce imminent lawless action or imminent danger to safety or property. 3. When the Honolulu Police Department has determined that the last designated parade unit has left the assembly area, individuals shall be allowed to join the parade only if it is safe to do so in accordance with normal traffic/pedestrian laws and regulations. 4, Organizers shall be responsible for, but not limited to the following conditions: ; Submit the name and phone number of the parade coordinator and designate a sufficient number of parade captains to assist with instructions to parade participants and movement of the parade. If possible, it is recommended that one parade captain be assigned to a5 REV. 9/5/2019 3:47 EM each 100 participant. Parade captains shall be identified with an arm band or other device. b. Making its best efforts to prevent damages to government or private property by parade participants. ¢. Making its best efforts to publicize the event through press releases to the media of newspaper, radio and/or television, with explicit considerations given to temporary traffic restrictions associated with the event. d. Making its best efforts to collect and remove all trash, garbage, and litter caused by or arising out of the event. e. Making its best efforts to advise parade participants that nails, screws, or spikes shall not be driven into the pavement, trees, structures, or other public or private improvements along the parade route. £. Displaying or the intake of alccholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited. . Throwing of objects from floats or vehicles is prohibited. : Open fires are prohibited. i. Making its best efforts to ensure that the parade and ceremonies shall be done in an orderly manner, keeping in mind safety of the participants as well as the general public. - Making its best efforts to advise parade participants that climbing, sitting, standing or leaning on any barrier or that climbing or standing on any street light, signal light, fire hydrant, sign pole, news rack, or other street furniture is prohibited. k. Making its best efforts to always provide access for emergency vehicles. 5. Applicant must secure permission and follow all the general conditions set forth by the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) for the use of King Kalakaua Park and all roadways under the DPR’s jurisdiction. 6. The Department of Transportation Services and the Honolulu Police Department may issue directives in order to facilitate the continuity of the parade. a. The parade chairperson will be responsible to implement these directives. 7. Chairperson may delegate this authority, but must provide DTS prior to the event date with the person's name, cell phone number and description of his or her area of responsibilities. 8. Per State Department of Transportation: a. Convoy to remain on H-1 freeway until Maili b. No exit off at Waipahu to drive down Farrington Highway due to safety and traffic congestion ¢. Allow Honolulu Police Department to limit the convoy if necessary at their discretion. ra APPLICANT’ S DUTIES ON HPD STAFF/ESCORT: 1) The applicant shall contact their HPD Patrol District to prepare operational plan (Note: HPD will determine if Operational Plan is necessary for the event) and to determine the number of Police Officers required controlling the flow of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic for safety concerns. 2) The applicant shall contact and submit request for special duty Police Officers to HPD Major Events Division at least 60 calendar days prior to event, Phone: 72373575, Fax: 768-1699. S-mail: specialduty@honolulu 3) The applicant shall meet with the HED Special Duty personnel at least 20 working days prior to the event. Rav. 9/5/2019 3:47 eM al Duty Job number at 1 31, Fax: 768-444 lure to comp ll result in 4 of the a don of any applicab’ permits. Event Day Points of Contact: Event Coordinator: 1. Jamie Rodrigues (primary) 368.2462 2! Mike Leanio 620.4409 (secondary) 3. Rhonda 352.4116 (Maili Beach Park only) 4. Bradley Ota 393.5254 Traffic Control Center (traffic signals): 768-3732 or Ty Fukumitsu 664-8436 State HDOT: 831-6700 x138 HPD STAFF/ESCORT (Special Duty-regul Special Duty-volunteer Contact Person. Ph. On Duty, Traffic Division Contact Person. Ph. Reserves Contact Person. Ph. JOther: Contact Person, Ph.