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Summary of the

Same Day Service

If you have an urgent medical problem
that you need help with during the day
please telephone the surgery as early as
possible on
01306 882422
Lines are open from 8am
You will be phoned back and assessed
Same Day Urgent
promptly by our nurse prac oner or
Depending on your problem you will
then be offered:


An appointment to see a nurse THE WAY APPOINTMENTS
prac oner or doctor WILL BE BOOKED AT
An arrangement for a further inves- MEDWYN SURGERY
ga on prior to being seen STARTING FEBRUARY 2018
A home visit

The same day service is designed to be

safer and more efficient in dealing with
pa ents urgent problems

Medwyn Surgery Telephone: 01306 882422

Lines are open from 8am
Tel: 01306 882422
Website: www.medwynsurgery.nhs.uk
Why Change the What if I have a prob- Routine
Appointment lem that needs deal- Appointments
System? ing with today?

In the past pa- When you call the surgery with an urgent We recognise that if you suffer with long term
ents with prob- medical problem the recep onist will offer or complex condi ons you may wish to make
lems needing you a telephone call back and ask for your a rou ne appointment with your usual doctor
a#en on on the preferred contact number. Please give the or prac ce nurse. You may con nue to do this
same day were recep onist a brief descrip on of your prob- and as we are able to more effec vely manage
offered an ap- lem so that the nurse prac oner or doctor the demand for on the day appointments
pointment with a can give your problem the right a#en on.
doctor or a nurse
A doctor or a nurse prac oner will return
prac oner. This
led to increased wai ng mes for rou ne
your call within one hour to discuss your Repeat Prescriptions
problem. A maximum of two a#empts will be
appointments as slots were saved each day
made to make contact so please stay by your Repeat prescrip ons will be ready to collect
for urgent problems.
phone un l contact has been made. a-er 2 working days.
The majority of pa ents phoning for a same
There are a number of op ons as a result of We have recently employed prescrip on
day urgent appointment can be appropri-
the call back: clerks to deal with all prescrip ons and re-
ately managed with telephone advice.
• Advice or treatment without visi ng lated queries. They will work for 4hrs each
By managing the urgent problems more day between 9am and 1pm. In future, all
effec vely we will be able to increase the the surgery
prescrip on queries will be dealt with by
number of rou ne appointments and re- • An appointment that day to see a the prescrip on clerks during these mes
duce wai ng mes. nurse prac oner or doctor only.
When you ini ally speak to a doctor or • A future appointment to see a doctor Please note that our strong preference is
nurse prac oner on the telephone you will for repeat prescrip on requests to be done
be offered either an appointment with the • If required, an inves ga on such as a
blood test or x-ray may be arranged online. However, if necessary we will accept
person who can most effec vely deal with requests in wri ng, by fax, email.
your problem or given an alterna ve op on. before you are seen
Prescrip ons requests can not be made
• A home visit
over the telephone