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R.A. 1199
Agricultural Tenancy Act of the Philippines
AGRICULTURAL TENANCY – the physical possession by a person of land devoted to agriculture belonging to, or legally
possessed by, another for the purpose of production through the labor of the former and of the members of his immediate
farm household, in consideration of which, the former agrees to share the harvest with the latter, or to pay a price certain or
ascertainable, either in produce or in money, or in both.
Sec. 4: Systems of Agricultural Tenancy: Their Definitions
a) SHARE TENANCY – exists whenever two persons agree on a joint undertaking for agricultural production wherein
one party furnishes the land and other his labor, with either or both contributing any one or several of the items of
production, the tenant cultivating the land personally with aid of labor available from members of his immediate farm
household, and the produce thereof to be divided between the landholder and the tenant in proportion to their
respective contributions
b) LEASEHOLD TENANCY – exists when a person who, either or personally or with aid of labor available from his
members of his immediate farm household, undertakes to cultivate a piece of agricultural land susceptible of
cultivation by a single person together with members of his immediate farm household, belonging to or legally
possessed by another, in consideration of a price certain or ascertainable to be paid by the person cultivating, the
land either in percentage of the production or in a fixed amount in money, or in both
TENANCY RELATIONSHIP – a juridical tie which arises between a landholder and a tenant once they agree, expressly or
impliedly, to undertake jointly the cultivation of land belonging to the former, either under the share tenancy or leasehold
tenancy system, as a result of which relationship the tenant acquires the right to continue working on and cultivating the
land, UNTIL AND UNLESS he is dispossessed of his holdings for any of the just causes
Sec. 7. Tenancy Relationship: How established: Security of Tenure:
It is established either verbally or in writing, expressly or impliedly. Once such relationship is established, tenant shall
be entitled to security of tenure
Sec. 9. Severance of Relationship

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It is extinguished by the voluntary surrender of the land, or death or incapacity of the tenant
RULE: His heirs or the members of his immediate farm household may continue to work on the land until the close
of the agricultural year
R.A. 3844 Rights Obligations Prohibitions
Sec. 23. In general Sec. 26 Sec. 27
a) Possession and a) Cultivate and take care a) Contracting work
peaceful enjoyment of of the farm on the additional landholdings
the land landholding as a good belonging to a different
b) Manage and work on father of a family and agricultural
the land perform all the work landholdings OR
c) Deal with millers and therein acquire and personally
processors and attend b) Inform lessor of within cultivate an economic
to the issuance of a reasonable time of family-size farm without
quedans and any trespass knowledge and
warehouse receipts committed by a third consent of the
d) Right to continue in the person agricultural lessor
Agricultural Lessee exclusive possession c) Take reasonable care b) Employ a sub-lessee
and enjoyment of any of the work animals on his landholding
home lot (Sec. 24) and farm implements
e) Right to be indemnified d) Keep his farm and
for labor (Sec. 25) growing crops attended
to during the work
e) Notify the lessor at
least three days before
the date of harvesting
or threshing
f) Pay the lease rental
when it falls due
Sec. 29 Sec. 30 Sec. 31
a) Inspect and observe a) Keep the agricultural a) Dispossess the
Agricultural Lessor
extent of compliance lessee in peaceful agricultural lessee of
with the terms and possession and his landholding

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conditions of their cultivation of the EXCEPT upon

contract landholding authorization by the
b) Propose a change in b) Keep intact such Court; should the
the use of the permanent useful lessee be
landholding to other improvements existing dispossessed without
agricultural purposes or on the landholding at authority of the Court,
in the kind of crops to the start of the lessor shall be liable for
be planted PROVIDED leasehold relation damages suffered by
in case of the lessee in addition
disagreement, it shall to the fine and
be settled by the court imprisonment provided
according to the best b) Require the lessee to
interest of the parties assume the payment of
concerned; PROVIDED the taxes or part
FURTHER that in no thereof levied by the
case shall an Government, directly or
agricultural lessee be indirectly
ejected as a c) Require the lessee to
consequence of the assume, directly or
conversion of the land indirectly, any part of
or because of a change the rent, “canon” or
of crop to be planted other consideration
c) Require the agricultural which the lessor is
lessee to adopt in his obliged to pay to third
farm proven farm person
practices necessary to d) Deal with millers or
the conversation of the processors without
land, improvement of written authorization of
its fertility and increase the lessee
of its productivity e) Discourage, directly or
PROVIDED in case of indirectly, the
disagreement, it shall formation, maintenance
be settled by the Court or growth of unions or
according to the best organizations of
agricultural lessees in

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interest of the parties his landholding OR

concerned initiate, dominate,
d) Mortgage expected assist or interfere in the
rentals formation or
administration of any
such union or

Rige E. Loterte
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