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3 User Analysis

a. Workshop
• Facilitator – the one who handles and teaches what is needed to be learned in the workshop
• Attendee – the one who takes up the classes in the workshop
b. Offices

Private Office

• Director – the one who overlooks all the performance and usually the owner of the company
• Assistant Director – usually the one who holds the records and sees the reports
• Secretary – schedules the meeting and records the minutes of a meeting

Semi Private Offices

• Manager – supervises the grounds and usually the one who meets with the employees and visitors
for any complaints and oversees the works of each employees personally
• Tour guides – the one who guides the visitors and has knowledge on what can be found in the
museums and what is inside.
• Employee per facility – heads the facility that they are assigned to
• Maintenance – the one who looks after and cleans the whole facility and checks the condition of
the facility and the materials inside
• Security Guard – involved with the safety within the facility and the users and the equipment inside
• Reception – the front person of the office and the one who gives information like a concierge

c. Restaurant
• Manager- the one who manages the whole restaurant
• Staff- the people that serve the customer
• Customers- the one who pays for the services they receive in the restaurant

d. Museum
• Admin Staff- the people that helps in managing and operations in the museum
• Tour guides/ Instructors- people that helps the visitors in understanding the things inside the
• Visitors- people that visits the museum

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e. Souvenir shop
• Store Manager- the one who manages the whole souvenir store
• Staffs- the people that helps the manager in managing the shop
• Customers- the people that patronize the products in the souvenir store

f. Theater
• Actors/ Actresses- the people that performs in the stage
• Orchestra- the group of musicians in the theater
• Staffs- people that helps in managing the theater
• Audience- the people that watches the performance of the actors/ actresses and orchestra

g. Library
• Librarian- the one that helps the reader in the searching the book they needed
• Readers- the people that visits the library for reading and researching information and data
• Library staffs- people that helps in managing the library

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