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Decedent: Kedar Elijah Williams

Date of Birth: February 22, 2000
Date of death: August 13, 2019
Place of Death: Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center (PBGMC), Palm Beach
Gardens, Florida.
Notified By: Detective Dana Burfield
Agency: Palm Beach County School Police (PBCSPD)
Forensic Investigator: Julio Languasco
Me Case #: M19-01256

Narrative: At 2:30 p.m., August 13, 2019, I received a call from Detective Dana Burfield of the
Palm Beach County School Police Department (PBCSPD), in reference to the death of Kedar E.
Williams, Black male, DOB 02/22/2000, age 19, at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Palm
Beach Gardens, Florida.

Detective Burfield told me that at around 11:17 a.m., August 13, 2019, Mr. Williams was eating
in the cafeteria at the William T. Dwyer High School located at 13601 N. Military Trail, Palm
Beach Gardens, Florida. Mr. Williams was in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program
because of his Autism. He was in a one to one watch at the cafeteria. He was eating chicken
nuggets when he suddenly left the table where he was sitting and walked toward a nearby
window. The person that watched him (health aid) and another student called him back to the
table. As he was returning to the table, he appeared in distress. At 11:19 a.m., August 13, 2019,
Mr. Williams started gasping and he appeared to be choking. He collapsed to the floor, and the
health aid called for help. Other school personnel and a School Police Officer responded to the
cafeteria. Mr. Williams was lying on the floor near to the table. A piece of food was removed
from Mr. Williams' mouth. The Heimlich maneuver was provided to Mr. Williams, and more
food came out from his mouth. Other bystanders called 911 at 11:23 a.m., August 13, 2019. At
11:29 a.m., August 13, 2019, Medics from Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue (Run# 19-007519)
arrived to the high school cafeteria. Mr. Williams was intubated and departed the scene at

11:44 a.m., August 13, 2019. Detective Burfield was told that Mr. Williams was combative at the
time that medics rendered assistance and intubated him.

The School Nurse told medics that Mr. Williams seized prior to medics' arrival. Mr. Williams
was transported to PBGMC. He arrived to the emergency room at 11:55 a.m., August 13, 2019.
Staff at the ER continued with CPR maneuvers, and ACLS protocol was in place. At 12:14 p.m.,
August 13, 2019, Dr. Snarski, attending physician at the ER, pronounced Mr. Williams' death.

Detective Burfield stated that the incident where Mr. Williams collapsed at the cafeteria was
captured on the school surveillance video system.

Mr. Williams' mother Megan S. Williams was notified of the death.

I received a second call from Detective Burfield at 4:30 p.m., August 13, 2019, with further
information. She told me that Mr. Williams had a lower level of Autism. He was not verbal,
combative, and dependent on basic activities (cleaning, eating, and using the bathroom). He was
enrolled in William T. Dwyer High School ESE program for the past six years. He always had
assigned a person for a one to one watch. This 2019 school year, his person assigned was not
available, and in the meantime, another health aid was watching him and another student.
According to Detective Burfield, Mr. Williams had a previous incident of choking in the High

On August 13, 2019, Mrs. Megan Williams reportedly called William T. Dwyer High School to
report that her son Kedar was having problems swallowing food (he was eating too fast).
Reportedly this problem started about four days ago. Mrs. Williams reportedly was planning to
set an appointment with Mr. Williams' pediatrician Terrie Johnson (Pediatrics Associates of
WPB) to discuss this problem.

Mr. Williams's current medications included Risperidone, Benztropine, Quetiapine, Clonazepam,

Aripiprazole, Trazadone, and Divalproex Sodium. No other information was available at that

Elite Removal Service was dispatched at 4:55 p.m., August 13, 2019.

Scene description: No scene response by this office

Identification: Decedent was identified at the emergency room by family and high school staff

Past Medical history/ hospitalizations: Autism

Social and family history: Decedent was a special needs student with a caretaker

Medical records requested: Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, St. Mary's. Medical Center,
Pediatrics Associates of West Palm Beach

Transportations of the remains: Elite Removal Service

Next of Kin: Megan Sheresse Williams

Julio Languasco
Forensic Investigator
Date Signed: 08/29/2019