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Empowering people,

Developing leaders

Educational Development
EDI Institute
Educational Development Institute (EDI) is an educational organization providing professional training
programs, consultancy services, recruitment services and TESOL training program in Cambodia. Our long
term objective is to enable to expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. We do this by
supporting and sharing effective ideas and practices. EDI is committed to raising the performance of
businesses by championing management and setting standards in management development.


™ EDI is an independent HR consulting and educational development organization dedicated to

maximizing the performance of individuals and organizations.
™ EDI is to be instrumental in the empowerment of individuals, and to educate and develop excellent
leaders for human development.
™ EDI is committed to providing quality of education, virtue and humanity which will bring real
development to Cambodia.


™ To develop and deliver innovative and effective management and HR solutions and executive
education aligned with the latest management strategies.
™ To transform personal, team and organization performance using high powered solutions to
empower people and develop leaders.
™ To always offer relevant and applicable services to our valued clients, and to delight the customers
by going beyond customer satisfaction.

Social responsibility

EDI respects neighboring communities and firmly believes in contributing to their development.
EDI’s neighborhood development fund will be used to support children’s education and healthcare
at EDI or public schools in each Khan or District where EDI’s services are provided.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Corporate Training
EDI has established to provide non-academic programs and HR consulting services. It is providing the skills
and knowledge for immediate application to real management issues. We offer an unparalleled range of
highly respected courses for people seeking to equip themselves for the challenges of business today.

EDI is devoted to providing business and management solutions and a wide range of workshops and
training courses in the field of management, human resources development, leadership, accounting,
conflict resolution, team building, business negotiation, entrepreneurship, management, business skills,
TESOL program, vocational English and more.

EDI will create the environment for the development of human resources and business in the private,
public and NGOs in Cambodia. The environment to be set includes opportunities for interaction, learning
and exchange of experiences, training and development.

We have demonstrated innovative and highly effective training approaches in both management and
executive level training in the public, private sector environments and NGOs.

Our experienced consultants and leading practitioners provide workable solutions based on researched
effectiveness and hands-on experiences, to enable participants to achieve their strategic and organizational

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Corporate Training Programs
General Management and Supervisory
™ Planning & Time Management
™ Project Planning & Design
™ Monitoring and Evaluation
™ Managing Stress
™ Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
™ Professional Secretarial & Administration Skills
™ Managing Change

Human Resource Management Development

™ Becoming a More Effective Manager
™ Building & Managing High Performance Team
™ Delegating Effectively
™ Motivating People
™ Strategic Human Resource Management
™ Performance Management
™ Supervisory Skills-for the Knowledge-Based-Organization
™ Organizational Development (OD)
™ Coaching and Counseling
™ Handling Difficult People
™ Training of Trainer (TOT)

Problem Solving & Decision Making

™ Dynamic Problem Solving & Decision Making

™ Wisdom of Entrepreneur
™ SME Business Development Management

™ Leadership Organizational Effectiveness
™ Leading with Emotional Intelligence
™ Personal Empowerment & Leadership

Communication Skills
™ Communication Effective at Work
™ Developing Interpersonal Skills
™ Conflict Management & Resolution
™ Effective Report Writing
™ Effective Presentation Skills
™ Managing Meeting Effectively
™ Proposal Writing
™ Effective & Strategic Negotiation Skills
™ Professional Telephone Etiquette

Sales & Marketing

™ Effective Marketing
™ Writing an Effective Marketing Plan
™ Professional Selling Skills
Educational Development Institute (EDI)
™ Effective Advertising & Promotion
™ Human Relation- Career & Personal Success

Customer Service
™ Caring for Customer
™ Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints
™ Customer Service Excellence

Financial Management
™ Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
™ Working with Budget
™ Controlling Costs
™ Business Development

Personal Development
™ Being an Effective New Manager
™ Personal Effectiveness & Development for Managers

Information Technology
™ Effective Learning & Researching on Internet

Vocational English Language Training

™ English for Occupational Purposes

™ Training of Trainer (TOT)

™ TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Note: The training program will be conducted in English and Khmer by our experienced foreign and
Cambodian trainers.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Customized Training Solutions & Outsourcing Training
In addition to a wide range of public programs featured in this prospectus which can be presented
exclusively for an organization, we also assist organizations by designing customized training solutions.

Working exclusive for one company, provides the opportunity to modify contents and emphasis to suit the
needs of each organization. The training is presented and discuss against the experiences within the
company and therefore seen as completely consistent and relevant to clients’ requirements.
Customized training programs are designed to consolidate and integrate the key issues of the learning
objectives, which are then linked to organizational strategy and culture, in order to be fully effective.
Programs can be follow-up to ensure that the needed change takes place.

The benefits of customized training are considerable:

For the company

™ Workforce motivation
™ Increased workforce loyalty
™ Improved business performance
™ Forming business strategy by identifying strength and weaknesses

For the employees

™ Enhanced personal skills

™ Individual sense of achievement
™ Renewed ambition
™ Increased job satisfaction

We can arrange customized and quality training courses to suit your schedule and achieve the learning
objectives. They can be conducted at our center, clients’ premises or at a venue of your choices.

Outsourcing Training

For organizations who wish to outsource part of their training activities, we offer a comprehensive training
cum consultancy package that includes: Identifying Training Needs; Developing Total Training Plans;
Implementation of Training Plans; and Co-ordination and Administration of Training Programs.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Consultancy Services
EDI has been founded in order to bring the rigor and discipline of professional research and consultancy

All our consultants are professionals and practitioners in their respective fields of expertise to the design,
execution and analysis of all studies. This combination of knowledge and experience means that EDI’s
consultant team is a company dedicated to excellence, quality, value and results.

We provide independent training advice and consultancy services through our highly qualified consultants
and reliable technology partners. Consultancy services currently available include:

™ Human Resource Management

™ Organization Analysis, Design and Development
™ Strategic Management
™ Cross Border and International Trade
™ Financial Management and Accounting Solutions
™ Website Developing
™ IT Supports
™ Database Management System
™ Service Excellence
™ Company Business Plan
™ Market Survey and Research
™ Business Startup
™ Media Consulting
™ Estate Planning
™ Information Technology
™ Event Management

Educational Development Institute (EDI)

Our research service performs a variety of research activities. Our research team provides a full range
of services, from initial research application and client/patient recruiting to data collection and analysis,
and ultimately producing and disseminating research findings.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
TESOL Training Program
EDI provides TESOL training for those who want to purse a good English teaching job. EDI offers two
different levels of certificate programs.

• TESOL Level 1 (For teaching adult students)

• TESOL Level K (For teaching kindergarten students

The aim of providing TESOL training is to share social responsibilities for human resource development in
TESOL in Cambodia.

By completion of this course, the trainees are able to:

- learn good general concepts of how to be good language teachers,
- can deal with students, especially the difficult ones, effectively and efficiently,
- learn useful techniques people are using nowadays to teach students more
effectively in competitive learning and teaching environments,
- can expose themselves peacefully and helpfully in challenging learning and teaching
- write effective lesson plans, which can help teaching and learning process go
smoothly and effectively,
- be a professional teacher in the teaching career,

Those who complete this course will have the following opportunities:
- Good teaching jobs at language teaching institutions
- Helping their present institutions to improve the teaching quality


To be admitted to the program, applicants must:

• Pass grade 12 of general education or an equivalent;
• pass a written entrance examination

Application requirements

• An application form
• A certified copy of Grade 12 Certificate
• A copy of family book
• Recent 4 x 6 photos (2)

The training programs will be conducted in by our well-experienced, well qualified, well selected, and well-
oriented foreign and Cambodian trainers.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Te Lay,
TESOL Program Manager
Mobile Phone: 011-892-960/015-716-123/013-748-367
E-mail: layte_www@yahoo.com

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
EDI helps both companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing world of work. We offer
providing recruitment services. Whether you are looking for a new and challenging career
opportunity or an organization that can provide your company with tailor-made human resources
solutions, you can rely on EDI.

Recruitment Services Ltd was founded in November 1997 in order to provide a more personal and
professional service to both Candidates and Clients.

The senior consultants have particular expertise within the financial services and legal fields and are
therefore well equipped to understand the needs of the individual clients. In addition, the
consultants are well placed to provide candidates with the information they need to make informed
decisions about the posts for which they are applying.

In just a short time, the agency has carved itself a niche at the quality end of the marketplace, with
many leading local organizations relying on the agency to help fill many of its most important and
specialized posts.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Our Consultants
Dr. Renato M. Lee
Dr Lee has earned Doctor of Business Administration, and MBA-Finance from De La Salle University
(Philippines). He is also a Public Policy Fellow, Harvard University (USA), 1996; Economic Research Fellow,
Purdue University (USA) 1997; BBM-Marketing (Cum Laude/Class Valedictorian), Polytechnic University of
the Philippines, 1979. His considerable experience and in-depth knowledge of the financial, marketing and
human resources have been drawn from projects for World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Royal
Government and local and international organizations. Currently he is lecturing at Sovannaphumi

Mr. Abhoy Pattnaik

Abhoy is a senior management development consultant with extensive management experience in both
India and Cambodia’s private and public sectors. His broad business background is in human resource
management, change management, financial management, marketing management and strategic
management. He has delivered a number of HR and management projects to companies and organizations
such as FAO - UN & MAFF -Royal Government of Cambodia and SOKIMEX – Cambodia. He has written
several books and magazine articles including Influence of Marketing on Agro Business of Cambodia, FAO-
UN, MAFF November 30 2003 and Influence of WTO membership on SME of Cambodia, AIT Nano Materials
20. October 2004.

Ms Alana L. (Ali) Copple

She graduated from University of Minnesota Elementary Education majoring in Education. During her long
career she undertook numerous consultations and training assignments in the United States, China,
Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. Her expertise is in educational programming and curriculum

Mr Chan Sophal
Sophal has considerable experience in management and leadership, cultural studies, humanity and society.
He took his MBA at Preston University and his academic career. He held a variety of management positions
with local and international organizations. He served as national leader of 31st ship for South East Asian
Youth Program, Cabinet office of Japan, 2004. His portfolio includes designing in-house training, creating
learning materials, providing management solutions and implementing for both profit and non-profit
making organizations.

Mr. YOUS Virak

Virak’s career has successfully combined industrial experience with higher education and business
consulting .Virak is currently head of project & financing services at Global Alliance Accounting Corporation.
He has built up various experiences conscientiously for the many years ago through NGOs and local private
companies. He has hands on experiences in Corporate Finance, Project Financing and Consulting,
Investment Consultancy, Strategic Business Management and Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Due
Diligences and Legal Advices at various financial institutions, investment companies, and other
organizations. Virak has written Human Resource Management textbook, 1st edition, 2004, IIC.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
The Training Team
Mr Pech Bolene
Mr. Pech Bolene is currently President and CEO of Educational Development Institute. He has worked in the
fields of educational management, curriculum development, teacher professional development, and human
resource management for more than 10 years. His areas of expertise are in strategic management,
organizational behavior, leading with emotional intelligence and leadership.

Mr James Suresh - Author/Trainer/Consultant

James is a multi talented trainer and best selling author. He has over 20 years of experience in training,
counseling and coaching. The co-creator of Singapore’s icon Mr. Kiasu, James also develops creative
concepts and writes scripts for various media. James has been featured on news radio in the ‘positive
business minutes’ series. He was engaged by Mediacorp to train the finalists of the Singapore Idol in
dealing with stress and performance anxiety. James is an associate lecturer at the Marketing Institute of
Singapore and the Institute of Public Relations Singapore. He graduated with Bachelors in Business
Administration and Masters in Communication Management. He has conducted seminars and workshops in
Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, China and the Middle East. James
specialises in Stress Management, Public Speaking, Presentation Techniques, Emotional Intelligence,
Creative Thinking, Communications and Motivational programmes.

Mr Aung Min
Min started his professional career with an international training and consultancy company which is a large
Singapore based Management and Education Placement Company, working in Singapore, China, Malaysia,
Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Cambodia. His great rapport with the participants and in-
depth understanding of the Indo-China mentality has put him in a good stead to conduct his trainings
effectively. Min has designed and developed a range of management
training courses to meet client needs. Some of his forte would be management development
and training skills, including: leadership skills, communication and negotiation skills, marketing, customer
care and strategic human resources management.

Mr Jacob Ayetor
Jacob is a senior trainer and consultant of EDI. His career combined high-level academic and
advisory post. During his long career he undertook numerous consultations and training
assignments. He is also a council member of Gershon Lerham Consulting Group(Global Consulting
group based in Austin, Texas). he also specializes in Cash management, Inventory Management,
Capital budgeting ( Project appraisal), Introduction to accounting for non-accounting managers,
Understanding financial reports - non-accounting managers
Interpretation of financial reports, Credit analysis, Fixed assets management, Budgeting and
budgetary control procedures, Internal control procedures, Establishing effective accounting
system and Short-term decision making - Management Accounting.

Mr Steven Lee
Steven is currently working as a consultant/trainer for management soft skills with The Mekong Private
Sector Development Facility (MPDF), which is part of the World Bank Group. He has facilitated Supervisory
Skills training to about 700 supervisors/managers from seven garment factories in Cambodia manufacturing
for GAP Inc. He has also designed and facilitated management training workshops for local and Multi
National Corporations. He has worked in a few multinational companies in Singapore before coming to
Cambodia in 2001. Steven’s teaching specialization is supervisory skills, communication skills and
management perspective skills.

Educational Development Institute (EDI)
Mr Te Lay
Lay is currently EDI’s Program Director for TESOL program. His areas of expertise are
in educational management, program development and training management in English language training.
With his considerable experience in English language teaching – he has practiced as a teacher, coordinator
and academic manager for more than ten years in local and international organizations – he also
specializes in TESOL training program management.

Mr. Carson Sharein

Carson from Australia is currently serving as the School Consultant for Leadership and Management for the
Westline Group. He completed his Bachelor of Education cum laude in 2006 with the University of Science,
Arts, and Technology (USAT). He has 9 years of teaching experience, accumulated from Universities,
International Schools, and private sectors in the international community. In his current position he advises
administrative staff on management and leadership qualities, conducts workshops, facilitates teacher
training, and assists in the development of school structure, procedures, and study curriculum.

John Macgregor
John Macgregor's career has been in journalism, books and film. In 2001 John won Australia’s investigative
journalism prize (The George Munster Award); in 1986 he won an Adelaide Festival Literary Award for a
novel; in 1997 he was credited with 'story development' on a movie (‘Shine’) nominated for the Best
Screenplay Oscar. John interviewed three successive Australian Prime Ministers for The Sydney Morning
Herald and other newspapers. He has also written for New Scientist, the world's largest circulation science
magazine. Since coming to Asia in 2004, John has written stories for The International Herald Tribune, and
has worked for the BBC both in Thailand and Cambodia. For Meta Productions here in Phnom Penh, John is
now writing the script of a German-funded feature film, about Cambodian society before and after the
Khmer Rouge.

Mr. Eng Kimsan

Kimsan is a government officer of Ministry of Environment and lecturer for Newton Thilay University and
Pannasastra University of Cambodia since 2003. He has been giving lectures on TOEFL, Economics,
Marketing and Environmental Studies. He earned Master degree from AIT, Thailand.

Mr Chat Sophiep
Over six years he has been working for development projects in Cambodia that involve in various sectors
such as health, environment, education, agriculture and governance. From early 2002 I have been
conducting training courses for government agencies, local and international NGOs, and the private sector
those training courses including good governance, planning, community awareness and development,
supervisory skill, time management, conflict management, communication skill, and facilitation skill.

Mr Oul Van
Mr Oul Van gained invaluable practical knowledge working as a marketing manager at a leading
international distribution company in Cambodia after qualifying in marketing and management. He
specialises in teaching marketing, customer service management and has considerable experience in
lecturing as well as developing and implementing a range of management training courses to meet client

Dr Mith Leakhena
She has earned her PhD from Preston University USA and got her MBA from University Utara of Malaysia,
Malaysia. She has worked for various local and international organizations. Currently she is working for an
international NGO as a senior trainer and coach. There she is providing training on various subjects such
as: Proposal Writing, Organizational Development, strategic planning, human resource management,
Educational Development Institute (EDI)
project planning, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation. She is also providing consultancy
services to all clients who have been trained with MEDICAM. She has conducted training needs assessment
for management capacity building for local and international NGOs who are operating in health related field
and prepared training plans that are tailor to the needs of those NGOs. She is also lecturing at National
University of Management, UME, IHRD and Sovannaphumi University.
Our Track Record
With our extensive training, exceptional customer service and facilitation experience in industry, public
sector environments and NGOs, we have developed a comprehensive and growing list of satisfied clients
who include:

1. Cambodia Airport Management Services

2. M Fone Co., Ltd.
3. Telecom Malaysia International (Cambodia) Co., Ltd
4. Vision Fund Cambodia
5. Nokia KTH Co., Ltd
6. Sathapana Limited
7. Prasac Microfinance Institute
8. Kampuchea Shipping Agency & Brokers (KAMSAB)
9. Microfinance Institution “Amret”
10. CPAC Monier
11. DHL Logistics ( Cambodia) Ltd

Educational Development Institute (EDI)