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1 O99.0 Anemia complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the pueperium

2 O42.1 Premature rupture of membranes, onset and labour after 24 hours

3 O34.2 Maternal care due to uterine scar from previous surgery

4 O82.9 Delivery by caesarean section, uspecified

5 O42.0 Premature rupture of membranes, onset of labour within 24 hours

6 O68.9 Labour and delivery complicated by fetal stress, unspecified

7 O69.1 Labour and delivery complicated cord around neck, with compression

8 O26.9 Pregnancy-related condition, unspecified

9 O41.0 Oligohydramnios

10 O40 Polyhdramnios

11 O63.1 Prolonged second stage of labour

12 O80.9 Single spontaneous delivery, unspecified

13 O64.1 Obstructed labour due to breech presentation

14 O03.4 Spontaneous abortion, incomplete, without complication

15 O80.1 Spontaneous breech delivery

16 O66.2 Obstructed labour due to unusually large fetus

17 O63.0 Prolonged first stage of labour

18 O62.2 Other uterine inertia

19 O62.0 Primary inadequate contractions

20 O33.9 Maternal care for disproportion, unspecified

21 O03.0 Spontaneous abortion, complicated by genital tract and pelvic


22 O99.8 Other specified diseases and conditions complicating pregnancy,

childbirth and the puerperium

23 Z37.0 Single live birth

24 Z37.1 Single stillbirth

25 Z39.2 Routine postpartum follow-up

26 Z36.9 Antenatal screening, unspecified

27 Z09.8 Follow-up exam after other treatment for other conditions

28 K40.9 Unilateral or unspecified inguinal hernia, without obstruction or


29 K30 Dyspepsia

30 K35.8 Acute appendicitis, other and unspecified

31 E11.6 Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus with other specified


32 E87.1 Hypo-osmolality and hyponatraemia

33 E87.5 Hyperkalaemia

34 E86 Volume depletion

35 I15.9 Secondary hypertension, unspecified

36 I46.9 Cardiac arrest, unspecified

37 L60.0 Ingrowing nail

38 R56.8 Other and unspecified convulsions

39 R42 Dizziness and giddiness

40 P78.8 Other specified perinatal digestive system disorders

41 P07.3 Other preterm infants

42 P03.4 Fetus and newborn affected by caesarean delivery

43 P39.9 Infection specific to the perinatal period, unspecified

44 P22.9 Respiratory distress of newborn, unspecified

45 P59.9 Neonatal jaundice, unspecified

46 J06.9 Acute upper respiratory infection, unspecified

47 D24 Benign neoplasm of breast

48 A01.0 Typhopid fever



1 47.09 Other appendectomy

2 53.00 Uilateral repair of ingunal hernia, not otherwise specified

3 69.02 Dilation and curettage following delivery or abortion

4 74.99 Other caesarean section of unspecified type

5 73.59 Other manually assisted delivery

6 73.4 Medical induction of labour

7 89.08 Other consultation

8 88.78 Diagnostic ultrasound of gravid uterus

9 86.23 Removal of nail, neilbed, or nail fold

10 96.59 Other irrigation of wound

11 99.04 Tranfusion of packed cells

12 99.83 Other phototherapy

13 93.35 Other heat therapy

14 99.18 Injection of infusion of electrolytes

15 99.22 Injection of other anti-infective

16 99.60 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, not otherwise specified

17 96.34 Other irrigation of (naso-)gastric tube