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1. Defined as the capacity to do work?

2. It can be replenished or regenerated on a human time scale?

3. Cannot be replenished or regenerated on a human time scale?
4. Is a form of energy which can be regenerated from almost any energy source?
5. Is presently the world’s primary source of energy?
6. Is a black combustible rock made up of element carbon and etc?
7. It provides most of the energy that support human transportation, electricity, and more.
8. Comes from the Latin words Petra which means rock and oleum which means oil.
9. Is a fossil fuel derived from large quantities of microscopic aquatic organisms such as algae and
10. Organic matter in these organisms transform into a waxy material.
11. Eventually into hydrocarbons through the process of?
12. Oil is converted into natural gas in a process of?
13. IS a simple chemical compound that is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms?
14. (2) Nuclear energy occurs in two ways.
15. Both fission and fusion heat energy called?
16. Is mineral pitchblende, and thorium is present in monazite.
17. (2) Problems associated with nuclear powers.
18. The rate of change in temperature with depth is called?
19. One source of energy in Earth’s System is its internal heat, which referred to as?
20. An efficient geothermal reservoir should have a temperature of at least?
21. (2) Ways to utilize geothermal energy?
22. An object at rest in a higher elevation has a gravitational potential energy.
23. The power generated by the energy from falling water or fast running water.
24. In the nineteenth century, hydropower was used to generate electricity called?
25. The difference in height between the source and the water’s outflow is called?
26. Water enters the intake at the bottom of the reservoir and flows through a large pipe called?
27. To reach the?
28. The amount of water entering the penstock be controlled in the?
29. Is the movement of air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure.
30. 2 examples of wind power used in ancient times.
31. A collection of individual wind turbines is called?
32. Where Wind farms are are built (2)?
33. Wind speeds of wind farm are ranging from?
34. The energy coming from the sun?
35. 2 examples of solar energy
36. Is the oldest source of energy ever since prehistoric man discovered fire
37. Give (5) examples of renewable resource
38. Give (2) examples of non-renewable resource
39. Are driven by energy and forces originating deep within earth.
40. What are the 2 sources of the heat of the Earth?
41. What are the Three Minerals used in radioactive decay?
42. Heat generated during earth’s formation?
43. Heat generated by long-term radioactive decay?
44. Commonly found in the surface of Earth are in solid state.
45. The molten rocks that are found beneath Earth’s surface.
46. When magma emerges at the surface is called?
47. The degree of resistance to flow is called?
48. Melting can occur when the temperature stays the same but the pressure decreases.
49. Another melting trigger is when volatiles or gaseous substances are added into the hot solid
rocks in a process called?
50. It is the melting of surrounding rocks caused by very hot magma bringing in additional heat.
51. The melting temperature of the rock
52. When a rock begins to melt, only certain minerals are melted this process is called?
53. Are visible manifestations of the process of rock formation?
54. The funnel-shaped depression where materials are ejected is called?
55. The event when the lava is spews out of the volcano.
56. 2 types of eruptions
57. Is dominated by the flow of lava and formation of fountains and lakes.
58. Ejects ash and larger fragments of broken