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My Trip to Rome

Date: Oct. 7, 2010

Subject: English or ESL
Unit (title): My Trip to Rome
Lesson Time: 45 min..
Objectives: Teach students to converse about travel.

Assumed Knowledge: Students are familiar with basic English grammar and
conversation skills learned at the elementary level.

Anticipated Problems: This lesson might be a little easy for the 3rd grade
students grammar and vocabulary wise.
Solution: Push the students outside of their comfort zone for conversation.
Use the familiar and easier material to encourage them to start speaking more

Key Expressions: Students will focus on using the following language:

Did I _______ when I was in __________? No. You ________ when you were
in __________. Vocabulary about travel:
To take a plane (bus, boat, car, train, etc.)
To stay in (sleep at) a hotel (motel, hostel, villa, a friend’s house, etc.)
Travel activities: Hiking, swimming, sight seeing, shopping, eating at
restaurants, etc.

Teaching Aids/Materials: Power Point Presentation, chart paper for students

to plan the vacation on. Candy for the winning group.

Steps and Procedures

Phase Procedure Timin Co-Teacher
g Role:
1. Where in Begin with a game. Put a collage of t-s 3 Explain
the world am pictures up on Power Point and ask, min instructions
I? “Where in the world am I?” The in Korean.
correct answer is, “Teacher, you are Help with
in Rome, Italy.” classroom
2. Read aloud Put up a slide with a short story t-s-s 5 Help with
about my trip to Rome. Have the min instructions
students read it with me. and
3.Practice Now drill facts about the story with t-s-s 4
the class. Did I visit the pyramids min
when I was in Rome? No, you
visited the coliseum when you were
in Rome. Did I eat kimchi when I
was in Rome? No you ate pasta
when you were in Rome., Etc. (Draw
names from the bag to elicit
4. Elicit Now elicit vocabulary of travel. t-s 3
Come up with a list of modes of min
transportation, accommodations,
activities, etc. Write the list on the
board in a chart
5. Production Split students into groups of 5. Have s-s 30 Go around
each group plan a vacation for the min the room and
teachers. They have to decide where help groups
the teachers will go, how they will get that get
there, where they will stay and two or stuck. Help
three activities they will do during “judge” the
their stay. Each group presents their presentations
vacation plans and the group with .
the “best” plan gets a treat.