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THIRTY THIRD SUNDAY Virgin Mother of Good Counsel St. Monica St. Augustine St.

Martin of Tours
2, Lower Blackhouse Hill, Hythe, CT21 5LS. Tel: 01303-266430 Chapel Road 135 Queen’s Rd 124 High Street
OF THE YEAR Fax: 01303-264773 email catholic.hythe@googlemail.com www.catholic-hythe.org Dymchurch, TN29 0TD Littlestone, TN28 8NA Lydd, TN29 9BA

14TH NOVEMBER 2010 Catholic Parish served by: The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (S.O.L.T.) Parish Priest: Fr. Frederick W. Alexander
Assistant Priest: Fr. Paul Johnston Deacon: Rev. Raymond Partridge. Tel: 01303-873835.
St. Augustine’s RC Primary School: St. Johns Road, Hythe, CT21 4BE. Tel: 01303-266578. Head teacher: Mrs. P. Parnell
Confessions: Saturday 11.00-11:45, 6-630pm St. Edmund’s Catholic Secondary School: Old Charlton Road, Dover, CT16 2QB. Tel: 01304-201551. Head of School: Mr A. Reed

Abortion Recovery Care Helpline: 0845 603 8501

This Sunday’s Second Collection Holy Father’s Intentions—November
SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - HYTHE General: That the victims of drugs or of
is for the Archbishop’s Diocesan Parish Advent Preparation led by Canon Cronin.
Sat 6.30pm For the well-being of Mary O’Dowd Administration Fund. other dependence may, thanks to the support November 26th & each Friday until 17th December
8.00 am In reparation of contraception & of the Christian community, find in the Virgin Mother of Good Counsel Church, Hythe
Abortion power of our Saving God strength for a 2.00 – 3.00pm
9..15am Special Intention Next Sunday’s Second Collection radical life-change. This will take the form of a Holy Hour before the
11.15 am (Sung) † Peter Conrath will be for the Missionary: That the Churches in Latin Blessed Sacrament in which our prayer springboard
7.00 pm † For the dead of two World Wars Catholic Youth Service: America may move ahead with the continent will be a reflection (Lectio Devina) of the Gospel of
-wide mission proposed by their the coming Sunday. The Holy Hour will conclude
SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - THE MARSH Bishops, making it part of the universal with Benediction.
HYTHE LECTORS for next week: missionary task of the People of God.
Dym 8.30am Priests of the Parish SAT 6.30 pm Michael Lyons Traidcraft weekend. 27th to 28th November
L’stone 10.00am Powercourt Family SUN 8.00 am Cecily Partridge
9.30 am K McCormick in the Fr Daly Hall.
Lydd 11.30am All Parishioners
Richard Furlong FIRST HOLY COMMUNION classes start As part of the normal activities, there will be a
11.15 am Jean Giberson on Saturday 27th November at 9.45am. presentation from 7.30 - 9.30pm on Saturday
P ARISH D AILY M ASS 10.00 AM 7.00 pm Mary Muncer or Registration forms, located at the rear of the featuring Carol’s clothes horses and the
Steven Lagrue Church to be returned to the Traidcraft range of clothing. A small admission
Mon † Anne Dillon Presbytery. Also, during the first class we will
Tue † Deceased members of the Glynn charge will cover the cost of refreshments.
ROSARY In St. Martin of Tours Church, be making Advent wreaths. A contribution of £5
& Darby families Lydd, or opposite at 8, The Green on
Wed Special Intention for Fiona towards the cost the materials will be welcome. MASS FOR THE HOUSEBOUND
Thu † Gerry McSorley
Wednesday at 11.30am. Also after
weekday Masses in Hythe Saturday 4th December. 2.30 in Hythe Church
Fri † Fr. E College followed by a tea party in the Fr Daly Hall
Sat 12 noon † Parents & Brothers of
S. J. Ward
Coffee & refreshments will be
served this Sunday after the Parish Council Meeting. Parish Christmas Dinner & Social
SISTERS’ M ASS (Convent) 11.00 AM 9.30am Mass by: SPUC 7.00pm. 11th December in the Fr Daly Hall
Wednesday 17th November at 7.00pm
Sat (5pm) Sr. Catherine In the Fr Daly Hall Three-course Christmas meal &
Mon Sr. Anne welcome drink.
Tue Private Intention (C) REPOSITORY Crackers, Table Quiz & other entertainment
Wed † Deceased Marist Sisters Christmas Gifts and Cards, Chil- £12 per person
Covenant of Love Meeting.
Thu Sr. Cathal dren’s Bibles and Prayer Books now
Fri Private Intention (c) Friday 19th November Tickets available from Mark Botting. Tel. 269225
in stock
Open after all Sunday Masses. 7.00 - 9.00pm in the Fr. Daly Hall. or Alan Green. Tel. 267945
——————————— All profits go to the Missions. DVD followed by discussion & coffee
EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Please pray for the sick & those in hospital:
In Hythe Mon - Wed after Mass to 11.30am Louisa Allwright, Hannah Forse, Dolores Jennings,
Sat 11am - 12 noon PLEASE PRAY FOR THE REPOSE OF THE SOULS OF THE RECENTLY DECEASED, JUNE Mary McArdell, Eileen Russell, Klare Schooling,
COOK AND THE SOULS OF THOSE WHOSE ANNIVERSARIES OCCUR AT THIS TIME: Peter Eberhard Stickler, Catherine Riddell, Mary Griffiths,
Barco, Arthur Daniels, Mary Scanlan, Eva McMillan, Sr. Felix SM, Sr. Mary Francis, Theodora Jones, Christene Burket, Jim Emerson,
Peter Bryan, Derrick Porter, Betty Turner, Michael Hearty, Mary Newman, John Riley, Mahin Daneshvar, Peter Power-Court, Bro. Duran
Last Sunday’s Collection £761.01. Tegwen Wright, Alfred Crilly, Patricia McKenzie, Michael Mummery, Marie Howard, SOLT, Elizabeth Conrath, Sr Mary of the Trinity
Thank You. Edward McKeown, Michael O’Connor, Denis Broughal & Fr. Francis Geary OSA & SOLT, Sandra Ward and Sheila Phelan, Annegret
Peter Conrath. R.I.P. Burford. Jennifer Sansom.