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Entrepreneurial Development Programmes

Joseph E.Stepaneck: Entrepreneurship must have 4prerequisites (intelligence,motivation,knowledge &opportunity)
Entrepreneurs are not born but created.

Meaning of EDP
It’s a program designed to help person in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and
capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively.

Objectives of EDP
-Industrialize rural and backward areas -Develop entrepreneurial quality
-Provide self-employment to educated young men/women -Select project or product
-Diversify sources of entrepreneurship -Formulate project
-Develop managerial skill of small entrepreneurs -Understand process & procedure of setting up enterprise
-Develop small &medium enterprises sector -Know pros &cons of being entrepreneur
-Promote successful entrepreneurs for rapid industrial development
-Upgrade managerial skills for existing quality -Acquaint & appreciate needed social responsibility

Need for Training and Development Programmes of Entrepreneurs

1-To prepare him for facing unforeseen risks of business
2-To enable him to take wise decisions
3-To communicate fast, clearly and effectively
4-To set objectives of business
5-To develop a broad vision to see business as whole and to integrate his function
6-To enable him build an integrated team equal to demand of tomorrow
7-To enable him to relate his product and industry to total environment
8-To make him subscribe to industrial democracy

Different Phase in Entrepreneurial Development Programme

1-Initial phase or Pre-training phase: Creation of infrastructure facility, preparation of syllabus, preparation for
guest facility, inauguration of training, formulation of techniques for selection
of trainees, formation of selection committee, advertising propaganda of
training, preparation of application forms, review of training facilities.

2-Training phase or Development phase: Creation of willingness and motivation in minds of trainees, bringing
changes which are favorable to their entrepreneurial trait.
3-Post-training phase or Follow-up phase: Objectives of training programme have favorably been realized.

Special Agencies Involved in Entrepreneurial Development and Training in India

1-Development Banks: *IFCI, ICICI and IDBI offer services to entrepreneurs in all India level
*SFCs and SIDCs state level
a) TCOs (Technical Consultancy Org)
b) NSTEDB (National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board)
c) EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India)
d) Other agencies

2-Entrepreneurship Development Institutions: They are engaged in identifying prospective entrepreneurs, in

selecting them and in imparting training to them.
Some of the Major Institutions Conducting Entrepreneurial Development Programmes in India

1-National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD)

NIESBUB began functioning on July 6, 1983 and established by Central Ministry of Industry is an apex institute

2-Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi

Private sector institution imparted training since 1974 to rural entrepreneurs. In collaboration with “VIKAS Maitri”

3-Madhya Pradesh Consultancy Organization (MPCO) Ltd:

Technical and managerial training. Some financial and corporation worked behind establishment of this institute.

4-Calcutta “Y” Self-Employment Center (CYSEC)

Organized and registered unitedly by industrialists businessmen, bankers, officials, and social workers

5-Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India (EDII)

Established by Gujarat Government in collaboration with financial institutions at all India level.

6-Technical Consultancy Organizations (TCOs)

It improves operational efficiency of entrepreneurs by providing technical advices of high standard and quality.