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Project : Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 132/33kV AIS Substation
at Barguna on Turnkey Basis.

Contract Number : PGCB/132kV/Barguna/SS, Date: 14.01.2018

Document Submittal Ref : CCC/PGCB/Barguna/SS/2018/D052; Date: 22.11.2018

Subject : Comments on Design Drawing of Boundary Wall Layout, Boundary Wall Structure, Pilecap &
Pile of Boundary Wall for Barguna 132/33kV AIS Substation.

Copy to
Managing Director, PGCB
Project Director
Barguna Substation Project √ Executive Director (P & D), PGCB
Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited (PGCB)
Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka-1212. √ Chief Engineer (P & D/Project), PGCB

√ China National Cable Engineering Corporation.

Kind Attn :

Dear Sir √ Executive Engr. (Civil Design), PGCB

We are pleased to enclose the following documents for the purpose
√ Master File
indicated below:

In case of any modification other than those desired are carried out, the Issued by:
same shall be highlighted clearly in the Drawing/Document with full
justification thereof and resubmitted for approval.
(Engr. Md. Delowar Hossain)
Approval/Comments/Information conveyed herein neither relieves the Superintending Engineer
contractor of his contractual obligation and his responsibilities for Civil Design, P&D.
correctness of dimensions, material of constructions, weight, quantities, Our Ref: 27.21.0000.412.
design details, assemble fits, performance particulars and conformity of
the supplies with the Statutory Laws of Bangladesh as may be applicable, Date: 27/11/2018
nor does it limit the Employer’s right under the contract.

Item Description of Document Drawing Number Revision Status Enclosed

No Drawing/ Documents Number

Approved (A)
Approved with
Comment /
Please refer to Annexure -1 Correction (C)

Request for re- No

Submission (RR)

For information

Please acknowledge receipt of documents:

Received by Date
Ref. No. 27.21.0000.412. Date: 27/11/2018


SL No. Description Drawing Number Comments

01. Layout of Boundary Wall CCC-PGCB-BARGUNA-40-002 Approved

Foundation Sheet: 1/1, Rev:02
02. Details of Boundary Wall CCC-PGCB-BARGUNA-40-003 Approved
Sheet: 1/1, Rev:02
03. Details of Pile CCC-PGCB-BARGUNA-40-005 Approved with
Sheet: 1/1, Rev:02 Correction