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Philippoine politics diagnostic exam

True 1. Politics is the exercise of power.

True 2. Politics is the competition among individuals, groups or states pursuing their interests.
True 3. The earliest political system used during the conquista period was encomienda.
True 4. Spain reigned over the Philippines for 333 years.
True 5. The highest ranking official in the Philippines during Spanish period is governor general.
True 6. Gobernadorcillo is a municipal judge in the Philippines during Spanish period.
False 7. Government determines who has power, who makes decision and how account is rendered.
False 8. Governance is the machinery of the state that carries out its will, purposes and objectives.
True 9. Ideology is a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture.
True 10. Political ideologies form the basis of how they view the world around them and proper role of government
in the world.

I. TRUE or FALSE: Choose A if the statement is true, and choose B if the statement is false.
11. Legislative power is vested upon the congress of the Philippines in accordance with 1987 constitution. A
12. Legislative branch is consist of senate and senators. B
13. One of the qualification of a senate is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines. A
14. The senate of the Philippines is composed of 24 senators elected at large. A
15. The term of office for the elected senators and representatives starts at noon of 30 th day of June. A
16. The judicial branch of the government is the primary agency that handles matters concerning the settlement of
issues regarding the rights and interpretation of law. A
17. The Supreme Court primarily handles the cases of ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls. A
18. Decentralization of the government occurs when there is a transfer of authority, responsibility, and resources.
From the lower government to central government. B
19. One of the greatest powers of people is the ability to choose who will lead them. A
20. The Commission on Elections is the agency that enforces and administers all laws and regulations to the conduct
of election. A
_____21. What do you mean by Aristotle’s quote “ Man is by nature a political animal?”
a. Man becomes man among others.
b. Man lives in a society governed by laws and customs.
c. Man is a politician with behavior the same with animals.
d. Political analyst is a type of animal.
_____22. Which of the following best describes a political ideology?
a. is a set of related beliefs about political theory and policy held by an individual.
b. a systematic body of concepts about human life or culture.
c. content of thinking characteristic of an individual
d. integrated assertions that constitute a socio-political program.
_____23. Which of the following best describes the characteristics of ideology?
a. Ideology is an action oriented.
b. It is form the basis of how they view the world.
c. a manner of the content of thinking.
d. more or less coherent set of ideas.
_____24. There are two important distinction of power; power over and power to. What emphasizes on “power to?”
a. prevalent kind of power
b. legitimate power to control.
c. controlling people
d. conveys the ideas without coercing others.
_____25. There are 5 principal forms of power; force, persuasion, authority, coercion, and manipulation. What
aspects emphasizes persuasion?
a. ability to detained and harm people c. controlling people
b. legitimate power to control d. ability to convince people
_____26. This is a process of interaction and integration of every landscape in the planet.
a. state b. globalization c. socio-cultural d. economic issues
_____27. It refers to political entity bounded by a territory and headed by a government.
a. state b. nation c. globalization d. socialism
28. It requires the approval of both chambers of congress and the signature of the president.
a. law b. joint resolution c. concurrent resolution d. simple resolution
29. It is composed of a chief justice and fourteen associate justices appointed by the president.
a. supreme court b. court of appeals c. court of tax appeals d. simple resolution
30. It focuses on reviewing and resolving appeals of decision from the commissioner of internal revenue.
a. supreme court b. court of appeals c. court of tax appeals d. simple resolution
31. This will occur when there is a transfer of authority.
a. decentralization b. local government c. cultural context d. local units
32. Known as the right to vote.
a. right of suffrage b. right of saffrage d. right of suffering d. right of siffrige
33.This agency enforces and administers all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of elections.
34. In this system, there are two parties going against each other for domination in the government.
a. one-party system b. two-party system c. multiparty system d. none of the choices
35. This is a distinct social process, consisting of mechanisms through which actors engage in collective action.
a. civil society b. rejuvenation c. social movement d. martial law
36. What do you call the second highest tribunal or legal court in the country?
a. supreme court b. court of appeals c. court of tax appeals d. simple resolution
37. Where can you find the law that states “No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due
process of law?
a. Bill of Rights b. Civil Code of the Phil. c. Human Relations d. Article V
Section 5
38. These are aliens who became citizens through legal act of adopting alien and giving him the rights that belong to
the natural-born citizens.
a. natural-born b. naturalized citizen c. natural citizen d. citizen
39. This is a group of people that is organized for the purpose of winning government power.
a. social interest b. political party c. organization d. system
40. It includes provinces, cities, municipalities, barangays and other political subdivisions created by law.
a. local government units b. government media c. social welfare d. elected officials