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Understanding Emotional
Intelligence (The key to
outstanding leadership)!
22 & 23 September 2016!
- The Majestic Hotel, !
Kuala Lumpur -

Your skills can land you a great job but
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)!
emotional intelligence is what enables you to
• Definition of Emotional Intelligence
keep it, and more importantly, get promoted
• Four components of EI
and motivate those around you. !
! • Importance of EI to effective leadership
• Negative consequences of low Emotional Intelligence in
In fact, according to research, emotional
leaders and organisations
intelligence matters twice as much as both
• EI management competencies
technical and analytical skills combined. This
workshop aims to help you enhance your
Leading yourself in an EI way!
performance by developing the ability to use
• Recognise your emotions and their effects
your emotions in a positive and constructive
• Self EI assessment-knowing your strengths and limits
way in communication, interaction and
• Emotional self-control
relationships with others.!
! • Developing your personal charisma –transparency,
optimism, initiative, adaptability
! !
Building relationships in an emotionally intelligent way!
• Describe the importance of emotional • Awareness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns
intelligence to effective leadership!
! • Apply the Principles of EI to building trusting
• Increase your level of emotional
intelligence in four areas!
! Leading others in an EI way!
• Managing the emotional state of others
• Apply the principles of emotional • Creating an inspiring vision
intelligence to key leadership activities!
! • Sensing others’ development needs and bolstering their
• Increase the emotional intelligence of your • Making more informed decisions
teams and entire organisation! • Initiating or managing change
• Influencing and inspiring others
• Applying EI to deal with difficult personalities
Who should Attend: Building and EI team!
Leaders who wish to further understand • Creating a culture that encourages openness and trust
emotional intelligence and its impacts on • Creating group synergy in pursuing collective goals
their personal growth, career • Applying EI to deal with conflict
advancement and future development. • Increase the EI of your teams and entire organisation

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High EQ Leaders Communicate
with more than just Words!
-Anonymous -


Dr. Jerome-Pierre Bonnifay!
Dr. Jerome is a human resources and training consultant. He has over 20 years of worldwide
experience in training organisations at middle and senior levels across most management
functions. !
His global approach and passion for ‘Whole Brain thinking’ has earned him a reputation of
being a global authority and evangelist of emotional intelligence, a concept he firmly believes,
should be deeply rooted and incorporated in the framework of human capital development. !
Emotional intelligence will develop the in-depth power of individuals, enabling them to manage
themselves in order to manage others. He has created a wide number of training modules
within the soft skills range, from sales and marketing to management and supervisory skills,
customer service excellence, emotional intelligence, negotiation and influencing skills, and
team-building processes. He has also built and implemented assessment centres, appraisal
systems, and training needs analysis’s processes.!
He is a HBDI™ and YAPDI™ certified practitioner and also a Certified HRDF Trainer. He
holds a PhD in Psychology, an MBA in Human Resources from the Frederick Taylor University
in California, and a BA in Law and Economics from the University of Poitiers, France

EBSI Knowledge Management Sdn Bhd, Office: 03-2333 9233
! A HRDF Program by EBSI Sdn Bhd!
Understanding Emotional Intelligence Contact Tel: 03-2333 9233!
(The key to outstanding leadership)! !
! Email Registration Forms to:!
leaders-training@tlmm.com.my !
Date: 22nd & 23rd September 2016
Hotel: The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur In collaborations with Learning Wired, a
Program limited to 20 participants only.! workshop organising company
- a 100% HRDF Claimable program -

DELEGATE 1! FEES (please tick as appropriate)!

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Name:__________________________________! …………. Per Delegate RM2600 !
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Payment Term: 1 week before training

EBSI Registration Cancellation Policy: When a

cancellation happens, we incur direct and indirect
expenses in planning and presenting workshops,
seminars & conferences. These costs include promotion,
speaker fees, travel, textbooks, meeting space, food and
beverage. When registrants fail to provide timely notice
that they will not attend an EBSI event for which they
have registered, these costs must still be paid. In fairness
to all registrants, the following policy has been adopted.
You may avoid the cancellation penalty by transferring
your registration to another person. Notice of cancellation
CHOP OF COMPANY should be made in writing to email above, 2 weeks before
training date. !
. More than 4 weeks before the start date of the course -
No charge.!
• Between 2 to 4 weeks of the start date of the course :
25% of the!
minimum charge.!
• Within 2 weeks of the start date of the course : 50% of
the minimum!

EBSI Knowledge Management Sdn Bhd, Office: 03-2333 9233


Hi there,!
I notice you are registering for our program.!
This training is highly customised to each participant, hence we only register 20 people
for each of our 2 days programs. Kindly attend with a clear mind to learn as much as
you can for our intensive 2 day program. Should you have a current case study you
wish to address, you can certainly discuss with me.!
Thank you,!
Dr Jerome


EBSI Knowledge Management Sdn Bhd, Office: 03-2333 9233