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(Semester 1:2009-10)


November 2009 - Time Allowed: 2 Hours


1. This paper contains THREE (3) pages and a total ofFOUR (4) questions.
2. Answer ALL questions. Each question caries 25 marks.
3. Write legibly so that your answers can be read. This is very important, Also, write in
standard English, avoiding the u$e ofslang terms and .sms' language.
4. Read each question carefully before answering. ln answering the questions, show your
reasodng clearly, wherever necessary.
5. This is a closed book examination.
6. You have been given the booklet "Codes of Ethics", which contains the follo\i'ing: 1)
Code ofEthics by ABET (USA), 2) Code ofEthics liom NSPE (National Society of
Professional Engineers), USA. You may use the information in this booklet in ans\e ng
questions, as necessary.

7- You have also been given another booklet 'Professional Engineers (Code ofProfessionai
Conduct and Ethics) Rules under Professional Engineers Act (Singapore)'. You may use
information in this booklet also in ansra'ering the questions, as necessary.

EG2401 Engineering Professionalism / Page 2

Question 1

a) The advent of intemet has helped modern society in several ways. At the same time it has
al.o created rlany problems in the .ociel).

Discuss the major ethical issues posed by the intemet and related techlologies. Discuss
also lrow, in your opinion, society should address these issues.

( l6 marks)

b) What is meant by 'moral autonomy'? Should this be an important characteristic ofan

engineer? Explain your answer using real or fictional examples.

(9 marks)

Question 2
Reportin g Safety Violation

Engineer A is retained to investigate the structural integdty ofa 60-year-old occupied

apafiment building which his client is plaDning to sell. Under the tenns ofthe agreement with
the client, the structural repofi $, tten by Engineer A is to rcmain confidential. ln addition,
the client makes clear to Engineer A that the buiiding is being sold "as is" and he is not
planning to take any remedial action to repair or renovate any system within the building
prior to its sale.

Engineer A performs several structural tests on the building and detennines that the building
is sfucturally sound. However, during the course ofproviding services, the client confides in
Engineer A and informs him that the building contains deficiencies in the electrical and
mechanical systems, which violates applicable codes and standards Wlile Engineer A is not
an elect cal nor mechanical engineer, he does realizes those dehciencies could cause injury
to the occupants ofthe building and so informs the client.

In his repori, Engineer A makes a bdef mention ofhis conversalion with the client
concerning the dehcienciesi however, in view ofthe tetms ofthe agreement, Engineer
A does not repofl the safety violations to any third pa1ty.
With reference to any appropriate Code ofEthics, discuss whether it was unethical of
Engineer A not to repofi the safety violations to the appropriate authorily?
(25 marks)
EG2401 Engineering Professionalism / Page 3

Question 3
(a) Explain fully why provision for a safe exit is an integral paxt of sound engineering

Give one example (may be factual or fictional) each ofa situation ',l here safe exit s'as
and was not provided as part ofthe engineering design. Use these examples to support
your stand on the statement above. Do not use the examples discussed in class.

( 10 marks)

(b) A moral imperative can be taken to mean something which must be done because it is the
right thing. Do you a$ee that promoting sustainability is a moral imperative? Explain
your reasons clearly.

Describe with exampies how engineers can contribute to\\,ards sustainable developmenl.

( 15 marks)

Question 4

(a) What is Intellectuai Property?

(3 marks)

(b) You wish to have your tademark registercd, but upon conducting a search, you realize
that there is a registered trademark that might be similar to yours. What are the possible
ways to lncrease your chances of getting your tlademark registered?

(5 marks)

(c) Wlat are the advantages accorded by p or dating in TM (tademark) registration?

(2 marks)

(d) You have an invention you think might be patentable. Outline the steps you would take to
apply for a grant ofpatents, both locally and ovelseas.

(15 markt