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NUMBER 160 JU N E 1981

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We'had hoped to have this issue published before the 1981
Seguin, Texas 7 8 1 5 5
Boston MUFON UFO Symposium, but most people will receive it
RICHARD HALL after the meeting is history. Printing delays and vacation schedules
Editor intervened. Coverage of the Symposium will be included in the
August or September issue.
As an example of cooperation among UFO groups, we intro­
Associate Editor
duce this month the first of a series of quaterly plotting maps for
LEN STRINGFIELD U.S. sightings. We congratulate Gayle McBride of the Tarheel UFO
Associate Editor Study Group, North Carolina, who persuaded the represented
parties to share sighting data for this purpose.
Contributing Editor

Director of MUFON
TED BLOECHER In this issue
Co-Chairmen, KLASS AND FRIEDMAN DEBATE.................................................... 3
Humanoid Study Group By Dennis Stacy
PAULCERNY AIR FORCE "MODEL" U FO ................................................................. 5
Promotion/Publicity . By Don Berliner .
OPEN LETTER TO ROBERT SHEAFFER......................................... 7
REV. BARRY DOWNING By James M. McCampbell
Books/PeriodicaJs/History FOGARTY ON KLASS: A COM MENT..........................................10
By Jennie Zeidman
Astronomy By Michael Sinclair
ROSETTA HOLMES CALIFORNIA REPORT....................................................................... 13
Promotion/Publicity By Ann Druffel
FIRST QUARTER 1981 UFO SIGHTINGS M A P ......................... 16
Landing Trace Cases IN OTHERS' W O RD S........................................................................... 19
JOHN F . SCHUESSLER By Lucius Farish
UFO Propulsion DIRECTOR'S M ESSA GE.................................... .........., .................. 20
By Walt Andrus -
Staff Writer
Editor/Publishers Emeritus
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By Dennis Stacy
(Staff Writer)

A formal debate was staged in Committee's quarterly journal, "The chopper was traveling at a speed of
the halls of Trinity University, San Skeptical Inquirer." 90 knots, 2500 feet above sea level.
Antonio, between UFO proponent, Mass'maintained that there has 1200 feet above the actual ground
Stanton T. Friedman, and arch saucer yet to be a UFO reported that, w hen. surface below..
critic, Philip J. Mass on February ^1, subjected to close enough scrutiny, At 11 pm, one of the crewman
1981. Nearly 400 people attended the does hot fail to have behind it a noticed a curious red light off to the
debate in Trinity's Laurie Auditorium prosaic, if admittedly sometimes ex­ east. Coyne told him to "keep an eye
sponsored by the Trinity Students ceedingly rare, source or stimulus. on it." Thirty seconds later, the red
Activity Committee and Professor of According to Mass, UFOs can be light shot straight for the helicopter
Astronomy, Dr. Michael Hart. Hart anything from meteors to more on a collision course. Its speed was
also chaired last year's University of exotic meteorological phenomena estimated at 600 knots, or about 700
Maryland astronomer's conference like "sundogs" and atmospheric miles per hour. Coyne tightened his
on the question of extraterrestrial plasma, or ball lightning. They can grip on the controls and urged die
life, "Where Are They?" be hallucinations or misapprehen­ helicopter into an abrupt dive. Now
Friedman was the evening's first sions of untrained witnesses. They the red light had stopped directly
speaker and led off by arguing that can be temperature inversions on a above them and the entire crew
the evidence that some UFOs were radar screen or common celestial looked up through the helicopter's
indeed spacecraft of an extraterrest­ objects seen under unusual condi­ roof panel windows in wonder.
rial origin and manufacture was now tions. They can even be outright The thing remained motionless
overwhelming. Various parties, fabrications and hoaxes, said Mass. for 10 or 12 seconds. One of the crew
Friedman charged, including U.S. In fact, they can be just about any­ said it looked like the "hull of a dark
government and military intelligence thing at all except convincing proof submarine" as its oblong form blot­
agencies, were actively involved in a that the planet is being surveyed or ted out the easily visible stars. All
Cosmic Watergate, an on-going visited by extraterrestrial intelli­ aboard could see the red light at the
coverup designed to keep secret the gence capable of interstellar travel. nose of the odd object, and several
knowledge that UFOs exist in phys­ As a classic example of how even other attached lights reflecting off its
ical reality, the best of high-strangeness UFO dark surface.
Friedman, a nuclear physicist reports can turn out to have a mun­
Suddenly, a pyramidal, or tri­
with 14 years research experience in dane explanation, Mass spent the
angular-shaped beam of green light
various government and industrial first 30 minutes of his time analyzing
shone down on the helicopter, light­
highly classified projects, is prob­ the famous near collision betweena
ing up the interior. Coyne now not­
ably the country's foremost pro­ cigar-shaped, redly glowing UFO
iced that his chopper, instead of
ponent of the theory of extraterrest­ and an Army Reserve helicopter
descending, was rising, at almost a
rial UFO origin. He claims he is the piloted by then Captain Lawrence J.
thousand feet a minute! Whatever
only known space scientist devoting Coyne the night of October 18,1973,
the thing was, it abruptly shot off to
full time research to the UFO near Cleveland, Ohio. A Blue Ribbon
the west and disappeared from view,
phenomenon. Panel of "The National Enquirer"
having been in continuous sight for
His opponent was Philip J. Klass, newspaper later awarded the heli­
a period of 4 to 5 minutes.
senior avionics editor of Aviation copter crew $5,000 as a prize for "the
And what it might have been, of
Week and Space Technology journal. most scientifically valuable UFO re­
course, depends on which side of
He is also an original UFO panel port of 1973."
the UFO debate the individual inter­
member of the Committee for the Mass admitted that, on the sur­
preter happens to fall. To Philip
Scientific Investigation of Claims of face, the circumstances seemed to be
Mass, not unexpectedly, the explan­
the Paranormal (CSICOP), a panel strange enough. The October night
ation was obvious. Coyne and his
which also includes well-known in question. Captain Coyne had
crew had seen a particularly brilliant
UFO skeptics, Robert Sheaffer and been at the controls of a Bell UH-1H
and sustained fireball emanating
James Oberg. Mass is the author of (Huey) helicopter on a routine flight
from the annual Orionid meteor
two flying saucer books, UFOs - from Columbus, Ohio, to the crew's
shower which generally occurs on
Explained and UFOs - Identified, and home base in Cleveland. Three other
also serves as an editor for the crewman were also aboard. The (Continued on next page)
encounter, a fact that Klass "conven­
iently" failed to mention.
Rather than engaging in a lenghty
rebuttal of (Gass' explanation, how­
ever, Friedman quickly moved on to
material he considered more urgent,
including a review of numerous law
suits undertaken by individuals and
saucers groups alike under the
Freedom of Information act. One
such suit currently under way seeks
the recovery of 135 classified docu­
ments in the archives of the National
Security Agency (NSA). Govern­
ment attorneys have already admitt­
ed that the documents do exist, but
have taken strenuous steps to see
that they are not released to the
general public. A 21-page summary
of the documents was shown to the
presiding judge in a closed-door
session. Friedman, of course, alleges

the nights of October 2Tst and 22nd.

And it is entirely understandable,
(Gass continued, that the helicopter
crew should react in alarm and con­
fusion to the startling sight, so much
so that they obviously misinterpret­
ed the subsequent events and time
factors involved. The green light
flooding the cabin of the helicopter,
for example, was caused not by a
beam of light of that color, but be­
cause the flash of the fireball itself
was filtered through the rooftop
window panels which are them­
selves tinted green!
Klass also focused on several
other discrepancies he said he de­
tected in the crew's account of the
frightening encounter after a pas­
sage of two and a half years. Coyne,
in particular, later said that the heli­
copter's magnetic compass had be­
gun to spin wildly in the course of ‘ Friedman was courteous and that the legal manuevers are, the
the near collision and had to be succinct in his rejoinder. Since his latest in a series of on-going cover-
replaced. Another crewman said the UFO encounter, it was pointed out, ups conducted by the government
compass had not been affected dur­ Coyne had been promoted to Lieu­ to withhold conclusive evidence of
ing the event. The chopper's radio­ tenant-Colonel, hardly the kind of the physical existence of UFOs.
man had also tried to contact one of recognition the Army Reserves In his own rebuttal, (Gass would
several nearby military installations would bestow upon a helicopter reply that the NSA was the govern­
at the time of the sighting and had pilot guilty of the errors of observa­ ment intelligence agency charged
failed to raise a response. Nothing tion and judgment with which (Gass with the translation of classified
overly, mysterious about that, either, charged him. Friedman also noted communications intercepted from
(Gass noted; the onboard radio unit that several independent ground
had a short range and simply could observers had. confirmed the UFO (Continued on next page)
not cope with the distances involved. sighting at the time of the Coyne

B y Don Berliner

The first major study of a large to base its stories on the report's using the descriptions of what they
collection of UFO reports was the very conservative conclusions and felt were the "Best Unknowns" a­
puzzling "Special Report 14," which summary, rather than on the intrigu­ mong the hundreds they had deter­
covered more than 3,000 reports ing but hard-to-read tables, graphs, mined were unexplainable. The
received by the U S. Air Force in and charts. As a result, few people Battelle conclusion was that it was
the first 5 years of its Projects realized at the time that almost one- impossible to derive a model of a
Sign, Grudge and Blue Book — quarter of the 3,201 sightings had "flying saucer" that fit all the re­
1947-52. The data used in the re­ been declared "Unknown" by the quirements of consistency. The im­
ports were the Air Force's, but the ; Battelle scientists. Instead, the public plication was that this reduced the
conclusions were those of Battelle had little choice but to accept fhe chances of there being a category of
Memorial Institute, a private scienti­ conclusions of the accompanying real, unknown devices responsible
fic research organization in Colum­ Air Force press release which im­ for a significant number of reports.
bus, Ohio, which performed the plied that only 3% of all the sightings The validity of the effort can be
study on a $100,000 Air Force had not been explained as conven­ called into question on several ac­
contract. tional phenomena or illusions. counts, any one of which causes one
When it was released to the pub­ One of the more interesting ideas to wonder if the study was truly
lic in 1955, Special Report 14 attract­ explored in the report was the at­ objective. The statement that "suffi-
ed little attention, as the press chose tempt to construct a model of a UFO, (Continued on next page)

Debate, Continued
map was sketched out while Betty was memory?
Soviet, Chinese and other foreign under the influence of a post-hypno­ Friedman declined, of course,
powers. To reveal their contents, he tic suggestion. Astronomer Marjorie after noting that Betty Hill had re­
charged, would show the public not Fish later constructed hundreds of drawn her map while under the care
so nearly much about flying saucers three-dimensional star maps of our of Dr, Benjamin Simon, a prominent
as about America's intelligence near-neighbor suns using recently New England psychologist and
gathering capabilities. Klass then corrected star distance data before trained hypnotist. The fact of the
showed slides of numerous already she arrived at a controversial verifi­ map's existence spoke for itself,
de-classified documents from var­ cation of Betty's map. Fish's work Friedman concluded.
ious security agencies which indi­ indicated that the aliens were from So who really won the "inside"
cated that if a saucer conspiracy either Zeta One or Two Reticuli, two debate? Probably no one. As no less
were indeed in effect, individual sun-like stars separated by a gap of an authority on the subject of UFOs
agencies such as the CIA and the only 3 light weeks, Friedman con­ than Dr. J. Allen Hynek once said: "I
Department of Defense were as ig­ tended that such a situation of rela­ was trained as a scientist, not as a
norant of its existence as everyone tive proximity between one solar lawyer, and in any case I don't see
else. Klass also said that it would be a system and another would be highly how a difficult scientific question
physical impossibility to maintain a conducive to the development of can be properly addressed within
secret of such magnitude as the sup­ space travel technology by an intel­ the limitations of the debate format,
posed fact that the U.S. government ligent life form inhabiting a planet in . which reduces everything to a sim­
has in its possession a crashed either system. plistic either-or position and makes
saucer or retrieved alien corpses. After Friedman had finished no allowances for the real complexi­
Friedman also stated that the speaking, Klass scored one of the ties of an issue."
famous Barney and Betty Hill ab­ more dramatic points in the debate The only thing that does seem
duction case offered convincing by approaching Friedman's table dear at this point is that the UFO
proof that an extraterrestrial intel­ with his own "star map," If Betty Hill debate is bound to continue until a
ligence was engaged in biological could accurately recreate a map satisfactory resolution is made. It
experiments involving human spec­ from memory two and one half will continue in the front pages of
imens. The single most convincing years after the alleged incident, the world's newspapers and in the
element of the case, Friedman re­ would Friedman be willing to sub­ hallowed halls of academia. And it
iterated, was Betty's ability, two and ject his own memory to_a small will continue in the woods and fields
one half years after her frightening scientific test? Would he kindly of the world whenever people look
abduction experience, to redraw an. glance at the drawing Klass held up up and see something strange in the
alleged star map she had seen while to the audience, study it for 30 se­ nighttime sky. Something they can't
on board the alien spacecraft. The conds, and then recreate it from readily identify-^

AF Model, Continued Despite the shape and the red glow Report 14 as a thick disc: The draw­
surrounding the many glowing ob­ ing shows a thickness ratio of 3.4:1
ciently detailed descriptions were jects, the official USAF conclusion and mentions proportions of 7:1.
given in only 12 cases" makes ab­ was that the several witnesses had referring to dimensions from the
solutely no sense to anyone who has been watching birds. observer's drawing, but never stat­
taken a more than casual glance at Case III. Jan. 20, 1951; Sioux ing any specific figures.
the accumulated cases of the first 5 City, Iowa. The witnesses were Mid­ Case VIII. July 31,1948; Indiana­
years of the official investigation. Continent Air Lines Capt. Lawrence polis,’ Ind. Witnesses Mr. and Mrs.
There are many scores of reports Vinther, First Officer James Bach- Vemon Swigert. (No notice is taken
containing as much, if not more meier, and control tower operators. that it occurred less than 48 hours
information than the dozen selected The description is of an object 'like after Case I and in the same general
for this special study. Just why these an airplane with a cigar-shaped area.) It is described as "cymbal"
were chosen and others ignored body and straight wings." The draw­ shaped, which suggests a flat bottom,
cannot be determined at this late ing is of a pair of crossed hotdogs, but the drawing shows an upwardly
date. But even using these cases, a with the "wings" shaped exactly like curved bottom. Using the witnesses'
better job could have been done. In the "fuselage." Despite some rather dimensions, the object would have a
fact, there are so many errors in violent maneuvering, the USAF de­ thickness ratio of between 2,5 and
reporting and drawing the objects cided the excellent witnesses must 3.3:1, but the drawing is of a thinner
from the 12 cases that serious doubt have been observing an enormous object with a ratio of 3.7:1. The
arises as to the capability and sincer­ B-36 airplane. ' official , USAF conclusion is:
ity of those who prepared the sec­ Case IV. July 19,1952; Madison, Unidentified.
tion entitled; "The 'Flying Saucer' Fla. The witness was Ollie Daniel, a Case IX. Aug. 13, 1947; Twin
Model." former U.S. Navy airplane mechanic. Falls, Idaho. The witnesses were
In an effort to show how distort­ He described two "cigar-shaped" A.C. Urie and his sons Kenneth and
ed the attempt to derive a model objects. The drawing is of an oval Billie. The dimensions are of an
was, we offer comments on each, with a thickness ratio of just over 3:1, object having a thickness ratio of 2:1,
along with considerably better ident­ which is pretty fat for a cigar. Even yet the drawings show ratios of 3.2
ification of each case than was pre­ though Daniel said the objects were and 3.4:1, with no explanation for
sented in Special Report 14. lighted, had visible exhaust at one the variance. The witnesses describ­
end, and maneuvered, the USAF ed pods on the sides, while the side-
B e st Unknowns
said they were "possible balloons." view drawing shows loops or hand­
Case L July 29,1948; Indianapolis, Case V. July 24, 1948; Mont­ les. There is no sign of flames com­
Ind. Non-Technical witnesses James gomery, Ala. Witnesses were East­ ing from the pods, as mentioned by
Toney and Robert Huggins. The two ern Airlines Capt. Clarence Chiles the witnesses. The USAF explana­
men said the object was propeller­ and First Officer J.B. Whitted. Their tion of "atmospheric eddy" is credit­
shaped, yet the drawing in Report 14 description was of a rocket-shaped ed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who subse­
looks like no known propeller. The object with two rows of lighted win­ quently disowned the idea.
witnesses refer to round cups on the dows, and yet the pilot's drawing Case X. May 24, 1949; Rogue
object, yet the drawing shows most shows only vertical divisions with River, Ore. The witnesses were sev­
cups to be clearly oblong. The writ­ no indication of light, as in his co­ eral employees of the Ames Aero­
ten description is of an object 6'-8' pilot's drawing. Even though the nautical Laboratories. The object
long and 2' wide; the dimensions object was said to have climbed was described as "like a fifty-cent
with the drawing say it was lVT-2' away steeply, the USAF said it was a piece," "pancake-like.. .somewhat
wide. The description is of an object meteor, apparently on the urging of thicker in the center," "either com­
with a radius-to-thickness ratio of 3 the late Dr. Donald Menzel. pletely circular or somewhat oval...
or 4:1; the dimensions are of an Case VI. Dec. 22,1952; Banning, thin near the edges and thicker in
object witha ratio of 3 to 5:1; and the Calif. The witness was instrument the center." All witnesses described
drawing has a ratio of just over 2yi;l. technician Michael Fajack. This case a small triangular fin extending from
The final Project Blue Book conclu­ file is missing from the Project Blue the middle and getting larger as it
sion was: Unknown. Book collection and so no analysis is approached the rear. The drawing
Case II. Apr. 20, 1952; Flint, possible. show a fairly thick circular disc with
Mich. The prime witness is describ­ Case VII. June 6, 1952; Kimpo a fin resembling the one described
ed as a Naval aviation student, but AFB, Korea. The witness was an by the witnesses. Estimated dimen­
the case file says he was a university unnamed USAF Flight Sergeant ( a sions ranged from 25' in diameter, to
student who had been a naval aviat­ term apparently coined by the au­ the size of a C-47 transport plane
or. The description is of objects thors of Report 14), The case file is (95' wingspan and 64' length); no
"shaped like conventional aircraft," missing from the Blue Book records,
yet the drawing in Report 14 shows but is listed as "Unidentified" on a
an airplane clearly lacking a tail! summary sheet. It was described in (Continued on next page)
AN O PEN L E T T E R T O its proper thrust is the study of UFOs STA M P C O N T R IB U T IO N S
R O BER T SH EA FFER themselves.
(e) The arguments ad hominem We are grateful to the MUFON
are inexcusable. (Perhaps you are members/subscribers who continue
“T H E U FO V E R D IC T ,
merely trying to antagonize people to contribute cancelled foreign
to gain notice.) stamps. Proceeds are applied to help
May 4, 1981
(f) The single reference to my underwrite international exchange
Dear Bob,
work concerning Adamski and im­ of UFO information. Recent stamp
It was a pleasure to meet you and
plying that I think there are cities on contributions have been received
your family last week and I appreci­
the back side of the moon is ridicu­ from —
ate having a copy of your book. Your
lous. It suggests that the scientific Don Berliner, Arlington, Va.;
suspicion that I might not like it was
theory of the book and the technical Larry Bryant, Arlington, Va., Jerome
correct. It would take too much time
details passed over your head. Clark, Lake Bluff, 111.; Robert Davis,
to tick off each item of weakness that
(g) You give great lip service to Dallas, Texas; R. Bruce Jordan, Palo
I noted, but here are a few general
the scientific method, but fail to Alto, Calif.; Project Starlight Inter­
apply it. national, Austin, Texas; Tarheel
(a) The title and subtitle imply
(h) In a number of instances I UFO Study Group, Winston-Salem,
that the book is a comprehensive
found the logic to be faulty. Actually, N.C.; and Diane Tessman, St.
study of the subject leading to a
Bob, the book is so bad that I find it Petersburg, Fla. .
rational conclusion. It falls far short
of that. easier to believe in flying saucers
(b) You start with an unstated, than that you are serious. I Were Vuzz/ei'
but none the less obvious, promise Sincerely,
that UFOs do not exist, then search
t really from
for the necessary solutions to certain Is ! Jim
cases. With very strained arguments James M. McCampbell l UFOs?
■ & DANVILLE — One person described
that ignore essential details you "ex­ MUFON, Director of Research . them as resembling "hundreds ol fux-
plain" the cases. Therefore, accord­ 12 Bryce Court n e s " and another said they looked "lik e
tailing cobwebs."
ing to the book, you have proved Belmont, CA 94002 Some people in Danville's 2nd Ward
were talking about shiny little while par*
that UFO's don't exist. We both know tid es that seemed to be tailing from the
sky at about 2:20 p.m. Monday. Some
that you have an impossible mis­ P were still coming down at 4:30 p.m..
sion, that is, to prove that UFOs do Eh they said
w It appeared that the silklike particles
not exist. On the other hand, I may 3 were being shot from saucer-shaped
be able to prove that they do. I prefer 3 crafts in front of the sun. said William F .
o Hummer who lives at 222 Honeymoon St.
to hold my cards in this game. He said lie and about six of his neighbors
■‘ witnesssed the objects. Two neighbors
(c) Your debunking techniques
are the old familiar ones of Blue
MUFON said they agreed with Hummer’s ac­
count. but they wouldn't give their
Book, Condon, and Klass. They don't Hummer said the saucer-type crafts
103 OLDTOWNE RD. seemed to have round domes on top. He
SEGUIN, TX 78155 said it looked like the saucers were ex­
(d) You treat ufology as a social ploding or "hatching" in front of the sun
and releasing the sm aller particles.
phenomenon exclusively, whereas The particles seemed to disintegrate
as they (ell to the ground, he said.

AF Model, Continued cription says there was a ring of lights ing from the top to the rear edge; the
one estimated the thickness ratio. 3/4 of the distance from the center to drawing shows several parallel lines
The descriptions and drawing are the edge, but the drawing shows from the center line to the top of the
therefore in reasonably close agree­ them 9/10 of the way to the edge. The object, but with no color different­
ment. The Air Force, in its inimitable official conclusion: Unidentified. iation to suggest windows. Squyres
fashion, listed this case twice, once Case XII. Aug. 25; 1952; Pittsburg, described a series of 6"-12" whirling
explaining it as "kites" and once as Kans. The Witness was radio station propellors along the outer edge,
"aircraft." employee William Squyres. His writ­ while the drawing shows them only
Case XI. Mar. 20,1950; Stuttgart, ten description gives a thickness ratio as small circles. The written descrip­
Ark. Witnesses were Chicago & of 5:1, the drawing dimensions work tion plays down Squyres' references
Southern Airlines Capt. Jack out to 3 to 3.8:1, and the drawing to apparently intelligent motion in
Adams and First Officer G.W. Ander­ shows 2.8:1. Squyres described a pair some windows, though the official
son, They described the object as of oval meat platters placed together, conclusion was: Unidentified.
disc-like, but the drawing in Report but the drawing is of an elongated With such sloppy work going into
14 is of a flat cylinder with sharp football with pointed ends. Squyres the study, is it any wonder that no
edges, like a hockey puck. The des­ described several windows* extend­ model of a UFO could be found? “
From the Humanoid Study Oroup Archlves-IV
By Ted Bloecher

Date of Sighting: Tuesday, Septem- Since the event occurred on Por­ unidentified flying object report
■ ber 21, 1954. tuguese territory, the official inquiry submitted by the Intelligence Of­
Local Time: 10:45 p.m. (2245 mili­ was conducted by a representative ficer, Azores Air Transport Sta­
tary time). of the Portuguese government, Lt. tion, Lajes Field, Azores. The
Locale: Santa Maria Airport, Azores Henrique da Costa Pessca, Com­ information submitted herewith
(Portuguese Territory). mander of the Santa Maria Airport comprises statements made by
Primary Witness: Vitorino Lourenco facility. The information contained Lt. Henrique da Costa Pessca,
Monteiro, civilian guard at Santa in Lt. Pessca's report was made avail­ commander of the Portuguese
Maria Airport. able to Wing Intelligence Officer National working for FAA at
Duration: From two to three minutes. Robert D. Gammell, 1st Lieutenant, Santa Maria Airport; and a news­
Closest Proximity: Face-to-face, U.S.A.F., head of the U.S. Intelli­ paper article translated from the
within arm's length. gence Operations at the Azores Air Portuguese. The report follows
Investigator; L t Henrique da Costa Transport Station in Lajes Field. Lt. the format outlined in paragraph
Pessca, Commander of the Portu­ Gammell prepared and submitted 6b, AFR 200-2, subject: "Uniden­
guese International Airport of his report to Air Force Intelligence tified Flying Object Report"
Santa Maria. in accordance with the official UFO (Short Title: UFOB), dated 26
Hum Cat Classification: Serial reporting format, AFR 200-2, the August 1953.
#0252, Type B (entity observed procedure used from 1953 through Prepared by Robert D. Gammell,
getting in and/or out of UFO). 1966, when it was revised for use in 1st Lt„ USAF, Wing Intelligence
conjunction with the Condon Com­ Officer. Approved: H. L. Smith,
Background mittee inquiry. (For an example of Colonel, USAF, Commander.
Among the humanoid cases from the revised form, see Appendix B, p. Distribution by Originator: Orig,
the U.S. Air Force UFO files that 819, in the Bantam paperback edi­ HQ USAF; lcc, MATS, ATLD,
Richard Hall and I examined at the tion of The Condon Report.) CINCLANT, American Consul;
Air Force Office of History, in Wash­ 2cc, Air Attache.
ington, D.C., during the Fall of 1974, The Official Report The following is from Part II of
was a CEIII case from the Azores. The official report indudes the AF Form 112, reorganized from the
The incident took place on Septem­ usual Project 10073 Record, or cover­ original itemized format into a more
ber 21, 1954, during the wave of ing summary sheet, not reproduced readible description:
UFO reports that was centered in, here. Air Force Form 112, the Air The shape of the object was
but by no means limited to, France. Intelligence Information Sheet, pro­ oblong (or "pecan-shaped"), 10 feet
The Air Force concluded that this vides the following information on in length by 5 feet in height, and. of a
UFO event was "Unidentified," al­ the case: light metallic blue in color. There
though it was not a U.S. Air Force USA-MATS; IR-225-54; AF 640037 was a plexiglass-type section in the
representative who conducted the Subject: (Unclassified) Unidentified forward.end, also blue, which con­
investigation. Flying Objects tained the "pilot." There were four
So far as can be determined, Area Reported In: Azores pole-like appendages, two at each
there is only one published source From Agency: Intelligence Section end, which supported parallel aerials,
for the Azores case: a brief abstract AATS, ATLD-MATS and there was an orange light in the
can be found in the Appendix of Date o f Report: 18 October 1954 nose of the object.
Jacques Vallee's book, Passport To Date of Investigation: 13 October The civilian guard, Senhor Mon­
Magonia (Regnery, 1969, p. 210), 1954 teiro, was alerted to the presence of
where it is misdated as September Evaluation: B-6 (Unidentified—TB) the object by a humming or whirring
20, 1954. Vallee has identified the Preparing Officer: Robert D. Gam­ noise, similar to the sound made by
witness as Vitorino Lourenco Mon­ mell, 1st Lt., USAF the wind passing over wire cables or
teiro (his name is not included in the Source: Lt. Pessca, Mr. Gowman, telephone lines. The object ap-
Air Force report). The official ver­ Mr. Correia
sion of the case is published here for Reference: BAIR #3-A
the first time. Summary: Attached herewith is an (Continued on next page)
Azores, Continued Pessca), fastened a safety belt across time. Then he shrugged and said, "I
proached and landed approximately his middle and some shoulder straps, don't know; maybe it is true. It is
30 feet from the guard post, making then seemingly pushed a button. very strange indeed."
a slight nose-down approach to land; The craft took off with its nose raised A Mr. Correira, a Portuguese
it levelled off, hovered a few feet a few degrees from the horizontal, national working for Pan American
above the ground, then settled traveled a few feet, then levelled off Airways at Santa Maria, told a repre­
straight down. The witness was un­ and shot almost straight up. sentative of the AATS Intelligence
able to see any landing gear. A The occupants of the car, whose Office he had been on the opposite
blond-haired man, 5 feet, 10 inches headlights caused the departure of side of the island at approximately
in height, got out of a door located in the strange man, stopped to ask the 2230Z the same evening and had
the plexiglass section; he approach­ guard what the strange light was seen some strange white lights above
ed the witness, but "attempts to con­ they had seen above his post. The the island. Some fishermen coming
verse failed." The encounter lasted guard related a part of his story to into the island at approximately the
from 2 to 3 minutes and was termi­ die people in the car. Later, the same time also are reported to have
nated by the approach of an auto­ guard decided he would not report seen some strange lights above the
mobile. After the pilot reboarded die incident to his superiors for fear field.
and "belted up," the UFO ascended of not being believed. However, the Mr. Owen Gowman, FAA Direc­
almost vertically and then accele­ persons in the car began spreading the tor at Santa Maria Airport, told the
rated rapidly into the night sky, dis­ story around the small island of Santa reporting officer several of his Ameri­
appearing in the darkness. Maria. In view of the stories being can employees saw strange lights
The weather, according to the circulated, the guard made an offi­ above the airfield during the latter
witness, was fair, with visibility un­ cial report of the incident late on the part of September. Additional infor­
limited. The official weather condi­ following day. The guard stated he mation as to time, color, number,
tions for Terceira Island (142 nautical was too scared while the strange dates, etc., has been requested and
miles to the northwest of Santa Maria man was present to think about will be forwarded separately when
Island) reported the ceiling at 200 arresting him. received.
feet, with a one/eighth cloud cover Lt. Pessca stated (that) he had Since the sighting of the "flying
at that altitude. The wind direction interrogated the guard three days in cigar" was made at a Portuguese
was 230 degrees at 14 knots, at 6,000 a row and received the same story civil airport by a Portuguese guard,
feet. There were no balloon launch­ on each occasion. the reporting officer did not have
ings in that area at the time. Pessca had a folder full of state­ the opportunity to personally inter­
ments and drawings of this incident, rogate the principal. However, it is
Comments l»v which he kept in his safe. He dis­ my opinion that Lt. Pessca coop­
1st Lieutenant Gammell played a rough drawing of the object erated to the fullest extent in relating
The above information was re­ taken from this file, to the reporting the facts of the case as he knew them.
lated by Lt. Henrique da Costa Pes- officer. In this drawing, the pilot of This is not another incident of som e-1
sca, Commander of the Portuguese the object was seated approximately one thinking he saw something: the
International Civil Airport at Santa in the middle of his craft at a slight guard either saw the object as re-,
Maria, Azores, during a personal backward slant from the vertical. ported, or he saw nothing and con­
interview with the reporting officer. The shape of the object was similar cocted the entire story for reasons of
According to the story reported to that of a pecan nut or a football his own. In the absence of informa­
by Lt. Pessca, the guard saw the except it did not have as pronounced tion to indicate the latter, the former .
strange object land. A blond-haired a point at the front and rear. seems to be the answer to the facts so
man, approximately 5' 10" in height, The guard is 25-28 years old and far presented.
got out, walked over to him and originally from a town near Usbon. The following article appeared
spoke in a strange language which He is reported by the Santa Maria in a local newspaper on this island
the guard did not understand. The Airport Director to be agood worker (Terceira) on October 3,1954, and is
guard attempted to converse in with no police record, a steady, reli­ reported as additional information
French, without success. After a min­ able man and not a nervous type. on unusual sightings in the Santa
ute or so of this, the headlights of a Pessca further stated there was no Maria area.
car were seen approaching the guard evidence to indicate the Guard would Santa Maria,' Sept. 28: A PAA DC-SB com­
manded by Captain Freeman, radioed shortly
post, which is in the middle of an invent the story for personal publicity. after leaving Santa Maria Airport that at -
intersection with roads leading to When asked for his personal approximately 3:20 a.m. (9/28), while flying
the only port on the island, the town views on the sighting, Lt. Pessca ' at 6400 meters altitude with the weather
of Villa do Porto and the airport. stated: "I personally don't believe." exceptionally clear (no clouds) at 38° 36' W
The strange man patted the guard Then he indicated he had nothing to longitude, he sighted above the ocean a large
on the back of his shoulder in a support this belief except that the
friendly fashion and got back into guard remembered too many details
his "flying cigar" (the term used by for a two or three minute period of (Continued on next page)
By Jennie Zeidman •
(® 1981 by Jennie Zeidman) At the London International UFO
Congress, May 24-25, Dr. Bruce S.
It is invigorating and satisfying serious ufologists, provide for them Maccabee, chairman of the Fund for
to debate one's peers, to engage in (they do little investigating of their UFO Research, presented a check
intellectual battle over a problem own, but swoop, like vultures, upon for $500 and an International Science
mutually defined. Sometimes whole cases we have already brought Achievement Award certificate to
new avenues are opened, and solu­ down). The tape transcript cited by the UFO Phenomena International
tions are shown where before, blind Quentin displays what we all know Annual Review (UPIAR) ". , .for
spots clouded the issue. Arguments so well: rational, productive dis­ their contribution to the scientific
among ufologists are common—but course with Mass is impossible. study of UFOs and in particular for
they are arguments within the Enough of this waste of time, of the consistently high quality found /
bounds of decorum—of respect for giving audience to childish tantrums, in their publication." UPIAR is the
the intellect and integrity of one attempted diversions, and unscrup­ only international refereed journal
another, of recognition of the re­ ulous ploys, which have contributed devoted to a scientific examination
search and documentation provided nothing to ufological knowledge. of UFOs and has been published
by one another, and most important­ During the 2Vi years 1worked on since 1976. It is published in English.
ly, they are arguments within the the Coyne helicopter case,* I don't For subscription information, write
rules of logic and rationality. recall ever responding directly to to UPIAR, c/o Editecs Publishing
It has become abundantly clear, Mass's voluminous attempts at cor­ House, P.O. Box 190,40100 Bologna,
in written and verbal exchange, that respondence. I would no more Italy.
Philip Klass is unwilling (or perhaps attempt disclosure with him than The Fund has also sponsored an
unable) to abide by those standards with a tantrum-throwing, hysterical investigation by Allan Hendry of the
normally considered proper for de­ 6-year-old. As with a 6-year-old, I December 1980 Betty Cash, Huff­
bate. He speaks his own private walk away. When negative behavior man, Texas, radiation injury case
tongue, while serious ufologists is not reinforced with recognition, (See MUFON UFO Journal No. 158,
speak the language of logical, ra­ sooner or later it ceases. We all know April 1981). John Schuessler, Deputy
tional inquiry. I have yet to see any everything we need to know about Director of MUFON, is coordinating
positive results from these exchanges Mr. Mass. Now, let's move on to the investigation, and Dr. Peter Rank
— although one might note that they something worthwhile. (radiologist. Fund Board Member)
have provided "comic relief" or has lent his expertise to the ongoing
amusement from time to time. *"A Helicopter-UFO Encounter Over Ohio,” study. Contributions to the Fund are
by Jennie Zeidman, Center for UFO Studies, deductible from U.S. income taxes:
As Quentin Fogarty has indicated
P.O. Box. 1402, Evanston, IL 60204, $9.00
* (No. 157, March 1981) Mass and his Fund for UFO Research, Box 277,
including postage and handling.
ilk feed upon the publicity we, the Mount Rainier, MD 20822.

Azores, Continued
the altitude of the aircraft was 15,000 sence of an entirely human UFO-
lighted area of abnormal brilliance, a fact for feet. Mr. Gowman stated Captain naut. "Extraterrestrials," as all rea­
which no explanation was available. Freeman was positive the 40 to 50 sonable "ufologists" know, are not
At any1 rate, it didn't seem possible that it very bright lights he sighted above supposed to be human. Unfortun­
could have been a ship. It gave off a greater
the water were not ships at sea. He ately, the guard at Santa Maria
amount of light than any illuminated ship
could possibly have given. stated that he has flown across the Airport didn't know what everyone
The phenomenon was also observed by pas­ Atlantic many times and has seen else knew in 1954, But that airport
sengers aboard, who unanimously affirmed hundreds of lighted ships, but these guard wasn't the only one not
that it was a flying saucer (or should be lights were much brighter than any paying attention in 1954: on the
termed a flying saucer). The plane didn't
he has ever seen. afternoon of August 20, just one
attempt to come any closer to the strange
object which, as the plane continued onward, Comments month before the event in the
still remained above the water, Diario Insular, Azores, a similar incident occurred
3 Oct. 1954. It is probably unnecessary to add in the Oeydalen Valley of Norway.
Mr. Cowman, the FAA Director, any comments to the above, but I The next report of the Humanoid
personally talked to Captain Free­ find myself unable to resist men­ Study Group archives will describe
man on his return trip from Lisbon tioning one aspect of this remark­ it in detail.
to the States and, when shown the able report, a feature guaranteed to
above article, the Captain stated it stick in the craw of most serious
was essentially correct except that UFO researchers—that is the pre­

By Michael Sinclair, Ph.D. . .
(MUFON International

Recently, I had the privileged the 240-page publication of their cludes "approximately 350 coded
opportunity to spend 4 days in West 1975 congress. The quotations which cases" and a bibliography of about
Germany as the very well treated appear below are from the summary 100 sources.
house guest of the distinguished abstracts, in English, of the published
UFOlogist, Mr. 1. Brand, Coordinator papers. New Theories of Gravity and UFOs
of MUFON-Central European Section
Electromagnetic and Gravitational Effects The paper "New Theories of
of UFOs Gravitation and the Qualitative
sists of our German-speaking col­
leagues in Austria and Switzerland as In a 70-page article Dipl.-Ing. A Explanation for Some Physical
Schneider, another distinguished Effects of UFO's," by Dipl. Phys. I.
well as West Germany. (Membership
European UFOlogist, and MUFON's Brand, is the longest (62 pp.) in the
is by invitation only.) Since the early
representative in West Germany, publication of the 1975 MUFON-
1970s a small though dedicated and
presents a detailed non-technical CES congress. This often highly
highly research-oriented group of
discussion of "Electromagnetic and technical and mathematical article,
professional scientists has been
Gravitational Effects of Unidentified "directed mainly to theoretical
working through MUFON-fcES to­
Flying Objects." This paper is con­ physicists," is based on new theories
wards a better understanding and
cerned "with a few UFO effects that of gravity and "the attempt is made
eventual resolution of the UFO
have been observed over and over to support the extraterrestrial
phenomenon (perhaps we should
again," including effects which "have hypothesis as the explanation of
say phenomena).
been automatically recorded by UFO phenomena. For this purpose,
This article provides some details
instruments." "With the help of gravitation theories are introduced
of the large volume of German-lan­
selected characteristic examples that which predict accompanying electro­
guage material, published by
often come from numerous inde­ magnetic effects that have been
MUFON-CES, on their investi­
pendent witnesses, the author observed in the vicinity of UFO's." -
gations of UFO reports and
attempts to prove that the electro­ Mr. Brand discusses "the de­
consequent research endeavours.
magnetic and gravitative interactions velopment and the most important
MUFON-CES has held an annual
must be essentially correlated with characteristics of the theories,... in
congress from 1974 to 1980, inclusive,
the propulsion system of the uniden­ abbreviated form." This provides an
and the proceedings have been pub­
tified flying object." Mr. Schneider "overview of the main directions of
lished in German for the first five of
discusses various "physical second­ gravitational research" as a back­
these gatherings. Each year the vol­
ary effects" reported in association ground to enable readers to "judge
umes have become successively
with UFOs, also "primary effects, the theoretical path and the import­
larger—no doubt due to the success
which are presumably of a gravitative ance of th e... unified quantum
and untiring efforts of Mr. Brand and
nature,. . . presented by means of theory of matter and gravitation by
his associates. The proceedings of
exemplary cases" (e.g., reports of Burkhard Heim." (This theory is
their 1979 and 1980 congresses are
UFOs which "hover or accelerate discussed in the July 1979 issue of
being prepared for publication. (Mr.
directly over the ground or over the Journal.—Editor.)
Schneider's paper about instru­
water" causing "crater or cone-like The detailed abstract concludes
mental UFO research, presented at
movement... that cannot be ex­ with this statement: "Finally, it will
the 1979 MUFON-CES conference,
plained by aerodynamic air be shown how, according to Heim's
is long enough—about 200 pages—
movement alone." theory, it is possible, in principle, for
for a separate publication.)
He also relates cases of close a space ship traveling at less than the
Unfortunately, English sum­
encounter witnesses who "sometimes speed of light, to reach the mantel of
maries or abstracts of the presented
speak of a strange force that hinders the light cone. The result provides
papers are contained only in the
their freedom of movement," e.g., as the extraterrestrial hypothesis
publication of their 1975 congress,
in the famous October 1973 case in (ETH) and a theoretical basis."
held in' Icking, West Germany. To
Pascagoula, Miss., when "the grav­ Thirty-six illustrations and photo­
acquaint Journal readers with the
itative force seemed to have affected graphs (including several well-
nature of the research results and
the kidnappers as well as their known to English-speaking UFO
research proposals published by
victims." The paper's appendix in­ (Continued on next page)
MUFON-CES, this article reviews
German, Continued , strategies for further research." Also, services of people prepared to tran­
he says, "the introduction of math­ slate some of this material from
researchers), 22 bibliographical
ematical methods for the analysis of German into English. As we fully
references, and 117 non-UFO-
spontaneous phenomena is useful, " recognize that language translation
related citations accompany
even in a relatively early phase of the is a very difficult and time-consum­
this article.
research." (p.68) This short and ing task, we hope to interest differ­
comparitively non-technical article ent people to translate relatively
Use o f Mathematical Models in
should be a prime candidate for small pieces (i.e., specific articles).
UFO Research
translation into English. Thus, we are not asking anyone to
"Mathematical Procedure for
Other Papers translate a large amount of material.
Analyzing Theoretically Unpredict­
A few other short papers are Hopefully, some offers of translation
able Phenomena" is the title of a
contained in the 1975 conference will be forthcoming.
brief article by Dr. Leo Ferrera.
proceedings. "Misinterpretations We are asking MUFON-CES to
Through historical examples he
and Forgeries" by Ostudrat.a.D. H. recommend which papers they think
analyzes the problem of "typical
Malthaner, discusses photographs would be most useful to have tran­
reactions of men to spontaneous
which, "because of misinterpretation, slated first. Consideration should be
phenomena.. . On the one hand one
have been related to UFOs." He also given to articles they might be es­
finds a tendency toward mysticism
analyzes twelve such "clever pecially keen to see disseminated to
while on the other hand the factual
forgeries" which "show methods of UFO researchers. A priority listing
nature of the phenomena is denied.
intentional deception that were might also suggest early translation
Because of this, the reception the
adopted into the UFO literature as of articles about the results of their
data receive is scarcely influenced
genuine." The article concludes with UFO case investigation. Another
by the objective quality of data and
"criteria... that allow one to test the approach is that publication of
evidence." Thus, an essential
authenticity of UFO photos."(p.33) English abstracts of all articles in the
question to ask is to "what extent
Luis Schonherr's article analyzes published MUFON-CES proceedings
mathematical methods of evaluation
"the particular phases in the devel­ would enable potential translators to
can be helpful for an objective
opment of scientific research" and offer to translate an article of par­
judgment." ,
discusses "the particularities of UFO ticular interest to them.
Acknowledging that "from the
data... (for example the problems Can you help in this important
mathematical viewpoint, spon­
of sources, reliability, strangeness) ." task in UFO research? If so, please
taneous phenomena present a series
He also reviews the difficulty in contact MUFON (108 Oldtowne
of peculiarities that can make use of
obtaining UFO report information Road, Seguin, Texas 78155, USA.)
these procedures difficult/' the
because of "the complexity of the Even an offer to translate only one
author proposes "a practical
phenomenon an d ... the pollution small article would be of enormous
strategy... to start from a special
of the information channels." He benefit.
classification of spontaneous phen­
proposes "a structure of a docu­ Let us break down the barriers
omena. .. based on the presence or
mentary system" and data of language which prevent dissemina­
absence of an intelligent originator
procedures, and briefly sketches tion of scientific UFO research. As
of the phenomena and on the exist­
"the problems of automatic -classi­ UFO reports are essentially the same
ence and nature of an underlying
fication" of UFO data.(p.54) throughout the world, we are all
intention to communicate." Dr.
working towards a resolution of the
Ferrera then outlines "the appli­
Translation Services Needed! same puzzling enigma which has
cation of probabilities for composite
baffled mankind in all comers of our
events and cluster analysis," and The above information should
briefly sketches two other illustrate the wealth of published
methods—"game theory and the German-language UFO material
theory of fuzzy sets." available to the international UFO
He reviews "the smoothing and community. MUFON has a copy of VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
compensation of the observational each o f the five published pro­
errors that can be expected from ceedings of the MUFON-CES con­ MUFON has a constant need for
mathematical methods as well as the gresses. Moreover, we have permis­ foreign language translators, as well
nature of the interrelations between sion from MUFON-CES to get this as specialists in other fields (science,
observation and theory develop­ voluminous material translated and technology, field investigation, docu­
ment." The author concludes that published (with, of course, an ap­ mentation . . .). Members are in-,
mathematical models, assuming that propriate reference to individual vited to write to Walter H. Andrus,
"the correct choice and application copyrights, and acknowledgement Jr., International Director, 103 Old­
have been made, can not only serve —and' thanks—to MUFON-CES). towne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155. Your
to derive inferences from the mat­ Therefore, MUFON would like special skills can make a contribu­
erial on hand," but also can "indicate to secure the voluntary translation tion toward solving the UFO enigma.
By Ann D ruffel

Comments on the Tujunga Canyon Contacts

By Timothy Lee King
(Guest Columnist)

I would like to comment on the fore man could put his symbols into isn't really contradictory. This UFO
recently published book. The Tujunga writing. The first written "biblical" reality gairie may, to humanity, seem
Canyon Contacts, written by Ann books came from the Aramaic cul­ a game, but something surfaces that
Druffel and D. Scott Rogo, and in ture, into which Jesus Christ was smacks of planned alteration. I be­
particular the two concluding chap­ bom. We also have hints that the lieve we need not think about how
ters in which the joint authors ex­ Aramaic culture came from an earlier bizarre or how simple the manifesta­
press differing, but compatible, views one that lasted about 15,000 years. tions have been, because that would/
about the nature of UFOs. The sum total of these two cultures could sidetrack us from the underly­
encompasses about 30,000 years, ing principle and drown us in detail.
In my opinion, truth is truth. It' which is the same as the cave draw­ Regarding the "aspect" history,
does not change, but man sees more ing records. as outlined in Druffel's concluding
as he develops. "Absolute Truth" The early oral history was shroud­ chapter, the physical, psychological,
will always be "Absolute Truth." If ed in apochryphal mystery by dedi­ and psychic aspects in the history of
the entire UFO history has shown cated cults who, it is supposed, named the modem UFO wave seem valid.
changes in the patterns of man-UFO their groups after the phenomena(non) However, Step 4 — the philosophi­
interactions, then changes in that which transmitted the knowledge to cal aspect — began around 1965 or
pattern (steps or jumps to keep just man. One such cult's name trans­ so, in my opinion, and Step 5 — the
ahead of man)1 is certainly the result lated as "we who descend to the cosmological aspect — seems to have
of higher direction, even higher than chariots." This title was used long already begun. Our physicists/
the entities in direct control of the before we had chariots in our civiliza­ scientists are treading heavily, deeper
UFOs. The essential nature of the tions. and deeper, into the truth. The work
mystery certainly hasn't changed in The altered state of reality hypo­ we see beginning at CERN, our own
any way whatsoever. thesis, discussed in The Tujunga Can­ "transistor valley," and other places
If we had "absolute proof" of the yon Contacts, is valid to a degree. That demonstrate this. I see a pattern of
history of the UFOs to 30,000 B.C., as is, perhaps a lone individual has the recent scientific research which con­
the cave drawings of UFO shapes in elusive psychic ability that draws firms the existence of God.
southwestern France and Canta­ out the UFO phenomenon from its The "detail reflectivity" discussed
brian Spain indicate,1 then we could own "Space-time-continuum," but in the same chapter seems to hit
start saying some of our hypotheses others in the vicinity can also clearly some hardcore truth. It might be,
are now laws. For an example: if we see the UFO. That does not mean however, that this hypothesis is arbi­
could photograph all of the UFO- "innocent bystanders" are in an trary. I don't know, of course, and
connoted images in these caves, altered state of consciousness/reality don't intend to be ambiguous on the
then we could index and digitally to the degree the original operant is. subject or to invalidate Druffel's ideas
analyze by computer for shape; fre­ For example, about 3 years ago a about "d-r" (detailed reflectivity).1
quency, etc. Even those images con­ very large UFO buzzed a town near But perhaps "d-r" occurs as a by­
sidered psychosexual should be cata­ Bakersfield, California. It was seen product of interaction and communi­
logued secondarily for an ability to by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of cation between UFOs and humans,
add and subtract the numerical people. All of them could not have rather than being an essential ele-
weight to a finding. been in an altered state. ' '
Monotheism was bom long be­ " I believe the "hard " and "soft"
fore 6,000 B.C. as an oral history, be­ evidence ‘ found in UFO research (Continued on next page)
Contacts, Continued furniture, mainly chairs, seen in is the sinister aspect. There exists the
ment in close encounters and abduc­ UFOs. Betty Andreasson was specifi­ benevolent aspect also, but both
tions. cally clear about glass chairs and aspects imply objectified, albeit tem­
I feel that Druffel's conclusions glass covers, and the hoses attached porarily, UFOs and beings.
regarding the nature of UFOs and to the chairs/boxes when the top If some of our contemporary
their motives for being interested in and bottom was united in one assem­ ufologists have truly given up the
the human race are proper and merit bly. Far away in Brazil, Antonio idea that UFOs are nuts and bolts
careful thought and study. I don't Villa-Boas reported the same thing. craft, they could be simplistically
think they are presumptuous in any His description of identical glass viewing very complex craft, for a
direct way; indeed, they may be soft chairs was withheld from the public, complex subject such as UFOs would
and innocent in comparison to the according to Raymond Fowler. Betty have complex "machinery" to carry
hard and cold realities they confront. Andreassoris and AVB's abductions out their mission, whatever it is. I
To the book's joint authors'credit; occurred in the same decade, al­ consider myself a "nuts and bolts
there is a generous overlap of two though Andreasson did not report man," but only to the extent that the
points of view. Druffel's viewpoint her experience until long after the craft are "physical" while choosing
may be a philosophical one, while D. AVB Brazilian case came to light. to manifest and to operate in our
Scott Rogo's view is statistically de­ On page 251 of The Tujunga Can­ environment and before human wit­
rived. Both conclusions express be­ yon Contacts, Sara Shaw's drawing of nesses. We cannot ignore the ex­
liefs personal to their private per­ the "conference room" evokes a curi­ treme velocities, maneuvers, and the
sonalities, and as such, the subject ous image echo of Andreasson's implications of strong and unique
(UFOs) itself is seen through their drawing of tubes leading down to applications of EM forces. Despite
own "d-r" senses. The two authors the glass chairs. Here we have what the fact that many UFO researchers
seem to have a distinctive taste of the might be called a rhythm of vision. suspect that the UFOs are very real,
Absolute Truth. Were the Shaw-Whitley case and but only temporarily physical, the
Regarding Rogo's conclusions, the Andreasson/Boas cases con­ ships are very advanced, and as far as
whose hypothesis regarding UFOs ducted by the same intelligence? we can tell are piloted by very ad­
is that they are the result of an These similar details neither in­ vanced intelligence (s).
intelligent, but essentially unknown validate Rogo's hypothetical crux or We have all heard reports of
Phenomenon which responds to support it to the degree they should. "mother ships" and we know that
human psychological needs, I'm not The diversity and complexity of all some entities have reportedly talked
arguing against his conclusion per UFO incidents cannot, in my opinion, about enormous carrier craft in orbit
se, but the Phenomenon does not be encompassed by a singular hy­ above Earth and also stationed mil­
always mold itself exactly to the vic­ pothesis. lions of miles away. It logically would
tim's predispositions. Referring If there is a real symbiotic link be more "cost-effective" to take one
back to the matter of detail reflect­ between man and higher UFO intel­ large ship containing several smaller
ivity, which Rogo addresses by ligences, you could paraphrase Bib­ recon/surveillance vehicles.
another literary term, we can see lical writ in the Old Testament, We know that time dilations
certain aspects of the Betty Andreas- wherein God told the Israelites they occur at the speed of light. I mention
son case which is rich in this. Mrs. were an errant race and if undis­ this because an implication of time
Andreasson tells us that she had a posed to heed his threats, they would dilation is illustrated by UFO his­
childhood rich in Christian Church get a lesson. And, they did receive a tory. The last 100 years of UFO
ceremony. There is much "d-r" lesson. Now, if you jump ahead history — roughly from 1896 to
especially regarding her religious thousands of years to the present, it 1981 — could be just seconds or
faith. The entities have their owr. is obvious man as a race has gone minutes or days to any intelligence
"glowing paged'' book, and she haywire. operant at extremely high velocities.
meets on her journey an intelligence There is a pattern in Holy Writ — In the Hill incident, the beings didn't
of such magnitude that she asks if it a pattern which hints that "the super­ understand aging. And considering
is Jesus, or God. After Betty's abduc­ mind" (entities/phenomenon/spirits/ the time span between the Andreas­
tion was recalled under hypnotic re­ God) is having to employ some son Affair, the Tujunga Contacts,
gression, she divorced her husband. bizarre phenomena to illustrate and the Brazilian AVB incident, the
Could it be that she was under something to a bizarre race of beings. very obvious geographical distances
psychological stress prior to the 1 personally do not think the bizarre between all three reports, and men­
divorce? Was this solution the best nature of some UFO phenomena is tioning again the similarity of certain
way a Phenomenon could have re­ haphazard. Considering the detail furniture aboard all three craft con­
sponded to her needs? reflectivity fact in many close en- cerned in these three cases, we can
A close correlation between the counters/abductions, would not this suspect that time dilation may be
Tujunga Shaw-Whitley case and account for the sometimes awful ex­
other classic cases concerns certain periences of the UFO victims? This {Continued on next page)
Contacts, Continued preoccupations buried deep within
the human mind. San PrmnolMo Examiner
part of the existence of UFO entities.
Rogo is to be congratulated for A p ril 1 8 , 19S2
The "reinforcement schedule"
by which UFOs seem to be helping
mankind think in new and original
bringing this modality/operant
mechanism to the attention of the ‘SAUCERS' SEEN
terms should wash well with our
philosophers, psychologists, and
perhaps our theologians also. How
public in that format and regarding
the subject of UFOs in particular.
I think UFO-CE-Abduction stat­
Fiva Feport Flying Discs Neir
else could man develop or even istics tell us that man has an innate Nevada Test Region
hope to survive unless his concepts ability to think about solutions to his
LAS VEGAS (Nev.), April IT.
are updated and rearranged? problems — an innate connection
— (IK S)—Flying saucers In the
The last poll on UFO belief places via his subconsciousness to tap a ' i n o f the Nevada te st sit*,
supermind that is, while part of him, where Important new atomic
a "belief threshold" at about 68-75%.
te sts are In progress, were re­
1 suspect the remaining 32% have a also external to himself. We should ported today. <
hidden body of about 15% more be beginning to comprehend his An Air Force technics! sergeant
and feur civilian workers s t the
believers who are too timid to admit truly innate ability to tap an incred­ Nellis A ir Forte Bose, near l a s
their beliefs to themselves, much ible and nearly incomprehensible Vegas, said they saw eighteen
circular objects flying an easterly
less to the poll taker! Perhaps we can source that will help him mature — course which carried them Over
o r very close to the te s t site.
guesstimate the UFO mechanism but seemingly only step by careful 1USFOBTED B T FIV E.
has generated 84% acceptance. If step. That the subconscious can leach Tose who reported seeing the
objects were T /Sgt Orville Lew-
this is so, then we could logically out to the conscious mind just what son, Rudy Toncer, Sheet metal
•hop foreman, and sheet metal
expect such a dynamic to swing/ it wants known, and that the subcon­ shop workers R , K. Van Houtln,
spin or polarize to a larger mass, for sciousness is also linked to an in­ Edward Gregory and Chrelei
example, 99.99 percent! finite mind, supermind, or to an The objects went by a t 11:05
p. m.
With this in mind, it isn't illogical "energy dynamic," should be in­ Van Houtln saw them firs t and
caled the attention of the ethers
to expect a new wave of UFO pheno­ creasingly clear. Man has a beautiful to them.
mena in the near future. The next instrument — the human brain — STREAK EAST.
The men watched the saucers
wave should be more intense and that has the capacity for infinite fo r about 30 seconds white they
streaked across the sky In an
contain different manifestations. knowledge. easterly course north o f law
What we should see is that the I believe mankind approaches a Vegas and disappeared.
The men estimated th at the
symbol has undergone social dif­ definite change toward a spiritual craft were 40,00 le t up and fly ­
ing a t a speed of a t least 1,200
fusion. I think the phenomenon and plane, via an appreciation of his miles on hour.
its social diffusion has reached criti­ innate spirituality. Overviewing our The objects flew an Irregular
formation with one of them off to
cality. I agree the "Phenomenon" is new physics demonstrates the ex­ th e right, moving with a rig-sag
— rt™ They le ft no smoke or
abusively, and socially, chaotic as treme likelihood of subatomics exist­ vapor,
well as being psychologically damag­ ing and acting at velocities far ex­
(Historical clipping courtesy of
ing to most individuals at various ceeding the speed of light.
UFO Newsctipping Service)
degrees. I realize my belief is not neces­
Mr. Rogo's amalgamation of sarily comprehensible to others who
several theories has a real "bite" to have their own subjective reality
it, especially when he mentions that structures. I do feel, however, that ('Tim King" is the pseudonym for a
the manifestations have obviously objective and subjective reality is photographic technician of 25 years'
physical qualities. Rogo (and Clark, intermeshed with quantum/quantaic experience, who has been actively
et al) say. In a nutshell then, we do phenomena, and the complexity of engaged in analyzing UFO pictures
not think that the UFO mystery is "the phenomenon." I haven't reached for MUFON investigators in the
directly produced by our own minds. an affirmed, unshakeable conclu­ Southern California area.)
It is physically, though only tempo­ sion, but I am fearful that whatever
rarily, created by "The Phenome­ we are dealing with appears to desire
non" in answer to our needs. residency among us. Its hesitancy is
TACTS, published June 1980, Prentice-
Then Rogo takes the germinal caused by what we have done in the
Hall, Inc,, Englewood Cliffs,NJ,pp.201-08
theory a step further. A nexus per­ past, or what we are doing presently, lor elaboration on this theory. Also see
mits the UFO drama to unfold. UFO or will do in the future. Whether or MUFON UFO Journal, No. 121, Dec. 1977,
abductions/dramas occur when the not I am mistaken isn't o f conse­ "Thirty Years Later: Thoughts in the Dark,"
witness is in a state of psychological quence in the long run. Norms are to pp-15-16 for DruffeTs original presenta­
tion of this hypothesis.
need. Once contacted by a human be respected and sought after in all 2. Book cited, pp. 197-99, original reference is
mind in such a state, the supermind phases of life, but I've the cynicism from FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, VoL 16,
creates an experience for the witness, to say — "nothing happens by No.6 (Nov-Dec 1969), pp. 311.
by drawing upon information and accident." 3. Book cited, pp', 213-14.

Information and map coordinated by Gayle McBride, Tarheel UFO Study Group, P.O. Box 412, Rural Hall, NC 27045.
Through cooperation with Mutual UFO Network, Inc., Seguin, Texas; Center for UFO Studies, Evanston, Illinois; Phenomena
Research (Robert Gribble), Seattle, Washington; and Ground Saucer Watch, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona.

* - information not supplied

Class "A" - any sighting containing any scientific information
2-3 Millville, NJ ft Class "A"- CE 1
DATE 2-3 Howard County, AR 2 CE 1 (one of numerous reports)
2-5 Fairfield, CT Gass "A"
1-1 Knox County, IL 5 CE 1 2-5 Windsor, VT ' ft Class "A"
1-5 Still more, GA * Class "A" 2-6 Shady Side, MD . ft Class "A"- CE 1
1-5 Green Cove Springs, FL ft Class "A" 2-6 Everett WA ' ^ ft Gass " A "
1-5 ■ Seattle, WA • Class "A" 2-6 Salem, OR ft ft
1-5 Cedar Rapids, IA ft Class "A"- CE 1 2-6 Naples, FL ft ' NL
1-5 La Puente, CA ft Class "A" 2-7 Portland, OR ft Gass “A"- CE 1
1-5 Torrance, CA Class "A" 2-7 N. Babylon, NY . 1 CE 1
1-7 Toutie, WA ft Class "A"- CE 1 2-8 Gtrus Heights, CA ft Class "A"- CE 1
1-8 Camino, CA ft Class "A"- CE 1 2-8 Troutdale, OR . ft Gass "A"
1-9 PopularvilLe, MS ft Class "A" 2-9 Mariton, NJ ' ft Gass "A"
1-1 0 Grand Meadow, MN ft Class "A"- CE 3 2-9 Franklin, OH 1 NL -
1-1 0 Grand Island, LA ' ft Class "A" 2-10 Renton, WA - ft
Gass "A"- CE 1
Faraland, AL a ft
1-11 Class "A"- dose approach 2-10 Renton, WA a a ss "A"
1-11 Corvallis, OR ft Class "A" 2-11 Williams, AZ ft NL
1-1 2 Folsom, CA ft Class "A" 2-11 Chesapeake, VA ft NL
1-13 Duluth, MN ft Qass "A" 2-11 Enosburg Falls, VT 1 NL
1-13 Cut Off, LA « Class "A" ft
2-11 Mason, W1 NL
1-14 Bennettsville, SC ft Class "A" 2-13 Tacoma, WA , ft Class "A"
1-17 Sacramento, CA ft Gass "A" ft
2-13 Fullerton, CA . Gass "A"
1-17 San Diego, CA ft Class “A" ft
2-13 Furnace Creek, CA Gass "A"
1-19 Lexington,, K Y ft Class “A"- CE 1 2 -1 3 Alton. NH • NL -
1-1 9 Hayward, CA ' ft Qass "A" 2 -1 4 G r e e n s b u r g PA 1 CE 1 & 3
Parish, NY ' ft Gass "A" ft
1-21 2-16 Santa Cruz, CA NL
Parish, NY ft Class "A" ft
1-21 2-17 Seattle, WA Gass "A"
1-22 Jesup, GA Class "A" 2-17 Flushing, NY ft Class “A"- CE 1
1-22 St. Louis, MO ft Gass "A"- close approach ft
2-19 Lilbum, GA Gass "A"- CE 1
1-23 Topeka, KS ft Class "A" »
2-19 Santa Clara, CA Gass "A"
1-23 Topeka, KS ft Class "A" 2-19 Cupertino, CA 1 DD
1-24 Vacaville, GA ft Class "A"- dose approach ft
2-20 Minneapolis, MN Class "A"
1-24 Dodge, NB ft Gass "A" ft
2-20 Campbell, CA Gass "A"
1-29 North Baltimore, OH ft Gass "A" ft
2-20 Antioch, CA Class "A"- CE 1
1-30 Felton, MN ft Class "A" 2-20 Tupelo, MS several NL
1-31 Berkeley, CA ft Gass "A" »
2-21 San Francisco, CA Class "A"
1-31 Chesapeake, OH ft Gass "A"- CE 1 *
2-21 Vailejo, CA Class "A"
1-31 La Mesa, CA ft Class “A" 2-21 Oakland, CA several NL (8 separate reports)
Merryville, LA ft Class "A"- CE 1
2*1 2-21 Daly City, CA 1 NL
2-1 San Francisco, CA l CE 1 2-22 San Jose, CA ft Qass "A"
2 -2 Brooks County, TX 2 CE 1
2 -2 Santa Cruz, CA ft NL
2-2 Mullart, ID 1 NL
2-2 Troy, MI ft NL (Continued on next page)
(Director's Message, Continued) received these form letters, and
> blank sighting report forms. Since
police chiefs, county sheriffs, state
Iti MUFON has the largest network of
Ul 111 police, civil defense directors, pla­
u UU field investigators in the United
netarium directors, public informa­
States, it is logical that the other
tion officers for the U.S.A.F., F.A.A.
organizations come to us with their
Q ^ f l f l f f i d f l Q Q A _» J mJ j j watch supervisors and airport con­
uOOuOuOOOCOuOzuzzz UFO sighting reports for interviews
trol towers. Federal Bureau of In­
and investigations. The results of
vestigation and the U.S. Weather
these investigations are shared with
Bureau as of April 8, 1981 for his
i— * ^ * <N the originating organization via
assigned counties. He also included
copies of the reports.
a card which may be prominently
A key to the success of the
displayed in each office providing
investigative team and the reporting
the appropriate telephone numbers
function may be attributed to Ed
to call for reporting UFO sightings. n
< To formalize the investigation of
Bowles, )r„ MUFON's new Staff J
U Investigator. Ed and his wife Teresa
<5 UFO sighting reports submitted to
reside at 305 Guadalupe River Road,

i s gc o. U 2
DC MUFON by CUFOS, Phenomena
6 s ® s! T«' £s'
O< Research, and by telephone calls to
Seguin, TX 78155. Ed and your
c < ^ §o lin si 3
§ 5 r S Director have both personally sign­
v Jl * “ e0t -rd E3
the MUFON administrative office, a
I^ J| l'IJ| | Ir| il^ | § 5 'S ed letters, seeking the help of our
form letter has been produced sug­
^ Si- ! i 3 g ^ 5 . a > 5 j S 8 « S a 3 s Field Investigators and their coop­
gesting the procedure that the in­
eration for each sighting reported to
dividual investigator should follow
one of our cooperating agencies.
upon receiving one of these reports.
Since MUFON is dedicated to the
i—«N h Ni-fq i—
Oi «i—iO C « 'HJ 'PPJ'M
W Mtf)in<iOsO
N N N fSfl This program was initiated in April
scientific investigation of UFO sight­
rAfA<A<A<AfAfA<o<AfAcA<A<A<A<A<^<A*A due to the large influx of sighting
ing reports,it becomes our respon­
reports being received from Robert
sibility to respond to witnesses who
Gribble and his associates at Phe­
care enough to make long distance
nomena Research in Seattle, Wash.
telephone calls to report their ob-
Many of our State Section Directors
and Field Investigators have already (Continued on page 19)

e K
■= -a .5J
§>e H fi) T
II) ID « 2| w ti) u w « 111 C
u U 3 S. 1 u 8 UUU u u u
? ; .»=•
< ?e IX< n < S' <<<<<< i ; i t ; 1 <i <; <;
< < < < < <
*-* <3 E » - 3 — tfi
^ in St 8 St 3. # 8 8 8 S
J d ^ w u * [) q (Q <9 Q -w j U U iJ m) U1
zzZ u u u Z eaa £So I D i l . 8 6 8 ^ 8 6 3 u ud d a a uuuzzu
UJ —I • r* m * e * <M♦ h If) t i-4 * a • ^1 pri H ^ (O

£o < <
o it'D ji X
£ BUif 5
.? KS
6 < S 2 Ug
c < _ s.r z 5 2« u S
5 s %*• V 5 i #
i u *;
id u
< d3 u - bit 0 =. H5 5 B° S ls
tria­ F § u■ 5 * fci « *pi d f ' 5 f 5 ° -3 6,-n'
n !• cO
“ S3
c3 « i « i
< i "8 u -I
1 1 S =5 ■=
| frg l 12 il if 8
t §
gI s I &
■o 2 E
‘ si g
3 (8,3 2 .3 S 3 £ £ 0 id & *8 tf) z 8 i2 -§ £ 8

N < N N N < N N O l r t N l N M N « N r J N N N N * h ri N (f) d )

n v) f^i fJ) to A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A (A A

Lucius Parish

in Other s words
The May 5 issue of NATIONAL way of thinking, Durk Pearson's arti­
ENQUIRER presents details of UFO cle on instrumentation for analysis
, formation flights over Ohio County, of physical traces left by UFOs is the
Kentucky, in late 1980, Police of­ most interesting of the lot. Some UFO NEWSCLIPPING
ficers and others watched the ob­ others would be helpful for insom­ SERVICE
jects for up to 5 hours on December niacs. The bi-annual issues of the
, 28. JOURNAL are, in my opinion, great­
UFO REPORT has switched back ly overpriced. It has also been a will keep you informed of all the latest
to a quarterly schedule, beginning mystery to me why CUFOS does not , United Slates and World-Wide UFO
with their third issue of 1981. They combine its four periodicals (includ­ activity, as it happens’ Our service was
will continue publishing an Annual, ing the "International UFO Reporter" started in 1969, at which time we
as well. The new address for the section of FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE) c ont r a c t e d with a reputable
into one monthly, bi-monthly or international newspaper clipping
magazine is: Sterling Publications,
bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
355 Lexington Avenue, New York, quarterly publication. The most ele­
find UFO reports (i.e„ little known
NY 10017. mentary logic should suggest that photographic cases, close encounter
Paul Dong's "UFO Update" col­ one deadline is easier to meet than and landing reports, occupant cases)
umn in the May issue of OMNI is a four, especially considering that the and all other UFO reports, many ol
very interesting summary of UFO publications are all dealing with vari- which are carried only in small town or
activity in China, as well as a report ious aspects of the same overall foreign newspapers. ‘
topic. "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
‘ on the UFO research which is now
issues are 20-page monthly reports,
I being conducted in that country. A new periodical from UFO re­
r e pr o du c e d by p h o t o - o f f s e t ,
Soviet UFO researcher, Valerii I. searcher Tom Benson is THE SIXTH containing the latest United States and
Sanarov, has an article on UFOs and QUARK JOURNAL to be published Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
folklore in the April issue of CUR­ "as many times a year as possible." our foreign section carrying the latest
RENT ANTHROPOLOGY. Unfortu­ The subscription rate for four issues British. Australian, New Zealand and
is $10.00 (U S. and Canada). Single other foreign press reports. Also
nately, Sanarov concludes his article
issues may be purchased at $2.50 included is a 3-5 page section of
by saying that "flying saucers and "Fortean” clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
little green men do not exist in each. The first issue contains articles
other “monster” reports). Let us keep
objective reality." This is the type of by Benson, Kenneth W. Behrendt you informed of the latest happenings
nonsense which is found so often in (on UFO propulsion) and O. Ray, in the UFO and Fortean fields."
the UFO literature {or what passes plus news notes, book reviews, etc. For subscription information and
■ for same) today. More attention to proofreading is sample pages from our service, write
needed, as this issue contains a large today to:
IES, Vol. II, is now available from the number of typographical errors.
Center for UFO Studies for $7.50 However, the magazine might well
Route 1 — Box 220
per copy. This issue contains articles develop into a useful periodical in Plumervitte, Arkansas 72127
t , by Richard Hall, Thomas M. Olsen, future issues. Subscriptions and
* Durk Pearson, Roberto Enrique orders for individual issues should
Banchs, and Richard W, Heiden and be sent to the magazine at: P.O. Box
IV several other researchers. To my 1174, Trenton, NJ 08606.

(Director's Message, Continued)

Robert Sheaffer, during a recent visit
servations. It is in this manner that in Jim's home, to evaluate Bob's new analysis of the factual case for
1 we are able to obtain the raw facts book and express an opinion. Jim UFOs/' Basically, the book is an
needed that will not only distinguish will share a copy of his letter to insult to the intelligence of any
an IFO from UFO, but hopefully the Robert Sheaffer for the readers of knowledgeable reader who can
clues that will aid us in resolving this the Journal. "Leading Skeptic Inves­ readily recognize the proverbial
enigma. tigates the Case for UFOs" is the "snowjob" that Mr. Scheaffer has
James McCampbell, MUFON headline for the news release and unleashed in the typical Philip Klass
Director for Research, was asked by the book is described as "an incisive style.

William L. Moore, coauthor of a current' list of the speakers in the Michael Brein, Ph.D., State Dir­
the two recent boohs The Philadelphia APRO Bulletin, therefore we are ector for Flawaii, has appointed Paul
Experiment and The Roswett Incident' unable to provide this information. E. McCarthy, Ph.D. as the Assistant
will share the podium .with Some very competent and know­ State Director and Research Spe­
Stanton T. Friedman at the 1981 ledgeable people in UFOlogy were cialist. Dr. McCarthy resides at 3687
MUFON UFO Symposium on July v originally scheduled. Woodlawn Terrace Place, Honolulu,
24, 25, and 26 at M.I.T. in Cam­ Billed as a "Giant UFO Conven­ Hawaii 96822 and may be contacted
bridge, Mass. (Boston). Bill is our tion," the National UFO Conference by telephone at (808) 988-6954.J
State Section Director in Prescott, will sponsor a June 27 event at the Paul earned his doctorate in Political
Ariz., for Yavapai County. Lt. Col; Howard Johnson Motor Lodge, in Science with a thesis on the late .
Lawrence Coyne has rescinded his DePere, Wisconsin. Speakers will James McDonald. Richard D. Sei-
committmenttospeak.Thisvacancy include James W. Moseley, co­ fried, M.A., was selected by Larry
has been filled by the Program founder of the National UFO Con­ Moyers to become the new State
Committee by moving Mrs. Cynthia ference, author and researcher; Wil­ Section Director for Montgomery,
R. Hind, writer/lecturer and MU­ liam Moore, researcher, lecturer and Preble, and Greene counties in
FON Representative for Zimbabwe author; Col. Wendelle C. Stevens Ohio. Richard may be contacted by
(Rhodesia) in Africa from the Work­ (USAF Ret.), noted researcher and writing to 7340 Calmcrest Court,
shop Sessions. Mrs. Hind was a , author of one of the most contro­ Dayton, OH 45424 or telephoning
workshop speaker at the 1978 MU­ versial books of modern times, UFO: (513) 233-4055. Robert Grattan III of
FON symposium in Dayton, Ohio. . Contact from the Pleiades; and 107 Howard Street, Ashland VA
John F. Schuessler, MUFON Rick Hilberg, author, lecturer, and 23005 has agreed to serve MUFON
Deputy Director for Administration Chairman of the Ohio UFO Group. in a multiple role due to his many
and President of VISIT, will be Mr. Hilberg publishes the UFO talents. Bob becomes the State Sec­
speaking at the CUFOS UFO Con­ JOURNAL and is co-publisher of the tion Director for Henrico and Han­
ference on September 25,26, and 27 Hilberg-Easley Report. , over counties in Virginia, a French
in a Chicago area hotel. John will - The book of photographs by translator, and an active member of
relate the investigation into the Wendelle C. Stevens is definitely the our amateur radio net, using the call
serious medical effects incurred in most controversial book of modem letters WA4NKZ.
the Cash/Landrum close encounter times. This selection of words does It is with regret that we accept
case of December 29, 1980, on the not adequately describe the greatest the resignation of Dr. Willard P.
highway between New Caney and sham that has been thrust upon the Armstrong as State Director for
Dayton; Texas. His appearance at UFO public since the George A- Missouri on May 30, 1981, coincid­
the CUFOS Conference is a recip­ damski photos. The Eduard "Billy" ing with his retirement from the
rocating arrangement between MU­ Meier photographs are simply sus­ engineering department of the Noo-
FON and CUFOS, since Dr, J. Allen pended models placed in front of ter Corporation in St. Louis. Bill and
Hynek will be the keynote speaker the camera, both still and motion Carol, founding members of MU­
at M.I.T. on July 25 at the MU­ picture, using various countryside FON and the UFO Study Group of
FON UFO Symposium. scenes in Switzerland as a back­ Greater St. Louis, have purchased a
The 1981 MUFON UFO Sym­ ground. As a photo researcher, Col. retirement home in Tampa, Florida.
posium Proceedings will be avail­ Stevens has destroyed his own Bill will continue to be active in the
able on July 24 in Boston for those personal integrity and credibility by MUFON amateur radio net as
attending our 12th annual sympo­ promoting these hoax photos and WGNC from his new QTH. After
sium and immediately thereafter by book. Your Director can document becoming settled and acclimated in
mail for ten dollars (U,S. Funds) the veracity of this evaluation, there­ the Sunshine State, he will resume
postpaid from MUFON, 103 Old- fore I challenge the people of Gen­ his activity in a leadership role. Our
towne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155, esis HI Productions, Ltd. to provide best wishes to Bill and Carol.
U S. A. the evidence that these are authentic Lew Willis, State Section Direc­
The APRO sponsored photographs of UFOs. If this firm tor in Texas for Collin, Dallas, Ellis,
"UFOHIO '81" on June 5,6, and 7 at should publish Volume II, as they Kaufman and Rockwall counties, has
the Marriott Inn-Airport in Cleve­ have promised, they are knowingly mailed a letter announcing their
land, Ohio, will be history by the committing a form of fraud upon the new UFO telephone hotline to all
time most readers receive this issue public and making a mockery of
of the Journal. They did not publish scientific UFOlogy. (Continued on page 18) , .