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RFP 19159 – RFP for Developer Partner for Regent Park Revitalization Phases 4 & 5

The Developer Presentation is an important component of the Request for Proposals for a Developer Partner
for Phases 4 and 5 of the Regent Park Revitalization. As a resident participating in this evaluation, you are
making a contribution to this important process. As such, you are being asked to sign the following Non-
Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”). Only those who sign the NDA are permitted to attend the presentations and
score them. We thank you for your time and commitment to this critical evaluation.

Printed Name

1) am a resident or relocated resident of Regent Park.

2) understand that I will only receive one (1) ballot per developer presentation.

3) understand that only the Vetted Questions may be asked during the developer presentations. No other
questions are permitted.

4) will not audio and/or video record or photograph any part of the presentations.

5) acknowledge that all proposals, presentations and responses are confidential. I will not disclose any
information related to such proposals, presentations or responses during or following the presentations,
except and only to anyone who has signed this NDA. This applies only to information received at the
presentation and does not apply to information publicly available afterwards.

6) understand that I will be removed from the presentation room immediately if I record and/or photograph
any part of the presentations or communicate any information outside of the room.

7) understand that if I leave the presentation room during the formal presentation stage or Vetted Questions
period, I will not be allowed to return to the room or to score until the next presentation.

8) understand that I am not permitted to leave the presentation room with any scorecards.

9) wish to declare that I do not at present have and do not anticipate having any conflict of interest with the
developer proponents. If any conflict of interest arises, I shall notify Toronto Community Housing,


October 5, 2019