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The Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Founding a Business

Start-up Service is the first point of contact for business We offer free advice to help you successfully start your own
start-ups entrepreneurs. Whether founding a new business. Please contact us by phone, or call to make a
company or acquiring an established one, we provide ad- separate personal appointment.
vice on matters involving trade licences, taxes, grants and
subsidies, the SVA (social insurance), and much more. T 01/514 50-1050

We offer:
ƒƒ Brochures and fact sheets Business Locations
ƒƒ Advice over the phone Are you looking for the ideal business location? For free
ƒƒ Personal consultations of up to one hour (by appointment information and advice, go to www.freielokale.at.
T 01/514 50-6736
For more information: E freielokale@wkw.at
W wko.at/wien/gruenden

Viennese Successor Exchange

Need a quick overview? Our brochures are just the ticket. It may not always be necessary to have an own, new idea
Basic information on entrepreneurship can be found in our for a business: self-employment can also be realized by
Guide for Business Start-ups, and our booklet „Ansprech- acquiring an established enterprise. We would be happy to
stellen“ contains the most important contact details for support your efforts to take over an existing business by of-
Business Start-ups in Vienna. fering information and advice. We can also provide data on
companies currently seeking successors. Please contact
Contact us to obtain your free copy of our booklets. us for an appointment – we’d be happy to help.
T 01/514 50-1050
T 01/514 50-1043
Additional publications may be found at: E nachfolgen@wkw.at
W wko.at/wien/gruenden
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Questions about legal matters? We’d be happy to help. Subsidies and Grants
Subsidies in Vienna | Subsidy Database
Services for Commercial Operations
Advice and information on legal issues, permits etc. in T 01/514 50-1055
regard to commercial operations E foerderung@wkw.at

T 01/514 50-1615
E rechtspolitik@wkw.at Trade Licence Registration Service
If you have completed all necessary preparations, we
can help you found your business quickly by determi-
Labour and Social Welfare Law ning whether you are exempt from paying certain fees (in
Labour Law | Hiring & Terminating Employees | Leave | accordance with the New Business Support Act NEUFÖG),
Wage Agreements | SVA (social insurance) for Employers & and can help prepare all necessary correspondence. In
Employees | SVA Workshops for Business Founders most cases, we can register your trade online. Please
make sure, in advance, whether you have the necessary
T 01/514 50-1010 documents and materials at your disposal to take advan-
E sozialpolitik@wkw.at tage of our one-stop shop!

Stubenring 8-10 | 1010 Vienna

Taxes Mon-Thu 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Company Travel | Income Taxes | Cash Basis Accounting | Fri 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
EU Tax Law | Billing | Tax Law | Tax Workshops | Tax Pay- No appointment necessary, but waiting times may vary.
ment Dates & Deadlines | Cash Register Systems
T 01/514 50-1622
T 01/514 50-1625 E gewerbeanmeldeservice@wkw.at
E finanzpolitik@wkw.at

Commercial and Trade Law

E-commerce | Commercial Law | Company Names | Fran-
chise Contracts | Trade Law | Insolvency & Bankruptcy |
Tenancy Law | Team Coaching for Company Successors |
Copyright Law | Subsidiaries

T 01/514 50-1615
E rechtspolitik@wkw.at » FOUNDING A BUSINESS T 01/514 50-1050
E gruenderservice@wkw.at
W wko.at/wien/gruenden
Please make an appointment for
personal assistance.
There are many good reasons why the online platform
operated by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has
become the top address for business start-ups entrepre-
neurs: a wealth of background information, tips and helpful
business tools which make it easier to take the right decis-
ion when it comes to starting a new company, acquiring an
existing one, or becoming a franchise partner.

Founding a company Franchise agreements

The answers to all your questions are one click away: Specific information for franchisees:

ƒƒ Initial business idea ƒƒ What is a franchise system?

ƒƒ Planning phase ƒƒ Similar sales and distribution forms
ƒƒ Founding phase ƒƒ Franchise fees and locations
ƒƒ Post-founding phase ƒƒ Franchise offer check
ƒƒ 8 steps to starting your own franchise business

Business Succession
Additional information for acquiring an existing business: www.gruenderservice.at
also offers the following:
ƒƒ Alternatives to founding a new business
ƒƒ Types of acquisitions ƒƒ Online services and apps (incl. business plan software)
ƒƒ Liability ƒƒ Events
ƒƒ Legal issues ƒƒ Publication downloads
ƒƒ Purchase price
ƒƒ Acquisition mediation
We have compiled a checklist to assist you in founding your own business. Take
time to consider the following:

„„ What is your business idea? Which product or service will you offer?
„„ Do you intend to start a business alone, or with a partner?
„„ Do you intend to be fully self-employed, or will the company be a part-time
„„ Which location have you selected for your company?
„„ What kind of education and training do you have, and how much practice
have you been able to accumulate in the field in which you intend to start your
own business?
„„ Have you identified prospective customers? And why will they purchase
products and services from your company?
„„ Who are your market competitors?
„„ Have you calculated the amount of financing you will need? What or who are
your sources of financing?

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

In order to provide the advice best suited to your needs, to answer your
questions, and send informational material, we require your telephone number
and address. This guarantees you will get the right information more efficiently.

T 01/514 50-1050
E gruenderservice@wkw.at
W wko.at/wien/gruenden
Please make an appointment for
personal assistance.
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Because all consultations are carried out in German,
please bring an interpreter to your appointment if necessary.

the best choice!
& +43 1/514 50

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