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English CONCEPT MAP Maths

(option 1)
- Animal search with ABC’s - Sort and classify bugs
- Ant discovery table – explore - Land or water animal sort
Religious Education / Spiritual Education
an ants home. - DIY ant farm – looking after life - Counting animal features
- Playdough – construction - Compost in a bottle - Forest animal graphing
sensory play - Soil and ant sensory tub - Animal sorting venn-diagram
- Counting on animals (i.e. legs, - Pet rocks activity.
arms, antenna) - Exploring the anatomy of an ant – How - Animal patterns
- Alphabet letters with chalk – animals were created/apart of the earth. - Animal ten frames
relating to animals. - STEM program animal lifecycle.
- Sorting and classifying animals - Bee Bots
into their correct group. Concept: Biological Science Term: 2
Weeks: 2-6 ©The University of Notre Dame 2010 developed by C McGunnigle

Science / Technology & Enterprise Health & Physical Education

- Making sediment jars - Digging in soil
- Soil testing - Outdoor exploration – what animals can you see in
- Making animal homes the playground.
- Research project using the class iPads - Moving like animals – role play
- Soil discovery table - Rock scavenger hunt
- Geography
Rock painting History The Arts
- Animals found in our - Research project about the - Paintings of different animals
school yard compared to history of animals. - Playdough – create your animal
other parts of the world. - Different animals in our - Painting using different textures of
- Ant homes around the environment now compared to animal homes (bark, sand)
world. when our parents were in - Life cycle art project.
school. - Creating homes for a chosen animal.
- Dance/move like an animal

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