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Primary and Secondary Care Instructor Guide

Emergency First Response ®

Participant Manual
Primary Care Knowledge Review Answer Key
1. b and c arm, or leg, especially on one side of the
2. 1. You can save or restore a patient’s life. body or on both sides.
2. You can help reduce a patient’s recovery b. Sudden confusion or drowsiness.
time; either in the hospital or at home. c. Trouble speaking, understanding or
3. You can make the difference between a swallowing.
patient having a temporary or lifelong d. Sudden vision trouble from one or
disability. both eyes.
3. 1. Anxiety e. Sudden trouble walking, dizziness,
2. Guilt loss of balance or coordination.
3. Fear of imperfect performance f. Sudden severe headache with no
known cause.
4. Fear of making a person worse
14. c
5. Fear of infection
15. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
6. Responsibility concerns
4. True 16. C=Chest Compressions
5. a, b, c, d, f, g A=Airway Open
B=Breathing for Patient
6. a. Early Recognition and Call for Help S=Serious Bleeding
b. Early CPR 17. a
c. Early Defibrillation 18. a = Bright red blood that spurts from a
d. Early Professional Care and Follow-up wound in rhythm with the heartbeat.
7. b b = Dark red blood, steadily flowing from a
wound without rhythmic spurts.
8. Ask a bystander to call EMS and secure an
AED if possible. If you are alone, use your c = Blood slowly oozing from the wound.
mobile phone to call EMS. If you do not 19. a, b, c, d, e, g, h, i, j
have a mobile phone, leave the patient to call
EMS if no other option exists. 20. a, b, c, d, e, f
9. Answer varies. Should be the appropriate
emergency number for the local area or
10. You really cannot make the person worse.
A person that is unresponsive and not
breathing normally is already in the worse
state of health possible since he probably
does not have a heartbeat.
11. True
12. a
13. a. Sudden weakness or numbness of the face,


Emergency First Response ®

Participant Manual
Secondary Care Knowledge Review Answer Key
1. b
2. b
3. physical harm to the body
4. an unhealthy condition of the body
5. a
6. life threatening